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Chapter 8

Tony blushed as he entered the living room spotting the twins watching the credits as Twitch slept. "Sorry, girls. Bedtime." Tony said with a smile as he lifted up Twitch. Ren nodded sleepily hurrying into Gibbs arms as Izzy clung to Tony's hand. Tony had to strain not to grin like an idiot. This was just so…domestic and so natural. It felt great.

With a sigh Gibbs lay Ren down in his guest room with her sister covering them with a nice thick comforter and tucking them in tightly. The second he stopped both girls snuggled into one another and fell straight to sleep. Tony carried Twitch into the room with him and Gibbs and started to set him down when Gibbs walked in.

"Tony." Gibbs said swiftly stopping Tony in mid-Tuck in. "He can sleep in Kelly's old room." Gibbs said leading Tony into a separate room decorated with pink wallpaper with a bunny banner. "He can sleep in here." Gibbs stated as if there was no other option. Tony nodded carefully and set Twitch down slowly tucking him in nice and tight into the pink and yellow comforter.

"Good night, Twitch." Tony whispered softly petting the small boy done easily. Twitch smiled sleepily revealing his gap in his teeth.

"Night night, Uncle Tony." Twitch mumbled softly reaching out to hug the older man before falling back easily into the bed. It only took a second before he was asleep.

Tony smiled and then turned and followed Gibbs out. "Why couldn't he sleep with us?" Tony asked as he walked into Gibbs room shyly.

"Because, I don't want to be sleeping with a kid in between us and suddenly get aroused because of you. That could be awkward." Gibbs teased leaning forward and kissing Tony roughly. Tony blushed bright red in seconds as Gibbs pulled him close pressing their bodies together tightly.

"Ye-Yeah, I guess I hadn't thought of that, boss." Tony breathed out panting as Gibbs pulled back to let him breath. Gibbs smiled warmly at Tony and he melted. Nothing worked better on making Tony melt then that smile. Tony smiled himself as Gibbs sat down and began to undo his shoes. "So, uh, you gonna let me sleep in here?" Tony asked shyly as he shifted around in one spot nervously. He didn't know what to do in this situation. It was thing to do it in the car. It was quite another thing to suddenly be about to launch into an actual relationship involving sex in a bed and cuddling and possibly children.

"Wasn't planning on letting you sleep." Gibbs growled his voice low and husky as he looked up at Tony. His eyes were dark and hooded, Tony had never seen Gibbs this lustful before. "Had a lot of other plans for you for tonight. In fact I got a plan for you for right now." Gibbs continued slowly standing up to pull Tony down on top of his hips. Tony let out a slow soft whimper of pleasure as their bodies touched.

"Y-Yeah, boss?" Tony said grinning as Gibbs pulled him down into a kiss. Tony could get used to these type of kisses. Kisses that left him breathless and wanting more. Yeah, Tony could definitely get used to Gibbs' kisses. Gibbs pulled Tony flush to him and rolled him onto the bed to cover him with his own body.

"Yeah, Tony, I have a pretty good idea for a plan involving your body and mine." Gibbs growled softly his voice deep and rumbling. Sexiest voice ever, Tony thought to himself as he clung to Gibbs tightly letting out a soft moan as he felt his hardness brush against Gibbs matching erection.

"I think I can easily start to get used to these plans." Tony managed as Gibbs began to undo Tony's pants easily his hand slipping into Tony's boxers. "Nngh, G-Gibbs!" Tony gasped out arching up into Gibbs as he wrapped his fingers around Tony's cock tightly.

"You're pretty hard down here." Gibbs whispered softly into Tony's ear making him groan as he started to pump Tony's erection. "I'm surprised at you're eagerness." Gibbs whispered as his other hand help Tony to get his shirt off.

"I've got youth on my side, boss." Tony panted out as he hurriedly tossed his shirt to the side quickly starting to work on Gibbs' shirt. Tony barely got past the first button, before Gibbs pulled away taking his hands away as well making Tony whine.

