The Truth of Blood

Chapter 4

Better late than never.

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"Huh... coffins... that's... well... of course they would use coffins... I mean, they're vampires! Is there really anyway else to travel?" Harry couldn't help but stuttering out as he watched his new... well Master was actually the correct vampiric term, and his newly adopted child, along with William Compton, being lifted into the cargo of a Boeing 7.. something. All three of them in beautifully carved wooden coffins! He still couldn't quite get over that fact.

"Well... what did you expect from vampires?" came the low drawl from that strange Southern accent that Harry was incapable of making with his own Queen's English.

"I don't know, but not that at least. I mean, coffins! Why in Merlin's name would they even consider it?"

"Well, maybe they like the thought of rising from coffins? You know, like those old vampire stories" Harry couldn't help but stare incredulously at the blond girl standing beside him inside the huge airport hanger bay.

"But why? I mean, neither Godric or Eric are even Christians. Wouldn't it be more convenient just to blackout the windows on the plane?" Harry still couldn't stop trying to wrap his mind around it.

"Oh, don't hurt yourself over it!" And with that the little blond girl grabbed Harry's arm and dragged him onto the private jet that would take them to Louisiana.

Harry couldn't help but smile a bit at her feigned irritated air. He hadn't really spoken much to Ms. Stackhouse since her boy-toy seemed to be mixing chivalry with possessiveness, but she had certainly grown on him. If she really was completely mundane then she was handling the expansion of her horizons admirably. And she really had some spunk, Harry thought with a chuckle as he took in the obviously expensive interior and fully stocked plane. When Mr. Compton had actually voiced his reluctance to let Sookie and Harry travel on the same plane back to Louisiana despite Eric's obvious growling at the incredible audacity, it was Sookie that had sharply told Mr. Compton that he could piss off because she was more that capable of looking after herself thank you eva' so much.

"Would you mind awfully pouring me a Bourbon?" Harry glanced at Sookie who was already sprawled in one of the huge recliner chairs with her eyes closed. Harry glanced about him before spotting the very well-stocked bar.

"I don't normally drink, but after the events of the last few days, I think even Grammy wouldn't go a'blaming."

Harry dutifully sniffed on the stoppers before recognizing the American version of Whisky.

"What did happen with Rev. Newlin? I understand that you were somewhat involved with that?" Harry asked as he sat down in the opposing recliner, placing the crystal glass on the lacquered table between them. He watched amusedly as the dainty little girl gulped down the two fingers without even a grimace before sighing deeply.

"Me and my big mouth. I don't know how I keep getting into all this trouble!" Her brown eyes caught Harry's a moment before she sighed again.

"Well, it all started with the rumour that Eric's Maker had gone missin', and then with all this Church Business and even my stupid brother Jason (...)" Harry listened with rapt attention as the whole crazy plan came about. Something about Sookie was distinctly Gryffindorish with strong morals and a deep feeling of what was right and wrong, not to mention that stupid leap-before-you-look-planning that Harry himself was famous for.

They kept talking all through take-off and enjoyed the delicious Texas steaks that had been delivered to the plane before leaving Dallas. Less then an hour and half later they where touching down in Shreveport and had to begin the tedious procedure of unloading their odd cargo. Harry had to bite his lip hard as hell to keep from bursting out laughing as he observed the three actual hearses parked inside the hanger bay. Only Sookie's chastising look kept Harry from sniggering like a five year old! But come on! Hearses! It was too cliched to even be mentioned, but then again Harry thought with another mental laugh, what else were they supposed to move the coffins in.

"I'll see yah later, Harry!"

He got a quick kiss on the cheek before Ms. Stackhouse disappeared into the black hearse carrying her hubby apparently back to his mansion in Bon Temps.

