January 14, 2002.

By Yashira


I am a 15 year old girl with a huge problem. I'm failing math class because I have to go back to Feudal Japan and search for the Shikon no Tama shards with a jealous Dog Demon, Perverted Monk, Noble Demon Hunter, Blood Thirsty Flea and Mischievous Kitsune. I don't know what to do. It's my responsibly to collect these shards but every time I get a whole bunch this Miko shows up, steals them, and gives them to the Evil Bad Guy who is trying to kill and torture me and my friends. And what's worse the jealous Dog Demon, who is really just a Half-Dog Demon is still in love with her and keeps meeting with her in secret. Meanwhile he accuses me of flirting with a Wolf Demon and gets extremely violent and bad mouthed when he's around. I don't know what to do. I think I'm in love the Half-Dog Demon, but I think he's dumping me.


Not a replacement for the miko!

Dear Not a replacement for the miko!

I think you should stop going back and forth looking for the shards and just give up. You aren't going to get them and that's it. From what I can tell it seems this Evil Bad Guy you refer to has no difficulty finding the shards so you shouldn't penalize him if the Miko in question offers to help him. He must be too cool and sexy so the Miko probably can't resist him. Can you blame her? You're better off staying home and pulling up your marks.


p.s. You suck.


What the hell are you on?! I'm not jealous of that stupid wolf brat Kouga, who would be jealous of stinking wolf like him? I..er… Anyway screw your marks they aren't important at all, you should be staying here all THE DAMN TIME with me… and the others, yeah that's it. Next time I really will throw that rock down the well. Oh and another thing, I'm not jealous and I'm not sneaking around. Kikyo needs help and I'm just helping her, but that Kouga he's a punk and I'm going to kick his ass with Tetsusaiga if he comes sniffing around here again.

Yours truly, a really P.O.


Dear Not a Replacement for the Miko

I think you got a lot of stress in your life and you need a break occasionally, even if it means going back and studying in your world. While marks are indeed important never forget that we need you in the past because without you we get stuck with a very moody Half Dog Demon and from experience it's not a pretty picture…. Especially since we have the Pervert Monk always asking women to bear his child. But you know what, I've seen Inu- er The Half-Dog-Demon's jealous nature when he's with the Wolf Demon and I feel sorry for you since he's totally insensitive to your feelings when he's two timing you for that Miko. Again I don't know what to do about it so I can only offer to slice him in half with my Hirakotsu. You're a nice girl, so just do your best.


Okay, okay first thing's first:

I'm going to clear up this rumor. I am not a pervert monk. I'd like to think of my self as culturally refined and I don't see anything wrong with offering my fatherly services with women who are so inclined… WELL IT COULD HAPPENED. And why do I get called PERVERTED MONK and Sango gets Noble Demon Hunter, that's not fair.. and don't say its not because she doesn't going around asking to bear men's children… It could happened. Anyway I have to agree that this is a big problem with getting the shards and having Inuyasha's girlfriend continually give them to Naraku… Afterall hasn't she tried to kill you a few times and all Inuyasha does is look off in the distance and let it go… or in the best situation hasn't he kissed her. Hmm, this isn't helping you any. Is it… You should give up on him.. and come bear my child…

(time passes)

Okay I get the hint and my head hurts bad now. Here's a good note to remember, "Never write anything like that when Inuyasha is passing by and reads over your shoulder." Talk about violent, he's down right scary.. they go hand in hand.. I'd advise using the Osuwari as much as you can.. OH NO HE'S COMING BACK…..AH…….


Dear Kagome

I think you put up with too much from the jerk. Why don't you just drop him and take care of me only since I'm a growing boy.

(time passes)

Okay.. that's not fair, when did Inuyasha start snooping around and reading over shoulders? I should have took Miroku's hint.. it took me over an hour to get my letter back… He acts more like a child than I do. How can you put up with him? I never read over his shoulder, and yet he reads over mine. Kagome is Kagome, do the best the way you know it. Damn you Inuyasha give me back my ink!!


p.s. Miroku's right, Osuwari help.

Ha, Not A Replacement For the Miko,

There's no way you can replace me, I'm irreplaceable. I say go out with that Wolf Demon and who cares what you do with your grades. I don't care, just so long as you don't involve Inuyasha in it. He's mine and I mean to do what ever I want with his life. Just remember that. Oh and as for Naraku, it's NONE of your business.


p.s. Why don't you die already?

Dear Not a Replacement for the Miko!

I find it easier to say nothing. It's safer that way.


Dear Kagome

Don't give up Kagome, I know you can succeed through these troubled times. Just keep doing your best. Inuyasha is stubborn and so is that Wolf Demon, but I'm sure you can make your way through it all. Remember, you have a big soul and a big heart… Never underestimate the power of it… also the power of that Osuwari... Oh drat, Miroku and Shippo already mentioned it. Oh well, it just means that three times the charm.

Yours truly,


Hey Beautiful!

Grades? Other world? What are YOU talking about? Just know that your place is with me! I will take care of you. After all you're my woman and that's all there is to understand. I don't care about Inu Kuro. He's just jealous because he pales in comparison to me. Oh he has a woman already? What the hell is he trying to do? Keep two women? Dump him and go out with me!!!



Dear Kagome

Kagome-chan, please keep your marks up, be true to your manners, and watch yourself. You always have a place at home, so work hard.

~Love your Mama and family

Dear Not A Replacement For the Miko~

I don't know why you're worrying over this stupid fool. He's a classless wit, a mere shell of a heir to the dynasty my father left behind. He'll amount to nothing because he is nothing. If you had any brains you'd dump him and go back to where ever you came from.


p.s. Jaken says he looks better in that dress anyways.