I do not own any of these characters they all belong to j k rowling

Ginny turned to Hermione with tears ready to burst from her eyes.

"oh come on Gin, you're not fat" Hermione exclaimed hugging Ginny closer.

Hermione looked toward the mirror and examined her eyebrows.

"at least you are not forming a uni brow" she added with a sigh.

" 'mione you are so pretty" Ginny yelled as she hit Hermione with a pillow.

"am not" Hermione said her tone darkening.

"Hermione!! You are skinny, and have beautiful hair and teeth!! how could you say that?" Ginny sighed and the both sat infront of the mirror.

"my legs" Ginny sighed first.

"my eyes" Hermione countered.

"my horrid hair" Ginny said as she touched her limp hair.

"my lips" Hermione said squezzing her lips together.

Ginny Stood up and Hermione copied her.

"well my ears stick out too much" she said her voice rising higher.

"well my feet are huge" Hermione yelled back.

"YOU ARE SO PRETTY" they both yelled at each other.

Harry and Ron stood in the corner , and the girls hadn't noticed them.

" blimey do they want to be the ugliest" Ron whispered.

"beats me ron" Harry said as they both headed to the boys common room.