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Super Ninja

Chapter 1:

Naruto woke up with a pain in his shoulder and in an unfamiliar area. He sat up and looked to the side of him and seen his beloved Sakura lying down. He looked around and found he was in a high tech room with strange gizmos and gadgets that were like alien devices. He lifted himself off of his bed and felt the chill from the cold tile floor rise to the rest of his body.

'Where am I?' He asked himself 'Wait…I think I remember…"

Flash Back

"Come on Naruto." Sakura waved to Naruto as he prepared his things.

Naruto and Sakura were going on a mission in the land of fish to get a treaty sighed that would make them allies. Though Kanoha and the land of Fish had never been full allies, Kakashi (A/N: if you haven't been keeping track of the newest Naruto chapters, when they didn't trust Danzo, they wanted Kakashi to be in charge of the leaf village) thought it would be a good idea to have as many possible allies. It was their job to make sure that the treaty was signed and brought back in one peace.

"Coming!" Naruto shouted as he ran towards her "You have the scroll?"

"Of course."

"Alright let's head out."

Getting to the village itself wasn't hard, but it would take a whole day and part of the morning. Their plan was to travel non stop then head back to Kanoha to play in the soccer tournament that rookie nine, Team Gai, and the sand siblings were hosting in order to raise money for Kanoha's rebuilding. Lots of people had already promised to be there to see their favorite ninjas play.

The darkness of midnight had approached them faster. Soon they could hardly see one another until Naruto took out his flashlight. After thinking long and hard, he finally came to his decision.

"Alright Sakura, its getting way to dark to travel. We're going to have to set up cam and leave early." He said

"Alright." She said "I'll set up the tent while you go and get some firewood."

"Got it."

Sakura got out her own flashlight and began to work on the tent. Naruto went on ahead and looked for some type of wood that he could use for fire. After several looks, he found a small tree with the type of bark Iruka had told him was great for making a fire. He took out his Kunai and began to gather the bark. Once he thought he had enough, he headed back to Sakura, who had the tent all set up. The two of them began to start a fire and soon enough, they were able to settle down for the night. Slyly, Sakura kept getting closer to Naruto until she was right beside him in his sleeping bag. Ever so gently she rested her head on his chest and intertwined her fingers with his. She felt him wrap his arms around her, and she felt secure, like nothing was going to happen…like nothing could harm them.

Out of no where, a strange eerie sound came from outside of the Tent. Naruto and Sakura both sprung into action and began to investigate. What they found had frightened and astounded them. A swirling portal was pulling everything and anything into it. Just then, Sakura's feet were off the ground and being pulled into the vortex.

"Sakura!" Naruto yelled as he grabbed a hold of her hands. But before he could bring her back down to earth, he was being pulled in as well. The only thing he could do for himself and Sakura was just to hope for the best.

End of Flashback

"Well…it could've been worse." Naruto said to himself

"Much worse." An unfamiliar male voice said.

Naruto looked to his right and seen teenager about his age walk into the door. His hair was similar to Sasuke's, only his was much darker. He wore a red shirt with a cape and green pants and gloves. He had a small smile on his face, but Naruto wasn't too sure if he could trust him.

"I'm robin, the leader of the Teen Titans." He said


"That's just what we call ourselves. We're the hero's around here. Sorry about what happened, somehow you and-."

"I'm Naruto and she's Sakura."

"Right, sorry about that. Well, when we were taking down a villain named Warp, you and Sakura somehow got transported to our dimension."

Naruto was still wondering what Robin was saying. He didn't know anything about vortexes, where he was, or even if Sakura was okay. It was all too much for him, he felt he was going to explode from confusion. A man made of part man and part robot came in through the door suddenly. Naruto looked at him in awe; he had never seen anyone like him before.

"So, the dude woke up, that's a good sign." He said "I'm Cyborg, the one and only."

"I'm Naruto…how is Sakura doing?"

"The girl? Oh, she's doin fine. She just needs some bed rest that's all. In the mean time why don't you come with us?" Cyborg said

"Yeah, we need you too answer some questions for you and her." Robin added.

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