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Some people used to say that Elizabeth Adams should have been strangled in her crib. At this moment, I agreed with them.

"So?" I asked, even though I knew exactly what she is was going to ask. The same question she always asked, every time we saw each other. I threw a banana peel into my trash bag.

"Did anyone ask you to the dance yet?" I paused and gave her my best sarcastic look. I turned around and started picking up bottles and tossing them into the blue bin she was holding.

"You need to get over yourself Liz," I said, "cause it's not happening." I kept picking the sand filled trash off the beach.

"Please! I am begging you to come, Meg! I mean, your date doesn't have to be cute." I looked up at her. I grabbed a stepped on juice box and threw it at her. I laughed.

"But, he does have to have good hygiene. So that rules out almost all the guys at our school." When she finished picking the dirt from her face, I had finished picking up trash. "Well, there is no more trash in our area. Lets head back."

Liz grunted, pushing a piece of her blonde hair back. "Why are we doing this anyways?" I sighed.

"I thought we already went over this. I want to go to college, and if I want to get into a good school, community service is key."

"Okay? So, why am I here?"

"'Cause you don't have a car and I'm your ride home!" I smiled. Liz had her car taken away from her last week. She had begged me to drive her everywhere since apparently "I have no life."

"YUCK! I have to in your trash-mobile." I frowned and tossed my bags into the large green dumpster as we left the beach.

"Don't talk about my car like that!" She rolled her eyes and grabbed her purse. I pointed my keys at the parking lot and my car made a honking noise. We ran to the car as I unlocked the doors to my beat up cream 1963 VW Beetle. I turned up the radio as my car roared to life. "Dinner?" She smiled and nodded.

"Okay, here is what I don't understand. How are you in Finite Math in the 12th grade?" She reached over and tore my math book out of my hands. "Geez! You're like a year ahead of me!" I laughed, continuing down the hall.

"That's because, in math, I am a year ahead of you. And besides, I'm not in Finite class. I'm in Calc; Mr. Turner just wants to help me get into a good school," I turned to my locker and quickly did the combination. I frowned at the overly stuffed space. I grabbed my Finite Math book out of Liz's hands and put it on the bottom shelf next to my Calculus book. Then, I grabbed my thick history book and my ripped up copy of Washington: The Indispensable Man. I slammed my locker shut and started walking with Liz to our AP History classroom.

"No, Mr. Turner just wants to get in your pants," Liz giggled as we entered.

I took my seat near the back corner and Liz took hers in the opposite front corner. Then, he walked in. The object of Liz and my infatuation. He took his seat next to me where he always sat. Liz turned around to me and winked. My phone buzzed in my pocket.

Did you notice?! He cut his hair! -Liz

I laughed and typed: Of course I noticed! The message back was instant.

He is soooo F-I-N-E!

I know…

The bell rang and I tucked my phone away into my purse. Although, I knew that barely anyone had a phone in La Push, and not many teachers were gonna actually look to see who had a phone out. I turned and looked at Brady. He was turned talking to Nate in front of me. I looked at his smiling face. I had memorized every thing about Brady's face. His eyes were a murky brown, almost black and his hair was the same, only darker. His cheek bones sat high, but not too high. When he was really happy, his dimples popped out. His nose was straight and got narrower at the tip. He had long eyelashes and straight eyebrows. His full lips pursed perfectly and his hair, just recently cut was disheveled, sticking up in random places. Today, he was wearing a forest green v-neck and a dog tag hung around his neck. You could see his godly muscles that he mysteriously got over the summer of eight grade, according to Liz. He crossed his arms over his chest, making them bigger…

"Miss Beshires!" I looked away and perked up to my teacher.

"What?" I said in a small voice, wishing I could melt into the floor. My teacher walked over to me.

"Care to help us answer the question?"

"I- uh. What was the question?" He smiled an I-knew-you-weren't-paying-attention smile. Ugh, gag me.

"Please tell us who recited this quote, and where they recited it." I peeked at the board. Give me liberty, or give me death.

"Uh… I, um, Patrick Henry at the Virginia House of Burgesses." He gave me an angry look and turned around.

"Now, moving on. Everyone take out your copies of Washington and lets discuss the differences between his.." I stopped listening. I felt my phone start to vibrate.

NO WAY! Look next 2 u!

