The Truth of Blood.

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Male x male sexual situation. This will be in the end be Eric/Harry though one can never be too sure!

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Chapter 1: Hero-complex

Harry ducked as another beam of red light flew over his head. Panting he ducked behind an air vent to gather himself. Damn it. Those Indian tribes are really persistent! Sucking in large amounts of air he considered his next move. He really didn't want to reveal all his abilities to these people. Yeah, so they knew some of the simplest magics... although that Stupefy was rather strong. He still didn't really want to hurt them... just get the fuck away!

Holding his breath for a moment Harry tried to hear where on the roof his pursuers were. There had been four but Harry's rather excellent left hook and sent one sprawling and considering Harry's bruised knuckles he wouldn't be getting up again any time soon.

Hearing them getting closer Harry gazed around trying to escape further. He was, oddly enough, on the roof of some building in down town Dallas, Texas of all places trying to escape three rather angry Native Americans by the sound of those curse words behind him. It really was just a big misunderstanding. In his potions research Harry had needed the venom of a rather rare rattlesnake type found only in Texas. How in Hecate's kingdom was he to know that the bloody thing was sacred to the local tribe? Harry had merely asked the snake polity if he could donate a few drops, but of course the locals hearing the hissing had of thought that Harry was evil incarnate and bewitching the snake or something and, seeing him run off with the vial of venom, had instigated the stupidest manhunt ever, at least in Harry's humble opinion. And not only that, they were persistent little buggers. Even after two Apparition jumps they were still on his tail. It was usually quiet difficult to follow the Apparition scar but it seemed that Harry had severally underestimated their anger.

Pointing his wand around the corner of his hiding place Harry shot off some rather harmless Rictumsempras before legging it. A muffled curse followed by hysterical laughter told Harry he'd actually managed to hit one of them. Thanking Merlin and Quidditch for his fitness Harry kicked off from the ledge before jumping over the two-meter gap between the buildings. He let his knees collapse and fell into a roll on the other side before efficiently rolling back onto his legs and sprinting away again. If he just got two seconds of quiet he could Apparate a bit further, but considering how much concentration was needed in that kind of travel Harry had no plans to rush himself. The sky was already lighting with the approaching dawn and Harry really wanted to get away before the sun was up. Diving beneath a pipe Harry fell down onto a lower section of the roof he was currently on. He had to wrestle his backpack loose, but there was really no way he would leave that behind. His entire life was in that backpack, though looking at the rather well worn brown leather backpack one wouldn't think to find all that much. Luckily wizard space had provided Harry with more then enough room. His most valued possessions were in that pack, along with most of life's little necessities, like a tent, cooking supplies, and food. Not to mention all his potions research and equipment. Now most wouldn't believe that Harry had taken up Potions after Hogwarts, and Harry didn't even bother suppressing the grin that bloomed on his lips thinking what Snape would have thought of Bloody Potter become a Potions Master. But at 26 years Harry was rather devoted to the subject, especially the projects that normal Masters rarely even bothered with. The types of projects where government grants weren't even considered because nobody had any interest in finding answers. Specifically, Harry researched Lycanthropy and Vampirism. After the death of the good professor Snape and the end of the war, Harry had found the man's notes on the subject and knew in that instant what he wanted to do with the money he had inherited.

Pausing behind an exit door Harry braced himself on his knees trying to catch his breath. He'd been running for the better part of two hours now and was frankly fed up! He just needed a bit of snake venom for Morgana's sake!

Sneaking a peak around the corner Harry tried to spot his pursuers. Perhaps they had finally given up? It wasn't like he'd hurt the snake or anything. Harry wondered if this was why Professor Snape had always been in such a perpetually sour mood. Being chased away by locals every time he'd gone collecting potions ingredients would have pissed anybody off.

Trying to stay a bit more quiet Harry attempted to keep low and jogged away a little further, sticking closer to the shadows. The cloak he was wearing was a typical black wizard's cloak with a hood that wouldn't fall down from Harry's head due to magic. Which thankfully meant that nobody from that blasted tribe had seen his face. Deciding that he would risk a bit more magic he finally disillusioned and silencedhimself before jumping over to another building. It was much larger then the others, but that meant there where plenty of hiding places.

The dawn was approaching fast so Harry decided to duck in between some pipes before concentrating on his hotel room in New York, which conveniently had a 'Don't disturb' sign on the door so he could Apparate freely. However, it seemed that Fate just wasn't on Harry's side that early morning, because just as he could feel his magic gathering the sound of a door opening on the other side was heard, followed shortly by foot steps on the stairs located barely 30 feet from his current hiding place.

