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Ok this is set in New Moon after Edward has left Bella. Please enjoy I will write more chapters

We sat in Jacob's home- made garage. The reservation now felt like a second home to me. The pains inside my chest didn't hurt so much. But I could always count on Jacob to pick me right back up. It was unusually warm for late afternoon. I took off my jacket and watched Jacob work.

Since we became closer to him, I became more attracted to him. I told him over again that I would never go out with him, but maybe that had changed now. I was suddenly jolted form my thoughts with another voice in my head.

Be happy.

His voice whispered in my head. I ignored the pains in my chest. I wrapped my arm around my chest to be safe.

"Why do you always do that?" Jacob asked.

"Oh." I dropped my hand automatically. "It's nothing."

"But you always do that. You look like you are in pain. Did I do something wrong?"

"No! No it's nothing to do with you; I'm sorry Jake. I promise I'll try not to do it again. Please just drop it."

"Please tell me."

I sighed. Ok I'll tell him the truth. Here goes…

"Bella, I'm so sorry, I had no idea. I knew he hurt you, but…"

"Don't apologise Jake. I hurts too much." I took a few deep breaths as sat closer to him. I took his hands and looked into his eyes.

"I have to thank you Jacob."

"What for?" he cocked his head to one side. It made him look like a puppy. Excuse me for the irony.

"You have been my personal sun. You have kept me from going straight under. At the beginning I thought that a part of me would be lost forever but you brought it back." I leaned in closer so we were almost touching.

" Isabella…" he whispered and closed his eyes. I brushed my lips against his and he leaned in.

See it's not so bad, is it?

"Gah!" I jumped at the voice in my head and jumped up causing me to bump heads with Jacob.

"Bella what is it? Did I do something wrong?" he rubbed his head where I hit him like I was doing, even though I knew I didn't hurt him. His face scrunched up in thought. I did the only thing what sprang to mind. I ran.

"Come back! Bella? BELLA!" I could here his voice in behind me getting quieter. I reached my truck and burst into tears.

"Why can't you leave me alone? You tell me to be happy and then you ruin it." I was talking to myself and clutching the wheel in front of me. The door opened to the side of me and I was pushed up to the passenger side. I could feel Jacob's arms around me. I put my arms around his neck and he rubbed circles into my back.

But why was I crying? I stopped at the thought and looked up to meet Jacobs worried face.

"I'm sorry."

"You don't need to be just tell me what happened."

"Nothing please let's just forget it." He nodded his head and started my car up.

"What are you doing?" I asked wiping away the wetness form my cheeks.

"Taking you home what do you think?" he pulled the car in reverse but stopped and looked at me.

"Actually can we walk I need some air."

We walked down to the beach and I sat on his knee while he sat on our tree. I watched the sun setting and my eyes were closing from exhaustion form crying. I leaned closer into him and fell asleep.

Tomorrow would be better. I will not shed another tear for Edward Cullen.