Thank you for your awesome reviews, everyone! :) The story is complete, I simply failed to label it as such, but there maybe some bits and pieces in the future - like this one. It is really extremely fluffy, so beware :D

Title: Christmas

Pairings: Kirk/Spock, Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/Uhura

Warnings: extremely fluffy, unbetaed, kids... lot of them :D

Summary: Scenes from Christmas 30 years after STXI. Set in the same world as The Story of Creation, but probably all you need to know is the fact that Amanda is Spock Prime's daughter.

Jim watches Christopher run around the garden, his leg buried in the snow up to his knees, and he smiles for himself. Pressing one hand against the cold window glass, he takes a sip of his hot chocolate. Janelle comes into his view, knocking her brother down onto the ground, into the snowdrift. Both children laugh.

"Why do you not accompany them?" Spock asks from behind him. Jim turns to see his bondmate holding their youngest, Sepock, against his side with one hand and a steaming tea cup in the other.

"I´m uncertain whether my old rusty joints could actually take it," Jim laughs.

Sepock sucks at his thumb, but otherwise he looks as a perfectly normal serious Vulcan toddler. Jim feels frightend at the thought that too soon this perfect little joy of his life will be winning against him in chess.

"You are a starship captain," Spock says calmly. "You are fit enough to go on an away mission, you are fit enough to play in snow with your own children."

Jim grins widelly. "I give up," he laughs. He drinks the rest of his chocolate, sets the cup aside and kisses Spock´s cheek. Then he leans down and presses his lips against his son´s forehead. The child pulls his thumb out of his mouth and smiles.

Jim heart melts.

"I love you," he says, reaching for his coat. "Both of you. All of you."

He hears Chris and Janelle laugh and scream outside.

"We love you too," Spock says. He puts his empty cup onto a table and rearranges Sepock so that he is holding him in both his arms.

"I think we did good, spending the shore leave on the Earth."


There is a second of silence. Jim is zipping up his jacket, they are smiling at each other - Jim freely and brightly, Spock in his own, Vulcan way.

Then Spock asks, uncharacteristically slowly: "Have you ever wished to settle on the Earth?"

In the form of an answer Jim bursts out laughing. "And leave space to someone else? Never!"


Sulu raises Demora so that she can put the star onto the top of the three herself.

She is getting too heavy for his arms and they shake a little. Her smile, however, is worth it.

"Here´s my Captain!" sounds a voice from behind them and Hikaru turns around, still holding their daughter in the air.

"Pavel," he smiles.

The man in command gold is holding a tray with cups of hot chocolate. "Did you know Enterprise´s crew is on the Earth for the holidays?"

"Yeah, I heard," Sulu puts Demora down. "Lucky bastards."


He laughs. "Sorry, princess, you´re right. Envy´s no excuse for foul language."

"We´ll have to arrange something next year," Pavel says, letting Demora take one of the cups. "It doesn´t need to be Earth... can be a Starbase or some other Federation planet... Just somewhere with real trees and real, non-replicated food..."

"We have a tree!" Demora interrupts him and Hikaru feels oddly proud for his little girl.

"Yeah, I just wish it was green... and maybe coniferous..."

"I like it. Purple´s my favourite colour!"

"See," Sulu grins, hugging the girl with one arm. "Our Princess´s satisfied." Then he reaches out and buries his fingers into Pavel´s curls. "And we´re together. Isn´t it what the Christmas are really about?"


Their children are sleeping curled on the couch with Nyota sitting between them. Betty has her head rested on her mother´s thigh, Harry´s chin is on Nyota´s shoulder. She is singing a centuries old carol while running her fingers through her daughter´s hair.

Scotty smiles. "You´re beautiful," he says.

She looks up to him. "You think so?"

He nods, walks to his family and crouches down to them. "Do you remember the Christmas in space?"

"Oh, yeah... it used to be crazy," Nyota smiles.

"But fun."

"I admit I miss it sometimes... but being Earth-bound´s not that bad... I wouldn't change. Kids ought to be raised on steady ground."

His family looks like something out of a dream in the Christmas lights and it snows outside.

And out there somewhere, on the Earth´s orbit, waits asleep his first, and never forgotten, real love - the USS Enterprise.


"Dad!" Joanna throws herself into his arms.

She is beautiful young woman. Many years have passed since he was able to raise her up in his arms.

Yet she is obviously a true McCoy, because she has no one to spend the Christmas with expect her old father.

"It´s so good to see you," he whispers into her hair.

She pulls away from him and smiles widely. "I´m happy you´re here."

"I brought a guess," he admits. "I hope you don´t mind too much."

"The more the merrier."

"Good," McCoy smiles. "She´d nowhere else to go... We probably ought to let her in before she freezes to death."

Joanna opens the door immediately and her eyes widen when she sees a young Vulcan standing there. Then she laughs. "You´re Amanda, right?" she asks, stepping aside to let the young doctor in.

"Indeed," Amanda answers, "I presume you are Miss McCoy."

"The name´s Joanna."

The Vulcan smiles slightly. It would be invisible for most the people, but Bones has known Amanda for quite a long time.

"I've never thought I'd see the day when I invite a Vulcan to spend Christmas with me," he says, looking at her. "But Amanda's exceptional girl. Well, I´m going to check what you´ve got stored in your fridge," he says. "Find some place for Amanda to put her things to, ok?"

"Aye, Captain!" his daughter laughs and salutes.

"No ranks, please! You´re not even in the ´Fleet."

He watches the girls - he really ought to start to think about both of them as adults, but that is not so simple - walk up the stairs. He stands still, listening to their conversation.

"I don´t want to pry, but I thought you were Jim Kirk´s and Mr. Spock´s relative... Why..."

Amanda interrupts her. "They have invited me, but I refused. They have three children and they do not get to spend enough time together. I did not wish to be a burden. I was prepared to spend the winter alone – I do not celebrate Christmas anyway." After a second of silence, McCoy hears Amanda´s voice once again. She sounds unusually uncertain. Am I intruder here?"

"Don´t you dare think such thing! You´re Dad´s friend and that makes you mine, too! We can all sit by the fire and exchange scary medical stories. I bet Dad'll love that."

"I believe your prediction is correct."

Bones smiles to himself and heads for the kitchen.