Peeping Sasuke

Kunai 1

The Uchiha mansion was silent. It was half past midnight but the young Uchiha survivor could not sleep. He sighed and walked down the empty hallways, his mind caught up in a web of thoughts that would not leave him alone. Earlier, he had made Naruto and Neji clean up the mess hall and he had gone to his room because he didn't want the company of others at that time. Now, he wished he had someone to talk to.

Sasuke's footsteps stopped as he heard labored breathing. Who the…? He made his way silently to one of the guest rooms and poked a hole through the rice papered wall. His eyes widened as he caught his breath.

Neji had both Naruto's thighs propped onto his shoulders and was giving the blond teen head. Naruto was trying his hardest not to moan and gripped the tatami mat tightly in his fists.

"Come on Naruto…" Neji said, licking his member. Naruto blushed and moaned. "Good boy," Neji teased and sat up then pulled Naruto by the legs towards him. Naruto was breathing hard as he watched Neji spread his legs.

Sasuke just stared like an imbecile. He had not known that his friends were together but…but what? His eyes remained glued to the scene and he didn't feel himself harden unnaturally.

Neji slid two fingers inside Naruto's tight entrance. Naruto gasped and whimpered, shimmying his hips down against Neji's fingers. Neji grabbed his member and gave it a gentle squeeze. Naruto let out another moan and began to screw himself on Neji's fingers.

"You like that don't you?" Neji smirked. "Please…" Naruto breathed. "D-Don't talk dirty…" his face was flushed and his chest was heaving heavily.

"I like to talk dirty to you," Neji smiled. "I know you like it. Admit it, Naruto. You like me talking dirty to you." His slid another finger inside Naruto's entrance.

"A-Ah…yes… I do…" Naruto moaned and bit his lip.

Neji smiled evilly. "Good." He pulled his fingers out then propped Naruto's legs onto his shoulders. He grabbed a small jar and smeared his own member with some sticky green fluid. Naruto blushed. "Oh…so you actually bought it…?" Naruto asked, almost mumbling.

Naruto and Neji had met up with Shikamaru earlier before going to Sasuke's house. Shikamaru introduced to them his ultimate sex lubricant. It would make both partners feel immense pleasure. Neji had dismissed it as a fraud since Shikamaru was selling a tiny bottle for $28 dollars each.

"Yeah. I want to see if it really works," Neji said and positioned the head of his member against Naruto's entrance then he slid it all the way in. Naruto gasped and whimpered in pleasure. "Ooh…" Naruto moaned. Neji leaned forward and clenched his fists, his legs feeling weak.

"Ah…shit!" Neji moaned and began to thrust inside Naruto. Naruto moaned and mewled like a cat, squirming beneath Neji. "Oh yeah! Oh!" Naruto moaned as Neji increased his pace.

Sasuke clenched his fist and bit down on his lip. He had wet himself with pleasure and he felt slightly embarrassed. "Oh…damn," he muttered as his hand slid down his pants and grasped his erection. He watched Neji pumping himself inside Naruto and began to stroke his erection.

"Ah! Ah! Neji!" Naruto moaned and grabbed the blankets. Neji slid forward and made his erection slide deep into Naruto's entrance. From Naruto's lips emitted a whimper of pain and pleasure. Neji grunted and released his seed inside Naruto.

Sasuke pulled his hand out from his pants and he fled back to his room as fast but silently as he could. He couldn't let them know he had been a peeping tom! His face was flushed brightly as he collapsed onto his bed.

Tomorrow, Naruto and Neji were going to have some explaining to do and Sasuke hoped they didn't know he had been spying on them.