Rockin' with the rhythm of the rain

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WARNINGS:Sena as a girl, some spoilers and shameless twisting of a timeline into AU-verse. Happy now? Oh, and some coarse language, courtesy of pissed-off Yamato.

Pairing: Sena/Yamato

Sittin' on the porch swing
Listenin' to the light rain
Beatin' on the tin roof
Baby, just me and you
Rockin' with the rhythm of the rain

He was quiet. The party was still going on, music still loud, and people were still dancing and chatting- - well, of course, the party was more or less in a full swing.

However, he wasn't in a mood for party. It irked him, the sounds likening themselves to the jaunty song of cats in their mating dance.

He….. He….

He uncharacteristically bit his lip, and his hands tightened in fists. This party was…

He gulped, a bitterness wallowing up from his stomach past his throat, waiting silently, patiently to erupt from his lips.

He shouldn't have allwed them.

He should have been more demanding, he should have stood his ground.

He shouldn't have been so pushy.

Amber eyes watched seamlessy into the rainy night, remembering some other night, cloaked with rain and silence….

He wanted to shout – no, howl, if only to express the injustice that was being done to him.

A particularly loud sound of laughter made him flinch minutely.

He hated it.

He hated his parents.

He hated those boot-licking sycophants that dared to call themselves his friends and –

He hated his fiance.

Especially her.

He gritted his teeth so forcefully his jaw ached.

His fiance was…. Beauitiful. But that was all that was to her.

She didn't share his interests, she was shopping-obsessed junky, and she always nagged to him to change into her obedient, meek little husband.

Gods, how he hated her.

It was a wonder that his parents were blind enough not to see her duplicity, and cheerfully accepting her as a shy, little virgin lady, while Yamato knew she was anything but.

However, he was well and truly cornered. The conniving little bitch had been clever enough to cut all his escape routes, via his parents and society.

Oh, how he hated her.

He was helpless in the face of his parents' wishes, or better, demands. He had been pressed into the engagement, he didn't want to be in and the little tart was smirking saucily at him when they formally confirmed the engagement.

His fingers twitched. This was pure hell.

Closing his eyes, he remembered the kind, gentle orbs of the color of warm chocolate, the petite, slender body against his –

His baby. His precious one. His Sena.

And he snapped.

Fuck the consequences, he had enough of playing of this farce!

His parents could fend for themselves well enough. And if it cost his name, so be it.

What did his parents do for him, anyway? Since he remembered, he had been cared for by his grandparents especially his grandmother, while his so-called parents were travelling around the world in pursuit of being succesful businessmen.

Even when he had graduated with honors in his school, they didn't came to congratulate him. Most he had received from him, were congratulations, and money. Nothing more.

He had spent the holidays with his grandparents, and later on, with his friends. He only knew his parents by the occasional pictures, and their voices by phone or voice-mail.

As it had been expected from him, he had managed to get into the Notre Dame University. When he had been misteriously expelled from the University, courtesy of Mr. Don, he had received the talk od them being disappointed…. through the phone.

It hurt more than he had imagined it would. He should have been used to being ignored by them, being put into second, or even third place, after the job and business.

When they had finally came back to Japan, it was because he was prominent American Football star, in league of its' own.

They had the gall to call him, and tell him he was engaged, not even asking him for his opinion of his future bride, at that!

He should have said no.

But he didn't, because he had some stupid idea to play obedient little boy and because of that –

He hurt Sena.

His chest hurt with pain, as if he were recipient of thousand Trident Tackles.

If he could, he would turn back the wheels of time, and kick himself stupid before he would even thought of making his parents pleased with him.

Well, fuck it.

He shrugged his uncomforably thight jacket, and tore off the tie.

''Takeru, dear – What are you doing!?'' She screeched.

Ah, his adorable fiance finally found him.

Yamato merely unfastened the buttons on the collar of the white shirt.

