A/N: This is my 1st fan fiction, it's a fusion of my to favorite animes, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Devilman, I never liked Shinji Ikari, he was a all around emo wuss, Akira Fudou was kind of the same, up in till the demon Amon tried to posses Akira, and you may no the rest of that story, if you don't no about Devilman you can read the manga at mangafox dot com, now my story.

Neon Genesis Devilman

By FullMetalNinjaX

Prologue: Rebirth

Deep in the forest outside of Osaka 2 on a dark cold night, a 13 year old boy with brown hair and dark blue eyes was runny through the woods , runny for his life, screaming in shear terror at what he had jest seen, runny from monsters that were being lead by his former teacher.


The boy was out for a walk in the woods, thinking about how weird his teacher was acting, he was never a nice man but over the past week or so his bin more anger and violent then normal, just the other day his teacher paunch him it the faces for saying "I'm Sorry" wine his teacher say his coffee tasted like shit, before that 1 time he never lad a hand on the boy, as he came back the house to find that the living room was stained with blood and the dismember parts of some deer and other animals being eaten by 5 creatures out of the worst nightmares of all men, and his teacher eaten with them "AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" the boy scream at the horror his eyes looked upon, but that scream got the notes of his teacher as look up to see him, "ah, Shinji" the boys teacher said, "looks like you came back just in time for diner" as Shinji's teacher was taking, his stared to turn into a monster him self, at that time Shinji stared runny from the house scream in terror, "looks like its time of desert" said the demon that was ones the boy's teacher as they got up and stared to chase the boy through the woods.

(End of Flashback)

As the Shinji ran he saw a cave and went in side to try and hide, and it seemed like he lost them for now, as he was going through the cave he stared to think about all the terrible thing in his life up to this point, how his mother died wine he was only 4 years old because of a experiment she and his father wore working on, he didn't now what it was but the day after she died his father lift him with his teacher saying he no longer wanted or needed a son, his teacher wasn't a father in any regard, all he did was tall the boy what to do and maid share he did it, but he no idea his teacher was a real monster and now he and other monsters were trying to kill him, he don't no how things can get any worst, he stared thinking he should probable lat this monster eat him, at lest thin his suffering word end, but even tho he hated his life he was still afraid to die.

As Shinji wondered through the cave he notes the glowing wall that maid it easier to see ware his going, but he wasn't looking wine he tripped on something and fell, he looked back and saw anther boy, he looked a bit older thin himself , maybe 15 or 16, he had brown shaggy hair with side burns, but what made Shinji gasp was that the older boys lower half was missing, everything from the wast down was gone, as Shinji drew closer to the body that lie before him, he felt sorry for him, he stared to think the older boy was attacked by the same monsters that wore after him, "I'm sorry" Shinji said to the body, but thin he herd a voice whispering in is head, "do you want to live?" the voice said, Shinji stood up and looked around, "who said that, who's there?" he said.

The voice spook again, "I said do you want to live?" Shinji looked around again thin asked, "are you one of those monsters?" the voice spook again, "no, but I can give you the power to fight them, to kill them" Shinji didn't understand what the voice was taking about, "I don't..." but before he could finish the voice spook again, "I can give you the body and power of a demon, and you'll still have your human soul" Shinji was confuse, "the power of a demon?" he asked, the voice spook again "yes, with the body of a demon and the soul of a human you will transcend both and become The Devilman" Shinji was still confuse, "Devilman?" the boy said.

But before Shinji could think about it any more he herd new voices coming form the cave entrance, "I've got the humans sent, his in the cave" it was the monsters, they fond him, the boy began to panic as he thought about what they wore going to do to him, than the voice spook again, "I ask again, do you want to live?" in the heat of panic the boy could hear the monsters coming through the cave, coming to kill him, it didn't tack him long to answer the voice, he hated his life but he was afraid to die.

