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4: Clear

Kim tore herself from the sofa. Shego barely moved, even though Kim had been embracing her. The air around the vampire became thick and hot, almost on fire, popping with explosive energy. Olive green eyes were flooded with crimson blotches, taking over any sign of white in her eyes. Her hands flexed like tense talons, and her nails seemed to be razor sharp, begging for blood. Throwing her head back, she roared loudly, showing off long fangs – it was a wonder how such things even fit in her mouth – and two lines of pointed teeth. The sight would have sent any predator fleeing in terror. As she brought her head back and closed her mouth, her fangs shrank a little and her other teeth went back to normal.

Rage filled her, but Kim had the presence of mind to turn back to her beloved. Shego sat there like a lifeless doll, staring into space and oblivious to the vengeful anger pouring off of the vampire. Kim snorted and took her lover by the shoulders, shaking her for some sign of life. Suddenly, Shego turned to her.

"Kimmie, why the hell are you shaking me?!" Shego demanded with an annoyed expression on her face.

"Shego, are you all right now?" Kim countered, concern in her voice.

"I'm fine. Why are you shaking me? I thought you were going out," the ebony-haired woman replied.

A growl worked its way out of Kim's throat as she removed her hands from her lover, body shaking now from her fury. Obviously, Shego was not all right. What the hell is going on?! The vampire took a deep breath, wanting to calm herself down a little, just to deal with Shego as properly as she could.

"Shego, baby, look at me," Kim pled. Shego did as requested, focusing on olive green eyes.

"What? I thought you were leaving. Didn't you want to go outside?" Shego asked with a scrunched up face. "I'm almost sure that's what was happening."

"No, sweetheart, you were practically kicking me out. Why?" Kim begged, holding her lover a little tighter with the hope of keeping her focused. "Do you feel like you're in one of your fogs? Or maybe coming out of a fog? It seems like you're half here and half somewhere else."

Shego shut her eyes tightly and rubbed her temples with both hands. Kim took hold of the moving hands to still them and then cupped Shego's face. Emerald eyes opened again, looking blank once more.

"Baby, I need you to focus! Why do you think I was going outside?" Kim inquired, eyes imploring Shego to stay with her for just a few more moments, so she could get a better understanding of what was going on.

"Because it seemed like that's what you were doing, like you were going to go outside and hang out with Carmilla. I don't remember you saying it, but it seems like you'd be doing it," Shego explained as best she could. "Like it was logical."

Kim shook her head. "No, nothing about this is logical. It doesn't make any sense at all. Do you remember what might've put that thought in your head?"

"I…" Shego rubbed her forehead, eyes drifting, attempting to look at the floor. The vampire growled a little and turned Shego's head, forcing the plasma-wielder to focus on her face again.

"Baby, come on, think hard. This is important," Kim beseeched. She had a feeling that Carmilla was behind this because Shego told her to go hang out with Carmilla, someone Shego did not trust and did not like. She was not sure how Carmilla had gotten to Shego since the blood-redhead had not met her lover as far as she knew. She did not mention Carmilla because she did not want to upset Shego while the former thief seemed somewhat in control of her own head. She wanted Shego to tell her what was going on without any outside influences that might muddle things up.

"I…" Shego focused her eyes directly on Kim, searching her girlfriend's face to help keep her on point and to get her mind working. "…someone told me… I figured it was you. I remember red hair… but, now that I think about it, the red wasn't your red…"

"What kind of red was it?"

"Deep red, like blood. She had blue eyes that cut right through me. They didn't even seem real. She looked like a ghost. Maybe the place is haunted," Shego muttered, voice fading a bit. She recalled thinking that the lair was haunted before she got the idea in her head that Kim was going outside to hang out with Carmilla.

Kim nodded. She hated to think this – she would hate to say it later on even more – but Shego was probably right about Carmilla being a vampire. It seemed like Carmilla had captured Shego in her thrall, which was the hypnotic vampire power that Kim could barely do. It would explain why Shego was being so easily controlled, but there was no sign of how the mind-control was going on. This was why nothing showed up on the scans and why Shego continued to see people that were not there. Carmilla was there, coming and going through the darkness as she pleased.

"Shego, I think I will go out. Is that all right with you?" Kim inquired, sounding calm and normal.