I turned my head slightly and Brady was staring at me. I blushed as our eyes met and turned my head away. I looked back. And he was still staring. He wasn't smiling, just staring like he…oh like he was a blind man seeing for the first time. Cliché right? But that's exactly how he looked. I quickly texted back: Why is he looking at me?

I looked once more at his was still staring. I fidgeted uncomfortably in my seat, wanting to disappear. I wished I could turn into that lizard from Monsters Inc. and become invisible. He stared at me like I was naked or had something on my face. My phone was buzzing, but I ignored it. We locked eyes and he held my gaze. And held it. And held it.

"Mr. Calebs?" The teacher huffed. He walked down the aisle when Brady didn't answer. "Mr. Calebs!" He stood right in front of Brady's desk and yelled, "Mr. Braden Calebs! Answer the question!" Brady jumped and looked reluctantly at a very mad Mr. Lang.

"What?" He kept stealing glances at me.

"Mr. Calebs, I will have you removed from this class. Your grades have gone down at least two letters and you seem to never pay attention. Now answer the question!" I looked down at my phone, thinking that this was my fault. "Miss Beshires? Care to help Mr. Calebs out here, since neither of you seem to pay attention?" CRAP!

"I-uh, don't think-"

"Miss Beshires! Answer the question! What did, according to your book, the 1800s do, politically?" I swallowed loudly.

"Um, the 1800's marked a- um, shift in political power. The Federalists under John Adams, w-who had passed personal right infringing l-legislation such as the Alien and Sedition acts, were replaced in office by the- um Democratic-Republics under Thomas Jefferson." I crossed my fingers under my desk, pushing my feet against the ground to shrink lower and lower.

"Hmm, care to tell us some more about Jefferson, Miss Beshires. It seems you know a lot." He smiled, hitting my weak spot. I hate public speaking, or any attention for that matter.

"JEFFERSON RULED UNDER THE PREMISE THAT AN INDIVIDUAL FAMER WAS THE COUNTRY'S GREATEST ASSET!" Liz yelled out, taking the attention away from me. "Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase, tripling the size of the US and who sent Lewis and Clark!"

"Very well Miss Adams, but do not disrupt my class again!" The bell rang. "Class dismissed." Mr. Lang yelled. I bundled my books together and sprinted towards 7th period, running past a very anxious Brady.

"Okay. So, he just kept looking at you. Like, with no expression? Or, what?" Liz said opening my small refrigerator. I took at look around my "extra room," that Liz and I used for studying and doing homework.

"Yeah, just like….like I was an old friend of his and he was seeing me for the first time in like…forever. And he just, like hadn't looked at me at all in English today…I just, it was weird. I don't know how to explain it, Liz." I grabbed the awaiting coke in her outstretched hands. She kicked off her shoes and sat down on the love seat. I was spread out on the floor, surrounded by open books and binders.

"Well," Liz spoke, "you got me beat. Maybe the boy finally realized his undying love for you!" She laughed as I gave her a hard look. "It could happen..."

"Yeah, in my dreams. Come on, he's way out of my league. I'm such a-a-a…What am I?"

"Dweeb." I frowned.

"Who says dweeb anymore, Liz?" I turned to my History notebook and began the vocabulary words. "I just, don't fit in. Anyone could see that. I don't even resemble people who live here. My tan from summer in Cali has already started to fade!" Liz laughed at my fretful voice.

"Relax Megan. Everything will be okay." Suddenly, Liz's phone beeped. She looked at it and sighed. "That's my cue! I'll see you tomorrow at school. Trust me, everything will be just fine. Wait! Are you going to the dance?"

I grunted, "No, Liz. And that is FINAL!"

"Awww! Puhlease! I really want to go and I know if you went you would have so much fun?"

"That didn't sound so sure." I mumbled turning back to my history vocab.


"Listen Liz. I am not, repeat not, going to that stupid, dull, obtuse, mind-numbing, uninspiring, ridiculous, silly dance with you!"

"Fine!" She was quiet for a moment. "Will you still go dress shopping with me?"

I sighed running my hand through my hair. "Yeah." Liz clapped and yelled. "The things we do for friends..." I mumbled. Again, her phone buzzed. She grumbled, gathered her books and exited.I groaned looking around the room. Three weeks into school and I'm drowning in work. I turned myself towards my Calculus and Finite Math books that laid open. I began working the difficult problems on the paper, thinking of everything but my Math.

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