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Tsukune sat on the bus thinking, like all of them were, about the last month's festival. They had met Moka's older brother, Kaien, and gotten a crash course in the Shuzen family's recent history. Now, they were on there way, winding through the outskirts of London, England to said brother's home where the group would be staying for the 2 weeks leading up to his and Ryo's wedding. It was a vacation of sorts; the group wasn't at school, and the estate was rather large. Moka had gone through, among other things, the massive list of things to do. Also on such list were etiquette and, much to Tsukune's chagrin, dance lessons. He'd had to suffer through them, and had somewhat enjoyed the dancing, just not the clinging to and fighting over him.

But, Tsukune had pretty well put the events that occurred during the teaching processes behind, although he had a lingering sense of dread toward the wedding reception. He was snapped out of his thoughts by the squeal of the bus's brakes as it lurched to a stop. Tsukune looked out the window and half-expected to see a building much like Yokai in front of him. Instead, he saw a stereotypical modern mansion. It was curved slightly, and it was large, just as Moka had described. He could see the twins, Hikaru and Itsuki Yamaharu rising from a sitting position on the front steps. They wore simple white t-shirts along with the signature black leather racing jackets. The twins had also gotten haircuts—they had transformed from shaggy, wild hair to high and tight Caesar cuts. Tsukune slowly rose from his seat on the bus and grabbed his bags, stumbling through the aisle as he made his way off. Gin smacked him over the head for dawdling.

"Bad dog, Ginei!" Hikaru scolded, whacking Gin on Tsukune's behalf. It was an amusing scene to behold, because Gin was the size of a large Rottweiler in comparison to the twins' 6 feet 6 inches (about 183 cm). The doppelgangers led the guests inside, and assisted them with their room assignments.

"Okay! This is the second floor! Along this hallway are your bedrooms. Bedtime is 11:30 pm, breakfast is at 9 am promptly, except on Saturdays; then breakfast is at 7:15 am. The first room on the right coming in our direction is Kaien's room. Across from him is Ryo. Next to him is Moka. Across from Moka are the 2 of us. Across is Mrs. Akashiya. Next to us is Aono. Across from him is Gin. Next to Aono is Kurono. Across from Kurono is Shirayuki. Next door to Kurono are Sendou and Toujou. And Kokoa is at the entire other end of the hallway on the left," Itsuki announced.

"If you don't like it… complain to the soon-to-be newlywed. We dun wanna hear it," Hikaru added.

Tsukune sighed. This was going to be a long two weeks if this was any indication.

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