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This fan fiction is ZADR-oriented. If you are in the Invader Zim fandom, you likely understand that ZADR stands for Zim and Dib romance. I respect all fan-pairings in the show, whether I support them or not. I would hope you, the reader, would have that same respect and either enjoy the story or, if you find ZADR offensive, then to not read or comment negatively.

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This particular chapter is rather graphic. It depicts sexual acts between two adult males. Though it was not written in a bawdy or excessive manner (I heavily employed euphemisms to convey the scene) the meaning and content is evident and of an undoubtedly adult nature. Please use discretion when reading. Thanks.


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Chapter 12:

The human and the alien stood, pressing their bare chests together, wrapping their arms around one another. They embraced and kissed, allowing their hands to wander around, exploring the untamed territory of foreign land.

"I want you, Dib-human. I want you to belong to Zim." he uttered in a husky whisper. Dib could feel the rumbling of his voice to his very core and shivered. They continued their foreplay, hungry for it as if the very act of touching was keeping them alive.

"How can you be sure?" Dib dared to ask, pulling his mouth from the invader only long enough to pant out his words before being drawn back to him like a magnet. The gasping and moaning from both never ceasing. "How do you know it's not that stuff you used on us."

"Did you still want me at the store?" Zim growled into the human's ear.

"Yes." Dib whispered without hesitation.

"Because I sure as fuck wanted you." He looked into Dib's heated, glassy eyes, the blush covering his cheeks like a veil. He took a moment to flick his tongue playfully up the boy's face before forcing the human's head to the side so he could attack the sensitive skin of his neck. Dib groaned with pleasure. His skin tightened as goose-bumps formed on his arms. He could feel his hair stand on end and he felt such a surge of emotion that he almost cried. He tried to return the favor as best as he could by massaging the alien's shoulders and back, desperately clutching and gripping through his own ecstasy. The complete want from the man caused Zim to smile. He loved feeling in control.

Zim scratched his claws lightly down Dib's bare back, all the way down, sliding his hands within the back of his pants, grasping lewdly in a possessive gesture. He began kneading the soft flesh there.

"Disrobe." Zim softly commanded. In Dib's dazed state, it took a moment to comprehend the instruction but eagerly did as he was told. Zim backed him against the couch before dropping to his knees to examine the human's package. Dib couldn't help but feel self-conscious under the scrutinizing gaze of the invader. Zim's brow was furrowed as he examined the member very closely. The extremity was a paradox, he found, as he gently stroked the shaft, finding the skin very, very soft and yet, also very hard.

"Dib, I believe you are suffering a hernia." Zim stated flatly. "It seems your testes have been forced out of your body and left to dangle on the outside."

Dib blushed furiously. "Uh, that's how they're supposed to look." he defended, kneeling down also to be eye to eye with the alien.

"Oh." Zim responded.

"Would you mind if I did some examining of my own?" the human smirked playfully. Zim caught the drift and smiled as well, standing to give the human access. Dib felt as if he were about to uncover a spectacular treasure that he had been hunting for his whole life. In a way, it almost was! He positioned his hands at the top of the tight, black pants. Zim's leg muscles were evident through the fitted fabric. Dib wondered how he never noticed before. His breath caught in his throat when that thought came to his mind. He lifted his head and extended his tongue to press his mouth against the soft skin just above the pant-line. He licked and kissed and sucked on the smooth stomach and as he began sliding the pants lower, he followed the barrier with his mouth. Zim shuddered and moaned with the intimate contact over such a sensitive and unexplored region. The alien rested his hand tenderly on the boy's head, combing his fingers idly through the thick, black mane.

After what seemed like an eternity, Dib had finally drawn the garment low enough to expose the alien's most private area. What Dib found was a bulge that appeared to be a pouch, of sorts. Upon exposure to the air and the stimulation the human was providing, a pink, fleshy phallus extended out, glistening, moist, and ready. The vision before him was different and erotic. He felt his heart jump. He blushed harder as it extended. His curiosity as well as desire guided his actions and he opened his mouth, taking as much of Zim's member as he could.

The alien's knees buckled and he almost couldn't maintain his balance. He gasped and moaned, tightening his grip in the human's hair.

