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Deep breaths. That's all I needed to do. That and focus on the day ahead of me.

'Are you up yet?' Ginny's head popped through my bedroom door.

'Awake. Not up.'

'Hermione it's already eleven thirty!'

'And I have until what time?'

'Well, four o'clock but you promised Mum you'd be over there for lunch and you know what she's like...'

'Yeah when you turned up late for lunch before your wedding.' I laughed.

'So if you'd like a half hour rant, be my guest but I'm only waiting for another ten minutes.'

'I'm up! You waiting through there?'

'Well no, I was going to take all your stuff over and then come back for you.'

'Thanks Gin.'

'Welcome!' I heard her moving around in the living room before the 'pop' of her apparition. Satisfied, I pulled myself out of the warmth of my covers and padded towards my small en suite bathroom. My hair was limp around my shoulders and my skin slightly paler than its usual tone. I stepped into the warm water of the shower and completely de knotted my muscles. I'd slept all of five hours and I was so scared that it would show later in the day.

I towelled my hair and left it damp before cleaning my teeth and leaving the bathroom to find something to wear. Ginny, already having thought one step ahead had pulled out my favourite, worn out jeans, a plain tee and a cardigan. I slipped into them and finally was able to face the world.

'You know I don't know what you're so worried about; if you can survive Voldemort I think you can survive this.' She laughed when I told her that I'd been dreading the lunch since the day before.

We apparated to The Burrow and Mrs Weasley was already waiting for us in the yard.

'Hermione dear! It's good to see you.' She took in my appearance, 'You're already starting to show Hermione, how far gone are you?'

'About two and a half months Mrs Weasley. Closer to three I think.' I replied, smiling.

'I've told you before, it's Molly!' she bustled us into the kitchen where the entire Weasley entourage (minus Harry, Fred and George who were occupying Draco) were waiting at the kitchen table. The table itself only just had enough room for plates, there was as much food.

'Oh Molly! You really didn't have to do all this.' I felt my eyes beginning to well up.

'There's no need for tears, we can have all that later,' she was smiling at me.

'It's just the hormones' I muttered before sitting between Ginny and Ron.

'I know that speeches are for later but this one really can't wait.' Mr Weasley had stood at the top end of the table. Everyone turned their heads, conversations abandoned. 'Hermione it seems as though you've grown up too fast, in fact, you all have. It seems like a few short months ago you were all getting onto the train for your first day at Hogwarts and now here we are, ten years later and you're getting married and you're going to be a glowing mother. Congratulations Hermione, you deserve this.' I was overjoyed and embarrassed at the same time. I hadn't expected anything from the Weasley's, I was only there to get ready before the ceremony, but here they were putting out all the stops just as they always did.

'Thank you.' I whispered.

'Now everyone dig in, it'll be a while before your next meal and- Ronald! Do not eat all of the potatoes!'

'But I'm hungry!' Ron protested.

'Honestly you'd think you were still a child not a twenty one year old man.' Mrs Weasley tittered as she helped herself to some of the delicious looking soup that was on the table. As my stomach rumbled I remembered my previous craving for bread and upon seeing a basket of bread rolls on the table, I grabbed three.

'You like bread Hermione?' Ron asked half-laughing.

'It's not my fault. This baby's been giving me the weirdest of cravings!'

''Ave you thought of names yet?' Fleur asked from her place across from me.

'Well I've always liked Rose but Draco wants a more traditional name.' I shook my head, 'I absolutely refuse to call my child Scorpius.' Ron chocked on the piece of roast beef he had been chewing.

'He was wants to name the baby Scorpius?' Ron asked, trying hard not to laugh.

'That was my reaction and I'm sure we'll have another hundred fights before we settle on any sort of name.'

'Well I theenk that Scorpius ees rather strange but like youer Draco says, eet ees traditional.' Fleur told me as she coaxed a young Victoire into eating some thin soup. She and Bill had been married for almost four years and I only hoped to be as happy as they were.

'It might grow on me, but I'd really prefer something more....muggle.' I laughed at how silly it sounded.

'After lunch we'll start getting you ready for your big day.' Mrs Weasley beamed at me. 'Fleur will sort out your hair and make-up, Ginny's going to help you into your dress and Arthur and I will fetch your parents from their house.' I finished the third of my bread rolls with my lentil soup and reached for some of the delicious looking vegetables that Mrs Weasley had cooked.

'Have some roast beef dear,' she smiled.

