A breath can hold so many things. A breath can hold secrets, promises and pain. A breath can determine life or death. Just one breath. That's all it took. Just one breath to wheeze an escape out of his frozen lips. Just one breath to thrive underneath my own, bringing all senses and emotions swirling around with it. It only took one breath for my eyes to flutter open, my brain struggling to make sense of the sudden movement beneath me. But they didn't fail to see the clean, healed scales that moved gently up and down. My breath was caught sharply in the air as I stared at Jet's smoothed scaled neck. As if nothing had ever happened. But how? My mind immediately leaped back to that one, pain filled kiss. And after all I had been through, it seemed like nothing could surprise me anymore. Like anything in this strange, cruel world could be possible.

"Cynder..." All thoughts were dropped as Jet's low, husky whisper hit my ears.

"Jet?" My eyes darted to young black dragon's dark, bold features, staring clumsily back at me. "Oh Jet! You're alive!" At that moment, I didn't care what words came bubbling out of my mouth, and in no time at all Jet's strong body was shrouded by my warmth. His low chuckle floated through the air like a perfect melody.

"Yeah, I guess I am." I brushed my snout against his warm cheek, the sound of blood pumping through his veins felt like music to my ears. "I'm so sorry Cynder...I didn't mean to..."

"Shhh..." I whispered intensely into his scales, burying myself in their newly found warmth. "It doesn't matter. It's over now." I felt a growing smile push against my cheeks as he nuzzled me back. The truth is, it is over. This time for good. I could feel it in the low, silent groan of the earth beneath my feet. In the slight breeze that fizzled at our body's warmth.

"Come on..." Jet grunted as he lifted his heavy body from the grit. "Let's get out of here."

So we did. And were surprised to find the city appear in a spot of sparkling lights not too far in the distance, their dazzling beams lighting up the gleaming forest below as it crawled with new life.

"But how..." Jet began to whimper as we both stared in astonishment at the small speck in the distance. Only one explanation could enter my mind as to how we couldn't spot it before.

"Malefor." My lips trembled the name, silencing all words to my voice hissed at the air. I noticed Jet shake his head in disbelief, but now even he didn't need to ask. He planned it all. Of course he did. I watched for a moment as life moved on around us, the breeze whistling at the dim cave entrance where we stood.

"Cynder!" Jet's sudden cry pricked at my ear as his eyes bulged out of their sockets. "You're bleeding!" As if on impulse I lifted a paw to my neck, feeling the warm sticky substance flow between my toes. "Did I...?" I gazed at Jet's terror stricken eyes as they locked themselves onto my wound. My heart immediately went out to the young dragon as he collapsed into the dirt, realizing the truth of the blood the trickled strangely down my scales.

"It's not your fault." I draped a wing softly over his shaken body, feeling the vibrations of his sobs tingle throughout my flesh. It suddenly felt strange to see the strong young dragon, so bold and fearless, weeping at my feet.

"I...I'm so sorry Cynder..." He wheezed in between breaths. The pain and despair in his once strong voice seemed to fizzle through my bones. But at that moment I realized something important. Maybe we are all not that different after all. We all feel pain, happiness and anxiety. Maybe evan all at once. Maybe despite my past, my powers and my memories, I'm not that different after all.

"No Jet." I whispered sternly, leaning my body closer to his until I could feel his smooth side pressed up against my own. "I'm the one who should be sorry." I could feel my own tears lumping up my throat as I spoke gently into his trembling ear. We stayed like that, both crying out our pain, guilt and anger, for what seemed like hours. Enjoying the secure presence of each other's company. A moment I will never forget. There were no words, only our breaths that held all we needed to say. I could feel the relief lift off my scales like a shameful cloud, tingling from the imaginary touch. Although I could feel the warm blood, pressed and sticky against my neck, I felt stronger than ever. In this pitiful heap in the dirt. My past seemed lost as I snuggled up closer to Jet's strong, shield of protection. Until finally, a voice broke the gratefully silent air.

"Let's go home."


A place where you always, wherever you are, come back to.

A place where you can always feel peace.

A place were so many things begin, and end.

A place where as we stood proudly outside the city of Warfang's strong golden gates, didn't seem so far away.

The air seemed so quiet and peaceful hanging around the old city, it almost felt like a stranger. The sweet scent of life swarmed my nostrils like a hurricane of joy, tickling my taste buds and roaring through my lungs. I was so dazed by this sudden sense of freedom, that I barely heard Jet's soothing voice flitter from behind.

"It's you, you know." I slowly turned round to face the bold dragon, startled to see his eyes boring so intensely into mine. I could have sworn I saw fire burning in those ocean eyes. I looked puzzlingly at the dragon's fierce features, his strange words unraveling in my head.

"What?" I squeaked, unsure of the black dragon's intensions.

"The answer to your question. It's you." For a moment I stared intensely at the black dragon. But then the question suddenly frazzled my brain like a thousand electric shocks.

'Only one question at a time' he'd told me. Now I know why. My heart suddenly threatened to leap out my throat as I put together the pieces.


I'm the one who he's fallen in love with.

My whole body felt like it had been set of fire. What kind of fire, I couldn't tell. Guilt and betrayal suddenly raised to the surface and feasted at my flesh.

"M-Me?" I whimpered. "Y-You mean..."

"Yes." The firmness of his voice nearly made me jump on the spot. But how could he possibly love me? The very dragon that helped cause the loss and despair of his family. That kind of thing can't possibly be forgiven, let alone loved...

"I know it's probably the most stupid, selfish thing you've ever heard."

"But..." My shaken voice rattled the calming air.

"And I know you can never feel the same way..." The young, black dragon took in a long deep breath. "I just needed you to know." The fire continued to course through my heart as I stood there hopelessly, taking in Jet's deep, fire driven words. But his face kept flashing at my mind. That one face that makes me melt from the inside out. Spyro's face. And at that moment I knew, that he was right. My true love was dead. How could I possibly try to ever fill that deep hole of guilt that pokes at my heart, without tearing it wide open? I looked intensely at the strong dragon before me. His deep, ocean eyes and muscular face. The admiration that filled my bones at that moment was enough to take my breath away. But that's all there was. I didn't have the strength to love again. Not now. Not in this way.

"I'm sorry Jet." I moved swiftly in front of the young dragon. So strong and proud. "But I just need a friend right now..."

"Then a friend you will have." Jet puffed out his magnificent chest into a proud stance, so full of pride. And I couldn't help but admire his bravery. The bravery that finally got us through.

And the truth is I do love him.

I love his bold sparkling blue eyes.

I love his strong, muscular body.

I love the protection I feel when I am with him.

I love his silly crooked grin and irritating way he is always right.

I love him as a friend.

For he is the one who taught me how to feel again.

The one who taught me how to love again.

The one who taught me how to live again.

But most importantly, he taught me why.

And for that I can only say one thing.

Thank you.


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