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Trouble is a Friend

Chapter 1: Identity

No more breathing; no more heartbeat. The only thing that remained lively on her dead body was the red, hot blood that still soaked her skin. The warmth of her blood felt ecstatic to Hisoka's skin. He licked the blood on the card that he held between his fingers; that was a joy killing her. He had come looking for a battle of the infamous leader of the Genei Ryodan, but he didn't expect such a thrilling battle from the Number Four member. The way that she fought to her last breath made him so excited. It's a shame, really; she was more than decent looking.

"It's confirmed; Number Four is dead," said Shalnark as he checked the girl's pulse.

Kuroro's eyes did not linger much longer on his dead member. "Hisoka, welcome in the Ryodan."

Then, her comrades left her. The friends that she grew up with in Meteor Street all left her just like that. She could not hear her comrade's footsteps come back to her. She could not see through the redness in front of her eyes. She could not smell anything except for her own blood. She could not feel anything but death. Maybe it was a relief for her to die. If her only friends could betray her, then what hope is there left for her in the world? But life disappointed her not once, but many times more.

"Are you all right, little lady?" the man squatted down next to her, pulling on her hair. "My name is Jin! I'm a hunter!"

The man smiled brightly as if he'd done a great deed by saving her the second before she stepped through hell's door. She would roll her eyes if she had the energy to.

"It's none of your business!" she exclaimed in her mind.

Life—has a lot more troubles to offer her.

The former Spider is now known as Ginger, the scrawny, doll-like blonde that Jin had saved. Hearing from Ginger that she'd want to live the rest of her life in peace, he thought he was doing her a favor again by leaving her at Whale Island. Upon arriving, Ginger thought that maybe Whale Island really is the perfect place for her, compared to the corruption in Meteor Street. But after Jin leaves her at a bar ran by a woman named Mito, her mind has changed. Ginger could easily live in the wilderness on her own, but Mito insisted on keeping her in the household. Once again, another person who thought she was doing her a favor. And then she met him, the little kid living with Mito named Gon.

This boy gave her the most troubles she's ever gotten in all her life. Always running around in the woods, dragging her with him, calling her "Ginger-nee this" "Ginger-nee that", it annoyed her so much. But for some reason, she couldn't get angry once she looked at Gon's big, innocent eyes. She'd made a promise not to kill anymore, because she felt like, somehow, Gon would be really angry at her if she'd killed innocent people.

The year came when Gon turned twelve. Gon was determined to go to the Hunter Exams. Ginger had heard about how convenient and honorable it is to obtain a Hunters License. However, it's just too troublesome for her. But life wasn't going to go easy on her.

"Ginger-chan, will you please accompany Gon to the Hunter Exams?" Mito pleaded to her as Gon was happily getting ready for his departure.

"What?" Ginger whined. "That's so much trouble! Besides, Gon is a tough boy!"

Which was very honest of Ginger. Being a former Spider, Ginger could tell how much potential Gon has. Maybe after Gon learns to use Nen, he'd grow into a beast like his father.

"But you know how reckless that kid gets!" Mito said worriedly, "Please, Ginger-chan! I will not ask you for anything else after this!"

After a long thought in her mind, she agreed hesitantly. It would be repaying Mito for all the hospitality that she's been receiving for free all this time. But Ginger did not know what she was getting herself into. All she knew was that she'll look after Gon, but she did not know about the people they might run into. If only she'd know that there would be a survivor of the Kurata; if only she'd know that Hisoka himself would be attending the exams.

Ginger sighed as she lazily got ready, dreading the troubles that were for sure to come. After all, trouble is a friend with everyone.

"What are your names?"

"I'm Gon!"

"My name is Leorio!"


"…." I stared at the short, stubby ship captain who stared right back at me. I can't believe all three of them gave out their names so easily.

"Miss, what's your name?" the captain asked me patiently. Well, since Gon already told him his name, there's no point that I hide mine. Besides, the ones here are not strong enough to be of threat to me.

"My name is Ginger," I said lazily.

"Ginger…" the captain stared at me for a while. Probably noticed the difference me and the other three. But I'm not worried that anyone will recognize me as a former Spider. After being saved by that bothersome Jin, I went and bleached my hair and bought green contacts. I knew that this disguise would come in handy one day.

Seeing as he's finished scrutinizing me, the captain continued. "Why do you guys want to become a hunter?"

"My dad was a hunter, so I want to be a hunter like him!" Gon said excitedly, raising his arm like a kid. Actually, yeah, he is a kid.

"Hey! Not so fast!" the older looking man named Leorio put up a hand to stop Gon. "He's not an examiner, so why should we answer him?"

"I'm giving him an answer. What's wrong with that?" Gon asked innocently.

"I agree with this guy," the blonde named Kurapika said with a calm voice, ignoring Lerio's nagging in the background. Really, I would ignore him, too. It's such a bother to listen to nagging, especially Mito's. "The reason that I want to become a hunter is mine and personal. I do not want to answer your unpleasant question."

