A/N: I've never written a drabble before, but yet again I can't seem to escape my own grip on the depressive episode that has its hold on me so the result is throwing some more stuff at you guys. I don't know how good it really turned out to be but for some reason it worked in my mind. Hopefully it will work for you. Let me know what ya think. Thanks so much

Summary: House is dealing with a breakthrough pain episode

Rating: Pg-13

Words: 250

Pairing: House/Wilson FS or slash (whatever you want it to be)

Timeline: Between ep 7 and ep 11 of season 6


It's become unbearable. Almost to the same level suffered while recovering from the infarction; mind numb to anything else but the searing white hot pain. The breakthrough episodes have increased in frequency and intensity since the day he left Mayfield. The gratifying relief from the little white pills only a memory now.

Sobriety has been a bitch that won't stop her nagging at his very being. He's tried to make her stop through other outlets: cooking classes with Wilson, returning to his puzzles at work, even trying to help mend various acquaintances' hearts. But as, in the way it is with most bitches, she just won't go away. So where does this leave him? In unrelenting pain on his best friend's floor dying for the relief to be gained from allowing the devil back into his body and soul.

Weakness has always been his enemy; he can't be weak now. The pain will recede at some point: won't it? He has to find the strength to fight the bitch that keeps hammering away at his reserves. He wants to stay with Wilson; he won't let her win, at least not yet. Wilson's been so unhappy with his own life; this is not a good time for weakness. Wilson needs help more than the bitch needs to be satisfied. He needs Wilson more than he needs the devil.

The pain will recede; one more battle will be won.

At least for today.


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