Harry shook his head as he got into the front seat of the same hearse Godric was traveling in. Why, oh why couldn't they have gotten a portkey? Sundown was still three hours off, and Harry wondered what the hell he would do with his time. He'd never visited this town before, and had no idea how he was supposed to behave either. As far as he understood it they were heading towards Eric's private house in Shreveport. Gazing at the tattooed and silent driver/biker behind the wheel that made his magic give off a weird cautious hum, he wondered just what Eric had told his employees to explain his presence, as nobody had even lifted an eyebrow at the sudden appearance of a Brit.

Their little cortège drove out into teeming traffic from the Shreveport Downtown Airport located right outside the city centre. Several skyscrapers illuminated the skyline in the evening sun as they drove slowly through the thick traffic across Red River. Almost forty-five minutes later they pulled up at what looked like an abandoned warehouse. Harry was about to open his mouth and question the still silent driver when the garage door suddenly opened letting the two hearses drive inside. Harry noticed quickly that the windows were painted black and the only lighting was artificial.

Faster then Harry had thought possible the two coffins where unloaded and rolled into a waiting service elevator by the two black-clad drivers. Shuffling briskly into the elevator without even garnering a raised eyebrow Harry quickly noticed that the elevator was headed down, not up. Huh, clever. Stopping at what Harry thought was at least four floors below surface level he quietly followed the two coffins and suits down a badly lit cement hallway that was seriously starting to creep him out. Once gain, just as he opened his mouth to question, they turned the corner and stopped at what appeared to be a reinforced metal door.

The suit on the left that Harry could almost swear smelled like wet dog shuffled forward and punched what seemed to be a ten digit code into a lock Harry had missed. A harsh buzz sound later, and the heavy door groaned open, allowing the two lackeys and their cargo to pass through. Harry swallowed, wondering how far down into the earth wizards could Apparate from, before following the two suits, only to find himself gazing in awe at the decor hidden behind the door. Whilst the Hotel Carmilla had been done up in a new-minimalistic baroque style favouring black, grey and white, this looked like the real deal. Harry had only seen a room like this when he had flooed the Malfoys before the family had escape to the continent. Grimacing at the turn of his thoughts, Harry looked back towards the coffins and noticed that the two lugs had merely pushed them to the side of what was obviously, considering the the sparsity of proper furniture, a very elaborate receiving room. Other that the brilliant chandelier, and couple of paintings on the walls, the room contained only two ornate chairs set to the side.

"Have a good evening, Sir." The words were spoken so suddenly in the large room that it made Harry pivot on his heel towards the reinforced door, where the two drivers were suddenly leaving. Before Harry could even open his mouth the two had left and the closing of the door rang ominously in the large room.

"What have you gotten yourself into this time, Potter?" Harry spoke aloud, hearing Professor Snape's sneering tone of voice in his head. Gazing at the two coffins he quickly withdrew his wand and cast a Tempus charm, noting that sundown was still two hours off. Huh, now what?

With nothing to do but wait, Harry started towards the only other door in the room. He discovered quickly that Eric had made himself quite the little safe house down here. Harry was pleased to see that the austere decorations and marble floor of the first room didn't apply to the rest, and that Eric's taste in decorating leaned towards what one could expect for vampires of his age: A bit of everything really. As he walked slowly from room to room exploring, Harry found an eclectic mix of chairs from Louis XIV, alongside the Nelson Marshmellow sofa from the 1950s. Harry only knew what a Nelson Marshmellow sofa was because he had wanted one himself. The artwork was also a wide mix of pieces, both European and some wonderful wood carvings from Asia. The chess set was a bit odd to Harry. The white pieces were in the middle and the black pieces were line up on each of the four sides. Hmm, I wonder if Eric will teach me. Maybe he stood a better chance at beating Eric than Ron... or maybe not.

Quickly backing away from all thoughts of his fickle friends, Harry walked into another room and was surprised to discover something that looked like a kitchen crossed with a TV room. There was a huge fridge there along with a microwave but not much else and no stove or any other utensils. A hugh fifty inch TV was hanging on the far wall with a very comfy velvet dark purple sofa in front that Harry was sure Liberace had once owned. Shuffling towards the kitchenette, he opened one of the cupboards and discovered what had to be forty red wine glasses but only one single plate. It made Harry smile and he walked over to the fridge expecting to find it fully loaded with True Blood of all types. He was, however, pleasantly surprised when he discovered that while there was plenty of True Blood there were also several bottles of beer and water, with several small white boxes filled with various food typed that had him smiling as he grabbed a water bottle.