"Get those pants off, Tony. I can't have your hands on me and be expected to perform." Gibbs said hurriedly as he practically ripped off his shirt and pants. Tony watched smirking and drooling as Gibbs stood there completely naked and erect. Tony was pretty sure he'd never get enough of Gibbs. Naked or not Gibbs was the single most sexy man on the planet. "Didn't I tell you to get those pants off?" Gibbs asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, Boss." He breathed out grinning as he began to slowly peal his pants off teasing Gibbs who began to slowly stroke himself. "Like what you see?" Tony asked as he pushed his pants away and began to slowly scoot his boxers down his hips stopping his movements when it reached just above his member. "If you want to see more you'll have to pay me." Tony teased sticking his tongue out at Gibbs as he let out a small groan.

"Well, let's see, do you take credit?" Gibbs said playing along as he crawled on top of Tony looping his finger into Tony's boxer's. Tony laughed grabbing Gibbs' hands and shook his hand. "Well, I'll just have to pay you in pleasure." He continued practically purring as he pulled down Tony's boxer making him whimper in pleasure.

"Th-That's fine." Tony managed to whimper out as Gibbs began to slowly stroke his member again. Tony lost his train of thought when Gibbs suddenly used his other hand to start fingering Tony's entrance. "Gi-Gibbs!" He gasped groaning loudly.

"Yes, Tony, but you can call me Jethro." Gibbs teased as he began to slowly pump his fingers in and out of Tony, waiting for him to adjust to his finger. It didn't take long for Tony to adjust or to thrusting back onto Gibbs moaning and gasping for more.

"Je-Jethro!" He cried out suddenly pulling his hand up to bite it to stop himself from screaming as he felt Gibbs brushing against his prostate. "Mm!" He moaned around his hand. Gibbs pushed another finger into Tony and began to slowly stretch his entrance out carefully. "Unh, Gi-Gib-erm!" Tony groaned out loudly around his hand. Gibbs noticed and stopped for a moment to simply watch each reaction that every finger twitch did to Tony.

"Tony, you ok?" Gibbs asked smirking as he pulled his fingers out of Tony making him whimper loudly in need.

"Ye-Yes, unh-Don-Don't stop." He gasped out making Gibbs member twitch and dribble slightly.

"And why are you biting your hand?" Gibbs asked as he sat up to look for a better form of lube than spit. He was going to be far more gentle this time than the first time in his car. It had been good and rough and hard, but this time wasn't going to be hard and rough, but it was going to be good.

"You may not have noticed this earlier, but I'm a bit of a screamer." Tony stated his member twitching in excitement. "And by a bit I mean enough that the cops have been called before to my apartment at some very embarrassing times." Tony stated shyly before suddenly chomping back down on his hand when he saw Gibbs squirt out some of the lube onto his hand.

"Well, I did notice, but what I want to know is why you're trying to muffle it now." Gibbs continued as he began to smear the lube liberally into Tony's rear to prepare him making him moan even louder around his hand.

"Because when we were in the car, there weren't children trying to sleep." Tony groaned out loudly as Gibbs went back to stretching Tony out to prepare. Gibbs smiled broadly and squirted out some more of the lube and began to stroke himself with it.

"Good point." Gibbs said grinning as he lined himself up with Tony's entrance slowly pushing into him. Despite the stretching Tony was still just as tight as ever, even despite the earlier romp in the car. Tony clamped down hard around him making him moan out as he pushed into Tony. Tony let out a low groan and began to instantly push back onto Gibbs.

It didn't hurt in the least bit. The first time had hurt. More than Tony had let on, but it hadn't all hurt. And Gibbs had definitely wiped out most of the pain with his excellently torturous foreplay. "Gi-Gibbs!" He groaned loudly as Gibbs thrust experimentally into Tony lightly rubbing his member directly against Tony's prostate making him cry out even louder around his hand.

"Ugh, unh! Nh! M-more!" Tony panted out dropping his hand to grip tightly at the sheets raising his hips higher up and pushing back onto Gibbs gasping. Gibbs groaned out loudly as he began to move his hips slowly in and out of Tony. Not that Tony was going to let him stay slow like that. Instead Tony began to push back onto Gibbs hard moaning loudly at the feel of it, losing himself to the pleasure.

"Unh, Tony." Gibbs groaned loudly. "God, you're so sexy…" Gibbs groaned softly as he pushed himself in and out. He could hear the Tony's ass making a loud squelching noise as he moved in and out of Tony his balls slapping into Tony's rear loudly. Tony gasped loudly arching up into Gibbs moaning without concern and twisting the sheets in his fist.