''What do you think I am doing, Chinatsu?'' His voice was frosty with dislike.

He turned around, to look at her, and she froze.

Amber eyes were glowing with ice fury, and yet, they were… heated with… Passion? Restraint?

Yamato reminded her of dragon – strong, beautiful, unstoppable.

And just now, this particular dragon was determined to shed the cains, Chinatsu realised with dread.

He was standing tall, clothed only in the white, half unbuttoned shirt, and deep gray slacks with black shoes, his hair messy and amber eyes lit with intense fire.

She gulped.

''I am breaking the engagement.'' Yamato finished, his face daring her to object to his decision.

''D – Do that, and Kuchiki Inc would break all the contracts with –'' She threatened.

''Do you think I care?'' He interrupted her drolly, his tone bored. ''For your information, Kuchiki-san, I don't give a flying fuck about the merger.'' He unfastened the buttons on his sleeves.

He eyed the girl coldly.

She was pitiful.

Kuchiki Chinatsu may have had the looks of a model – but she did absolutely nothing for him. She may be pretty – big violet eyes with long black hair, with a figure to die for, clad in skin – tight white evening gown with blue Swarowski crystals made by some or another famous creator –

- but as far as Yamato was concerned, her personality was rotten.

She watched, helplessly, as he strode from the balcony.

'' Why?'' she asked him, her voice choked up. '' Was I not pretty enough? Was I not good enough?''

Yamato paused. She felt a tiny bit of hope welling in her.

Maybe, just maybe….

She gulped.

The golden-eyed dragon turned around. Her hope died slowly, painfully, the longer she looked into those cold, burning ambers.

''No. You didn't have a chance since the beginning.'' Yamato said coldly. ''Imprisoning me with this farce of an engagement under false pretenses, wanting to change me to your likes, as if I were a toy…Besides, I already loved another.''

She was crushed. '' No… she whispered. No, no, no, NO! What does that bitch have that I don't!'' she ended with a screech, succesfully attractinc the people's attention.

Yamato eyed her coldly. '' You have to ask?''

''Takeru, what's the meaning of this?'' the cold voice boomed out. If this was ordinary situation, Yamato would of tried not to flinch inder his father's imperious voice.

However, this was not an ordinary situation, and Yamato was determined to go through Hell and back if needed be.

'' I merely informed Kuchiki-san of breaking our engagement.'' Yamato's voice was icy, making the witnesses gasp and murmur at the out-of-character behavior of Yamato heir.

'' Oh dear,'' His mother fluttered about, attempting to console the hysterically crying Kuchiki Heiress. ''Takeru, you will cease your disgraceful bahavior right now!'' She snapped at the unruffled Yamato.

Yamato glared. '' The hell I will. If you two want this contract that much, make one of my cousins marry her!'' He snapped back.

'' YAMATO TAKERU!'' His father bellowed, enraged.

It was fascinating, really, Yamato noted with detached sort of amusement. He blinked. '' You will marry this young woman! If you don't…'' He paused. '' I will disown you.''

Yamato paled. ''You…'' He growled out. ''You would really go so far…?'' His hand twitched with effort not to use the Caesar Charge at the dumb adult who thought himself Yamato's father.

His father nodded. ''Yes.'' The words were cold and precise. ''Right here and right now.''

Yamato inhaled sharply.

A tense silence settled itself over the room.

He bowed his head.

''It's decided, then.'' His voice was low.

Chinako smiled. Yamato's parents relaxed.

Yamato lifted his head. The look in those amber eyes was lss than reassuring.

''I denounce the name Yamato. Good day, Yamato – san.''

With that, he strode out of the ball room, before anyone could gather about enough withs to stop him.

''G – Guards! Seize him!'' his father snapped, his voice shaky.

Yamato – now Takeru – smiled a feral smile.

The guards hesistated. The Yamato heir was known for his athleticism – but what was relatively unknown was, that Takeru was master of several kinds of martial arts.