'Apparently the little one doesn't like meat. I haven't been able to keep anything with meat in it down since I fell pregnant.' I said honestly. 'Speaking of which, my parents don't actually know that I'm pregnant yet so I'd appreciate it if everyone could keep quiet about it until we've told them.'

'Like we'd tell your parents for you Hermione!' Ginny laughed.

'Oh. Well help yourself to whatever's taking your fancy. I can't have you going hungry.'

'It's alright Molly; I've had a pretty small appetite lately anyway, what with the sickness and everything.'

'Of course. But you will have a small portion of pumpkin pie? Arthur charmed the pumpkin to be ready through the summer for me.'

'Certainly Molly.'

After we'd eaten and drunken too much for the time of day I said quick goodbyes and followed Fleur and Ginny up into, what used to be, Ginny's room. This was to be my sanctuary for the next couple of hours.

'First of all, we shall bathe you, eet makes your 'air easier to deal weeth.' Fleur smiled. As a force not to be reckoned with, I followed every instruction given to me and allowed them to wash my hair with expensive looking products. I guessed they belonged to Ginny.

'Your bridesmaid's arr?' I was asked as I sat in my worn, towel bathrobe as Fleur set about fixing my hair and makeup.

'Ginny and only Ginny.'

'I shall need to get to work on you next.' She muttered and turned her attention back to my hair, which she was intricately pleating into a crown atop of my head.

'Like hell you will.' Ginny said under her breath, causing me to stifle a laugh with a cough.

'We need 'er dress!' Fleur clapped her hands an hour later, sending Ginny to the wardrobe where she'd obviously placed my dress for safe keeping.

'This is the only thing you've got here, your bag for your honeymoon's already with Draco, I thought it'd be easier that way.'

'Thanks Ginny. You have no idea how much I appreciate this, both of you.' I stood and allowed my robe to fall. It was then that Ginny told me to step into the beautiful gown I'd found in a little shop in London and I felt like I really was getting married.

'You look gorgeous Hermione.' Ginny said into my ear as she fastened the back of my dress. Granted, the task was difficult. Instead of the traditional zip, I had opted for a tie up back; white silk ribbons which criss-crossed my back and formed and elaborate bow at the base of my back just before the dress slowly fanned out into an elegant, two foot long train. The bodice was covered in small sparkles and delicate glass beads which swirled from the back of the right hand side, across my front and then down my left thigh and along the train.

'Ginny!' Fleur interrupted, 'Go and slip into youer dress. I need to fix youer 'air for you.'

'Fleur...!' she protested but all the same went into the sae wardrobe and pulled out her simple bridesmaids dress. Knowing Ginny as well as I did, I'd chosen something that she'd like, in a colour and style that she'd like. As Ginny turned around I knew that I'd chosen exactly the right dress. It accentuated her enviable curves and her shapely legs. The neckline was modest and I knew that, secretly, she loved everything about it; the shape, the pebble blue colour and the fact that it wasn't extravagant.

'Now who looks gorgeous?' I said with a smile.

'No one's going to be looking at me once you're out there.'

'Harry will.'

'He sees me all the time.'

'All dolled up like this?'

'Ok so he doesn't see me like this, but you're his best friend and you're getting married, he'll be looking at you.'

I hadn't noticed Fleur had gone to change and once she returned my breath hitched, even in a simple black dress she looked stunning. I gulped.

'Ginerva, I am under streect eenstructions to feex youer 'air.'

'Fine. But if you think you're doing my makeup you can think again. I'll be doing that myself.' I laughed at Ginny's defiance of Fleur but turned to look in the full length mirror. I was barely recognisable to myself. The only things that let me know it was definitely me were my full lips which were painted a cherry red colour and the bump which was barely noticeable through the fabric of the dress.

'See? Eet was not so deefeecult was eet?' Fleur said triumphantly and she curled the final strand of Ginny's fiery red hair.

'Your parents are here Hermione.' Mrs Weasley had poked her head around the door.

'Can you send my mum up? I really want to see her.'

'Of course love. You all look lovely by the way.'

'Thank you.' Ginny and I chorused. The door closed behind her and not a minute later, my mother was entering Ginny's room.

'Mum!' I ran forwards as best I could in the ridiculous heels that had been strapped to my feet and hugged her.

'Hermione darling. I can't believe you're getting married today!'

'I know mum! I'm pretty nervous.'

'Aren't you going to introduce me?' she gestured behind me.

'Oh yeah! Mum, this is Ginny Weasley and Fleur Weasley. You've heard me speaking about Ginny and Fleur is married to Ginny's oldest brother.'

