The room went eerily silent.

"what the fuck is going on here?" asked Stark.

My eyes were glued to my dream man.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the girl get up. "Stark" she cried and ran towards him.

Without even needing to think about it, I stopped her with my mind.

"Bella!?" Stark tried again "how do you know him?"

I couldn't turn. couldn't speak.

"how did you find me, my love?" Aanklo asked as he walked slowly towards me.

"BELLA!" Stark shouted. I realised that I was walking away from my friends and family.

Jasper and Paul both made to grab me but I held them back.

"its you! You are the one that I have come to destroy" I said quietly.

I was in front of him now.

His hand reached out to touch my face. "Bella" he breathed.

Love was radiating from him.

Everyone behind me was shouting me and trying to get out of the hold I had on them.

"what's happening? Why cant I move?" the girl was screaming.

He was real! How was this possible?

"Bella please" Stark said quietly behind me.

What was I doing. I turned and walked back to Stark's side.

"I'm sorry. It just shocked me, that's all" I told him.

As soon as he could move he pulled me into his arms.

"how do you know him?" he asked. His voice was muffled by my hair.

"he is the one from my dreams" I told him.

"dreams? As in more than one" he said looking at my face.

"I didn't know it was the same person you were after" I said "I just thought I was having strange dreams"

"Stark" the girl called out.

"hello zoey" Stark replied.

"Erik, Aphrodite. Darius. Your all here" she sounded happy.

"yeah. Were going to kick your scanky ass back to Tulsa" Aphrodite sneered.

"why cant I move? Air I need you" the girl named zoey said.

I rolled my eyes. "air is not going to help you"

"who are you? Why are you here?" she screamed. "Kalona help me!"

"I Will not raise my hand against the one I love" the angel said softly.

His eyes hadn't moved from me.

"back the fuck off. Kalona" Stark shouted.

"kalona? What are you talking about. You love me" zoey said.

"no zoey. I was intrigued by how much you looked like the maiden I once thought I loved but my heart belongs to this girl. My Bella"

Stark had his arrow pointing at kalona in an instant.

"she is not, nor Will she ever be your Bella. She is mine!" Stark hissed before releasing his finger.

The arrow was flying through the air. Aiming straight at the angel's heart.

"NO!" I cried and moved faster than ever before.

I caught it inches away from his heart.

"I cant let you hurt him. I don't know why and I don't understand it but I feel that by hurting him you Will hurt me also"

Stark looked devastated.

"Bella!. What the fuck are you doing?" Jasper asked.

"Isabella marie swan, get your bony ass back here right now!" Jacob shouted and walked forward.

Kalona's hand rose and pointed to Jake.

"stop" I turned to face him. "they are my family"

He nodded and put his hand on my shoulder.

"please Bella. don't do this to me. I love you" Stark sounded crushed.

I was beside him in a flash.

"Stark. I Will never leave you. I love you. I just don't know what's happening"

"the prophesy" erik said and put a hand on my back. "you have to choose between what is right in your head and what is right in your heart"

"you are my heart" I told Stark. "but I cant hurt kalona"

I was so confused. Soon everyone was going to realise that I wasn't worth it and leave me.

My head and heart were battling and I couldn't take it.

I could feel myself shutting down. Just like before when Edward left me.

Everything went black.

"YOU BITCH!" zoey screamed and ran at me.

"air, fire, water, earth, spirit I need you" she called as she ran.

I suddenly didn't feel like me anymore.

I felt darker. More powerful.

I reached out my right hand and the girl flew backwards into the wall.

"Bella! Your eyes!" gasped a vaguely familiar female voice. I turned to see who it was.

A tall blonde with pale skin and golden eyes. Rosalie.

Without a second glance, I walked towards the fallen girl on the floor.

She pushed a ball of fire at me. I easily moved it away from my path.

She tried with water. I just laughed.

"pitiful. Do you want to see what real power is?" I asked. My voice sounded different. Harsh yet beautiful.

A strong power was building inside me.

I raised my hand once more and clicked my fingers. Lightning shot from my hand and hit one of the thrones.

"this, is power" I said and made the girl fly across the room with another flick.