And to the top of it all, add the famous Caesar Charge and no guard sane enough wanted to risk their skin for the pompous windbag that was patriarch of Yamato family.

''Hell, no,'' The braver of the bunch piped up. '' We ain't stoppin' 'im. Ya wanna stop 'im, do it yourself.''

''Takeru!'' His mother called, her voice watery.

Takeru turned around slowly.

''From now on, you are forbidden to enter all of my estates. If I find you tried to enter them, by yourself or your proxy, you can expect my lawyer. Good day, Ma'am.'' He calmly told the woman.

In that moment, one guard was dumb enough to ambush him.

Quck as a snake, Takeru subdued him with Spider Poison, not even looking at the poor bloke. ''I will send papers concerning the denouncement of Yamato family at the earliest convenience.''

Bugged out eyes watched the poor unconscious guard, who had been so casually blocked by Takeru. The thing was, the guard had been towering over Yamato, a real meat tank, and all thought that Yamato would be crushed without premable.

Instead of that…. Takeru pushed him aside as if he were a harmless fly!

The crowd watched the departure of the young man silently.

Takeru ran. In the rain, he ran, away from the loathsoma ex-fiance and overbearing former parents. And he felt …. Free. Well, there was still issue with him being nameless, but right now, he had more pressing matters to do.

His lips quirked into a hesistant smile.

Sena was sleeping. Or trying to sleep.

It didn't work.

Tonight, Yamato would be engaged with the beautiful heiress of the Kuchiki family and –

She stifled a sob.

She was listening to the rain.

'How appropiate,' she thought morosely, fiddling with the cup of hot cocoa. It was raining. The sound soothed her heart and she wished, she could have gone out, to let the raindrops soak her, cooling her skin.

'What a shame they couldn't heal a broken heart.' She smiled bitterly.

She had tried to be angry at him. She had tried to forgot him. She had tried to –

Sena gulped.

Nothing worked.

Even if she wanted to, she couldn't.

She looked at the black teddy bear with the golden tie around his neck, smiling faintly at the good memories the plush toy invoked in her.

Yamato had gifted her with Kuma-chan at their first date, one night in America, when they team had the pillow-fight.

Sena had sneaked out, and coincidentally, met with Yamato, just after his declaration of war to .

Neither of them was sleepy, so they decided to walk around, after Yamato asked her out to date.

It had been an awkward affair, Yamato being clothed in business suit, and Sena still in his boyish clothes – baggy pants, short-sleeved shirt and running shoes, both of them blushing as if there were no tomorrow.

Well, the awkwardness didn't last long, what with them talking, laughing and sightseeing the wonders of the New York at night. When Sena was beginning to get told, Yamato lent her his jacket, making her blush.

And he had won her a cute plush bear…. Of course, Sena had to explain the presence of stuff toy to the excited Suzuna, with her non-existent masculine pride dropping at the all times low, not that anyone knew about nonexistent bit – except of Hiruma and Yamato.

They had dated, until Sena had accepted Clifford's offer of being the runningback for Notre Dame - and later, they picked it up again, when Sena came back from the States. Nevertheless to say, the expressions of former Team Japan, after finding that Sena was actually a girl, were pretty hilarious.

Sena laughed a small, watery laugh as she remembered the occasion. She had finally won over Hiruma in the Rice Bowl, and before anyone could do anything, she was swept in Yamato's embrace, and was kissed out of her wits.

Poor Monta and Mizumachi almost had a seizure at the revelation that

a – Yamato wasn't gay,

b – Sena was actually a girl,

c – Yamato was apparently dating Sena and

d – somehow, both of them, Yamato and Sena, had mamaged to hide that fact from all of the Team Japan for five years!

Agon fainted. Apparently, it was too much information for the haughty self-proclaimed genius. And Shin looked kinda disappointed. But who would know for sure….And those were just a few of the reactions….

Sena sobered as she remebrered their last night.

