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Part 11

It had taken a few minutes to relax Ichigo. His inner beast had come out and had half-turned him into lion. Once they had all gathered clothing and Grimmjow and Nnoitra had picked their faces off the ground, they all went inside. Currently, they were all seated inside of the house all looking around not really able to grasp what had just happened. Meanwhile Isshin had summoned Urahara, his longtime friend and Ichigo's fighting and combat coach, were in the office next to Ichigo's room discussing Ichigo who was, at the moment, laid on an examining table after having passed out from the excitement. They had done all of the tests that they could, and were waiting for Ichigo to wake up to discuss his results with him. This was going to be a hard and complicated conversation, but they were hoping Ichigo would be patient and listen…


The minute Ichigo woke up; he was assaulted by the light above the examining table. He slowly rolled over to sit up and noticed that no one was currently in the room with him so he slowly wobbled out of the room and heard his name mentioned before the room door was opened and Ichigo entered after being waved in by Urahara. Not long after Grimmjow, who had sensed Ichigo's awakening, walked in and sat in a chair next to Ichigo's as the rest followed in after him. Nnoitra sat next to Ichigo causing Grimmjow to bristle, but Ichigo laid his hand on Grimmjow's, effectively calming him.

When everyone had seated themselves, Urahara stood and walked to a white dry board that had a diagram of what looked to be Ichigo seeing as how the hair had been colored an orange that was very similar to his own. Ichigo gestured for him to start, and he began.

"OK Ichigo. We've done these tests over and over again so what we have come to discover is that you have been collecting energy from all of the dominant males around you that you are even remotely attracted to. It is a trait you gained from your mother who also had the same situation. You two are both Alpha woman. This is part of the reason why you can bare such a number of children at a time without feeling constantly weary.

Now the down side of that is that means that you can be bound to several people at once or in better terms, you own some of the characteristics that an alpha male has though technically you are considered part of the alpha female category due to the fact that you give birth. The good news for Grimmjow is that you can only be bound to one of each species. This in meaning, Grimmjow is the only feline breed that you can mate and bind with. I recommend that you stay away from all unbound dominants until you give birth, because it will make you unbalanced, and your growing spiritual energy will cause your inner beast to react and come out at unneeded moments, and ultimately make things harder on your children. You should be due within the month, so it shouldn't be that much of a problem. Also, Grimmjow, with the coming due date her hormones will be more imbalanced which means he'll want to be intimate a lot more often. When that happens you'll need to wear protection, because he can get pregnant again and he'll be carrying another baby during and after the birth of your current children, which could make things harder on Ichigo. We'll also need to move the two of you to temporary housing as of yet "

The room was completely silent, all looking at Urahara with confusion and shock. Just as Ichigo was about to speak, Grimmjow jumped up anger strongly apparent on his face.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY THAT URAHARA? YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT ICHIGO is going to be bouIS GOING TO BE BOUND TO A BUNCH OF OTHER MEN?" Grimmjow shouts, pure outrage apparent on his face.

"Shut the fuck up Grimmjow, I'm sure that's not what he meant!" Ichigo yells, trying to keep calm.

"Nope that's pretty much exactly what I mean." Everyone especially Ichigo, gawks at him like deer caught in the headlights. "See what is happening is, Ichigo is apart of a breed passed down from his mother's side. Although Ichigo's mother was for the most part human, she still carried a few of the perks of being a hybrid. It came from her great great great grandparents. The woman was a lion hybrid that was mixed with an unidentified entity, while the male was human. We are still trying to uncover what it was that he came from, however seeing as how you've turned out, we have a good idea, but that would require further research. For now, I'll just keep the explanation simple.

Ichigo, you are by no means normal. It is normal for a male hybrid to carry a baby, even a litter, however, it is not normal for all of their spiritual energy to be that high at such a stage of pregnancy. Also, their amounts are completely evenly disbursed, even though you are carrying both male and female litter. Also, with all of the extra energy from the different potential partners of yours, it will make having the children a problem, because they run the risk of becoming attached to a specific person from your choice of partners. It won't be a problem once they're born, however, the way your absorbing energy from the other high caliber potential mates is bazaar. If one becomes attached to a specific person different from the other too, then you'll have to be around that other person as much as you'll need to be around Grimmjow, and with the way Grimmjow has to work, that's not really a good idea.