"Mm, Gi-Gibbs!" Tony screamed out unable to hold the cries in. "More! Harder!" He demanded panting as he thrust back down onto Gibbs. "Unh, I'm, unh, I'm going to-" Tony didn't manage to finish his statement, because in the next second he exploded. His muscles clamped down even tighter around Gibbs as he came shooting his load up into the air to splash back down onto his stomach as he spasmed in Gibbs arms.

"Tony!" Gibbs growled loudly as he came as well spurting into Tony easily. For a moment both just stayed like that spasming. Gibbs collapsed rolling over to lay next to Tony. Tony lay there for a moment completely unable or willing to move after ward. "Wow," Gibbs breathed out softly.

"Yeah." Tony answered as he rolled over to cuddle next to Gibbs. "That will have to be repeated." He whispered softly as he nuzzled into Gibbs choice. "Gibbs, That was great." Tony said softly as he pushed a bit of his sweaty hair out of his face. Tony lifted up his hand in surprise looking at traces of hair in his hand. "When did that get there?" Tony said in surprise staring at the traces of Gibbs hair in his hand making Gibbs laugh.

"That's a sign of good sex." Gibbs said with a perfectly straight face.

"Rennie, is Tony ok?" Izzy asked as she sat up in bed to watch her twin sneak back into the room. Both twins had hear Tony's cries and agreed that Ren should check on things. Ren shrugged and climbed back into the bed.

"They're fine." Ren said as she crawled up to slide under the covers with Izzy. "They'll be asleep soon and there won't be any more no-Twitch!" Ren fussed suddenly turning in shock to glare at Twitch who stood shyly in the doorway. He stared silently in at them for a moment rubbing his eyes.

"Onee-chan," Twitch whined softly his voice weak and shaky. "Can I sleep with you?" He asked softly leaning against the door jam. "It's lonely by myself."

"Yes, come on, Twitch." Izzy agreed readily patting the bed.

"No, go back to bed." Ren bit back at the same time.

Twitch quickly ran into their room crawling up on the bed to quickly snuggle into Izzy. "Izzy, I had a nightmare." He whimpered clinging tightly to Izzy. "Uncle Tony was being punished by Uncle Gibbs and Daddy took us back and we had to do bad things again." He whimpered softly burying his head into Izzy stomach as she smoothed his dirty blonde hair watching Ren over him.

"Don't worry, Twitch. Tony and Gibbs are like those men we saw on TV." Ren stated her eyes locked onto Izzy. Not daring to blink. "Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. They'd never hurt each other. Only the bad people. They love each other too much to hurt each other." She explained. "Even if they didn't, we're never going back there. I'll make sure of it." Ren stated trying to convey the unspoken promise to Izzy. "We're never going back."

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Chapter 9

Tony woke up slowly feeling comfortable and warm. He smiled happily and snuggled once more into his warm pillow, and immediately froze. When did his pillow become fuzzy? Or heated? With a sinking feeling he realized suddenly that whatever he was laying on was not his pillow, and was in fact a person. "Sleep well?" Tony felt all of his blood drain from his face. Not only was he snuggled up to someone. He was snuggled up to his boss. And then he remembered. He remembered getting fucked in Gibbs' car by Gibbs. And then being made love to in his bed.

"Very well." Tony said happily suddenly sitting up to look at Gibbs'. He was smiling broadly. He thought this was funny. "I, uh, slept so well I forgot that we, uh, you know…" He mumbled softly trailing off. He wasn't sure how to continue from there. "But I completely remember that now. As does my ass." Tony whined feeling a slight ache in his rear.

"Want me to kiss it?" Gibbs asked still grinning from ear to ear.

"No, remember, I'm a screamer and we have children in the house." Tony reminded him as he started to get up.

"Oh, right." Gibbs said sounding rather disappointed. "We should get the kids up. We have to get them dressed and ready to go by 8, we'll be late, but I'm sure we'll be ok." Gibbs stated as he stood up slowly and stretched carefully. "Now, I'll let you use the shower, I'm going to go wake up the kids." Gibbs stated as he pulled on a pair of sweats. Tony smirked slowly as he watched Gibbs getting dressed.