She was ashamed to say, when they had parted, she had actually hated him for a moment. But she understood all the same.

Now, if only she would just forget -

She turned around –

And promptly screamed., her cup falling on the floor

''AIEE – Ulp!'' her mouth was quickly covered, that her supposed scream mamaged to get out as a muffled yelp, albeit still a fairly loud one.

''Shhh!'' Sena's eyes were huge. Amber eyes stared into her brown orbs. Inhaling shakily, she scented pine and sandalwood, the scent bringing a jolt of awareness within her.

Her hands clawed into the white, unbuttoned shirt, absently registering the wetness of the fabric.

''Y – You?'' she yelped/hissed at the intruder.

He held her in his embrace, not letting her to move an inch away from him. He was away from her for too long.

And he smiled. ''Hello, Sena-kun.''

Sena gaped at his – his audacity. A rising anger boiled in the depth of his stomach. ''Yamato! What are you – ''

''Not Yamato.'' He interrupted her, smiling at her broadly. '' Just Takeru.''

She blinked. ''What?'' She managed to get out.

She was cute when she was confused, Takeru concluded, smiling at her gently. ''Not Yamato, Sena. '' He repeated. ''I renounced the name.''

''T – Takeru! What's going on?'' She was completely lost now. Takeru sighed.

Not that she wasn't happy to have him here, but…. What was he babbling about, renouncing his name?

''Sena, I love you.'' He said to her earnestly, amber eyes shining with a soft light, making them golden in a weak light of Sena's reading light. ''I couldn't – '' He gulped.

''Couldn't what?'' Sena asked, barely daring to hope.

'' I broke the engagement. '' The eyes, boring into her brown orbs, were serious, almost desperate. ''I was an idiot. I shouldn't have hurt you – ''

Sena's brain swam desperately in the soup of informations that didn't make sense.

Yamato was free? But why? How? Why?

She yelped as Yamato – no, Takeru now, picked her up, and moved them both to her bed.

'' I couldn't.'' he said plainly. ''Not with anyone who isn't you.'' He watched her blink.

'' M – Me!?'' She yelped, the words finally registering in her brain. She promptly blushed, much to Takeru's amusement.

He nodded. ''I made a mistake, allowing them to engage me,'' he said softly, his face filled with shame.

Sena's heart went out to him. ''Do – Do you hate me?'' He asked tentatively, barely daring to breathe. Brown eyes looked into his.

'' At first, I did hate you,'' She whispered. Takeru's heart jolted with pain. '' You hurt me so much…. ''

He wanted to speak, but he waited. That was her chance to let it out, not his. ''But then,'' her soft voice continued, ''I looked from your point of view. It still hurt, though, but I understood why you did it.''

'' And now?'' he asked, his voice tense.

'' I love you, Takeru. I never stopped loving you…'' Sena blushed, and tried to hide her face into his shoulder.

Yamato took three seconds to process Sena's words. When he did, his eyes widened, and his heart felt light as a feathers.

''You don't - hate me? You love me?'' He whispered disbelievingly. Sena chuckled a watery chuckle.

'' Dummy. I've always loved you.'' She choked out, before she was swept into an elated kiss.

After a lengthy make-up session, they were flushed, out of breath, wet and happy to be together again.

''You are wet, Takeru.'' Sena observed, smiling shyly. She blinked. ''Don't tell me…'' she said slowly ''…that you ran all the way there!'' She ended with a yelp. Takeru nodded.

'' And if I did?'' he asked, a devilish smile on his lips.

Brown eyes wide, Sena snapped. ''You-! What if you got a cold? Or pneumonia! Or – mmph!'' Takeru silenced her with a long kiss.

When they separated, Sena glared at him half – heartedly. ''That wasn't fair,'' She pouted, a faint smile hovering on her lips.

''All is fair, in love and war, and you, my dear, are my prize,'' Takeru smirked at her wofishly.