Realizing that the last closed door was most likely to Eric's bedroom Harry decided that he'd pried enough and walked back to the first sitting room where he'd left his backpack and jacket. When the oddly looking German Cuckoo-clock chimed Harry settled down on a beautifully worn Chesterfield sofa and dragged out his latest potion ingredients and note book.

The clock chimed four more times but Harry didn't even register it. He was deeply ensconced in his notes about his Emergency Sun-block potion. The Sistrurus Miliarius Candentis or the Glowing Pigmy Rattlesnake was the magical and almost extinct version of its somewhat larger cousin the Eastern Pigmy Rattlesnake. While both snakes shared the rare and very pretty blue hue on its skin, the magical variety glowed sharply in the dark during mating season. It congregated mainly in the magical lay lines that crisscrossed the US, which made it hard to discover by the Mundanes, but not any being or creature with magic. The small hard-found venom ampul which Harry was now holding in his hand was also glowing with that same blue light, and the potion maker in him hoped that this would prolong the Emergency Potions effects. The venom was highly poisonous and if a victim didn't die they would become highly light-sensitive and easily sunburned. It was one of the few times magical beings could actually contract skin cancer as the sensitivity almost always lead to death through malignant melanoma resisting common Mundane medicine.

Harry hoped the bit of snake skin and blood he had also swiped along with the venom would be enough to explain and perhaps reconstruct why the snake itself was immune to the sun when it carried so much venom. And perhaps he could recreate the snake immunity to the sun in his potion.

The young potioneer had just placed the phial inside his padded potions box along with some other dangerous, venomous and not-so-legal substances, when that horrid cuckoo-clock started to cluck once more. It made Harry sigh and stretch his ink stained fingers along with his crooked back. He was just starting to wonder when the vampires would awaken when a coloured blur filled his vision. He couldn't help but let out a startled cry when he was unceremoniously hefted up in cool arms and moved quickly through the complex towards the one door he hadn't been through. He barely had enough time to noticed the wooded panels on the walls as he was suddenly thrown down on a sheep-skin comforter. Two cold faces pressed into his neck on either side, breathing him in slowly. It made Harry's startled heart slow down immediately and he breathed out slowly and relaxed into the soft bedding allowing the two vampires snuggle up on either side.

The room was dark and quiet except for the slow breathing of the three beings. Harry had almost fallen asleep when he let out a shocked cry as the vampire on the left had suddenly sunk his sharp teeth into his neck. Resisting his fight or flight response Harry was once again rewarded as electric pleasure blazed acrpss his nerves. He breathed deeply, feeling his eyes drooping as his body was manhandled sideways on the bed. He couldn't fight a moan as his stiff cock was palmed through his trousers by the demon in front of him. He didn't even know which was which, but as his breath hitched as the rubbing continued, he really didn't care. An embarrassingly few minutes later Harry grit his teeth to prevent himself screaming as he shuddered through his orgasm. As he went limp on top of the bed he felt the teeth in his neck gently withdraw and the quick snick that indicated they had disappeared.

"Do you need one of your potions, min lilla trollkarl?" was whispered in his ear from the vampire in front of him. Had Harry been more coherent he would probably have realised that that meant the vampire behind him that had just finished feeding was Eric. Thanks to his muddled post-orgasmic brain, however, Harry merely gave a dopey smile before replying negatively. All he really needed was some sleep then food.

"Then we shall let you rest," came the strong voice from Eric behind him as a hand continued to pet his hair. Another sigh of contentment sent Harry off dreaming and he remained completely oblivious as his two companions stripped, washed and tucked him in.