"We need more mornings like this." Tony stated as his eyes did their best to devour Gibbs whole.

"Tony, get up." Gibbs stated warningly as he started out of the room. Tony laughed grinning and was just about to hop in the shower when Gibbs suddenly burst back into the room and grabbed his gun. "Tony, get some pants on and get your knife." Gibbs growled.

"Wha-What's going on?" Tony asked grabbing his boxers and knife. Gibbs sushed him swiftly and pulled him out and pointed at Twitch's open door. Tony paled and rushed down the hall to check on the girls.

"Re-!" Tony stopped mid word when he opened the door. There laying in the bed was all three children. It was the cutest thing he'd ever seen. "Gibbs!" He hissed excitedly waving his hand to get Gibbs attention. Gibbs swiftly stalked over to him his grip like a vice on his gun as he entered the room ready for anything.

Anything except seeing all three children curled up around one another. Ren was on one side and Twitch on the other. And in the middle was Izzy both arms wrapped around the other children. Tony couldn't help himself. He cooed. Tony DiNozzo cooed at the sight of three sleeping children.

Gibbs went back to his room and put away his gun swiftly, before returning to lean against the door and watch the children sleep. "They're adorable." Tony cooed softly leaning back into Gibbs as he wrapped his arms around Tony's waist.

"Of course they are, Tony. Kids are the cutest thing." Gibbs whispered softly kissing Tony gently on the cheek. "I'll call the office and let them know we'll be late." He rumbled as he began to softly mouth at Tony's ear.

"I'll wake them up." Tony said softly slipping out of Gibbs arms and carefully moving to sit on the bed next to the children. "Ren, Izzy. You two need to wake up. You, too, Twitch." Tony said gently reaching out to rub Ren's back gently shaking her and the other two. Twitch rubbed his eyes and rolled over away from Izzy with a groan. Ren woke up more swiftly and sat up to look at Tony sleepily. Izzy whimpered and clung to her sister when she sat up.

"Tony?" She murmured softly as she rubbed at one eye before slowly untangling herself from Izzy and crawled out of bed lazily and wobbled, barely awake, over to a stack of clothes Gibbs had set out for the girls to use and pulled the first shirt she felt off the stack. "G'morning. I'll get the others up." She mumbled pulling the shirt on over her old shirt. Tony took the hint and left.

He was greeted by Gibbs waiting for him. Tony smiled shyly lowering his eyes in embarrassment. "Hey, Boss." He mumbled. Gibbs smirked and pulled the door to the girls room shut around Tony and smirked. Tony felt his whole body start to heat up. "Uh, Boss?" He asked shyly as Gibbs stepped forward pinning him to the door.

"Yes, Tony?" Gibbs asked smiling as he brought their faces close enough for their breaths to mingle. It made Tony's whole body tingle wonderfully.

"Boss, uh, shouldn't we..?" Tony trailed off forgetting where he was in his sentence as Gibbs gently kissed his lips. The kiss was so soft Tony couldn't tell if it was a real kiss or just their lips brushing against each other.

"Yes, Tony, we should go get a shower. Together." Gibbs whispered tugging Tony away from the door.

"Izzy, get dressed!" Ren fussed at her twin who was listening to the door. "Stop listening in!"

"But, sissy!" Izzy whined finally leaving the door to pull off her nightgown and change into a small blue skirt and rainbow shirt. Ren helped her straighten her shirt and skirt out before changing her own clothes. She yawned softly as Ren gently picked at her shirt before turning to Twitch to wake him up. "What are we going to do, now?" Izzy asked as Ren started to change her little brother swiftly.

"We're going to tell Agent Gibbs what to do to get Otou-san." She stated softly as Twitch yawned loudly leaning into his sister starting to go back to sleep as she tugged his shirt over his head. "And then Gibbs will put him away and we'll live happily ever after. Simple as that." She stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Izzy frowned, watching her sister closely.

Ren turned feeling her sister's stare as she pulled the heavy sweatshirt over Twitch's head making him giggle happily as he grabbed his pants and tried to put them on his head. Ren waited for her sister to speak as if to say 'What?' "You don't believe that could happen, do you?" Izzy asked her voice sad as she watched her sister finish dressing Twitch. Twitch wiggled playfully giggling as Ren finally let him go. Twitch ran out of the room giggling leaving the door open for his sisters.

