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Chapter One: Found

The smell of burning wood and the chemicals used to light the torches sent a young human's mind back to her past. She had left her hometown in Forks, Washington and moved here to Venice, Italy to escape the memories that haunted her everyday once the sun rose to the sunset.

Five years of living here you get used to many things happening. The young woman staring out the window had beautiful brown eyes the color of chocolate, a curvaceous figure from all her athletic adventures in the five years, and she had long wavy auburn hair that fell to her waist in waves. This lovely lady's name is Bella Swan and she was smart for her age despite her clumsiness. She wrinkled her nose in disgust and spoke softly to no one in particular.

"God! Don't they ever think about what that smell does for us humans?" She asked herself as she shut her window.

Bella had been shutting herself off to the world and she was happy for it. She had lost everything dear to her five years ago, her first love, Edward Cullen, had left her for another vampire after making a promise to the royal vampires that ruled over all vampires in the world. Not even a year later she lost her dad to a heart attack during a raid at the police station and she was all alone. After her father's funeral, she had told her best friend in the world Jacob Black that she was done with everything in Forks. The memories there were too much for her to continue living in the city. Jacob being the hot-headed werewolf he was got so mad and transformed in front of her, nearly causing her damage.

"It was for the best." Bella said as she plopped down on her window seat and pulled her knees up to her chest as she wrapped her arms around them.

She stared out the window as the sun set and the torches were still being lit. The pain from the memories had yet to leave her and she wanted to just leave at last. In the five years that she had been gone she hadn't talked to anyone in Forks and was not excepting anyone to follow her. She made her choice…She had nothing left in Forks, but painful memories.

As Bella moved from the window seat, she did a double take as she saw the Volturi guards walk out into the night to hunt. Bella remembered them the first time she came to Italy to save Edward from exposing himself to the humans on St. Marcus Day. That had been the biggest mistake of her life and she should have let him so he wouldn't have survived to leave her again for a bitch vampire. Bella knew that Aro the leader of the Volturi was informed of this new development and they had been out to look for her ever since then. She was supposed to be turned into a vampire, but she didn't see that in her future anywhere.

"I guess its death for me." Bella said as she packed her things in a little bag and then got ready to leave the hotel room she had been staying in.

Aro Volturi was rubbing his forehead as he sat on his throne debating the news he hd just heard about the lovely girl that had been with Edward Cullen, Bella Swann. She apparently was no longer in Forks, Washington and there was no evidence of where she had gone. He wanted to find her so he could get this dreaded sentence he had given her five years ago over with.

"Aro, you are going to give yourself a headache if you keep rubbing your forehead and thinking so hard."

Aro looked up and saw his brother Marcus walking towards him. He leaned back and rested his head against the back of his chair. In five years was there going ot be anything that went right anymore in the vampire world?

Marcus Volturi watched his brother fret over everything that had been done where Bella Swann was concerned and it was funny as hell. They were having problems finding Bella and to Marcus, watching his brother fret was entertainment, but he would never show that to anyone save a few…a very few. He glanced at his brother and shook his head.

"We will find her Aro. I don't know why you are so worried about this." Marcus replied in his calm never changing voice unless Jane was around.

Aro looked at his brother with a retort on his lips when the doors opened admitting Jane, Felix, Demetri, and Alec. They had a human between them and Aro stood. Marcus turned as he recognized the scent the human was given off and his eyes widened slightly as he stood facing Bella Swan. Jane smirked as she saw Marcus' face and then looked at Aro.

"We found her walking around the square Aro. What shall we do with her?" Jane asked as she looked at Bella with a smirk that could have been deadly to any other human.

Bella just shrugged and Jane was confused for a minute. Never had a human come in to the Volturi castle and stood there like they weren't scared, but then Jane had to remember Bella Swann was not a normal human. Jane moved to the side as Bella stood there in front of Felix and Demetri. Alec was chuckling under his breath as Aro looked at Bella.

"It's good to see you again Bella. Forgive Aro's staring and Alec's laughter, for you have grown into a lovely lady."

Bella turned her attention to Marcus and nodded her head. She watched with a knowing look as Aro shook his head and walked toward her. Jane took her bag and Bella watched her set it aside. Aro stood in front of Bella and saw her look at him.

"I have heard that Edward has left you."

"He decided I was too much to turn so he left me for another vampire. Although I'm curious has to how you didn't catch my scent here in Italy before."


"Aro, I've been living in Italy for the past five years."

Aro, Jane, Marcus, Alec, Felix, and Demetri all stared at Bella and then at each other when the doors slammed open. Caius entered with his wife Athenodora. Jane closed her eyes to reign in her irritation and Bella just raised an eyebrow as Caius turned to look at her.

"Still human I see Bella."


"You were spoke to girl."

"Really? I am aware of that. I just have nothing to say about it."

"Why you little bitch! I ought to take a bite out of you."


Aro never really got anger unless Caius' wife was involved. He turned toward Caius and looked at him. Caius joined them while his wife stayed behind him as Caius was told of what happened. Jane moved back in front of Bella to guard her form Athenodora and Marcus chuckled under his breath. It seemed to him that Jane had found a friend. Bella simply patted her arm and Jane stood to the side.

"Ah, so he left you. Well I guess we should just kill you."

"That would make you happy wouldn't it Caius. I'm surprised that you haven't asked why I'm in Italy."

"That has run across my mind."

"I live in Italy. Have been for five years."


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