It was the grating jingle of one of those Muggle cellphones that dragged Harry from his exhausted sleep. His head was a bit fuzzy, like he had drunk far too much and his limbs were deliciously lethargic. Harry vaguely heard someone shuffling before that shrill tone was finally cut off.

Cellphones, Harry scoffed out loud as he tried to bury himself alive in the cotton comforter. While he freely admitted that the wizarding world were more then a bit backwards, and that Muggles had invented some truly genius things in the absence of magic, he would never understand their constant need to be connected instantly. While having to kneel down in front of a fire grate wasn't perhaps the most convenient of communication methods Harry couldn't even imagine being available 24-7. He liked his privacy and he could already hear his own imaginary cellphone ringing every few minutes as invites, gossips, press, pseudo-family and friends called him asking for everything under the sun.

He felt himself waking a bit more, and the muffled voices from the other room became a bit more frantic. Had something happened? More shuffling was heard before the door to the bedroom was finally opened. Soothing low light was carefully turned up. Harry soon discovered it was shining out from long panels arranged along the wood-paneled walls in between shelves of books and various relics and weapons that Harry could only assume Eric had collected throughout his long life.

"Are you awake yet, min stjärna?" Harry smiled at the sound of Godric's voice before he whined childishly and burrowed further into the royal purple comforter. He really didn't want to get up. And if the world was ending they were already hiding in an underground bunker, he thought petulantly.

The low laugh that made Harry smile again hidden underneath the pillow was heard before the bed dipped as the vampire climbed up.

"Hm... magic does seem to exist considering my lover has suddenly vanished." Harry felt the grin split his face at both the teasing tone and words. He didn't really understand his own reactions. He was so bloody comfortable with Godric already that he had no thoughts towards not revealing his true self. Harry Potter alone, private and secluded always let himself act a bit childish. A sort of make-me-up after his crappy childhood and he had done many things that he knew most kids took for granted. Like visiting an amusement park, sucking the helium out of balloons, eating ice-cream until he swore he would burst, but never in company. Yet here he was hiding hoping that Godric would play along and perhaps join him underneath his make-believe fort.

Godric didn't move or speak so the room was silent except for Harry's breathing, but that too went silent as he held his breath in anticipation.

"Gahhh!" Harry squealed as teasing fingers found his sides with lighting fast reflexes.


Harry tried to squirm away from the hands, but as he was still buried underneath the huge comforter and pillows, his attempts to evade were pointless.

The sudden brightness that assaulted his eyes as he was finally freed from his cotton prison made his squint, though the light was soon muted as Godric suddenly loomed over him. Harry allowed another one of his warm smiles cross his face as he gazed up towards the dark but content eyes of the vampire. His body reacted almost without prompting and he ended up arching his spine and exposing his throat. A rather animalistic move, but the small growl that Godric produced told Harry that it was much appreciated. The vampire quickly fell on top of him and pressed his cooler face into his neck sniffing Harry delicately, nipping the skin behind his ear.

"Tempting, but too soon my wizard. You need food more than I."

As if Harry's stomach understood the vampire it gave a hollow sort of growl that was embarrassingly loud in the bedroom.

A quick kiss pressed to his lips followed by a Kom, älskling, finally made Harry get up.


"A meanad...? As in a follower of Dionysus?" Harry asked, still a bit shocked at the Potter-factor that seemed to drag him into every conceivable trouble within hundred miles. He got two raised eyebrows from two amused vampires, before he was nudged towards his microwaved breakfast of beef chop-suey. Not his normal breakfast, but pretty decent and just what he needed with his blood loss.

"Yes, am I to understand that wizards are taught such things?" Eric asked as he lounged on the velour sofa with a bottle of true blood in one hand. Despite his seemingly relaxed posture Harry still thought that he looked tense.

"Yes, awful business that. There was a meanad in some tiny town in Slovenia. It was Mundane and so the Austro-Hungarian Empire didn't even remotely care. By the time the mundanes themselves took notice, she was so far into the ritual summoning that twenty people had already been.. cough... eaten by their neighbors and the rest were already raving mad. I think there were some new security nets enforced and I know that even Obliviators from England were called down there to deal with the aftermath... as far as I know there's one less town in Slovenia then before..."

