As an introduction to this new fanfic I'll let you know that I love Head Boy/Head Girl situations. I'm going to make this different from my previous fic but it's still a Dramione. Have fun and review to let me know if I should continue!


It was going to be a long year. Returning to Hogwarts was difficult enough, we'd lost so many people that we loved in the war, but returning as Head Girl was another challenge. I sat in between Ron and Harry, who refused to look at anyone. Obviously the memories were flooding through his mind.

The staff table was once again filled. Professor McGonagall sat in the Headmistresses Chair and the various teachers sat along from her. I recognised Hagrid, Professor Trelawney, Professor Slughorn, Firenze, Professor Flitwick, Professor Sprout and Professor Vector. There were two new faces; a woman I didn't recognise and our very own Kingsley Shacklebolt.

'If you'll take your seats please!' Professor McGonagall said loudly, rising from her chair as she spoke. 'First Years, please step forward.' A nervous bunch of eleven year olds stepped forwards. 'Annan, Michelle.' The list continued all the way until it reached Zole, Kieran before Professor McGonagall instructed the feat to begin.

I filled my plate with various pieces of food; I'd missed Hogwarts cooking so much!

'What'd you do with your summer Hermione?' Dean Thomas asked me from across the table. Immediately I felt Harry and Ron stiffen next to me.

'I spent my summer looking for my parents.' I said quietly.

'Where were they?' he pressed.

'Australia. I had to wipe their memories this time last year to protect Harry. Finding them and restoring their memories took all summer; it was rather stressful to say the least.' My voice wavered as I remembered the pain of my parents not knowing who I was and the pain as I tried to restore memories I'd taken from them.

'I'm sorry, I didn't realise...'

'It's alright, they're alright. It's just good to be back here as a student, I've missed the place.' I smiled, Harry and Ron relaxed. Since the end of the war everyone had been emotionally touchy. The simplest of things were able to set Mrs Weasley off and I'd often seen Ron wipe a tear from his eye. Harry had stayed pretty quiet, something that worried me beyond relief. The war had left him with a godson and no other family.

The golden plates cleared and our own disappeared as once again Professor McGonagall stood before us.

'Welcome back to students new and old. For many of you last year was a devastating and traumatic year. I can only hope that you will all be able to adjust to life at Hogwarts as it used to be. If anyone has any problems or needs support, my door and the doors of the other Heads of Houses are always open. The Forbidden Forest is as it says in the name, forbidden. Mr Filch has a list of banned items and magic should not be flaunted around the corridors. I wish you all to have a good year and do the best that you can, that's the way to succeed. Would Head Boy and Girl please stay behind to be shown to their accommodation? Everyone follow their prefects to their common rooms. Good night.' Everyone set around at leaving the hall. Harry gave me a brief hug and held tightly onto Ginny's hand as they headed towards Gryffindor tower. Ron had kissed my cheek before shouting at some second years to get out of his way. I shook my head as I stood up and walked towards the teachers table. All the teachers were still sitting chatting.

'Ah Miss Granger. It wasn't difficult to choose you as Head Girl. You have a brilliant record, saved the lives of many in the last year and are a shining example to other students. I can only hope that you do us all proud this year.'

'Thank you Professor, I promise that I'll do my best this year.'

'That's all we can ask of you.' She smiled at me. 'Ah, Mr Malfoy, glad you could join us.' Malfoy? No. Fucking. Way. Draco Malfoy was Head Boy? I didn't even know that he was planning on coming back this year.

'It was my pleasure Professor.' There was something about his voice. Something that showed me he'd changed slightly in the two months since I'd last seen him.

'If you'll follow me I'll escort you to your accommodation.' We followed her in silence along the corridors until we stopped outside a portrait of a beautiful woman holding a smiling baby.

'Good evening Minerva, I see you bring two new Head's for me.'

'I do indeed Morvanna; this is Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, our new Head Girl and Boy.'

'I am Morvanna, keeper of the Head's dormitories, please feel free to enter.'

'Your password is pixie. I'll leave the pair of you to it.' She said as Morvanna opened the entrance to our common room.

'Good night Professor' I said as I climbed through the open portrait hole. Draco climbed through after me and I felt the draft as the portrait closed behind us.

'Keep it moving Granger, I'm tired.'

'There's no need to be rude to me, we have to share for an entire year so I plan to be civil.' I said, walking towards the staircase that I knew led to the bedrooms.

'Ladies first, if we're being civil.' He pointed in front of us and up the stairs.

'Thank you' I whispered, almost a little scared of Draco and his niceness. Since when had I called him Draco? I was already slipping into bad habits that would no doubt get me into trouble with Harry and Ron. They'd be furious once they heard.

I slipped into my bedroom; it was red and gold, much like the Gryffindor bedrooms and immediately looked for my toiletries, I felt dirty after a day of travelling. I stepped into the incredibly large bathroom and gasped. The bath itself took up at least ten metres and there were various taps, bottles and candles placed on shelves and around the bath. I could tell that I would spend many an evening relaxing in this bath rather than trying to get a slot at the Prefect's bathroom. I locked the door, put on the hottest tap I could find and added vanilla scented bubble bath. Soon the room was filled with gorgeous smelling steam and I carefully stripped off my school robes and slid into the hot water.

'Granger what are you doing in my bathroom?' Malfoy's smug voice rang through the room fifteen minutes later.

'This is my bathroom Malfoy.'

'You are joking right?'


'They expect us to share a bathroom?'

'Apparently so. If you don't mind, I'm in the middle of something.'

'Jesus Granger!'

'Well I don't particularly like the idea of being naked in your presence.' I opened my eyes and carefully turned around to face him. The 3 metre dee pool was able to conceal my body and I suddenly realised that Malfoy was standing in the doorway in his boxers.

'Like what you see Granger?' he said with a smirk.

'No more than you like what you're seeing.' I said, realising that the top of my chest was fairly exposed to Malfoy's view.

'I'll leave you to it. Next time let me know you're planning to use the bath.' He shut the door with a bang and left me to think about what had just happened. Most definitely going to be a long year.