"I already thought you were going out," Shego replied in a confused voice. She scratched her head, wondering why it seemed like Kim was repeating herself.

"So I am. I'm not sure when I'll be back," Kim replied, glancing over her shoulder, plotting what she would do to the bitch that dared screw around with her girlfriend's peace of mind.

Shego pouted a little, not wanting to say that she was feeling neglected again. Kim sensed this and leaned over to tenderly kiss her lover on the cheek. The simple gesture warmed the older woman's soul. Shego pulled her into an embrace, the hug begging Kim to stay with her.

"I don't love you any less just because I'm going to spend some time with my friend. After tonight, I promise you, we'll go on more dates, spend a bunch of time together just lying around, make love throughout the day like mad bunnies, and maybe even fix this place up when we have a spare moment," the vampire declared.

Shego sighed, still feeling like Kim was drifting away from her. "Okay. I'll go work on the bathroom until you get back from the park."

Kim nodded. Right, I have to go to the park. "I'll find you when I come back. I'll try to be back really soon. I want to cuddle with you some more," she quipped with a smile, kissing the corner of her lover's mouth in apology.

Shego slowly nodded, eyes revealing shattered emotions, and it broke Kim's heart. A snarl tugged at her vocal chords as she thought about the emotional turmoil that bitch Carmilla was putting Shego through. And for what?! Probably something petty and trivial. Selfish bloodsucking immortal.

The redhead tore out of the room, ready to go to the park and tear Carmilla apart, but her good senses overrode her impulsive behavior for once. She knew Carmilla had to be a powerful vampire to have Shego so easily wrapped around her finger, especially considering Shego was very strong-willed. Plus, the way Carmilla just came around her lover without being detected had to be because she had awesome power. Kim suspected Carmilla was old, at least as old as Adrian had been. So, she would have to be careful – something that was not really in her nature, even before she was a vampire.

Before going to the park, Kim went into a secure room hidden in the lair. It was an armory at one time and the couple planned to make it one again. They had requested Wade made them a few weapons, knowing that vampires were always going to look for them, GJ would be hunting them down, and vampire hunters might come sniffing around, too. They wanted to be ready, but Wade needed time because he did not want to make something that might harm Kim. So, it was empty… for the most part.

The only thing in the armory now was the Roman-style sword that belonged to Lee, the vampire hunter who met his demise by the hand of Doctor Director. Kim and Shego had taken it because they wanted to keep an eye on it, in case any other vampire hunters came around looking for the blade or for Lee. Eyeing the short sword, Kim remembered its sting, its burn, how it seemed to devour her flesh, trying to steal her life away. Surely it would have done so quickly if it were not for the Philosopher's Stone and her two closest friends coming to save her.

She stared at the sword for a long moment before reaching for it. Her hand trembled, nerves recalling the pain it induced. But, when her fingers wrapped around the hilt, she felt empowered. She felt more than capable of saving Shego from someone that was more than likely an ancient, much more powerful vampire.

"I'm coming, Carmilla. I'll teach you to mess with us, mess with Shego," Kim growled, clutching the weapon tightly in her grip.

With that thought, the vampire vanished from the room. Reappearing, she was in the park by a large tree, hiding in the shadows. The sword was sheathed on her back, covered by her red-orange mane, and vengeance was alive in her heart.

She peered around, seeing darkness and stillness blanketing the land. Down the way, she was aware there were a few humans wandering about the large park, some for romantic reasons and other for nefarious. She could care less what humans did with each other right now. She just wanted Carmilla.

Taking only a few steps, she found her target sitting on a bench next to a flickering street lamp. The blood-redhead had her hands in her lap, looking like an angel, looking like a lie as far as Kim was concerned. The former hero willed herself to calm down, not wanting to arouse suspicions until she knew for certain what Carmilla had done to her beloved and what Carmilla planned to do with her. She adjusted the sword, hoping to hide it as best she could behind her back, and then she approached her former friend.

Carmilla looked up without warning, blue eyes locking onto Kim, who did not hesitate in her steps. A bright smile lit up Carmilla's entire face as she climbed to her feet. She giggled as if completely delighted with something that only she knew while pressing her hands together.

"Kim, it's such a pleasant surprise to see you here!" Carmilla declared in a thrilled voice. She went to meet Kim a couple of feet from the bench, but Kim stopped almost a yard away.