Wanting to wait until the roof was clear again Harry waited patiently for the worker or whatever to leave again. However when Harry finally lifted his eyes to gaze at the person, he felt his breath catch in his throat. This was no worker and if Harry wasn't very much mistaken this person wasn't even human.

The man, though Harry rather though he was more then that, had a rather stocky build with short dark almost black hair. He couldn't be much taller than Harry really, but considering those bulging arms, he was much stronger. Ignoring his magic flaring at the supernatural being Harry quickly determined the creature's species by its incredible pale skin. The being's skin seemed actually whiter than the sweater he was wearing along with his pale grey pants. The tattoos that Harry could barely see around his neck contrasted sharply with the skin. The being was undoubtedly a vampire. Now while Harry wasn't as deadly afraid of vampires as some of his fellow witches and wizards, he had a healthy amount of respect for their speed, strength, senses and intelligence. One of the main reasons Harry was even researching the problems with vampirism was rooted in Harry's second encounter with their kind. The first vampire Harry had ever met was Sanguini at Slughorn's Christmas when he was fifteen years of age. He must have made some impression on the vampire back then because it was Sanguini who later joined the Light side in the fight against Voldemort. The man had protected Harry and thrown himself in front of several Cutting Curses and even an Avada Kedavra, and though already technically dead, had been wounded. Harry knew that the vampire hadn't wanted money, fame or even blood and so Harry had tried to pay back the man the only way he could - by trying to create a potion or cream to let the vampires walk in the light of day. After six years he still wasn't anywhere near a permanent solution, though he had developed what he dubbed an Emergency Potion. Nevertheless he had sworn to himself at seventeen to help those the greater part of society considered outcasts.

Although he generally kept to wizarding areas, the news about True Blood and the revealing of vampires had reached far and wide. Harry shook his head under his cloak, suppressing a smile. He had to admit it, those vampires had guts. They could have chosen to stay hidden like always, but had instead come out to the entire world. His smile turned a bit sad when he thought of everybody back home. If vampires had been feared before, they were positively hated and abhorred now. Fearing that the revealing of vampires would eventually lead to the revealing of the wizarding world, prejudice and hatred was beginning to run wild back in Britain. Even some of Harry's oldest schoolmates were consumed and it painted such a nasty picture for Harry after the defeat of Voldemort that he rarely visited any more.

Focusing his attention back to the rather dangerous creature standing completely still not too far from him, Harry suddenly realised how clearly he could see him. Twisting his head a bit Harry glanced towards the horizon and suddenly grasped the seriousness of the situation. The sun was about to rise.

The door on the other side suddenly banged open and before Harry could even recognise the blur of movement for what it was, another vampire was standing beside the first.

This too was a man, but much taller then the first. Harry guessed he didn't wouldn't even reach up to the man's shoulder. His muscles were less bulky than the first but he was still broad-shouldered and strong. As far as Harry could see he had pale blond hair and a rather Nordic face.

"Please Godric. Please don't do this," the pale blond was apparently pleading with the shorter man. And though initially a bit startled by the being's name it really didn't take Harry long to realize what was about to happen. And the wizard suddenly felt an ache build in his chest. How many times hadn't he thought about ending it? How many times, especially during his childhood, hadn't Harry wanted to just go and be with his parents? He knew these emotions, he knew that sometimes when the loneliness built and the world just seemed like endless shades of grey, the desire to just end it would be so horribly strong.

"Would you deny me, Eric?" the shorter man replied and Harry couldn't have placed his accent even if he had been a linguist. Though considering how old some of the world's vampires actually were it wasn't really hard to understand that their accents would reflect their age. For all Harry knew Godric could have been among the first humans to ever wander the earth.

The door opened again and Harry heard the heels of stilettos coming up the stairs this time. A rather short and pretty blond appeared in a summer dress and Harry saw to his surprise that she was completely human.

"I have walked in this everlasting night for so long and while I've seen the humans evolve and become civilized the same can't be said for vampires"

The shorter turned and faced the blond.

"I don't think I can even remember the taste of food or the feel of sun on my skin." It was said so quietly and with such wistfulness that Harry had to swallow hard over the lump forming in his throat.

"Why did you let yourself be taken in by the Church of the Sun? What did you think would happen?" The blond was obviously very frustrated and started to pace angrily to and fro in front of the shorter vampire.

"I thought that perhaps it would make them see. That the war would end even before it started."

Harry hadn't really paid that much attention in the local media news, and though he had heard of the anti-vampire movements he hadn't realised it was apparently leading to war.

"It was stupid, Godric."

