Hi, everyone! I just started watching Medium a month ago, because my roommate loves it so much and the actor who plays Joe plays a guy in one of my favorite movies, Dawn Of The Dead. My roommie laughs at me because I always call him Michael. I'm not a big fan of shows with ghosts and stuff, but I couldn't resist getting into this show. This is my first story in this fandom, but I'm a veteran writer for shows like Law and Order SVU, House, Sex And The City, and more. I'm very excited about coming into this fandom, and I hope everyone will enjoy this story! This is also my 350th story, so enjoy and please review!

For Paige, who browbeat me into watching Medium. LOL.

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I always used to wonder why my parents had three kids.

We have never gone without because of it, and I guess I haven't been completely ruined for it. But it just isn't fair.

I look at my friends, especially the ones who are only children, and I'm always jealous of them. Then I get mad when they tell me that they wished they had a big sister like Ariel, someone to confide in and look up to.

Yeah, right.

The last time I confided in Ariel, I got grounded. And it wasn't even my fault! What did they expect from me? I had the eggs, and that car was just sitting there!

But I guess I've always been jealous of Ariel. As far back as I can remember, she's always been gorgeous, and guys have always liked her. Then she got to high school, and boys were falling all over themselves to ask her out. She got to do everything first, and Mom and Dad believe her about everything! How fair is that?

Then there's Marie. She's always been special, because she's the baby. I don't know why my parents didn't have more kids; it would have been cool to have a brother instead of a beautiful sister and a sister who gets away with anything around here. One of the worst things I can remember is when I was nine or ten and decided to try the clarinet. Ariel outright complained about it, and while Mom and Dad smiled, I could tell they didn't like it. Then Marie just picked it up and played like she'd been playing for years! I know that it was actually because she was hearing the music and it wouldn't stop, and once we found out why, it went away. But it still bugs me to this day.

And me. I'm just here. I'm not the firstborn, or the precious baby. I'm not the beauty that Ariel is, or the little genius that Marie is. I'm just... Bridgett.

I'm everyone's sister, but I guess that's kind of okay. My mom always says that we're all special in our own ways. I'm Marie's big sister, and even though she denies it all the time, I'm pretty sure Ariel loves me... most of the time.

"Bridgett, get out of the bathroom! I have to get ready!"

"Shut up, Ariel!" I shout back, but I'm smiling.

Maybe being the middle child isn't such a bad thing, after all.

The End.

A/N: I don't know why I picked this particular thing to write, but it just seemed so much like Bridgett. I adore all of the girls, but I think she is the most compelling. Thanks for reading, and please review!