If one has more energy than the others, then you'll become unbalanced, and end up giving more energy than necessary to keep them all from causing you to give birth too early. With you having six during one pregnancy, you can't give birth to even one day earlier than your set due date. So with that, Grimmjow you need to make sure that he does not get overstressed."

Now with that, Grimmjow and Ichigo, come with me the rest of you can go back to business." Hat and clogs began walking out before anything more could be spoken, leaving everyone to gawk at each other as Ichigo and Grimmjow hastily left the room in pursuit of the green-clad elder male.

As they were wrapping their mind around the news, they realized that they were being led through a series of hallways that extended from the training ground beneath Urahara's shop. Gradually, Ichigo's feet started to hurt and his pace began to slow a bit. Grimmjow noticed that his ears and tail had popped out, and he knew that wasn't a good sign, so he picked up his pregnant soon-to-be-wife/husband to carry him the rest of the way.

Yeah, that's right. Grimmjow's going to ask his little berry to marry him officially. He can't wait to see his cute little berry's facial expression when he saw the engagement ring Grimmjow bought him. It somewhat matched his chocker with the black diamond and gold intertwining with diamonds lining the seam between the diamond and gold. He knew the berry wouldn't want anything over the top so he settled for the more simplistic, yet still expensive, ring.

After about five more minutes of walking, Grimmjow felt Ichigo shift his weight a little so that the top of his head was in the crevice of Ichigo's neck. Grimmjow automatically adjusted his hold and continued walking. After about a minute he felt something wet trailing up and down his neck. A few seconds later, he felt suction on his neck. He chuckled and looked down only to see that his orange-haired berry was sleeping. He felt a nip at his neck right as he looked up to see that Urahara had stopped outside of a door and was unlocking the door as Grimmjow walked up to him with Ichigo still licking and nibbling at his neck.

Urahara looked on and for a few seconds wished it were him instead of the feline in front of him. He could smell Ichigo's arousal from a mile away, but while he was pregnant, he couldn't do anything to help him or risk hurting Ichigo. All will come in due time he figured.

"Here we are," Urahara said as Grimmjow stopped in front of him as he finally opened the door. He gestured toward the inside and Grimmjow walked in carrying his Berry who had left hickeys littering Grimmjow's neck and some parts under Grimmjow's half shredded vest that made him look like a badass.

He turned around when he realized Urahara hadn't followed. He turned towards the blonde waiting for him to enter, but he remained at the entrance with his fan covering most of his face that his hat didn't.

"Your room is straight up the elevator to the 6A Floor. You're underground so the numbers run a little different 6U is underground 6A is above ground. Be sure not to mix that up." Urahara smiled at that bringing his fan down just enough to see the smiling corners, "You never know what you'll find in this building…Anyway, that whole floor is yours to do as you please. Here is your keys and key card so that only you and Ichigo can go to it with the exception of his father and I who also have keys," he said as he hands Grimmjow an envelope. "There is a large sum of money in Ichigo's account, because I know he doesn't like using your money when he goes shopping." Grimmjow snarled at that, knowing that there's no way that could be completely true seeing that his credit cards had been blowing up his phones about Ichigo's recent spending habits. It must be as a result of his boredom.

There are arrows marking your way. The lady we're possibly hiring should be there by now. We had security let her in earlier, but she won't need a key. No matter how annoying it may be, never give her any keys to your house. You never know if someone might follow her in to track Ichigo. I'm kind of surprised that we were able to get her under such short notice, but she said since she just got off of work she'll have no problem coming over for a bit. Be sure to be nice to her, and remember she'll be taking care of the soon to be Ichigo Jaggerjack." Urahara turned back and started walking back the way he came from. Grimmjow turned and followed Urahara's instructions, Ichigo not stirring the whole way since he'd ceased his feast on Grimmjow's neck. Grimmjow could still smell Ichigo's arousal, but figured he'd wait for his Ichi to wake up before rocking his world.

As Grimmjow was reaching for the door, it swung open giving the view of a woman that looked close to Ichigo's age with boobs that had to meet triple D standards. With a big smile, she said in a voice that had Grimmjow's nerves frayed, "Welcome Home Grimmjow-kun, Ichigo-kun." Her smile was beaming, but it didn't seem to reach her eyes. Grimmjow had the mild curiosity to ask her why she seemed fake, and why the words, "Fuck No!" were screaming in his head.

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