The laugh that followed was empty and self-deprecating.

"I know."

The roof was silent and Harry twisted to the horizon again. It couldn't be more than twenty minutes even. What were they still doing out here?! They had to get back inside! Turning back Harry was just in time to see the blond man fall to his knees in front of the smaller man grabbing his hand.

"Please! Snella, Godric, snella." The heart-wrenching sobs that followed broke Harry's heart. As the blond raised his head to look up at the other, Harry could clearly see the bloody tears falling down the pale cheeks. It was a heart-breaking but beautiful image.

The suicidal vampire suddenly placed his hand on the blond's cheek and Harry almost turned away from the display of intimacy. He really was intruding.

The rest of the conversation was held in what Harry was pretty sure was Swedish. He himself had visited Norway countless times already to collect potions ingredients and had picked up a word or two, but despite the similarities between the two languages Harry could only understand a few words.

"My father, my brother, my son."

That Harry understood and this time he couldn't help the tears that fell down his cheeks. The man was completely serious; he was actually going to end it. And if Harry had understood that last statement correctly the blond was his childe! He was killing himself in front of his childe! Oh, how Harry's chest hurt. He sympathised greatly with Eric!

"As you Maker I command you," it was true then.

The blond seemed to gather himself before he stood shakily, holding the other's gaze before nodding decisively and walking away towards the human. Just as he passed the girl she grabbed his hand.

"I'll stay with him. However long it takes." The accent was not from Dallas, perhaps Mississippi or Louisiana.

Godric moved towards the edge and was actually less than fifteen feet from Harry's position. He suddenly wondered why he hadn't been discovered yet. Though he was silenced the disillusion charm wasn't foolproof. The vampire should have been able to pick up his scent and also the saltiness from his tears despite the fact that the blond girl was also crying.

"To find myself here at the end with a human and human tears is amazing. To think I have wandered this earth for 2000 years and something can still surprise me."

Ah! So Harry had finally gotten the man's age. It was definitely the oldest vampire Harry had ever met. Sanguini had only been four hundred years old, but still Harry knew there were far older vampires around. He had been debating long now already if he should reveal himself or not, but it really was the last comment that sealed the deal. If the man could indeed still be surprised then Harry was exceedingly confident that he had more to live for. The potion and topical cream was based on Sanguini's blood, but Harry knew he needed older blood to better the protection. The older the vampire was the weaker his body would be before the rays of the sun. And looking at Godric now, Harry could see him already smoking.

No! Harry would be damned if he let another man die, even though he thought he wanted it. Living forever was no reason to kill oneself.

It was mere seconds before the sun rose when Harry finally threw off his disguise. Having reached into his backpack already for the potion he grabbed his wand before breaking the charms on himself.

"This isn't the solution."

It appeared that he had thoroughly shocked both of them, even the vampire, with his sudden appearance and taking full advantage of that, he raised his wand and shot a silent spell towards the vampire. Knowing that he would never have hit the man normally he blamed the harsh sun for the vampire's slower than normal reaction time. The Petrificus Totalus charm hit its mark and the vampire froze completely before falling over to one side.

"What are you doin'? Stop!" The whiny voice of the girl broke through the air.

"I'm saving him. So shut up or fuck off!" He knew he was exceedingly rude and would never have spoken to a woman like that normally, but seeing the smoke billowing from the vampire frozen on the ground gave him little patience. Falling to his knees he quickly pried the man's mouth open before pouring the potion in. The man's eyes were actually showing a bit of fear and panic, further solidifying Harry's conviction that this man had much more to live for. He wasn't yet apathetic to life.

"I wouldn't hurt you. I promise," Harry found it in himself to try and reassure the scared man as he massaged the vamp's throat to get him to swallow. It was just in time as well it seemed as the sun rose and shot bright orange, red and yellow rays onto the roof and its occupants. Harry held up his hand to shield his eyes before lifting his wand again to release the freezing charm. He backed away quickly, suddenly realising that he might have ticked off the powerful being more than a bit.

"Godric!" the human rushed over just as the vampire stood back onto his own feet.

"Why?.. How?... Godric the sun! You're not burnin'!" Harry just knew that the rather obvious statement could be attributed to shock. All things considering Harry himself was rather glad that it had worked.

The vampire himself also seemed to be in shock as he held up his arms and looked himself over as if trying to see if he would combust suddenly or not.

"It only lasts about five minutes, so we really should get down from this roof." Harry almost bit his tongue as the creature's and woman's focus were suddenly on him. The vampire lowered his arms, squinted at the sun before walking slowly over towards Harry.