Kim knew Carmilla would try to embrace her if they got close enough and she did not want the blood-redhead to notice the sword. "I'm sure it is," the former cheerleader replied with obvious sarcasm, unable to control the wrath biting at her, imploring her to go at Carmilla and force her to leave Shego alone.

"Well, yes, it is always pleasant to see you, darling," Carmilla practically purred, but she did not go a step closer to other redhead. Her body tensed just a little. It would have gone unnoticed by almost anyone else, but Kim had very well trained eyes.

A sarcastic smirk tugged at Kim's top lip. "I'm sure you've missed me these past few days," she commented.

"Of course! It's been nearly two weeks since we last spoke! Why have you abandoned me so?" Carmilla inquired, sounding crushed. Her eyes even misted over with tears.

Kim's response was quick and clipped. "I have other friends, you know."

"None that feel for you what I do. I want you with me all the time. Do they feel the same? Do they want you as deeply as I do?" Carmilla asked, a half-smile tugging at her lips. The expression coupled with the glint in her eyes looked demonically angelic.

Kim frowned and finally realized what that shine was in Carmilla's eyes. "That's not going to work."

Blue eyes tried to look benign. "What's not going to work?" the voice did a much better job of sounding innocent, but Kim could finally tell it was all an act. This creature before her was predator, like she was, and on the hunt.

"I wondered for a while why I was so interested in hanging out with you rather than spending time with Shego. There was a reason why I'd run out to be with you and leave her there to work on the house by herself. There was a reason why she'd let me go, even though she didn't want me to. The only thing is, it works better on her than it does on me. Yes, I left, but it was because she pushed me to do it. She showed a disinterest in me. So, while you were using it on me, it was better to use it on her and then use her against me. Is it because we're similar that it doesn't work so well on me?" Kim inquired.

Carmilla tilted her head, looking like a puzzled puppy… or at least that was what she was attempting to look like. The air around her and that strange glint in her eyes prevented that look for coming out full-force. And Kim could see it all now that she was looking for it.

"Perhaps I just don't want it to work on you," Carmilla said, her smile lived on, as if she had this whole thing planned.

"What exactly are you playing at, Carmilla? What do you want from me?" Kim demanded, glaring at the other redhead.

Red lips set into an impish smile. "I think it's obvious what I want from you," she commented as she circled Kim like a patient shark around a wounded seal. "You intrigue me so much, Kim. So, so much," she said in a whisper.

"I'm tired of being thought of as intriguing by selfish bastards like you," Kim snarled, anger clawing its way out of her mouth. Surprisingly, the bite in her tone did not seem to bother Carmilla at all. In fact, the blue-eyed woman looked amused, smiling more so and on the verge of giggling again.

"You'll get to that point one day, Kim. It's hard to live so long and not get that way," Carmilla replied.

"And just how long have you been alive?" Kim asked.

A finger went to Carmilla's pale chin. "Long enough to remember when Adrian made his first pet. Who would have thought it would take him so long to get it right?" she remarked, a teasing smirk now gracing her face.

Kim could not stop the snarl that tore out of her throat at the mention of that name. "So, is that what this is about? You want me for a pet now like he did?" She glared at Carmilla. There was no way in Hell she would ever allow that to happen.

"Not so much a pet. I do enjoy your company, Kimmie. You're an intelligent and pleasant person to be around. I'm sure this would only grow with time. I just want you, Kimmie," Carmilla answered honestly. A frown sliced across Kim's face at the use of her very personal nickname.

"So, you try to get me by influencing both myself and Shego? I guess the emotional and psychological distress you put Shego through was just an added bonus," Kim snapped.

Carmilla shrugged. "A human mind means nothing to me. They're genuinely frail creatures with few exceptions. The only reason she was never fully under my control—" she was cut off.

"She's too strong-willed for that!" Kim declared with pride.

Chuckling, Carmilla shook her head. "Oh, no, she's not. I have my thrall perfected. It's just your weak thrall would interfere and help dig her out of the pit, but no matter. I'm glad the charade is finally over. I want you by my side forever and always, Kimmie. So, it's only fair that you know my true nature." She shrugged a little, as if it was all so frivolous.

"What makes you think I would want to be with you forever?" Kim sneered.

