Happy almost-Halloween.
So, I haven't been on fanfiction very much lately, but I was on it awhile ago and saw that a few people were doing Halloween specials (sorry, I haven't had time to read any of them). And I really wanted to do one, but I couldn't for the life of me think of a plot, much less a villain/killer, so I figured, okay, forget it. Then, like a week later, I suddenly had a thought of who the villain/killer could be (don't worry, I'm not giving it away), and I started formulating a plot, and now we've come full circle.
So it is a murder mystery type, and as it says on all of three of the banners I made while I was putting off writing this (links are on my profile. Look if you want-I only made them for fun), no one is safe. Meaning, people from
So Random and Mackenzie Falls will die. Not all, but some.
Which brings me to the rating. My first T-rated story. Alright so here's the deal. This story is still as clean as a K+ story as far as cuss words and everything else goes. The reason for the rating bump is the murder scenes, which really don't get too graphic or descriptive because going into too much detail is too much for me, despite my love for horror movies. I didn't write every murder scene in here because there are too many, but I didn't want to leave so much to the imagination.
And now my last point in this super-duper long Author's Note is, I didn't come up with the idea for this until last Sunday, the 25th. So, I've been slaving away all week, trying and trying to get it done, and it is mostly done. I'll be working on it all night and probably part of tomorrow so that I can post all of it on Halloween (I hope). My reason for telling you this is so you know this shouldn't be prolonged after Halloween. I'll be working super hard so that it'll be finished and posted tomorrow.

Okay, so here's the trailer and prologue.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sonny with a Chance.



Sonny Munroe walked across the college's front lawn and towards her car in the parking lot.

"See you next year, Sonny," a girl across the parking lot from Sonny called.

Sonny smiled and waved and got into her small car to go home.

***Sonny at Twilight Productions Presents ***

Sonny opened up the door to her apartment and immediately her roommate grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her in.

"Sonny, have you seen the news?" her roommate, Lisa, rushed out.

"No, why?" Sonny replied.

***A Halloween Special***

Lisa pointed at the TV screen to the breaking news headline.

Sonny looked at the screen and covered her mouth in horror.

***Condor Studios is having a reunion***

"As soon as I'm old enough and have the time, I'm also getting a special license for driving forklifts and a pilot's license," Zora said with a slightly devious smile on her face.


"Well this is horrible! I packed white clothes to wear!" Tawni pulled off her sunglasses and pointed the folded up pair at Sonny. "Do you know how awful blood looks on white clothes?"


"Oh this. It's my CDC Decoy."

Sonny snorted. "Is that patented?"


"Eh, it's fine. Like I said, there's barely a red mark that'll go away pretty soon."

"Great," Chad said with sarcasm saturating his tone again. "Thanks for the assault."

"No problem."

***That everyone comes to***

"You're really still going to that reunion thing? Even with Marissa and that kid from So Random both skewered within twenty-four hours?" Jamie asked incredulously.


"So, let me get this straight. I came to a stupid reunion special so Condor Studios can make more money off my talent only to find out that there's some psychotic killer that's doing away with people from Condor Studios?" Tawni shrieked, her voice climbing towards dog whistle pitch with every word.

***There is no pattern***

"No, there isn't any more," Zora replied.

"Age doesn't matter, gender doesn't matter, and our past TV show we worked on doesn't matter either," Sonny stated grimly.

"Wait, so does that mean that even though I'm pretty, I could still be killed?" Tawni asked.

Zora and Sonny nodded.

Tawni grabbed a nearby blanket and threw it over her head for protection.

"In that case, I'm out of here," Chad said on his way to the door.

***Everyone's a suspect***

"I'm just glad I'm only a security guard here. If I were an actor I'd be on the next plane out. And if you all were smart, you'd do the same," Murphy said as he dropped the safe pizza in front of Nico, letting it land on the table with a thud.


Sonny stared at Chad with wide eyes and slowly backed away from him.

"What?" Chad asked.


"Dakota Condor?"

Dakota (who was now fourteen years old) smiled and waved at her old acquaintances.


"I could never be the killer," Tawni assured the threesome. "Blood is gross and plus I'd have to do so much work."

***And no one is safe***

A flicker of motion in her peripheral caused Sonny to look up, and reflected in the mirror in front of her was the killer, standing no more than five feet behind her.


Sitting with her knees brought up to her chest, Tawni hugged her legs and rocked back and forth on the ground, having the equivalent of a breakdown.


