Many of you enjoyed my computer haikus in "Across The Stars" Ch. 11, including MrDrP , who wrote a great one-shot several years back: Haikupalooza! Well, reading that just inspired in me a brief fit of mad creativity: Shego Haikus! Inspired by a few of Shego's moods in my own continuing story (except the last one, which could simply be her own expressions on that whole subtext issue . . .)

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(Dedicated respectfully to MrDrP. This one's for you!)

Disclaimer: KP

is owned by the Disney Corp.

Haikus are my own!

Plot Bunnies attack!

Oh, no. You've really done it.

Shego haikus soon!

Halloween, Doctor?

You the head and me the tail?

Eat hot death, Drakken!

Drakken's tendrils strike

Mutual feelings exist

Not quite ready yet . . .

I loved my massage

Midas has that magic touch

But Drakken sends me . . .

The sidekick steps up

Monkey Style. Things will never

be the same again . . .

Battle over, but

the return of Warmonga

would really wreck things.

Drakken abducted?

Across the stars with Kimmie?

Must rescue our friends . . .

Plasma fired up,

Lorwardians going down!

Revenge will be sweet . . .

What's this Kigo stuff?

The Princess and me: lovers?

Fire in the hole!