Sena stuck at him her tongue, which prompted another long kiss.

When he let her go, she was flushed, annoyed and amused. ''Don't show it, if you don't intend to use it,'' He leered at her playfully.

Sena choked, and grabbed a pillow. ''Oh, you - !'' she threw a pillow at him, which he intercepted effortlessly, only to be hit with a fluffy towel tne next time.

He inhlaled the scents of Sena – jasmine and rain, his favourite combination. ''I'll go make us some chocolate, while you dry yourself off, '' she called to him, before disappearing through the door.

Takeru smiled fondly and proceeded to dry himself off. ''Yes, dear,'' he called after her mock-meekly.

''I heard that!'' Sena retorted back, making him smile.

They huddled together, under one cover, with big mugs of hot chocolate in their hands. They didn't talk much, just enjoying their presence and listening to the rain.

''You know, I thought that to be the most depressing day in my life..'' Sena mused. ''Hmm?'' Takeru hummed thoughtfully. '' Then it's good it turned out to be alright, ne?''

He felt Sena nod.

''But I still don't understand… You said you renounced your name…'' She turned against him, brown eyes looking into the amber ones.

Takeru sighed. ''My … father… '' He fairly growled out the father word, ''… demanded that if I don't engage her, he would disown me.'' Sena gasped in dismay.

''Oh, Takeru… I'm sorry..'' Takeru shook his head, wet tresses glistening dully in the weak light. '' Don't be. They tried to use me for their own ends, anyway. So they are not my parents, really.'' He inhaled. '' So I denounced the Yamato name.'' Sena was thunderstruck.

She knew that Takeru's relations with his parents weren't exactly ideal, but this - !

'' But will you be alright with this?'' She asked, concerned. '' The media will – ''

''Che.'' Takeru scoffed. ''It's not like as if I am not adult, anyway. Besides, you are forgetting that I'm well off even without their money. So – ''

'' But you will need a new surname!'' Sena piped up, desperate. '' And with our society, being as strict as it is – '' She gulped.

Takeru was basically, a no-name now. He didn't have any of his parents' connections or influence, thus his standings in the so-called polite society was greatly diminished. Sena was concerned what that could mean for her boyfriend.

Takeru smiled a foxy smile. The same smile that predicted trouble for his opponents, and occasionally, Sena.

''So… You want to help me?'' He asked, barely restraining the mirth in his voice.

'' Of course, I do!'' Sena fretted. '' What should I – ''

Takeru smiled. '' So you wouldn't mind your husband having the same surname as you?''

''Of course I wouldn't, why do you ask?'' Sena asked him, a bit cross with the detour from the topic.

Sena's brain screeched to a halt when she fully processed what Takeru had proposed.

She blinked. '' You want to take up my surname? But the only way – ''

Takeru nodded. '' Sena. I love you. Would you do me a honor of becoming my wife?'' He asked, his amber eyes intense.

Sena choked. '' Are you sure?'' She managed to yelp out, when she toned down the coughing fit.

She saw Takeru nodding nervously. '' Yeah… '' They stared at each other for a moment.

Sena inhaled. '' Do you realize what a mess it will be, with both of us having the same surnames and the same jersey numbers?''

Yamato blinked, momentarily thrown off of tracks. ''Well, I suppose it will make a heckload of trouble – '' His eyes widened. '' But… well, I wouldn't mind, as long as you don't mind.'' He ended slowly, his eyes half-afraid, half-hopeful.

Sena's lips twitched. Then, she giggled. And then, she laughed a full-out laugh, prompting Takeru along.

''I – I think you were too much around Hiruma-san!'' Sena managed to choke out, her cheeks wet with tears.

''So that's a yes?'' Takeru managed to get out, smiling a hopeful smile.

''Of course it is,'' Sena responded, snuggling into him. She smiled a mischievous smile. ''I can't wait for the next season, you know.''

And they promptly burst into new bout of laughter.