"Now everyone give me your 100 watt smiles," the photographer said. "Really blow the fuses with those bright smiles of yours," he added with a shaky laugh.

They put on forced smiles and suddenly the lights all shut off.

The photographer laughed nervously again as he clutched his camera. "Wow, those were some smiles, guys."

***Be ***

Sonny's eyes widened. "Uh, Chad, as sweet as you're being, could you stop?"

Chad backed up, looking confused. "Why?"

"Well, uh…" Sonny put her hands on his shoulders and spun him around so he could see what she saw.

"Oh shoot."

***Very ***

"I don't want to be next!" Tawni yelled into the darkness as she clung to Sonny like saran wrap.

"We're both next!" Sonny responded.

"You first!"


Sonny turned around and when she saw the killer bring out the gleaming knife she screamed at the top of her lungs.


Portlyn saw something in the corner move and let out a high-pitched scream.


Tawni, Portlyn, Chad, and Sonny all immediately jumped into a cluster again and screamed out of fear.


Tawni clamped her hands over her ears and screamed loudly.

***Coming to a computer screen near you***

Sonny struggled against their grip but immediately stopped when the knife came up to her throat as a threat.

"Who are you?" she bit out angrily in a low voice.

The killer smiled underneath their mask. "You'll never know."

***October 31st, 2009***

"Sonny, what does it feel like to have a nervous breakdown?" Tawni asked in a small voice.


"Be very afraid."



Usually she had to be hard at work on her TV show in Condor Studios. Not tonight, though. Tonight she was a twenty year old, free woman, and she was going to… try…to enjoy it… while it lasted.

"Marissa!" Alexis shouted out over the roar of the crowd and the loud music from the band.

Marissa startled and jumped and bumped into the guy standing next to her.

"Hey, watch it!" the guy said, frowning at her.

"Oh, sorry," Marissa stuttered. She turned away from him and looked over her shoulder again.

"Marissa, what are you doing?" Alexis asked over the noise.

"I don't know. I just… I feel like someone's… watching me," Marissa replied.

Alexis lowered her head and got closer to Marissa. "Oh my gosh. Marissa… Do you see dead people?" she whispered as low as she could and still be able to be heard.

Marissa frowned and hit Alexis on the arm. "Stop it! I'm serious!"

"Oh, take a joke. Marissa, you need to relax. We only have tonight and tomorrow night before we have to go back to that place and see our old friends from Mackenzie Falls. And if they haven't changed since the last time we saw them, Chad'll still be single, Jason and Andrew will still be a bunch of jerks, Portlyn an airhead, and Maxine a mouse," Alexis stated, still moving to the beat of the music. "It'll be boring as heck. And right now, you're freaking out while we're at a concert for our favorite band. Settle. Breathe. And watch my stuff. I'll be back in a second."

"Where're you going?" Marissa questioned, taking a step after her friend.

"I want to see if I can find that cute guy we passed on the way to our seats. Please try to enjoy yourself." Alexis hurried away and left Marissa alone in the crowd.

Marissa turned back around to face the stage again, and gasped. "Sorry," she finally said to the dark figure in front of her. Whoever it was, had on a long black hooded robe and was wearing a twisted clown's mask that looked like someone had used to melt crayons over. "It's not every day outside of Halloween you ever get to see a mask quite like that."

The song came to a guitar solo and the fans screamed even louder.

Marissa was jostled forward by another fan jumping up and down and yelling out that she loved Tony (the band's lead singer). Marissa stumbled a few steps and came closer to the figure with the creepy mask.

"So, why are you wearing that awful thing anyway? It's summer," Marissa said, trying to relax.

The figure shrugged without saying a word and took a step closer to Marissa.

She inched back a step cautiously. Something didn't feel right to her. "I think I have to go now," Marissa finally said, turning on her heel.

She was suddenly yanked back by her wrist by the mysterious person.

Marissa struggled again his grip. "Hey, what are you-" Her words were cut off by the feeling of a cool blade pressed lightly to her throat.

"It's time for payback, Marissa."

Marissa started kicking but her scream faded away from the other mingled screams of excitement in the crowd as the knife sliced deeper into her throat.


So, there's that. The ending is about as descriptive as I think it'll get.
Sorry if the trailer was confusing, I tried to make it less confusing then the last one I made, so we'll see I guess.
Well, I should get back to writing. I really, really hope I can finish it,
and that the power doesn't go out because it's been flickering a little all day. I suppose there's always pencil and paper.
Have a good Friday! :-)