Silence greeted Harry and in an effort to do something other then fidget he ended up bringing his empty food cartoon into the kitchen before grabbing a water bottle from the fridge, gulping down half of it.

"How long ago was this?" Godric asked from where he was balancing on the armrest of Eric's awful sofa.

Harry made a face while swallowing, trying to recall.

"I think it was six years ago? I read it about it in Paris... the Informé Sorcier.. or whatever it's called".

Silence was once again his answer but Harry thought it was filled with something disbelieving...

"Umm..." he started as he gazed towards Eric and Godric's puzzled expressions.

"But I thought you said the Austro-Hungarian Empire... which as I recall excellently ended in 1918"

Harry smiled in reply, a bit smug that he knew some history that the vampires didn't.

"Well the Muggle empire may well have ended in 1918, but while Charles I of the Habsburg family was forced out after World War I, his Spanish cousin Ferdinand II, who was also a wizard mind, took over as the Head of the House of Habsburg and consequently the Austro-Hungarian throne for the wizarding populations. Rather funny fact that, and I must admit that I was flabbergasted when I discovered that the country borders that modern Europe retains doesn't apply to the magical world. There's still a French Empire, who's the grand-nephew of Napoleon the II if I recall, and also a ruling family in Spain... um.. the Austurian family. And Egypt still has a Pharaoh, a girl actually who's ten years younger than me... not that that seemed to stop her from insisting that me marrying her could only mean my happiness (...)" He didn't get any further before he once again found himself manhandled by a possessive vampire.

This time Godric had very firmly but surprisingly gently pressed him against the wall was even now trying to slowly choke Harry by stealing his breath with toe-curling kisses... not that Harry was complaining all that much to be frank.


Harry could do nothing but smile goofily, nod and than snuggle up against his vampire.


Harry could feel his cheeks colouring as Eric chuckled darkly from the sofa.

"So, aside from the soon-to-be-dead pharaoh, Europe is basically the same as a hundred or more years ago. That... is strangly reassuring."

"I agree, my child. It is somewhat soothing that the world isn't changing quite as fast as the...Muggles... seem to."

"How come you've missed this?" Harry asked as he was finally released and allowed to sit down on the Hel-belonging couch.

Eric and Godric exchanged a glance and Harry was amazed how much they managed to convey in those few seconds. They must have an incredibly tight bond and it made him all the more grateful that he had prevented Godric's demise only the previous morning.

"I can only speak for myself..." Eric started, ".. but I have had a rather unhealthy obsession with one vampire in particular for the last... oh... thousand years give or take...And since he always stuck to the mundane world, I followed."

Harry could only stare in bewilderment?

"Um... but aren't you... I mean? You were a viking, yes? That would make you.. about a thousand years old?"

He was given an appraising stare and a small smile form Eric.

"You are correct. But even before I met Godric I was already acquainted with the demons of this world. I was indeed a Viking on the island of Gotland in Sweden. My father was a rather important chieftain who traded with people from all over the known world. We took our ships far down the many rivers in Europe and I even joined my father's warriors and tradesmen on a trip to Miklagård, or Istanbul as you know it. It was that way my father eventually came into contact with a rich Lord from England. He came to my fathers house under the pretense of trade and ended up slaughtering my father and mother along with most of our house. I guess the only reason he allowed me to live was for his own amusement. Leaving me alone surrounded by the dead bodies of my family and friends."

Eric's eyes were glassy in remembrance of long ago horrors and Harry found his body moving towards him before he made a conscience decision. Snuggling up to the tall blond vampire Harry wrapped his arms tightly his torso hoping that his presence had some king of soothing effect.

Looking at Godric he was rewarded with a warm smile which he gladly returned.

He soon felt Eric's own arms coming around him and knew that his sudden hug hadn't been too unwanted.