"Oh, my gawd." Zim hissed as he started thrusting slightly with the rhythm of the boy's bobbing head. Regaining an ounce of composure, the alien placed his hands firmly on either side of the human's head, pulling him up gently to be face to face with him. They kissed passionately, Zim dipping his tongue deep into his lover's mouth, tasting himself.

Both men's hard sex organs rubbed against each other as they ground their hips together. Their voices created a discordant sort of harmony as they murmured, moaned, panted, and gasped. Zim reached down below, delicately brushing his palm back and forth along the underside of Dib's erection. He savored the soft, dry skin and the differences in shape and texture. Satisfying a curiosity of his own, the alien knelt before the other man as if to an alter.

Gripping tightly with one hand, he allowed his tongue to dance airily across the surface before wrapping itself around the stalk like a whip. Using his noose-like hold, he pulled Dib's organ into his mouth, slurping noisily and enjoying the reaction his manipulations elicited. The human almost fell back over the couch, trying to hold himself up in a physically weakened state. His mouth hung open as if locked in a silent scream. His breath came in short bursts. His body felt hot all over and he was already covered in a dewy layer of sweat.

Pulling his mouth away languidly, Zim wiped the back of his hand across his lips, taking the sheen of saliva away as it went. Dib shuddered and swooned at the sudden absence of sensation. Rising to a stand, Zim was caught in the human's embrace as he needfully attacked the extra-terrestrial in a fury of licks, bites, and kisses.

Zim noted that Dib was behaving like a hungry animal. His single-mindedness emboldened him beyond thought and reason. Zim pushed him back roughly.

"Down boy!" He playfully commanded. The human was more than happy to play his game. He gave easily under the dominant male's pressing hand, moving him down and back on to the floor. Positioning himself between the other's legs, Zim rested his hands on Dib's knees and delighted himself against the other's libidinal parts. "I may not have conquered your planet yet, Dib, but I consider conquering you to be my greatest victory."

"Just shut up and fuck me." Dib insisted in a deep, seductive voice. He lifted his upper body enough so he could easily slide his hands up Zim's muscular thighs. The demand from below him caused the invader to smile. He nodded slightly, preparing to oblige.

He drove his slick hardness into the other male's opening. He pressed firmly, burying himself up to the hilt. Dib's voice rang out, deep and feral. Zim's in-control fa├žade melted away as his face took on a dreamier expression. His eyes squinted closed and his lips parted slightly to allow the escape of a continuous stream of soft, squeaky moans. He doubled over so he could wrap himself around his partner, hugging him close as he pounded harder and faster.

The long thrusts continuously slammed into Dib's sweet-spot, bathing him in velvety ecstasy. It hurt, but it also felt good. He was completely dazed, feeling as if he were floating, or perhaps suspended in a fluffy cloud of absolute pleasure and completeness.

A series of gasping cries preceded Zim's climax. Tensing and shuddering, the alien clung to the human's firm, nude body. Dib's orgasm ripped through him as well as copious amounts of his own sticky, white fluid coated both men's stomachs.

Dib wrapped his arms firmly about the smaller form on top of him. He squeezed and cuddled, nuzzling his face against the alien's. Both men gulped in heaving breaths, just on the verge of hyperventilation, trying to feed oxygen into their taxed bodies.

"I love you, Zim. I love you so much." Dib almost sobbed, his voice only slightly above a whisper. The alien ran his hand gently up the human's face and into his hair. He combed his fingers through the course, dark strands. Glazed, red eyes peered lovingly into the other's honey-gold ones.

"I want you for my own from now on, Dib." The request caused Dib to smile warmly against his partner's head. He gently pet the feathery-soft antennae that rested there.

"I don't know about you, but I'm pretty tired. Will you sleep with me?" Dib asked, unconcerned about refusal.

"Let's sleep in here on your couch. I kind of broke your bedroom window to get in here."

Dib chuckled at the confession and nodded. The two sat up, using Dib's discarded clothes to quickly clean off. After throwing on fresh attire and pulling out comfortable bedding, the new couple cuddled together on the sofa under a thick comforter. The shades drawn, the room was dark and the two lay cozy in each other's embrace. Drifting off into a contented slumber, the both of the managed to murmur in unison -

"I love you."