"Simple. This life, being immortal, is long. Long and hard and lonely. Humans are weak and frail creatures that pass all too soon, making them useless companions. They might as well be goldfish. Shego will be gone soon, Kimmie, so you might as well let her go now."

Kim scoffed like that was the most ridiculous nonsense that she had ever heard. "I will never let Shego go and I would like you to leave her be."

"You'll change your mind soon enough, but I am not a patient person, Kimmie," Carmilla declared, some edge in her voice now. The playful glint in her eyes was gone for a moment, replaced by a flash of heated fury.

"One would think you'd learn some patience if you've been alive as long as you claim. Now, I want you to leave Shego alone. I want you to leave us alone. I'm very happy with my life and with my soul mate," Kim proclaimed.

A snickered slid from Carmilla's mouth as she circled Kim, moving as if she was floating. "I can't do that, Kimmie. You're mine now and I mean to have you any way I can. Now that you're aware of the game and of my nature, I have no problem telling you that I can do so much worse. I try my best to be gentle with lesser species. I'm not a hard-hearted woman, but I will do what I must to get my way."

"I'd never let you hurt Shego!" Kim snarled, red blotches starting to appear in the whites of her eyes.

"You wouldn't be able to do anything about it, just like you couldn't do anything about me using my thrall on her. What if one day you woke and found Shego had hanged herself in that pipe-ridden tomb you call a home?" A cruel smirk showed off a pearly white fang.

The air around Kim seemed to electrify. "You'd better not touch Shego."

"That's the point, my dear Kim. I wouldn't have to touch her. Merely suggest that this life is so hard to live, that you'll abandon her eventually, that you'd rather be with me, and how attractive the ceiling would look if she was swinging from it," Carmilla pointed out with a laugh.

"I won't let you do that," Kim proclaimed.

"You couldn't stop me if I did. I wouldn't have to stop at Shego either. Your family is all still quite human. What horrors I could visit to them before tasting each and everyone of them until there was nothing left but a dried out husk." A lively pink tongue slowly licked crimson lips.

Kim was so incensed now that her hair was standing on end. Her eyes bled over completely and her fangs were poking out of her lips. Veins peeked up from her forearms, neck, and even her forehead. The rage she felt was so white-hot that she was surprised she did not burst into flames right then and there.

"Heartless, soulless bitch!" Kim roared, control fleeing from her like the birds flying out of the trees in the park thanks to her high volume. The winged-creatures startled a few humans, but the vampires did not break their gaze with each other.

"You can spare them all by giving into me, Kimmie. Come, we will live together. You will grow to be an ancient with me and those toddlers that hunt you now will fear you," Carmilla stated.

Kim scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Those 'toddlers' fear me and my mate already. I will become an ancient with Shego by my side. I will not allow you to harm anyone I hold dear," she proclaimed with much more than her usual confidence. Now, she was digging into the arrogance of a vampire. There was no such thing as hubris because she was a god.

"Kimmie, there's nothing you can do to stop me," Carmilla calmly pointed out, having the nerve to smile as if her words were nothing but the truth.

"For someone that pretends to know me so well, you don't seem to know the one basic thing about me."

"Which is?"

"I can do anything."

Carmilla chuckled for just a moment before Kim unsheathed the weapon on her side. The blood-redhead hissed while Kim flew into action, moving so quickly that it seemed like she vanished. When she reappeared, the sword was slicing through the air, aimed at Carmilla. The older vampire moved just in time to avoid being split in half, but her flesh still felt a nip from the blade, a small scratch burning her cheek.

"Foolish whelp! You would attack me using the weapon of our enemy? Have you no pride?" Carmilla spat as red lines formed in her eyes.

"You're the one with no pride! You come around and try to ruin a great relationship through trickery and then go so far as to threaten my family and mate to get your way! That's not having pride because you know I'd never want to be with you of my own freewill!" Kim declared.

"Watch your tongue, pup. You're no match for me. You can barely beat the lowly dogs that hunt you," Carmilla retorted.

"Yet you want this pup by your side for all eternity. Have you no pride?" Kim remarked, a taunting smirk curled on her top lip.

Carmilla growled, but then suddenly her whole demeanor changed. She went back to being calm and collected. Her eyes went back to normal and she regarded Kim with an oddly patient stare.