Now as mentioned, although not fearing vamps Harry had a healthy dose of respect and right now he really had to stop himself from just apparating away from the rooftop. He had no idea how Godric would react to his intervention. Still he wasn't a Gryffindor for nothing, and he kept his stance as the being neared. Catching the dark eyes with his own, Harry noticed that yes they were the same height, but also it didn't look like the man was mad. In fact, Godric seemed awed and disbelieving as he looked at Harry.

Stopping well within what Harry would consider his personal space the man raised his arm and actually placed his cold hand on Harry's cheek. Anticipating it Harry didn't even flinch at the sudden coldness.

"Thank you." It was said quietly and reverently and Harry still with the man's hand on his cheek found he couldn't respond so he settled for just dipping his head a bit in acknowledgment.

Suddenly the being leant in further and Harry had no time to think of a reaction as cold lips covered his own. It lasted only a few seconds but Harry with his eyes wide open in shock could for once see just how important his research was.

Godric stepped back before turning towards the sun and raising his arms and closing his eyes. Harry still rooted to his spot smiled a bit. A vampire enjoying the sun. Satisfaction and warmth filled his chest. He had accomplished something purely by himself. Harry knew then and there that he would never need to receive any money for his research. The gratification and reward was standing just a few feet from him, enjoying the feel of the sun touching his skin for the first time in two thousand years.

Clearing his throat a bit, Harry felt it wise to repeat his earlier warning despite not wanting to disturb Godric.

"As I said, it only lasts for about five minutes so far. I'm still researching it, but I do have hopes that one day it will last for much much longer."

"But how… how is this possible?" the woman that had been quiet so far came towards Harry, a puzzled frown on her face.

"That is something I too wish to know. But for now I acquiesce. I need to sleep and rest. We will speak more on this tomorrow evening," the last part of that was directed purely at Harry. Glancing once more into Godric's eyes Harry let his promise show as he acknowledged his presence for tomorrow.


Godric beckoned the others towards the stairs and Harry quickly collected his backpack before following them.

It turned out that they were on the roof of a hotel. A vampire hotel called Hotel Carmilla. Harry snorted rather loudly at seeing that to the further puzzlement of the woman walking by his side. Carmilla! Shaking his head at the cliches of vampires Harry continued to follow the two to the elevator.

He wasn't exactly an interior decorator, but Harry thought that the corridors they were walking through were in a sort of modern baroque-ish style. Nice if Harry thought about it, though maybe a bit cold with all the black and greys.

"You should go to William, Sookie. We will speak more of this later this evening." Godric suddenly stopped in front of some black doors with the number 712 on it and Harry realised that Godric had finally mentioned the name of the mortal woman. Sookie? Well considering the names prevalent in the wizarding world, Harry really couldn't cast any stones. The blonde opened the door before disappearing inside with a quiet 'goodnight'. Harry suddenly realised that he was alone in the hallway with Godric. Looking at the vampire, he couldn't help but swallow a bit nervously, but Godric's gaze wasn't even remotely hostile, just a gentle curiousness and clear fatigue in his dark eyes.

Not saying anything the man turned and walked further down the hall before turning a corner and Harry could really do nothing but follow.

The vampire finally stopped in front of blood red double-doors that he opened with a key card. Standing back he raised his hand and indicated Harry should enter first. Damn, he really didn't want a two thousand year old vampire behind him, but he also didn't want to offend the man.

The room beyond was the in same style as the hallways and though very tasteful it was far too minimalist to Harry's tastes. The door shut behind him and Harry resisted the urge to turn on his heel like some scared rookie.

Instead he waited until Godric walked passed him towards some double doors to the left. Opening them he walked through and Harry, as he moved to follow, found a huge king-size bed draped in black silk sheets beyond. The light in the room came from a white panel where the window would have been in a normal hotel. Amazing really how quickly the Muggles had capitalized and moved into the vampiric market.

"While normally I would have demanded an explanation from you. I am currently too grateful and too tired. I hope you will stay the day so we can speak more tomorrow?"

"Of course."

The response seemed automatic as Harry was much more focused in watching Godric's movements. It wasn't until then that Harry saw just how weak the vampire was. The unnatural paleness that Harry had thought was merely from old age now was obviously indicating a severe lack of blood. Who knows how long the vampire had planned to kill himself, so of course he wouldn't bother feeding to build up his strength. He would have wanted the pain of the burning to be over with as quickly as possible.

Dropping his backpack inside the door Harry finally took off his cloak and hood, letting his entire face be revealed at last. It didn't seem to matter though, as the vampire was currently sitting on the edge of the bed trying to untie his shoelaces. Harry knew that he himself was loathed to reveal a weakness to anybody, but he couldn't in good conscience stand here and just witness the man struggling.

