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"It's been about a month since Akatsuki were all taken down, I want opinions of those that were involved," Danzo declared to start his meeting off. The last month saw the end of Akatsuki by some unlikely people and answers were needed.

At his authorititive voice, the council stilled, a hush falling over the entire dimly lit room. The shuffling of paper, rumbling of voices and chatter decreased until silence reigned, and then Homura spoke up and said, in a raspy voice, "Jiraiya and Tsunade would know something about it, but they left the United Kingdom years ago."

Danzo looked about, and turned towards everyone before looking towards Homura once again, his calm voice stating, "Well that's the problem then isn't it? Of course they'd know about those outsiders that took out Akatsuki, but we know next to nothing on them, they all disappeared a week after it happened..." he said with an impatient sigh. He knew things weren't looking up highly, after all, from what reports said... Shinigami were involved and most of, if not all the work was done by one of their own Konoha FBI members.

Homura remained silent, face emotionless as ever, not wanting to reveal his thoughts. Beside him, someone shifted and cleared their throat. "Excuse me," Koharu exclaimed, her eyes glinting but otherwise she wore an impassive mask. Everyone turned to face her, eyes alight with interest and infinite respect; she was one of their eldest and most reputable agents. "We know how risky it is," she said, "So why not send in covert agents? We know there are some talentless slobs working for us, so why not send them in to take a look at what's occurring in our scientists labs way out in Japan? That way, we get rid of some useless agents and also gain new information... If they don't die, that is," she added the last part with a small, partially sadistic smirk, and the council chuckled slightly.

Danzo smiled as he moved his papers out of the way, looking at Koharu before replying. "It sounds like a good idea, before you carry on the idea... I made some calls as to these Shinigami, one of their Captains will be here to discuss things with us regarding the last month... and Koharu, you were saying?"

The elderly council member nodded curtly, folding her hands on the table before her and levelling Danzo with a manipulative look. "Well," she began, clearing her throat calmly. "We all know of Namikaze Minato's and Uzumaki Kushina's son, Uzumaki Naruto..." Upon hearing those names, an uproar arose within the council, whispers of that dreaded name and the tragic events that had happened nearly twenty two years ago.

Danzo smirked, he saw the reactions of all the people around him and they were either interested, or worried. They all knew just what that name meant to them. There was a small moment of silence on his part before he spoke. "What of the Carrier? Are you thinking of sending him on a mission?" he asked casually, that smile not leaving his face. He was already liking the idea of using the infamous carrier of the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, almost too much.

Koharu didn't chuckle despite the amusement she felt inwardly; she knew not to show emotion. "Yes, actually," she said, "He isn't a talented agent; he almost didn't qualify to become such, and as such we're highly dubious of any future promotions and, in conclusion, he is a useless operative to us. We have a criminal organisation after him, causing us immense trouble... If we got rid of him, we'd be free..." Here, lips twitched in an almost-smirk. "Also, the laboratory we wish to send him to is on the boder of where we last tracked Akatsuki spies to... It's a perfect way to gain information... and to get rid of this little pest."

Danzo leaned forward. He knew there wasn't much of Akatsuki left since Pain had disappeared. "Works nicely. What do you know of this lab?" he asked leisurely, folding his arms and staring into all the members' eyes, not missing a single one. He was more interested in where he was sending Naruto to.

Homura, realising what his former FBI operative teammate was getting onto, leant forward and answered for her, "You recall the case we had many years ago, of course?" he questioned, but gave no time to answer. "Animal testing, use of chemical substances that cause extreme side effects... We have reason to believe that lab is now currently being utilised... It's possible, if DNA or any old plans are dug up, our future may be destroyed, Danzo-sama..."

"Sounds interesting," Danzo replied. He heard about the labs before as well, but he had never been able to gain substancial enough information to actually send special agents in. If he sent good agents in or if he sent untrained ones in, either way it wouldn't look too good if he sent government spies to their deaths, and for suspicious reasons. "What else do you know, I heard some former assassin is prominent there."

Flicking through files, Homura opened his mouth to respond once more, but was then cut off by another voice interjecting with a substancial amount of information. "Juli. Ex-assassin. Trained at a military boot camp here in England. Transferred to China where she was the vice-captain of an assassination, and had to take control when the captain was killed by Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame. Has had many successful missions, but..." Here, the woman trailed off, obsidian eyes meeting Danzo's fearlessly as she relented information. "She just suddenly quit. Young, about to have a big promotion, she just... disappeard." Shuffling through papers, she then said promptly, "Apparently, she took up various careers in the paths of science and medicine." She cocked her head. "I do believe we have a lead to this woman as well, sir."

"Who do we have that can give us information on her?" he asked calmly, taking a sip of the orange juice that was on his table as he glanced about with his main eye. "So she's gone off the radar, eh? Is there anything she's majored in? Physics, Biology? Name them, now," Danzo ordered for the information on the young assassin, wanting to have knowledge of everything about her. "It's not like that Soifon... She was a real enigma..." he carried on while flicking through photos, brows knotted together in thought but otherwise cool and collected.

The nameless woman hummed in response, scanning her page. "Majored in Biology. Passed Biology, Chemistry and Physics all with A to A* grades. Took all three for A-Levels and, again, received A to A* grades. File mentions she also knows Chinese, Japanese, English and German, not to mention various Asian fighting sports," she recited, and then her gaze flickered to Danzo.

Danzo looked at the file as he came to the table himself and looked at the folder. "Juli... German ancestry by her name and appearance... explains that reason she knows German... she knows her stuff very well. Dangerous threat... You said you were thinking of sending Uzumaki?" he enquired calmly after mentioning his notes, but it souned more like a statement than a question.

Homura and Koharu exchanged a sly glance, and everyone's stares returned to them. They nodded in unison and Homura muttered, "At first, we thought it risky to use Uzumaki on missions. We increased his work load here, doing very basic missions but as most of Akatsuki have been wiped out and have become less of a threat, we may as well dispose of him properly." He smirked darkly, a shadow looming over his eyes. "He's not important, and he doesn't have a family. No one will miss him, and we can easily wipe his name off of government files."

"Easy work. Are you giving him a partner or is it a solo job?" He asked calmly asked, looking at Juli's photo more in intricate detail, photographic memory recording every insignificant detail.

The mature council member shrugged uncaringly. "It would look suspicious if he were sent alone," he admitted, irked. "Although there is a part time agent who hasn't shown much potential... What's his name, Komura?" he mused aloud.

"Kurosaki Ichigo," the woman beside him supplied. "Same age as Uzumaki Naruto, and the same rank. It's perfect."

"Not to mention," Homura added, "Kurosaki seems to have had a previous connection with Soifon."

Danzo glared at Komura, the mere mention of Soifon's name ensured success. "He knows about that incident too... those two will do nicely" He said with a smile, "So how long before we send the two similar agents?"

The old teammates shared a victorious and vicious smirk. "Right away."

Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo.
NARUTO belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

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