"I won't fight with you, Kimmie. I will make you drop that accursed metallic toothpick, though," the older female declared.

"I don't think so."

"You either drop it or I will use my influence over Shego to make her do something unspeakable to herself. She is still under my control and I can easily send messages by telepathy," Carmilla informed the former hero.

"Damn it."

"Damn it, indeed. I have much better control over my powers, Kimmie. I do so many things that you probably can't even imagine. One thought from me and your precious Shego would tear her own throat out," Carmilla boasted.

Kim growled for a moment and then suddenly started snickering. Carmilla arched an eyebrow to the change before finding out that Kim was not done yet. The former hero launched the sword at Carmilla, throwing it with ease, as if it was a dart. Carmilla's reaction was instant, fading and moving as quickly as she could.

"Kim, that was pathetic," Carmilla chuckled as she settled in a new space. Her eyes glanced at the sword, spotting stuck in a thick tree. She turned, wanting to laugh in Kim's face, only to find the younger vampire was gone.

"Pathetic? No. That would be you," Kim whispered into Carmilla's ear before slicing at the older woman with her razor sharp, long nails.

Carmilla gasped and fled as quickly as she could, barely escaping having her side ripped open by the former hero's talons. Kim smirked, looking much like a demon, and gave chase to Carmilla. As soon as the blood-redhead appeared, Kim was right behind, cutting at the older woman, obviously trying to slice huge chunks out of Carmilla. The blue-eyed female could barely dodge the attack.

Kim did not relent, going after Carmilla as if she was her most hated enemy. Carmilla growled, but continued to flee, moving short distances to keep away from Kim. She noticed olive eyes continuously glancing over at the tree with the sword in it.

"You think I'll let you get that sword back, welt?" Carmilla demanded.

"You think you can stop me?" Kim countered smugly, coming up behind Carmilla again.

The older vampire gasped, wondering where the hell Kim's speed was coming from. She zipped off in another direction, taking to the trees. Kim snickered in a low tone and continued to give chase, noticing that when Carmilla had to react instantly, she could not think too far ahead. Perfect.

"What makes you think I would want to spend eternity with you, Carmilla?" Kim inquired in a taunting tone, taking another swipe at the older female. She hit nothing more than leaves and branches from the tree, cutting them from the plant. "My Shego is perfect! She out does you in every sense!"

"You compare me to a filthy human!" Carmilla roared, red lines starting to conquer her eyes again.

"She is more than you'd ever be! She cares for me and about me! I'm not just some pet to her!" Kim replied, moving so she would end up in front of her prey. "She knows how to treat me and take care of me! I know you'd never be enough for that!"

Carmilla gasped, not because of the words, but because she almost ran into Kim. She quickly switched directions, flying up. Kim cut her off again, sending the elder into a dive. Kim snickered to herself. Come into my parlor…

The former hero cut off Carmilla's escape route once more, causing her to change direction again. They went on like this until they ended up back where they started. Kim smirked, reaching for the sword that was stick in the tree. As soon as her hand went out for it, Carmilla's hand was around her neck, squeezing the life out of her.

"I told you I wouldn't let you get that sword," Carmilla snarled.

"Who says I was going for the sword?" Kim remarked, cocky grin in place.


"I just wanted to make sure you were close enough for me to do this." Kim shoved a thick, pointed tree branch into the left side of Carmilla's chest.

The blood-redhead let loose a soft gag as her eyes widened from the shock of being impaled. Blue eyes glanced down, in disbelief with what they witnessed. The tree branch seemed to make the perfect stake, going easily through her ribs and into her heart. Blood bubbled up into her throat and oozed down the corners of her mouth.

"It's… an ash tree…" Carmilla realized.

"The park is full of them," Kim replied with a smirk. She had never been so thankful that Shego was always warning her about what type of woods were effective in staking out vampires.

"Kimmie… we could've…" Carmilla gasped and coughed up more blood.

"We could've nothing. Once you threatened Shego, you forfeited your life to me. You only made matters worse by threatening my family. I don't know what type of person you thought I was, but I'm not the sort that would spend an eternity as a hostage to you," Kim stated.

Carmilla collapsed in a heap before her body dissolved into ash. Kim walked away as if nothing happened, wanting to get back to Shego as quickly as she could. When she got home, she found her lover sitting in the middle one of the halls with half of the floor ripped up. Kim craned an eyebrow to this action and eased herself against Shego's back.