Now dressed only in worm denims and a simple green t-shirt Harry walked decisively over and kneeled down by Godric. Not saying anything, knowing that it was best that way, Harry slowly untied the man's shoes before slipping them and the socks off. A sigh was heard from above him as the man let himself fall back onto the bed. Godric's eyes were close and he gave no indication if Harry should continue or not. Biting his lip, Harry let his hand fall on the man's clad thigh before slowly moving to the fastenings on the grey trousers. Not receiving anything that indicated that he should stop, Harry undid the trousers before pulling them off the almost comatose vampire. Stepping back Harry took a quick second to admire the body. As he had seen the vamp was of a rather stocky and strong build with well defined stomach muscles, but it was really the intricate tattoos decorating the pale white skin that fascinated Harry. He wondered what sort of man Godric had been two thousand years ago to receive them, as they had to have been gotten before he was turned. There were runes and patterns running around his neck, arms and down his sides, disappearing into the grey boxers and Harry was itching to find out what the lettering meant.

Ignoring the fact that the chest was in fact not rising and falling, Harry leant over the bed before dragging the man up towards the pillows. Though not by any means as strong as the vampire, he managed the job easily on the smooth silk. He got the covers out from underneath the vampire and carefully tucked him in before standing back. He looked over his shoulder, back towards the living room and the couch there - it did seem more than comfy enough.


Harry's head whipped back to look at Godric.


He had been so sure the vamp was finally asleep, but the exhausted eyes were open and staring at him. Nodding his head, he grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it over his head before scoffing off his worn trainers into a corner. He got his wand from a pocket, before undoing the belt and letting his jeans fall. He laid the piece of wood on the night table and crawled into the huge bed on the other side. Instead of lying down, Harry folded his legs beneath him and leant over Godric to tilt the man's head towards himself.

"How long since you last fed?" his voice was perhaps a bit harsher than needed, but really, Harry hadn't saved the man just to see him fall into a coma due to lack of blood. Godric merely closed his eyes and attempted to turn his head away - that was answer enough.

"Let me,"though he had never offered before, Harry knew from Sanguini that there was always a danger when letting a vampire feed off you. If your blood was potent enough or the vampire hungry enough they could get lost in the haze of blood lust and end up killing you. Harry knew that Godric had to be exceedingly hungry, but he also knew that the older the vampire the less blood they drank. Add the fact that his magical blood was naturally more filling and satisfying Harry thought it a safe bet.


It seemed that Godric however did not share Harry's opinion.

Feeling a bit tired of obstinate vampires Harry merely grabbed his wand before casting a small slicing charm at his wrist. He saw Godric stiffen the moment the blood rushed to the surface, no doubt fighting the desire to feed. It didn't matter, because Harry quickly moved his bleeding wrist to hover above the firmly shut lips. It took merely three drops of blood before the vampire's resolve failed and he opened his mouth to catch the drops. Taking that as his cue, Harry pressed his wrist against the mouth. A quick 'snick'-sound later and Harry suddenly moaned as sharp teeth were imbedded into his arm. The sucking continued and Harry couldn't help gasping as sharp pleasure shot through his body at Godric's every suck. He had heard that some mortals found feeding to be pleasurable, but he hadn't actually thought himself to be among them. Unfortunately, he was starting to feel a bit light headed already. Carefully beginning to retract his arm, he almost changed his mind as a pleading sound like a wounded animal came from Godric.

"Shhh… you can get more later. Now you should sleep."

It seemed the gentle approach was working for the fangs retreated from his wrist. Pulling his arm back, he used the wand again to cast a quick healing charm. He put the wand on the side-table, feeling his own lethargy creep in as the day's events started to catch up with him. Snuggling into the smooth silk, Harry let out a startled sound of surprise when he was manhandled onto his side, his back to Godric and his body enveloped in the cold, soothing arms of the vampire. He froze at the sudden motion, a flash of fear striking him at the thought that the vamp would bite him in his rather vulnerable throat. The idea seemed to gain merit as Godric began to nuzzle Harry's smooth and exposed neck. A few kisses fell onto the place were his shoulder met his neck and Harry, against all logic, couldn't help but relax at the feeling.

"Thank you."

A final kiss was placed before Harry felt the vampire wriggle a bit behind him settling down. Then the arms around his chest tightened before finally falling still in sleep. Harry smiled snuggling in a bit.

"You're welcome."

It didn't take long before Harry was just as dead to the world, though in his case only figuratively.

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