Hm… I guess both of them talk too much. The captain also seems to be annoyed.

"I don't think you guys understand me clearly," the captain said darkly. "The exam has already begun!"

And then he started to talk on and on about how there are too many applicants each year, so people like him are there to eliminate contestants who can't even last in the exams. Man, I really don't like it when people talk for so long. Like Shalnark… he used to always take such a long time to talk. I sighed; it still makes me angry to think about the Ryodan. But… I do miss them a little bit.

"If you guys aren't willing to answer me, then you can all forget about the hunters exam!"

"I…" Kurapika was the first to answer, "I am the only survivor of the Kurata Clan."

The answer surprised not only the captain. Kurata Clan? That name sounds familiar.

"Four years ago, all my relatives were killed by thieves," Kurapika continued. "The reason why I want to become a hunter is that I want to capture the Genei Ryodan!"

Oh. My. GOD. I kept a cool expression on the outside, but on the inside I was actually screaming. I almost forgot! Four years ago… that big mission… and those strong fighters with red eyes! So there was a survivor? And he's talking about revenge right in front of me. I wonder if he'll jump at me if he figured out that I was one of the thieves that killed his relatives. Hell, it might've been me who killed his parents! But judging from the way that he talked about the Ryodan, there's no way he's figure out that I used to be one of them. He's still got a lot to find out.

But still… I'll apologize to you in my heart. Sorry, I killed so many of your relatives. If you want revenge, please go for Danchou and not me! He gave the orders and obviously don't consider me as a member anymore! No, I'm not bitter.

"And what about you, Ginger?" the captain asked me suddenly in the middle of my thought.

"Um…" I scratched the back of my head. "I don't really want to become a hunter. Honestly, my dream is to eat and sleep all day."

The captain, Leorio, and Kurapika looked at me as if I was insane. Gon just smiled with a drop of sweat hanging down his face. Just as I thought, the captain doesn't look too happy about my answer.

"Well, Gon's relatives have been taking care of me for about three years now, and I just want to repay them by taking care of Gon. I'd feel horrible if something happened to Gon."

That, my friends, is not a lie. Maybe it's just said to please the captain, but I meant most of it.

The captain still doesn't look convinced. "I value your thought about paying back this little boy's relatives, but the Hunters Exam isn't something that simple. You need ambition to even survive in the exams!"

"Don't worry, captain-san!" Gon said cheerily. "My Ginger-nee is really, really strong!"

Aw! This is why I like kids; they never lie! Especially one like Gon… how nice of him to defend me! But what's with the doubtful expressions, Leorio and Kurapica? I can kill you both right now, but I won't because I made a promise to myself. But then again, I should kill this Kurapica before he gets stronger and kills me. He seems like he could have a lot of potential.

Oh! Where did everyone go? Seems like something happened when I was thinking to myself. I should stop doing that so often.

I walked out unto to deck to find everyone else. Gon and the captain were standing aside, and the other two seems to be fighting. What happened?

"Gon, what's going on?"

"Leorio and Kurapica are in a fight," Gon said.

Well, duh. But I don't really care about the reason, so I'll just watch the show. Let's see if this Kurapica really has the potential. Oh, but this storm is really messing up my hair. The two of them finally started fighting after some talk. Kurapica uses two swords… I could be right. Hm? Is that a sailor that just fell over the deck? AND IS THAT GON THAT JUST JUMPED TOWARD HIM?


That kid is such a troublemaker! Oh, but look, those two fighting went and saved him! Grabbing Gon by each leg. Maybe I'll go help them out, but I'm too lazy and the captain already went, so I won't go. Besides, I think I can still save Gon if he falls into the ocean. But not the other two, though, that'll be too much of a load. Oh, and I think too much, again. It seems like the two that were fighting are now friends. I walked over to them.

Leorio looked at me as he noticed that I was coming. "Hey! You didn't even help out! And you said you were looking out for Gon!"

"Well, but you guys already saved him."

"What if we didn't?"

"But you guys did."

Leorio and Kurapica looked at each other and sighed in exasperation. How in-synch! A nostalgic feeling flooded my mind for a second. When we were little, Nobunaga and Ubou were exactly like this—fighting about the most trivial things. And yet, they were also best friends. I wonder how they're doing right now? No, I shouldn't be wondering. After all, they left me to die alone at that place.

"Ginger-nee!" Gon tugged at my sleeve, "The captain is going to show me how to steer he ship! Do you wanna come with me?"

"No, thanks. If I ever need to travel on the ocean, I'll go on someone else's ship."

"Ginger-nee, Mito-san said that lazy people will never get what they want in life!"

What I want in life? You can say that I had all I wanted, but now I've already lost them. So what I really want now… is nothing, isn't it?

If I just keep minding my own business, then it would be all right. Wouldn't it?