I could feel my hair billowing behind me.

"Bella. Stop!" Stark cried.

"why?" I hissed.

"because this isn't you" he replied and took a step forward.

"stay back" I warned but he continued.

"you wont hurt me" he smiled. "you love me. We are getting married in a few days. You wont hurt me"

He was right. I could never hurt him. He was my life, my soul.

"but I Will" kalona said and moved towards Stark.

Another lightning bolt shot from my hand. This time directed at kalona.

"you. Will. Not. Hurt. My. Soul. Mate"

His black feathers were singed.

"but I love you" kalona cried.

"if you love me, then you Will stop all this evil you are doing and killing innocent people"

"I Will stop. Like I told you before. You make me good" kalona replied.

Suddenly the big doors opened once again and in came at least fifty people.

"Bella?" said a tall pale man with bronze hair. Edward. My mind told me.

"what is going on?" he asked.

"this is the man Bella has been dreaming of" Rosalie said.

Gasps were heard all round.

"this stops now!" said a woman I had never seen before.

"neferet" hissed Aphrodite.

"hello students" the woman said.

She had long red hair and brilliant moss coloured eyes.

"kalona must be killed" she said loudly.

Kalona laughed "oh neferet. You still hold a grudge that I do not love you"

"lies" she screamed "you are evil"

"are you sure it is not you who is evil?" he asked.

"she is right" a small dark woman said. "Kalona must be killed. You have immense power, my child. I can see it"

I tilted my head at her.

"my name is Kendra. I have a power of seeing power"

My head felt like it was going to explode and my body was shaking.

"Bella" Stark said and held out a hand to me.

I slowly walked towards him.

"something's happening to me" I sent to him.

"what is it baby?"

"my head and my heart. I choose you. I Will always choose you but I cant hurt him" I was sobbing inside. I didn't know what to do.

"I love you Bella. We Will find a way to make things right" he replied.

"he can not remain in this world" another woman was saying.

I turned to look at the man in question.

His eyes were still on me.

The new power inside me was bubbling.

"why has he not spoken? We should kill him while he is like this"

I was holding everyone back.

What do I do? Trust me to have a total break down in the middle of this.

Then it hit me. He wont need to remain in this world. But could I do it?

I knew the answer inside me. I felt it.

"Stark. I have an idea. Please trust me"

"with my life" he replied and smiled.

"he has to think I choose him. Stay in here until I return. I love you"

He looked confused "what are you going to do?"

"take him somewhere he cant hurt anyone and where he can never return from"

"how?" Stark asked sounding scared.

"just trust me. I cant let them hurt him. I feel a strong connection to him"

People were trying to move but were unable.

"I trust you Bella. Please be careful and come back to me" he looked so sad.

"I Will. don't tell anyone what is happening. If I do this right I should be back in a second. I love you"

His face looked pained "I love you too"

"who is stopping us from moving?" asked the red head.

"I am. I can not allow you to hurt this man" I said loudly "I love him"

All my friends looked confused and angry.

"what are you doing love?" Edward asked.

"choosing" I replied.

I stepped forward and kissed Stark softly. "I'll be right back"

He didn't reply, only closed his eyes as a tear rolled down his cheek.

It was the hardest thing I had ever done.

"Bella, wait" riley shouted.

I turned my back on them and walked towards kalona.

Everyone was shouting at once.

The pack looked hurt and angry. The cullens looked confused and hurt.

I stopped in front of kalona and held out my hand.

"Bella" he sighed and closed his eyes.

"Will you come with me?" I asked.


I turned to my family and friends. "I'm sorry. it's the only way"

Before they could reply I stepped forward into Kalona's embrace and took us into darkness.

I could feel his soft wings folded around my body as I thought harder than I ever had before.

Suddenly we were in my house. Or a replica of my house.

"where are we my love?" kalona asked.

"this is my house and this is somewhere you can never leave" I told him.

I expected him to be angry but he just smiled.

"you tricked me"

I put my head down "I'm sorry"

"do not be sorry my love. I Will be safer here and so Will others"

I looked up at him "your not mad?"