"I... well... I was a warrior. I vowed revenge. He was traveling with a rather large party and several wolves." At this Harry tensed wondering what a vampire was doing traveling with werewolves, because there couldn't be any other explanation. "Yes, I soon discovered their confusing footprints. Seeing paw prints slowly changing into the step of human feet just seemed to lead me more into madness. I was determined to hunt them down and slay them for what they had done to my father. But even if the vampire had to go to ground during the day, the days grew shorter the further north we came and soon the tracks were gone. It was... bitter".

Harry continued to use his feeble human strength to squeeze Eric, whilst Godric had slowly moved closer and was now standing behind his child gently threading his fingers through Eric's blond hair.

"Du kommer att få din hämnd, min son." (You will get your vengence, my son).

Eric seemed to take a deep unnecessary breath before continuing.

"I had nothing to return to, and I must admit that by that time I was half mad and half starved. I raved around the forest, not caring which way I went or what I came across. I don't know if the animals were frightened of my madness, because I encountered neither wolf or bear, but in the end I came across one of the local thieving bands wanting to relinquish me of my armor and sword. I slaughtered them."

Harry found himself holding is own breath and slowly let it out. He didn't dare move his arms from around Eric's waist, because he had no intention of giving Eric any signal that he was anything other then understanding. Though Harry had had more than enough bloodshed during the War, he also knew intellectually that life was hard before and certainly so for a warrior-oriented community like the vikings.

"I did not escape unscathed, and I knew I was going to die. I hoped I would join the Einherjar and meet my father in the Hall of Odin, but I was still shamed that I had failed to revenge their deaths"

"That wasn't your fault!" Harry cried, unable to keep his mouth shut during Eric's recrimination. "They were vampires! No human could ever had hoped to survive. You did your best Eric, and I am sure that your father would be proud"

Eric's whole body seemed to have shrunk and Harry was awed and saddened that something from his human life could still have such power over the vampire.

"Hush, Eric. And take note of min lilla älsklings words, for he speaks the truth. No shame should you ever carry over that. You have not failed, nor shamed your family."

At Godric's words Eric seemed to melt into the couch and Harry found himself snuggling into the hard chest of the viking breathing in the unique scent.

"What happened next?" Harry asked when the silence and dragged on.

"I came upon him" Godric replied. "He had prepared the best he could being alone as he was. But I had smelled the blood for miles away and I knew that I couldn't let such a warrior pass silently. He knew what I was the moment he saw me, giving me quite the surprise, I must admit."

"I was delirious then. I could hear the wolves prowling just outside the reach of the fire, knowing they smelled death coming." Eric took over, voice hushed as he spoke of his human life.

"He wasn't even afraid of me. I think that was what got to me the most. He knew his life was slipping, knew what I was, but still had no fear of neither death or demons. I... well, I wanted him for myself." Godric finished half sheepishly getting a gently smile from Eric.

"When Godric offered to turn me, I must admit that I didn't think much of the consequences. I just knew that he represented an opportunity to continue the hunt, to get revenge. The thought that I would become what I hunted was beyond my comprehension. So when he asked me to walk with him, I said yes."

"Did you ever catch up to the vampire? Do you know who it was?"

Both Eric and Godric shifted at this, and Harry god the distinct impression that they didn't want to tell him and were hesitant to lie directly to his face.

"I know who he is. I know where he is, but I think that you should remain ignorant of his identity"

Harry immediately started protesting, telling both his Master and Child that he was more than adept at taking care of himself and he could even help them.

"Harry enough!" Eric cried. Harry immediately felt his mouth snap shut and hurt spreading in his chest. Godric quickly came around the sofa and sat himself on Harry's other side before cupping his cheek gently.

