Me: This is a drabble I did for fun, after the plot bunny bit me in the shower! TMI, I know, but it can be said that showers stimulate the mind to think of the most random things! ;) So, here's to humor, and Commander Feral! You know you love him, and all his absolute military craziness!

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Hate Mail


After yet another embarrassing upstaging by the SWAT Kats, who took it upon themselves to make a mess of a new threatening mutant from Dr. Viper, Commander Feral was ready to call it a day with much gusto.

Following his usual routine, he picked up his mail, grabbed a 'dark-chocolate caramel' from his favorite coffee shop, and headed back to his apartment to crash.

Oh, how he needed this! A chance to just kick back and relax, after a week of nothing but complete chaos!

As he settled into his easy chair, he noticed one of the envelopes in his mail, was slightly thicker than the others. Deciding to open that one first, he slipped a claw between the crease, and cut through to the other end. Pulling out the single sheet of extra-thick paper he opened it to find a message that made him roll his eyes to the ceiling.

The message, made from meticulously glued letters and words on the note, read out like this:

'HEy, yOu loser CoP!

whY don't you LET the SWAT Kats JoIn the EnforCErs, or At lEAst take ovER!

You AND thOSE inCOmpeTENT LoSERs should sTep aSIDE for The real HEROES!

This wasn't the first letter like this he'd received, but the post office was usually good about blocking letters from unspecified or random Katizens, so why this had gotten through was a mystery.

Aside from that, an otherwise perfect hate letter was spoiled by the senders own 'incompetence'; the sender, one Hal Umbra of 1750 Tako(1) St, had failed to leave out his name and address. Of course, the possibility remained that this 'Hal' was an innocent Kat, and that the true sender was using a friend or simply someone he knew...

"Not like I care, but this 'Hal Umbra should be under watch for a while just in case." the Commander muttered irately

Not like it wasn't already a nasty week, without the addition of needless hate mail!



Me: Tako means Octopus in Japanese, I had fun with that one. So what do you think of this tiny little thing? I could post more as they come to me. Or you could send a weird hate letter to Feral yourself-

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