She shook his head "I do now want to be evil or feared and if I am here I Will be neither"

"but you cant leave" I explained "once I go from here, you Will be alone"

"I am a wise man, dearest Bella. I know what you have done. And I know that even though it seems like I Will be alone, I Will not. You are in here" he pointed to his heart.

Tears filled my eyes.

"our souls are joined" he told me and wiped away my tears with his thumb.

"how? I am Stark's soul mate" I asked.

"you must have been hurt a great deal for your soul to split in three"

"Edward" I breathed "someone I loved, hurt me. He destroyed me"

"it was then that your soul split to protect your heart. Part remained with you. Part found mr Stark and part found me"

"I really am sorry" I whispered.

He put one finger under my chin and tilted my face up.

"will you come to see me. Every now and then, I mean?"

"yes" I promised.

"then I will happily wait patiently. I was trapped in the earth for century's alone. I'm sure I can wait for your visits"

I smiled.

"so, I know you said that this is your home. But where exactly are we?" he asked looking round.

"I made it. The only thing I can think to call it is some sort of parallel universe" I shrugged.

"well your home is beautiful" he smiled.

He really wasn't bad. Everyone made him sound like the big bad wolf.

"what is it?" he asked.

"its just…. Everyone said you were really bad"

His smile turned sad. "I am not proud of what I have done or my sons. They should never have been born……….." he stopped suddenly.

"my son's! when you go back without me they Will kill you"

"I'm not afraid of anything, Kalona. Don't worry about me"

"remove their wings" he said quietly "they will go back to where they came from if you remove their wings"

I nodded.

"this house. It smells like you" he said smiling.

"I just made it from memory"

"I like it. It will be like some part of you is here all the time"

He let out a breath "promise me you will come to see me. No matter what"

"I promise you"

He nodded "zoey needs to be stopped. She turned away from her goddess and wants to bring hell to the earth"

"I will stop her" I took his hand in mine.

"you need to go back. don't you" he asked sadly.

"yes. We came to stop what is happening"

"then I wish you luck, my love" he kissed my hand softly.

"I will be back. And everything you will need is in this house"

"everything except you"

I smiled "Stark has my heart"

"then I will take whatever else you give me" he said.

"goodbye kalona. I'm sorry again for tricking you" I told him.

He smiled widely "I forgive you"

I took a deep breath. I quickly pulled him close to me and pressed my lips to his.

Tears streamed down my face as I let the darkness take me.

"Bella!" I heard from all around me.

I opened my eyes. Stark was the first one to get to me.

"where is he?" he asked quietly as he wrapped his warm strong arms around me.

"someplace he will never get out of. And only I can go to" I told him.

"where did he go?" asked one of the strangers.

"I'm so proud of you" Stark spoke softly.

I just smiled and nodded.

"we will talk about this at home!" Aphrodite said sternly "you scared the crap out of me"

She hugged me tightly.

"yeah, B. we thought you had gone over to the dark side" Erik said and kissed my cheek.

"WHERE IS HE?" screamed the red head.

"he is dead" I said loudly "I took him to the underworld. It seems he had quite a few enemy's there"

"NOOOOOO!" screamed zoey and threw herself on the floor.

She was sobbing uncontrollably.

"zoey. He was evil" erik said softly.

He narrowly dodged the fire ball she shot at him.

"YOU……I'LL KILL YOU….. YOU KILLED HIM" she got up and made a run at me.

I saw the glint of silver just before shark moved in front of me.

"ohh… what have I done?" she gasped.

Stark slid to the floor. A pool of blood was already forming round him.

My knee's went out from beneath me.


"" he slurred as blood ran from his mouth.

"shh baby I'm here" I told him "CARLISLE!" I screamed.

"you must remove the blade, Bella. Its pierced his heart" Carlisle said from beside me.

"Stark. Please hold on. I'll fix this" I sobbed.

I gripped the silver handle and pulled it out in one motion.

Blood poured from the wound as I pressed my hand over it.

I tried to control my sobs as I focused on healing him.

I could feel his heat trying to mend but it wasn't going fast enough.

"please baby" I cried.

Everyone besides the girl I was going to kill was around us.