'Ah Ginny! It's so nice to finally meet you and Fleur I was told that you are behind making my daughter up today.'

'Eet was notheeng.' Fleur waved a hand. 'I shall leave you three to eet, Beel say we arr leaving earlee-er than you arr.'

'Thank you so much Fleur, I'll see you there.' She left the three of us then.

'She's beautiful.' My mother mused.

'She's part veela.' I said without thinking.


'Doesn't matter.'

'Right that's us going Hermione. We'll see you at the church. Mrs Granger you're coming with me.' Mr Weasley

'I thought I was going with Hermione?'

'Well you'll need to be apparated over so the way it works out has you with me.'

'We'll all come downstairs.' I said. 'That way we can sort everyone out.'

'That sounds like a good idea Hermione.' Ginny piped up. She led the way out of her room and down to the kitchen. Mr Weasley and my mother followed and I followed behind that. At the foot of the stairs was the rest of the Weasley family. Fred, George and Harry and apparated back over to change and were standing amongst the small gathering.

'My little girl's all grown up.'

'Daddy!' he stepped forwards and hugged me tightly.

'We need to get going; otherwise we'll all be late.' Mr Weasley was saying. 'Narcissa will be waiting for us at the Manor to escort us up so we'll apparate to the main gates and wait.' Everyone nodded. 'Bill, Fleur, Percy, Fred and George will go first. Ron, Charlie, Molly, Mrs Granger and I will follow that. Leave two minutes then the remaining four of you will apparate over.' Again, everyone nodded. 'Let's get going.' I watched as he assured my mother she would be fine as long as she held on tightly and didn't let go. My father's eyes lit up as the first group spun on the spot and disappeared.

'It's alright Dad, you'll be going with me. I've not had a hitch since I started apparating.'

'You splinched me when were looking for Horcruxes!' Ron shouted over to me.

'Not the time Ronald!'

'What is splinching?' my father asked.

'It's when you don't apparate properly; a bit gets left behind...it's really not pretty.'

'I've heard enough.' He said, his face visibly paler.

'Second group, let's go!' They prepared themselves, turned on the spot and disappeared leaving my father, Harry, Ginny and I on our own.

'Have you got a flower girl?' Ginny asked suddenly.

'Victoire is doing it. She was already over at Malfoy Manor with Blaise; he's walking her up the aisle. It evens out the numbers because Harry's walking up with you.'

'That's two minutes. Ready?' I nodded.

'Hold on tight Dad, the first time's always the worst.' I felt his grip on my arm tighten slightly. I closed my eyes, thought of Malfoy Manor's big gates and spun on the spot. It sent my insides lurching and I felt the familiar feeling of being sucked through a hoover before my feet hit solid ground.

'Hermione! You look stunning, as usual.' Narcissa's voice carried from ten feet away. She hurried forwards and embraced me tightly.

'Thank you Narcissa. This is my father Harold Granger and I take it you met my mother Jean.'

'Yes, lovely woman. Harold I am Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mother.' They shook hands. I was to have learned that Narcissa's prejudice for muggle-borns was simply down to her husband. Whilst Lucius believed that people like me should have been put in Azkaban for stealing magic, Narcissa secretly knew that we'd acquired our magic naturally, just as they had.

'Shall we go up to the house?' she asked and didn't wait for a reply. All five of us moved swiftly towards the house, Ginny carrying my train for me.

We stood around the corner from where Draco and our guests were. A slow song started and Blaise Zabini escorted Victoire around the corner and down the aisle to where I knew Draco would be standing. Ginny and Harry began their march. As they walked past us Harry stopped quickly.

'Good luck Hermione, you know you're perfect for each other so don't let anything stop you.' He kissed my cheek and continued with Ginny down the aisle.

'This is it Hermione. You sure you're ready? Is he definitely the one?'

'Daddy, we're soul mates. Dumbledore proved it when we were in seventh year. I if don't spend my life with Draco, I won't spend it with anyone.' He merely nodded and started walking me down the aisle to the sae pace as everyone before us. There were gasps of awe as I walked past people. Draco's back was to us and I wanted so desperately to shout on him to turn around.

He turned once my father and I had reached the willow arch which he was stood under. As soon as he smiled at me I was at ease. I could hear my mother sniffling as my hand was placed in Draco's, the traditional symbol that he was taking care of me now. As the minister began speaking I knew that this truly was the beginning of what I knew would be the best years of my life.

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