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(Grey scene) *Gibbs holding a letter starring after McGee as he walks to the elevator with his bad and gear in a box*

McGee watched as Gibbs explained to the people in the conference room why a young naval officer was dead. He took his own life by walking in front of a landing jet on the aircraft carrier he was assigned to, he never stood a chance.

McGee watched the face of a young girl from his home town as Gibbs read the letter he left for them all. So they would understand. He loved her with everything in him but for her it was casual, fun and just something to do and the words that hurt like razor blades to his every soul, just good friends. He watched as her heart broke and she explained she was scared to love him because he was sweet kind gentle fun everything she wanted but she wasn't ready for that. McGee stood silently watching this case and hit closer to home then his team knew.

Abby, Abigail Sciuto His own unrequited love. He understood what drove the young man to end it all. No matter what tour of duty he went on, no matter how far the Navy sent him he just couldn't escape his love for her. The string of other guys, the calls, the hook ups, the hope and broken circle his heart had endured. Timothy McGee understood it all too well.

Standing in that room watching the family, friends and that girl who now knew that she loved him more then as Abby put it puppies grieve, Timothy McGee made up his mind.

After the formal words of condolence were said and the family left, the others got to work on the task of writing the reports. After Tim had finished his report, He opened another word document and typed his own letter. Hitting print and giving no outward sign of what was to come McGee took the piece of printed paper from the printer, placed the report in the Manilla folder and the letter on top and placed it upside down on his desk. He looked at his team as they worked, Tony typing chopsticks style Tim still didn't know who anyone in law enforcement couldn't touch type. Ziva sat typing her sharp focus on her work. He had left Gibbs till last. The man had taught Tim more about life trust and honour then anyone else. Tim looked up to Gibbs, the works Good Job now meant a lot to Tim and a slap on the back of the head taught he so much more then even he realised till now. Careful to give nothing away Tim picked up the office moving box from under his desk and placed his things in it.

Throwing his bag on one shoulder and lifting the box under one arm, Timothy McGee stood grab the file, turning it over so the letter was plainly visible. He move to stand in front of Gibbs and waited for the older agent to notice him.

"Want something McGee" Gibbs said a slight edge to his voice.

"M my report Gibbs." Was all McGee said as he handed the report to his mentor and if Tony knew he would be teased for the rest of his life, his Hero.

Gibbs looked at the young man who had impressed him so much since joining his team turn box under his arm and walk away. Gibbs looked down picking up the letter then looked up as Timothy McGee walked out of the bull pen for the last time.

Tony and Ziva both look up shocked as McGee walks past with a box under his arm.

"Hey Probie, what ya doing?" Tony Calls.

"Tim?" Ziva asks unsure of what is going on.

He ignores them he knows his resolve will weaken if he tries to explain. Anyway its all in the letter. Gibbs says nothing but sits down to read the last words of Timothy McGee to NCIS.

Gibbs hears the words in Tim's own voice in his head.

Dear Gibbs,

I can't take it anymore. I love Abby, More the life breath or my own existence. She said she didn't want the same things that it wouldn't work and also rule 12 came up when she ended it between us. Well I have changed. I don't want a wedding a picked fence or anything other then to wake up with her in my arms every morning. The last hurdle is Rule 12. So Boss unless you would give me permission to break it, I have to leave NCIS. I have to leave the team.

Gibbs I have to try. If there is any possibly that she might have me in her heart, her life. I have to take that chance. I don't want to leave the team Boss but my heart can't take another moment for this torment.

I hope you understand.

Timothy McGee aka Probie.

Gibbs read it twice then looked up at the tow confused and worried faces for Tony and Ziva. Gibbs then did something out of character he laughed, he laugh so hard he almost cried as he handed the letter to the others to read. Finally he thought to him self.

The two of them read it together then looked at Gibbs as the man struggled with his phone.

"need help boss?" Tony asked

"ya think ?" was all Gibbs said handing it to tony.

"send a message to McGee that says "permission granted probie.""

Tony looked at his Boss then at Ziva and smiled as he hit send.

(Grey scene) *Abby collapses on the floor sobbing *

Down in the Lab the music was at it usual level as McGee placed the box on the floor just inside the door. Abby stood in front of her computer dancing on the spot as she started the shutdown. McGee felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and quickly pulled it out and read the message on the screen then he shoved it back in his pocket he walked in the Lab.

"Abby!" McGee called out as he approached her.

"McGee! Isn't the case over?" Abby asked as she kindly turn the music down so they wouldn't be shouting at each other.

"t t that's not why I'm here." He said getting nervous he closed his eyes and dropped his head. Questions whizz through his head what if she doesn't love me at all what if what if….

"Then why are you down here Timmy?" she stood rocking on her boot.

"I'm leaving." He said, shotting a quick glance at the box of his stuff.

Tim looked in her eyes, clear and honest started to glisten with tears. He looked at the sweet innocent smile start to fade. Then acted on instinct, He pulled her body close to his and kissed her with all the passion and love he felt for her.

Shocked she closed her eyes and didn't move. She couldn't think but also She couldn't stop thinking Timothy McGee was kissing her in a way the should be illegal it was illegal Rule 12 rule 12 rule wait Tim was leaving NCIS. Rule 12 didn't matter now.

Tim broke of the kiss and mumbled an apology and walked out the lab for the last time.

Abby's heart took over and she suddenly realised something she had tried to deny so many times. She was in love with Timothy McGee. Her geek with a Gun, Her best friend she wanted him, to wake up beside him, black picket fence and all.

Abby opened her eyes and looked around Timothy and the box was gone. Abby drops to the floor of her Lab and sobs.