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Chapter 7: Live, Laugh, Love

Sarah seemed to become more and more distant as summer passed; she said her dreams were becoming more vivid. I think she really started wondering if they really were dreams or if they were something else.

I hadn't heard much from Marie, she would call me occasionally ask about how Sarah was doing and all that.

Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and I told Sarah "we're going to have a picnic"

She blinked at me in surprise "What?"

I smiled "a picnic, were having one, it's the last day of Summer and I'm not going to let you spend it in your room brooding about your dreams"

She actually squeaked as I grabbed her wrist and gently but firmly dragged her downstairs. She giggled as I lead her and the basket she was now carrying to her back yard and sat down.

Her eyes shined with happiness as she sat down with me, we talked about various different things as we ate the sandwiches she had quickly made and drank some water.

Soon we were laying on our backs looking up at the clouds and trying to make out shapes just for the heck of it. She smiled happily and said "oh look over there! That one looks like a bunny!"

I smiled at her excitement and pointed out another cloud that looked like a ship. She smiled and nodded and looked at me propping herself up on one arm, while I sat up entirely, our eyes met and I think we both lost our breath for a moment.

Her unreal blue eyes just looked into mine and I thought I might just be able to see her soul, I leaned forward and so did she.

Our lips met and I could feel the rest of the world just vanish into the background nothing else matter except the two of us in that moment.

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