"YES" he yelled, "YES, I WANT TO LIVE!!!" with that said the body of the older boy began to turn in to mist, and than it want in to Shinji's body, "AH!" the boy yelled as the mist was thrusting in to him, after it want in, the boy stared to fell the change in his body, he threw his head back and screamed, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" as he screamed he stared to sound lass human and more demoniac, his eyes turn from dark blue to bright yellow, red liens formed under his eyes, his teeth became sharp and pointed, his muscles stared to grow and rip threw his closes as he also grew taller, he grew black fur from the wast down and from his forearms to his hands, his forearms grew blades on the outer sides of them, his finger and tho nails turn in to claws, a long tail grew out of his back, demon wing shapes came out of his back, around his shoulders, and down his chest, finally his hair turn from brown to black, grew out, and harden in to the shape of demon wings with antennas on top, the transformation was complete.

By the time the demons arrived, instead of The frail Shinji Ikari waiting for them, was now The Devilman Reborn, "RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" the Devilman roared at the demons, "NO" yelled one of the demons, "THE DEVILMAN?, BUT HOW..." but before he could finish, the Devilman rushed over to the demon at lightning speed, raps his hand around the demon's head, and rips it right off, blood was gushing out of the neck, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" the Devilman began to laugh at the carnage he had stared, one of the other demons tried to attack, but Devilman threw the head of the first demon at him, catching him off gourd so Devilman could ram his claws threw the demons chest and rip out his sill beating heart, he was amazed at how his claws went threw the demon's flesh like paper, with that 2 more attacked him from behind only to taken a spinning back kick that knocked them both down, 1 with blades for arms came at him from the said, but a electorate bolt fired from Devilman's antennas and hit the demon's eyes, blinding it, Devilman than ripped the blind demon's blade arms off , back flipped to the 2 he knocked down and ran the blades in to there body, there was only 1 left, the one that was his former teacher and it was tying to run away, but Devilman won't lat him, so he run after him, and as he caught up to him the blade on he left forearm began to glow, and as he ran past the demon, the blade cut him in half at the wast, with both half's on the ground the demon looked up at Devilman and said "you think this is over, this is only the begging, a weak human like you has no chants of serving, don't you, Shinji, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" just to shut him up, Devilman stumps on his head and crashed it.

With the heat of battle dieing down, The Devilman began to return to the forum of Shinji Ikari, as he came out of the cave it was raining and thundering, and as he stared to recap on what happened, what he became, and what he had don, and most of all, how mach he enjoyed it, he stared to fill horrified at what kind of monster he was becoming, at that point he fail to his knees, threw his head back up to the sky, and tried to scream, "RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" but only the roared of the beast range from his throat as the thunder clapped.

To Be Continued

A/N: I hope you enjoyed my fan fiction, in the next Chapter, Shinji goes to Tokyo 3 and you'll just haft to read it to find out what happens, in till than.


Asuka and Shinji are wake through the woods, Asuka is mad becomes it her falt they were lost, but like always she blames Shinji for it, "SHINJI, YOU BAKA," Asuka yelled, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GOT US LOST" Shinji trued around and said, "ha, I wasn't the one who threw the compos away saying we didn't need it" and Asuka replies " no, but it was your idea to go into the woods in the first pleas" Asuka than asked , " way did you drag me out here, anyway? Did you plan on doing something perverted with me?" Asuka asked.

And Shinji just said " no, I just wanted to tall you how I fill about you, because I like you Asuka" Asuka just stud their for and minute, trying to take in what Shinji had just said, and than, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" she stared laughing, "OH MAN, YOU THINK I'D LIKE A LOSER LIKE YOU, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

Shinji just stud their and said "ya, I though you'd say" and than after she stopped laughing, Shinji stared to say "Asuka, you no I'm not like other guys" and Asuka replies, "I no, that way I can't sand you" and Shinji says, "no, I mine I'm really different" as Shinji said that, he stared to fill a pain in his stomach as he dropped to the ground, "AHH" he yelled, Asuka look down at him and asked, "Shinji, are you okay?" Shinji looked up at Asuka, his eyes turn from dark blue to bright yellow, his teeth became sharp and pointed as he roared "GET AWAY!!!" than Asuka stared screaming, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" and than ran away.

Wine she was gone "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Shinji stared laughing and said, "that will teach that bitch not to screw with me".

R.I.P. Michael Jackson