"Of course, I believe that." Ren answered her ears twitching slightly as she turned to look directly into Izzy's eyes. Her eyes held no hope or truth for what she had said. Izzy knew better than anyone why her sister held no hope for happily ever after. She knew what she'd had to do to make their lives what they were. She understood that anything other than what they'd always done would be hard for Ren to even think of doing or accepting as their new way of life. Just like she knew that even if their so called 'father' was arrested it wouldn't matter. They couldn't stay here.

"I know you do. I shouldn't have asked that. I'm sorry." Izzy whispered before quickly hugging her sister. Twitch whined and hugged them both as well.

Ren and Izzy quickly walked downstairs to start up breakfast, only to find out that they weren't able to actually cook breakfast since they couldn't reach anything in Gibbs' home. Tony and Gibbs came down shortly after them and where happy to let the three kids help them cook pancakes. "Ren stop tossing batter at Twitch!" Tony chastised suddenly as Twitch started crying loudly. Ren giggled and flicked a bit of the batter at Izzy making Gibbs snicker and scoop her up to keep her from throwing anymore batter.

"Rennie's a meanie!" Twitch sobbed tugging on Tony's pant leg smearing the batter on his new pants as some of the batter spilled down onto his face. "Uncle Tony! I'm all dirty!" Twitch whined loudly.

"Stop whining, you baby!" Izzy chided him while Gibbs tried to wash the batter of Ren's hands and keep her from grabbing more of it. By the time Gibbs was finished he had pancake batter in his hair and on his shirt. Izzy and Twitch started the usual child like argument and Tony had burnt half the pancakes. Gibbs smiled watching the kids eat the pancakes. This he could get used to. He glanced at Tony, who was struggling very hard to eat the burnt pancakes, and couldn't help but grin. After breakfast everyone was forced to change their clothes, before they left for work. Gibbs made sure to grab another baby seat for Twitch on the way.

"Hey, Boss. Hey, Tony." McGee greeted as they entered the bullpen with the kids in tow. Twitch clung tightly to his sisters' hands. Both girls stood on either side of Twitch making Gibbs and Tony stand on the end, separating themselves by a line of children. Abby, who'd come up to see if Gibbs had arrived yet, squealed at the rather domestic look of all of them.

"Oh, I've got to get a picture!" She chirped, pulling out her camera phone to take a few snapshot photo's. "So cute!" She squeaked as Twitch jumped in surprise at the enthusiastic goth.

"Thank you, Abby!" Izzy giggled grinning wide as Gibbs separated to take his seat at his desk to review some reports. The rest of the day went by rather quickly and easily. Filling paperwork, calling back the social services agent, checking with the prosecutor. The case would be filed by the end of the week, and Mr. Sanderton would be going to jail for the rest of his life if Gibbs had anything to say about it.

"Uncle GI~BBS!" Twitch whined suddenly climbing into his lap with teary eyes. "Izzy says I'm girly!" Twitch whined loudly clinging to the older man making him grin as he scooped the boy up. Tony sat chastising Izzy while Ren tapped madly at McGee's computer. He could get used to this.

"You're not girly, Twitch." He comforted smiling warmly as he rubbed the boys back soothingly. A life with Tony, he could get used to. A life raising three children with Tony. Difficult, but he could do it. He smiled warmly at Tony, making him blush. Yes, this was his future. And he accepted it. It would be hard, full of trouble and not in the slightest bit easy. But he could do it.

-ducks- Yes, that's it! I'm sorry, I meant to draw it out more, but really, after the confession and witnessed abuse, where could I really go with this? More smut? That's what Dirty Tony is for! I am sorry, but there will be an epilogue and a sequel of sorts. Just be patient and don't expect it to pop up on this area. It's going to be in the Psych universe. And only have Ren and Izzy in it. Tony and Gibbs will only be mentioned. Um, I'll try and work my way back to NCIS, but I need to catch back up with NCIS and start watching it again….That's part of why I'm rushing this. I haven't seen any Tony or Gibbs in a long time, like 6 months or so…