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"Brady, I swear to God, I am going to kill you if you say one more word," I whispered, my patience running out quickly. Brady bit down on his pouted lip, breathing harshly. I could see the nervousness in his dark eyes. He was absolutely terrified.

It had been false labor, I knew that much from school. But, apparently that didn't matter in Brady's eyes. He wanted me in a hospital and he wanted me there now. I, however, was putting my foot down this time, as I could not stand another goofy smirk on Philip's face. He laughed every time I was brought in for false labor, because he knew I should be able to recognize it.

I had been working for Phillip Samuels, against Brady's wishes, since my recent graduation from the University of Washington in Seattle. However, I had quickly had to ask for maternity leave when I found out I was pregnant with Brady's child.

"See, I'm fine," I said, standing on my own and taking a deep breath in. I steadied myself, holding onto the banister tightly. Suddenly his hands slid around my waist as he came around to stand in front of me. Before I could protest to whatever he was about to say, he fell to his knees and kissed my stomach softly.

"I didn't think I could love you more than I did at the wedding," he whispered, looking right at my stomach. He stood quickly, taking me into his arms carefully. "You are beautiful. So, so beautiful."

I smiled, rubbing my own hand over my precious little bean. Suddenly a large weight hit my legs with as much force as was able for a toddler. Looking down, I was surprised with the happy smile of my first bean, Noah.

Noah Collin Calebs was born on November 25, which was so close to my birthday that it made for the perfect birthday present. Brady was ecstatic with our beautiful little son. Though he would never admit it, he was happy that our bean was not a girl because he wasn't sure how he would handle a possible imprint. Even so, in both our eyes, little Noah was the image of perfection.

He had spent many nights pacing the length of our bedroom door, sighing loudly and pushing a hand through his thick, dark hair. At the beginning of it all, I would appease him with talking to him but as the months rolled on, I would just sit in silence as he paced and ranted.

My pregnancy with Noah had been a rough one, with many ultrasound scares and false labors. My cravings had been sweets like cinnamon rolls and chocolate dipped strawberries. Brady had been more in love with my rounded belly than he had me. Still, our intimacy had only faltered.

Other than that, our marriage had been a wonderful success thus far. Including our sex life.


"Momma!" Noah shouted, jumping in the air for a second. Brady swept him up quickly, flipping him upside down and beginning to tickle him. A loud squeal emanated from his tiny, tan form. Noah had inherited more of Brady's looks than my own. He was extremely tan, looking more Quileute than he should, with big brown eyes that sparkled in the right light. He had Brady's dimples and perfect nose, along with his thick, straight eyebrows.

"Good morning Noah!" I cackled, joining in the fun and tickling his stomach while he was hanging upside down. Brady swung his little body by his feet as I attacked. He giggled and screeched and laughed, his big dimpled smile making me so blissfully happy.

A knock at the door signaled two things. One, Brady was off to work. And two, it was time for Pregnancy Watch.

Pregnancy Watch was the nickname Daisy and I had given to our confinement to the house during our pregnancies. We both had found out we were pregnant around the same time, and we had pretty much been easy to deal with. So much so that Seth and Brady let us be on our own. That was until my unspeakable act.

Really, Brady was just being dramatic.

I had left Noah in Ali's care one day and I snuck back to work, five months pregnant. It really wasn't a big deal. Philip begged me to leave, but when I was insistent on knowing how things were going and could not stand being cooped up in the house all day. In the end, Philip called Brady and I was in a heap of trouble. It felt like being grounded now.

Both of us were about to pop, so it seemed the boys were even more cautious.

"So, how have you been?"

I sighed, plopping down on the sofa lazily. Daisy smiled at me happily as she made her way onto the sofa. This pregnancy had been very hard for her, since she lost the other baby rather traumatically. But, she was happy, as was Seth. Everyone, really, seemed quite happy.

Ali and Paul informally said their vows on the beach just before Daisy and Seth married. Both weddings were beautiful, set during the summer. I was a bridesmaid for both weddings, happy to help in any way possible.

Ali and Paul now had a beautiful son, who played with Noah quite often. His name was Liam, a name Lila had chosen, and he was just six months Noah's senior. Speaking of Lila, however, she had been graced with a lovely baby boy - twins actually - just a few months ago. She and Garrett were the last of the group to finally say their vows. The wedding was amazing and the bride was more beautiful than any I had even seen before.

Taking in a deep and jovial breath, I smiled at Daisy, before replying with: "Tired mainly. But happy. Very, very happy."

And I was. So blissfully happy.

Fourteen Years and Eight Days Later…

Sarah Eliza Clearwater was perfect.

She had pitch black, silky hair that always sat in a perfect bun on top of her head, usually with a matching ribbon to whatever she was wearing. She played the cello excellently and wore nothing but frilly dresses to school. Her binders all matched perfectly, with pretty flowered designs covering them completely. She was captain of the new middle school cheerleading squad for Quileute Tribal School, as well as having held the position of homeroom representative for the last two years. She was completely perfect.

Gracelan Rose Calebs, however, was not.

She wore clothing that was too big for her, packed her lunches in a brown paper sack, and slouched continuously. She took notes on ripped up spirals and allowed her curly tendrils to hang in her face at all times. She had taken an advanced math for the past two years, far exceeding her brother in the academic department. Because it was, as she believe, the only thing she was good at, she worked almost constantly at her own improvement in different areas. Her mousy brown hair and too-light-to-be-half-Quileute skin puzzled her parents and made her stand out too much in her own opinion. Still, she was completely imperfect.

The two had been shoved together in a playpen when they were babies, and had grown up side by side. That was, until Sarah shot up three inches taller that Gracie in the summer after seventh grade, and then neither grew again.

Gracie had always been jealous of Sarah's perfect life. Her parents never fought. They always looked so happy and never despairing. Gracie's parents fought at night, when they thought that she and Noah could not hear them. But, they could. And for that, Gracie always snuck into her brother's bed and slept with him on fighting nights.

Sarah wasn't jealous of Gracie.

Well, apart from her nice Ducati she owned for pleasure. Gracie's grandmother bought it for her as a graduation present for eighth grade.

Gracelan Rose was born into the world on April 22, just three days after Sarah Eliza was born to Seth and Daisy Clearwater. Her mother, of course, feel deeply in love with her little bean while she was still in the womb. However, as soon as she was born, she had her daddy wrapped around her little finger tightly. Gracie quickly learned that anything her mother said no to, her dad would given in to, no matter what the cost.

She was incredibly shy, more so than her mother ever was. However, she was also a complete rebel. Her brother hates this about her, because he does not want her to get in to trouble or to get hurt. She loves her brother and practically idolizes him. He was her protector and her best friend. After all, he coined the nickname "Gracie" for her.

Gracie had dark brown hair, looking more like her father in that respect, with dark hair and perfectly arched eyebrows. She had blue eyes, the only one in the family to ever possess such a trait as dominant. She was also a super genius and a bit of a nerd, excelling at ever single subject - though she enjoyed history most thoroughly.

Gracie and Noah were growing up now, as Megan and Brady aged peacefully.

This is where their story begins.

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