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Chapter 1: Sarah Alexander

I was never sure exactly how James came to get up the nerve to talk to her, but he did.

Sarah Alexander, the new girl in school, the girl who during lunch always had a book out and was reading it, The girl who caught every boy's attention in Slough Grammar School.

She was different; any one could tell it wasn't hard to see. But she was many different in many ways; the biggest was her physical appearance. Blond hair that seemed like every strand was made out of pure gold and shined in the sun, blue eyes that seemed too unreal to be human eyes. Her skin was a light apricot color and seemed flawless, her face was clear as well, no acne, but there were a few freckles speckled across her cheeks but they added to her beauty. She never wore makeup, not that it was necessary, except for a clear lip shine that enunciated her pink lips.

Sarah Alexander, the girl who, since she had first shown up at Slough Grammar, had never even cared what people thought of her. She was quiet, laid-back, and had a good head on her shoulders. She had seen Richie Moore harassing a young Indian boy, a few days after she had arrived.

What surprised me the most was how she handled the situation; she could have just walked away not even bother to get involved. But she went up to Richie took the young boy's homework from Richie's hands and gave it back to the boy with a small smile. The boy had thanked her and ran away. But when Sarah turned to Richie, her eyes had been as cold as ice; she turned her back on him and walked away without a second glance at him ever again.

Sarah was hard to read, hard to understand. So I was surprised when James suddenly got up from our table and walked to hers. He introduced himself to her and she introduced herself back, then he asked her if she wanted to come and sit by us. To my surprise she smiled and said yes. As she followed James to our table she looked into my eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back at her and felt glad that she had chosen to accept James's offer.

I introduced myself to her and she introduced herself to me, unnecessarily, and sat down across from us. The three of us talked about a lot of things and somehow the subject of Richie Moore came up. I told her the story of how three years ago Richie had been teasing another boy and thrown his music-case into a stream and how my eldest brother, Stephen, had thrown Richie into the stream to pull it out. She burst out laughing and tears welled up in her eyes. "He deserved worse." She said, I agreed with her.

There was something about Sarah, something familiar. I thought back to when I had felt something like this and I came up with nothing. Soon lunch was over and she was walking away but I quickly grabbed her wrist and asked "can I… can I walk you home?"

I was surprised when she gave me a smile and said "yes you can." She winked at me and walked off to her next class.

I looked at James and he grinned at me "so you like her or… you like her?"

I muttered "get lost."

As I walked Sarah home she asked me a few questions, about me, my brothers, my parents, my sisters and then about my friends. It was amazing how I could talk to her. Then as we got closer to her home I realized where we were going

"Are you staying in Huntercome Manor?" I asked.

She nodded "It was the strangest thing. My mom and the owner of this place were good friends, then one day she disappeared and left the manor to my dad and me."

"What happened to your mother?"

Sarah sighed "I wish I knew, she just... left one day. The same day her friend disappeared."

I stared at Sarah with a look of wonder. "What was your mother's name?" I finally asked

"Morgan Alexander… though I heard my father calling her Morgana once or twice." She said.

"What's your father's name?" I asked.

Sarah grinned, "Accalon." I looked at Sarah with a curious glance. We reached the door of Huntercome Manor and found a tall man standing in the doorway. Sarah said "Hi dad." Before she kissed me on the cheek "Thanks for walking me home Will, I'll see you tomorrow?" she asked

"yeah." I told her. She smiled and walked into the manor.

Accalon Alexander looked me over before saying "thank you for escorting my daughter home safely Will Stanton."

I nodded "it was my pleasure Mr. Alexander. He smiled softly and then said "good day sign seeker."

I was not surprised that he knew who I was, with his wife being an Old One and the half sister of King Arthur. "Good day sir." I said before turning around and heading to the Stanton farm.

Okay so i've been working on this for months and i hope you all like it. don't worry Sarah's parents are not important in the story and wont create drama or anything. but i've never liked the idea of Morgana le Fey as evil so i'm having her be an Old One. some references to the movie but very little. also Bran and the Drew kids will show up in this fic. any way... if you haven't read the other storys in my series you should do that if you like this story so far.