"lo…ve you" he slurred.

"no!" I screamed. "don't you dare give up on me"

I focused everything I had on healing him.

His breathing was slowing down and his eyes were fighting to stay open.

"stay with me damn it! I wont lose you" I mentally shouted to him.

A small smile appeared on his lips.

"se..xxy… when…" he said and closed his eyes.

His heart fully healed and so did the hole in his chest but he still wouldn't wake up.

I tore at my wrist with my teeth and held it over his mouth.

I heard five vampires hiss but I didn't care.

"drink" I told him "DRINK"

I slowly massaged his throat to make him swallow.

After what felt like forever he began to suck, weakly.

A moan slipped from my lips. Even as bad as things were right now, this was still a major turn on.

"try doing it with Stevie red neck Rae" Aphrodite said from behind me.

Stark's strength was slowly returning to him.

It was ok, because of the werewolf part of me I could feel more blood being made as he was taking it.

We could probably do this all day if we wanted.


Stark pulled me up his body as he licked at my cut wrist.

His eyes were still closed but he kissed me softly before he found his favourite spot on my neck and bit down.

I moaned out loudly. "sorry" I sighed to everyone around us.

I could feel Stark's smirk against my neck. I could also feel his erection pressed firmly to my own groin.

"ok, now he's just doing it cause he's a horny bastard!" Erik laughed.

And sure enough, Stark licked at my neck and opened his eyes, chuckling.

"Bella" he said and kissed me deeply.

We were cut short of our kiss from Carlisle who coughed loudly.

"how are you feeling son?" he asked.

"I feel good. Have you tried this girls blood! Amazing" he grinned cockily.

Carlisle chuckled "no son. I have no desire to eat my daughter"

"I almost lost you" I whispered against his neck.

"you saved me again" he smiled.

"yeah, its kinda my thing" I laughed weakly.

"maybe you guys should get up off the floor before I ask Emmett to get a camera. I'm all up for Bella porn. But sorry bro, I'd rather not see your pale ass" riley. Ever the joker.

He cant fool me though. I had seen the venom pool up in his eyes when Stark was bleeding. The same goes for the rest of them.

I got to my feet and helped Stark up.

A sniffling noise made me turn to the corner.

Zoey was sat with her back to the wall.

I saw red and ran at her. I had my hands around her throat, lifting her off her feet before she even saw me coming.

"I should kill you" I hissed at her.

Her eyes were wide with fright.

"please" she choked, pleadingly.

"Bella, sweety" Stark was beside me. He placed a hand on my back.

"you don't have to kill her. You could make her forget"

He's right. I didn't want to kill a human or what ever she was.

I loosened my hold on her and closed my eyes.

Her mind was messed up. Power hungry and greedy.

I took all her need for power and buried it deep within so she would never feel it again. Next I made her forget Kalona. Forget wanting to raise hell on earth and lastly but this was more for me that her. I made her forget Stark. He was just a friend of a friend to her and she would never bother him again.

I opened my eyes and stepped away.

Her eyes looked vacant.

"stevie Rae?" she called. "neferet?"

Both women ran to her.

"lets go" I said turning away.

"what now?" Jasper asked.

"we go deal with Kalona's son's" I told them.

"you!" I turned to Stark "do not leave my side. I actually need a groom to get married"

He laughed and pulled me closer.

"how many is there?" Rosalie asked "and I'm glad your eyes aren't all scary purple now" she smiled.

I laughed.

"I don't know. They looked pretty sexy" Stark grinned.

"there are about a hundred raven mockers in total" one of the strange women told us.

She eyed rephaim.

"rephaim is a good guy. He's one of us" I told her.

The bird man smiled at me and nodded his appreciation.

"then lets go kick bird butt" Emmett grinned.

Rose slapped him round the head "idiot"

"are you guys ready?" I asked. Pulling Stark as close as he could get "we need to remove their wings"

"how do you know that? We have been looking for ways to kill them for a year now and nothing has worked. The small woman asked.

"Kalona told me" I said and headed for the door.

We walked outside into the sunshine. Then all hell broke loose.

One down, two to go!

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