"We know that you can do incredible things with your magic, but the fact remain that you are mine now, lilla trollkarl. It is I who will protect you and you will listen to my words. It is best you do not know his identity, for while I have no doubt that you would not give away Eric or our knowledge the human body is not so easily controlled and has a habit of betraying even the simplest lie to our sharp ears." Godric's gentle tone and words made Harry flush in embarrassment. He was Godric's. He had said so himself and fully accepted the claim, knowing full well what it meant for his future life. It seemed his Gryffindor sense of justice had gotten the best of him, and Harry swore he could hear the scathing tone of Snape berating his silly actions. Swallowing his pride and letting his body loose all tension Harry nodded his assent before accepting the gently kiss pressed to kiss lips.

"I am glad you understand. And you should know that even I have been forbidden by Eric to help him seek revenge."

"He is right Harry," Eric spoke up. "I have always considered the bastard mine, and it is through my effort and dedication that he will meet his end. He will know my name before his true death."

Harry nodded once again before greedily snuggling into Godric. It was perhaps a bit sad that despite being almost thirty years old, he hoarded hugs like treasure. His few relationships had been largely physical and with his split with the Weasleys, human contacts were few and far between. Luckily Godric didn't seem to mind a bit and was even know gently kissing up and down Harry's throat.

It was just as things were getting heated up that Harry recalled how they had started this story.

"The meanad! Where did you say it was?"

"Huh," Eric spoke, the sarcasm so thick that it could be spread on a sandwich and eaten."I barely recall..."

"Eric." The tone Godric used was definitely that of a parent scolding a child, and it made Harry deeply aware that he was missing something crucial.

"Oh, fine. It was in Bon Temps. How the hell Sookie and that silly little town of inbred hicks manages to keep getting into this kind of trouble I have no clue"

"But! We have to help!" Harry cried, his earlier self-control vanishing in an instant.

Godric still in full parent mode simply pet Harry softly on the head while smiling indulgently. Harry wasn't pounting... He wasn't! Godric looked towards his blond child before raising an eyebrow inquiringly. Eric wasn't pouting... He wasn... Ah, hell!

"Fine! Fine! We'll go clean up! Again!" Eric exclaimed and even Harry watched in amusement as the tall viking crossed his arms over his chest and fairly glared at Godric.

"Then... " Harry began. "Shouldn't we get a move on?"

"Are you sure? You and Godric were just getting started, and I wouldn't mind watching. Besides, if the town goes missing, who will notice?"

"Eric!" Godric cried with shock but with enough humor underneath that Harry started chuckling despite his blush.

"Fine! Fine! No sex tonight!" Eric moaned before getting up and marching through to the bedroom, all the while mumbling about irresponsible humans without any sense of self-preservation.

"You will stay by my side at all times and you will listen to me and will obey me when I insist. Is that understood?" Godric's face was serious and Harry thought he saw an edge of panic in his dark brown eyes. It made Harry answer immediately and seriously.

"I swear, Godric. I will not put myself in any danger for these people." The promise tasted a bit bitter on his tongue. Harry had always put other people before his own wellbeing, and leaping before looking, but in this case the best way he could care for Godric was to remain by his side.

Godric gazed into his emerald eyes deeply before nodding.

"Come, we should dress and get going. Be sure you have your wand" Harry nodded firmly, battle-mode easily coming out despite the years. He could already feel his magic collecting tightly around him, preparing for sharp, precise attacks and shielding.

Less than ten minutes later the two vampires and wizard were in the service elevator heading towards the surface

"Are we taking the car?" Harry suddenly asked wondering how they were getting there.

"Ah, no." Eric replied. "We are running."

Harry just nodded, thinking about the incredible speed with which a vampire could move.

"Um.. do you want me to just Apparate there? Do you know if there is a good place where I can stay hidden?"

"You are going on my back,. I will not have you suddenly appear in what could well be a hostile environment." Godric replied, cutting off any further remarks Harry had.

As Eric opened the elevator doors, Harry found himself manhandled and that he had to hold on or fall.

"Ready?" Godric asked over his shoulder where he gazed into Harry's amused eyes as he nodded. "Alright, off we go." And with that two blurs streaked out from the warehouse and into the young night. While the blurs were impossible to see for the human eye, the squeal of laughter and delight rang through the streets.

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