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I kept pacing across the living room window unable to keep still. Since Jacob had left I couldn't lay back in my bed and mope I had to look strong for Leo, even if he couldn't understand. Emily came in the middle of the night as Sam had gone along with the hunting group. She tried to get me to rest but I didn't have the patience.

"You have rest Bella, you only gave birth a few days ago you must be exhausted." In truth I felt like dropping to the ground, even after all of my rest. I ached all over and sitting up and down was painful but I kept up bravado, telling people I was fine. Charlie had moved the rest of the boxes to the house but I didn't want to go see what it looked like finished. I just didn't care. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, but Emily took it as I was saying no again and sighed.

Leo started squawking and I rushed to his bedside. He was just fussing; I had fed and changed him 10 minutes ago. I lifted him into my arms and he snuggled into my side. Silent tears fell from my eyes. I felt guilty that Leo was getting cared for when for all I knew Theresa was dead. But I couldn't think like that. Leo was what mattered right now, but I longed to have my baby girl back in my arms. I heard Emily cry from my room and I walked to see what was wrong, but she was looking out of the window, with her hand over her mouth. I joined her and gasped.

I formation of wolves emerged from the forest, all except for my Jacob. I couldn't help but cry out loud when I saw the muddy pink bundle in his arms. I fell against Emily and she grabbed me as I cried in hysterics.

"They're back. They're back, my baby." I kept repeating. Emily took Leo from arms and pushed me towards the stairs. I needed no further encouragement and ran, despite my protesting body. My bare feet scraped along the gravel but I couldn't feel the pain, my eyes were locked on my little girl.

"Jacob!" I shouted as I smiled through my tears. His smile was impossibly bigger than mine and it shone like the sun I knew and loved. The wolves separated as I launched myself towards them and stopped short just mere centimetres away from Jacob.

I grabbed his face and kissed him long and hard, our mixing together with the kiss making it salty sweet. I leaned back and looked into his eyes.

"You did it."

"We did it." I finally looked into the face of my daughter and gasped. She was more beautiful than I remembered. Her tiny face was as sweet as a cherubs and she had a full head of black curly hair. She searched my face as if looking at someone she knew but couldn't quite remember.

"Hello Tessa. You are home." I reached and stroked her face and she broke out in a smile. I laughed through my still falling tears.

"Here." Jacob handed her to me and I sighed at the weight of her in my hands. Now she seemed real. She curled into my side just like Leo did and fell into a sleep. I looked at the dirty blanket and remembered how long she was gone for.

"Is she hurt?" I could barely get the words out but Jacob understood.

"No, she is fine, I called at the Cullen's first and Carlisle checked her out but she is healthy. I think the leeches must have fed her some way." He frowned and shuddered at the memory.

"Was it horrible?" I said reaching to his face and cupping his cheek. He leaned into it and closed his eyes.

"Yes, but I'll tell you another time, right now I want to get her cleaned up and into a proper bed." I nodded my head. It was the first time I realised that the pack and gone indoors with only Emily and Sam still outside holding each other with their heads touching. I walked past them leaving them alone.

We went straight upstairs and Jacob ran a bath. I took Theresa to see Leo. I took her blanket off of her and laid her next to him. I couldn't help but comparing them. Tessa had a full head of hair but was a small build and still looked like a new born. Whereas Leo has grown a lot bigger and his hair was starting to thin out but there was still enough to cover his whole head. Jacob came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the side of my head.

"We are together as a family, finally." He breathed into my ear. I leaned back into him for a second before picking Tessa back up and taking her for a bath. Once she was clean, in fresh clothes and had been fed I put her in her crib to fall asleep. But as soon as I stepped away she started to scream her head off which then set Leo off. I reached back to calm her down but she kept crying. I picked her up and was rocking her when Jacob walked in.

"She won't stop crying!" I bounced up and down whilst Jacob went over to Leo. After a while he stopped.

"What?" I had to almost shout over the noise.

"Let me try something." He took Theresa and put her next to Leo. They both instantly calmed down.

"Huh, I guess they both need each other." I turned to Jacob with a smile on my face. I put my arms around him.

"I'd rather she wasn't alone right now anyway." I pulled him away and out the door. I left it wide open and left a small lamp on. I walked with him to my bedroom and we both fell onto the bed.

"I love you so much Jacob, you saved our little girl and made me the happiest woman alive." I kissed him slowly and curled into his chest.

"I love you too.

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