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It was a rainy morning. Not the way you would start an ordinary story. But then again this isn't an ordinary story, because today something will happen that will change 6 friends forever. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me try starting at the beginning. It all started one wet Wednesday morning in a tree house with 3 small chipettes, where the mood inside the house was as cheery as the outside.

"Brittany, will you hurry up!" Eleanor yelled as she slipped on her rain coat.

"How am I supposed to leave the house when it's raining" Brittany yells from the closet.

Jeanette looks out the window and sighs. "Brittany it's only drizzling. Besides we have an umbrella and raincoats"

"Those things won't keep my hair from becoming ruined" Brittany sighed dramatically as she ran form the closet and flopped on the bed.

"Girls are you ready yet. You're going to be late for school" Mrs. Miller called from the bottom of the stairs.

"We're ready, but Ms. Drama queen over here won't leave the house cause of a few drops of water" Eleanor said as she went down the stairs, her ponytails bouncing behind her.

"If you care so much about your hair, why don't you wear a shower cap" Jeanette teased.

"That's it" Brittany yelled. She ran and squeezed Jeanette tight and bolted upstairs, her bangles clanking on her wrist with every step. Meanwhile at the stop sign down the road, the chipmunks were waiting patiently for the chipettes to arrive. Well most of them were.

"Where the heck are they" Alvin grumbled angrily.

"Alvin please stop pacing." Simon sighed. "My arm's going to fall off if I have to follow your every move with this dam umbrella."

"Well then join a gym Simon I don't know what to tell ya" Alvin snapped. "But what I do know is that their not here in the next 5 minutes"

"Um Alvin" Theodore cut him off.

"What?" Alvin yelled.

But the sound of splashing answered the question. They all turned to see the girls running down the street. Jeanette was about to reach them when she slipped on a puddle. She would've fell if Alvin didn't hold out his hand in time. Simon sighed in silent relief that his brother reacted in good nature this time.

"Thanks Alvin" Jeanette said embarrassed.

"No problem" Alvin said as the others came splashing over.

"Sorry were late guys" Eleanor said between gasps.

"You ran all the way over here" Theodore asked.

"Yeah" Brittany answered "It was either that or get to school late"

Simon looked at his watch "According to my calculations, if we run to school in the next 10 minutes we can reach our lockers with 5 minutes left to unpack our belongings"

"Run, again? But I just finished running" Brittany protested as she fixed the shower cap under her hood.

"Ok bye" Alvin said and everyone began running toward school, making sloshing sounds as they ran through the puddles. Brittany groaned. "Wait for me" she yelled as she began running behind them.


As Simon predicted they got to school with exactly 5 minutes to get their books. As Brittany took off her raincoat, Eleanor and Jeanette sighed.

"Brittany, when I said to wear a shower cap to school I didn't mean it literally" Jeanette sighed.

"Well it helped my hair stay nice" Brittany shrugged as she folded her rain coat.

"But you look ridiculous" Eleanor said as the boys began walking toward them.

"Who looks ridiculous" Simon asked.

"Brittany" Eleanor and Jeanette said at the same time.

"Whoa. Nice hat Brittany" Alvin teased.

"Ha, ha, very funny" Brittany said rolling her eyes. "I only wore this to save my beautiful hair. You know something you don't have"

"I have hair" Alvin yelled in outrage as he took off his cap.

"Well I guess you could call that hair" Brittany said folding her shower cap "But it won't look as good as mine" she shoved his cap back on his head.

"Fat chance, your hair looks like road kill" Alvin said.

"You know what Alvin; this hair took a long time to do" Brittany says slamming her locker."

"Do they have to fight everyday?" Theodore whispered to Simon.

"Apparently, it would kill them to have one day without screaming" Simon sighed.

"Oh please, that took a long time" Alvin said pointing in mock disbelief.

"Yes, us girls have it so much harder than you do" Brittany said. "Right girls" she turned to her sisters who just closed their lockers.

"I'm not in this" they said at the same time.

"Well" but Alvin didn't get to finish because at that moment the bell rang. The blue and green clad chipmunks said their goodbyes to their counterpart and the four blended into the rush of kids that were on their way to homeroom.

"This isn't over" Alvin grumbled to Brittany. They glared at each other before disappearing into the rush as well. As they walked away both Alvin and Brittany sighed. How they hated to fight with the ones they loved. But hey someone had to knock their egos down a notch. If only they knew that while they were stuck in school, finding ways to keep their secret hidden, trouble was brewing on another planet that would bring everything out in the open and no way to stop it.

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