Gibbs sighed as he looked over at the crime scene. Petty Officer Falhourn had died as far as anyone could tell from suicide. Two bright red lines of blood traced up his arms and a razor in his hand. Seemed pretty cut and dry, but still…the two witnesses seemed fishy to Gibbs, he just couldn't figure what it was about them. Maybe it was just because they were twins. Or maybe it was because they were only 5 years old. He sighed as he walked over to them. The twins were signing rather wildly at one another but not in any real language. The signs they were using weren't part of the actual sign language just random movements of their hands. The smaller of the two twins was dressed in a soft pink gown with white stockings and Mary Jane shoes*. The other twin was dressed in a pair of denim jeans and a baggy black t-shirt with white writing on it and a pair of beat up converse. How the kid had already managed to beat up such new shoes, Gibbs couldn't quite figure out.

"Hey," Gibbs said softly as he knelt in front of the twins, "You two see anything?" He asked mouthing the words carefully and signing slowly so they could see everything he said. Both girls nodded their heads and their fists. A clear yes to his question. "Did he do it to himself?" The smaller girl hesitated glancing at the taller twin who was nodding without even batting an eye. "Ok, where are your parents?" Gibbs asked looking around for at least some parental figure to accompany them back to HQ. The taller one tugged on his jacket to get him to look back at them. The smaller one was hiding behind the tall one and looked sad and nervous while the other was perfectly calm and started to sign.

"No parents. They died." Gibbs frowned and went over the signs she used in his head. Great. Now he had to call up a social worker. He sighed and signaled Tony over.

"Yea, boss?" Tony asked grinning until he noticed the two kids. Both girls shifted timidly.

"Tony, take these two back to the office call a social worker, get her down to HQ, so we can question these two. Oh, and Tony, find out why these two were wondering around without any supervision and why they're not in the system." Gibbs growled glancing at the two girls again.

"On it, Boss!" Tony said grinning again as he turned to look at the two little girls. "Hey, my name's Tony. You're gonna go for a little ride with me to my office! It's gonna be a lot of fun, ok? Do you two have names?" He asked smiling at them. Both glanced at each other and then promptly began to finger spell their names leaving Tony baffled. Upon realizing that the agent was confused they simply wrote their names down. "Ren and Izzy, ok. Got it. Looks like your also gonna have to meet Abby." Tony sighed and looked over at his boss checking to see if the boss had known the two didn't speak English. He glared when he saw Gibbs grinning. "Ok, let's go, girls." He grumbled gently leading both to his car.

The drive back to N.C.I.S. was relatively quiet. Both girls continued to sign to one another as Tony drove their hand movements rapid and slightly wild. Occasionally the smaller one, Izzy, would let out little sounds like whimpers or grunts. Tony sighed with relief the second he entered Abby's lab. Finally, He could get a translation! "Hey, Abby!" He yelled as the loud music assaulted his ears. Abby immediately turned around grinning broadly skipped over to Tony pausing the music with her remote.

"Ton~y!" Abby squelled hugging Tony tightly then she noticed the little twins. "Oh? Who's this?" Abby asked turning in shock to stare at Tony who grinned and turned to look at the girls.

"You're better off asking in sign." Tony grumbled glaring down at the twins as both girls stood silently off to the side signing away to one another. Both seemed very happy. Abby smiled and clapped her hands happily. Both girls jumped and looked over at Abby.

"Yay! I finally get to use my signing on a witness-suspect-trans-What are they doing here, Tony?" Abby said glancing over at Tony.

"Witnesses. I already called social services. Apparently they don't have any parents." Tony stated watching as the girls went back to signing to each other.

"Oh, sad. They're so cute, though! I wonder how they'd look in Goth clothes…" Abby mumbled turning back to Tony. Tony blinked in surprise as the girls turned and looked at them.

"Hey Abbs, I think they can hear us." Tony said frowning as the girls fully turned to him, reminding him slightly of the children of the corn.

Abby turned and signed slowly to the two girls. The girls turned to each other before nodding nervously shifting closer to one another. "Aw, they're so cute!" Abby said smiling happily at the twins. "Oh and yeah they can hear and talk. I think they probably learned not to talk to strangers, so instead they sign." Abby explained as she turned to Tony.

"Huh." Tony said slowly cocking his head to the side as he watched them go back to signing. "Hey, Abbs, what are they saying?"

"Tony! That is a private conversation, and besides I don't know what they're saying." Abby explained taking a sip of Caf-Pow!

"What do you mean you don't know what they're saying?" Tony asked turning on Abby.

"I mean I don't know what they're saying, They're using their own version of sign language. Even a specially trained translator couldn't translate that, but they are talking about you and Gibbs." Abby said with a smile and another sip of her Caf-Pow!

"How do you know that?" Tony asked as he watched the two suddenly stop signing and turned to look at him with a look like that practically said, "You're an idiot." Both twins promptly returned to signing, now directing their signs to Abby.

"Oh, That's true, but Tony's really nice when you get to know him." Abby said grinning down at the twins. Both girls giggled happily before finally signing again. "Oh, I'm Abby, and this is Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. He won't hurt you so you guys can talk to us." Abby said smiling happily at the two of them.

"Ok," Ren said softly her green eyes locked onto Tony. Izzy shifted standing behind her taller sister as she watched Abby. "We were raised not to talk to strangers, but we were also raised to do lots of stuff that we don't always do…." She mumbled looking away. Abby cooed loudly grabbing onto Ren and cuddling her and her twin close, leaving Tony wandering how he would explain this to Gibbs.


Ok so Super short start but It's cause I don't like how it opens….It'll get better I promise….This story is to introduce the two twins, so it won't be quite as dirty as Dirty Tony or Shawn's Turn or even Naughty Neal, but I'm going to do my best to explain the twins here so please be patient. Thank you D.A.