"Sweetheart, are you all right?" Kim asked.

Shego scratched her forehead. "…I think so…"

"Then why are you sitting here on the floor?" Kim inquired.

"Because I was wondering why the hell am I ripping up floor by myself? I mean, if we're going to live here, why the hell aren't we doing this together?" Shego countered, her usual attitude coming out for the first time in a while.

Kim laughed. "We will do it together, I promise."

"Then where the hell have you been? Done hanging out with Carmilla so soon?" Shego sneered.

Kim chuckled even more. "Let's go sit down. Boy, have I got a story to tell you," she said with a smile.

Shego made a slightly confused, but very curious face. She climbed to her feet and they went to the couch. Kim went through the whole story and then had to sit through Shego gloating from being right about Carmilla. Once the green-skinned woman was done with her "I toldja sos," they had a serious conversation.

"So, she had me locked in a thrall…" Shego nodded, more to herself than anything else. "I'll have to work on that."

"I'll help in any way I can," Kim proclaimed.

"I know you will, even though you helped a lot just by getting me out of that mess. I can't believe she trapped me so easily. We can't have that again because she almost won from that shit," Shego pointed out.

"We'll work through it, sweetheart. We have all eternity to work through it," Kim said. Shego nodded again.


The night was almost pitch black. Thick cloud cover hid the moon. The wind blew, letting out a low shriek, making the trees tremble. Crooked branches bowed in the direction of the wind and covered the road in shadows. Creatures scurried about, running away from the road.

Shego and Kim strolled down a dark, dirt path, holding hands. Kim glanced at Shego, taking in the glow that her pale skin always seemed to have, as if a halo covered the older woman. It was not an emerald glow, but almost golden color around Shego's near-peach-colored flesh. She was beautiful, like always.

The couple suddenly stopped and smirked as six figures appeared before them. With their enhanced eyesight, the couple could easily tell that the figures were six individuals with glowing red eyes. The newcomers hissed at the pair, all showing off long fangs and earning snickers from the couple.

"You know, Kimmie, you'd think after two hundred years, these bloodsucking idiots would get tired of having us kick their asses," Shego commented with a cocky smile before igniting her hands, bathing the area in jade light. With the shadows gone, the couple saw they were surrounded by the six creatures of the night, who looked ready to throw down despite the plasma.

"Apparently, vampires are very slow learners," Kim replied, fangs sliding out of her mouth. A red gleam went through her eyes.

It had been two hundred years since Kim had first been turned into a vampire, two hundred years since Shego rescued her from the tight grasp of Adrian, two hundred years since GJ hunted them, two hundred years since they drank from the Philosopher's Stone, two hundred years since Ron stepped up to save her from Lee the vampire hunter, two hundred years since Kim pulled Shego from the clutches of Carmilla, and two hundred years since they promised to stay together forever. The road had been long and hard, but loving and fulfilling. Sometimes, they would snap at each other because disagreements were a part of life, but they never forgot they loved each other and always made up quickly. They never stopped loving each other and tried to show it often with words and gestures. They even still had date nights. Of course, there was more to their lives than just being together for so long.

They both had taken the passing of their immediate families rough, but they made sure to support each other through each loss. Shego was thankful for Kim talking her into seeing her brothers a few years after they escaped to the real world. She cherished her time with them, especially looking back on it now.

They kept close ties with their families' descendants, grounded by those loving connections, even though they knew eventually those that they were close to would die. Still, they would create new ties with new family members and this kept them from losing themselves and kept them in touch with reality.

Through it all, they were still plagued by creatures of the night, hunting them down and seeking revenge for more and more bodies that Kim and Shego piled up because they kept getting attacked. Vampires and vampire hunters were always after the pair, which hardly fazed the couple now. In fact, it offered them some amusement. Beyond that, they occasionally saved the world because Kim just could never stop being a hero.

Shego smirked while Kim grinned as they faced their foes, ready to get down to business with the six vampires around them. Even after two hundred years of doing so, thrashing the undead never seemed to get old…


The end.

Thank you to everyone that has read and enjoyed the "Vampire Kimmie" series (as I like to call it). It was a fun series to write. I appreciate all of the support that I got while writing it, so thank you all once again. See ya around!