+A/N: Well, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. The great Asuka Langley Soryu Vs. Shinji "The Devilman" Ikari. LLLLLLLLLET"S GET READY TO RUMBLE! DING DING.


Neon Genesis Devilman

By FullMetalNinjaX


Chapter 5: Asuka Strikes! Devilman Strikes Back!

The morning light shined thorough the window of Rei Ayanami's new room. It had been nearly a week sines she movie in with Ikari and Captain Katsuragi. As she opened her eyes, she took a look around the room that was ones unfamiliar to her a week ago, but was now warmer and inviting. She had everything from her old apartment (which wasn't mach.) to the new one, including Gendo's glasses. Misato and Shinji both tried to help her pick out same new stuff at the mall. The woman pick out all the new clothes, bed sheets, and furniture. Shinji however, was the pack mule. (Think goodness for demonic strength.) The experience was more then what the girl was used to, she wondered if it was a good thing that she liked them.

Anyway, she got out of bed a got dressed in her school uniform, as it was a school day. Though, Misato did make Rei promise to ware the clothes she picked out on her days off. After getting dressed, she walked out of her room and went for the kitchen were Shinji was at the stove making breakfast. The boy turned around ween he hared someone come in. "Morning Rei." he said to the albino girl. "Your breakfast is already on the table."

Rei sat down in front of a bowl of fruit salad. "Thank you." She said using the same "words of gratitude". But now, she was more comfortable saying it, especially to Shinji.

Shinji had been making her vegetarian meals since she said she didn't like meat. Of course, it didn't stop him from cooking meat for his and Misato's meals. Just as he turns off the stove, Pen-pen waddled over to him and squawked. Shinji looked down at the warm-water penguin and said. "Hehe, Don't worry, I didn't forget you." As he points to the penguin's bowl. And as Pen-pen waddled to his bowl, Shinji committed. "A few weeks ago that bird was scared to death of me. One sardine later, and now he doesn't care want I look like." As he sat down, he looked over to Rei and asked. "So how are you doing?"

Rei simply replied. "I am well." Remembering what the boy said about manners, she asked. "How are you?"

Shinji smirks and said. "Well... even though I had a iron rod rammed in my chest last night, I'm pretty good." Joking about one of his demon hunts. Rei didn't even crack a smile, though Shinji didn't expect her to. At the moment, the door to Misato's room opens and she stands there in nothing but her bra and panties scratching herself and looking like she just woke up. "Good morning Misato, my don't you look lovely this day." Shinji said with a smile.

"Oh shut up. I had a rough night at work. I need a beer" she grumbled as she walk to the frig.

At first, Rei didn't know way the Captain got mad at Shinji for complimenting her. But then she remembered what Shinji told her about sarcasm.

After taking her first swig, Misato quickly got in a better mood. "EEEEEEEEHHHHHHHAAAAAAA! THAT'S HOW YOU START THE DAY!" She yelled. Shinji just rolls his eyes at that. Then she asked. "So Shinji, have any idea on who your going to bring with you on the trip tomorrow?"

"Why are you taking me out into the middle of the ocean anyway?" He asked.

"I told you, the Commander asked me to oversee Unit-02's transport to japan ones it reaches our waters. And I thought it would be a great opportunity for you to meet Asuka. I knew her ween I was working at Nerv's German branch." The woman said.

"I knew a guy who had a friend named Asuka ones. Things didn't end well for them." Shinji said.

"Well don't worry, I'm sure you and this Asuka will get along fine." Misato said. "Hey, why don't you invite some friends from school to come with? I sure some of them would like to meet her."

"None of the other kids at school know I work for Nerv, and I want to keep it that way." Shinji answered.

"Oh, right! ...Guess that's out of the question." Misato said. She then looked over to Rei and asked. "Hey Rei, way don't you tag along.

The blue haired girl looked up from the table and replied. "If Commander Fuyutsuki give me permission, then I don't see way not."

The Devilman smiled and said. "It's better then being stuck of Nerv HQ all day."

"I can attest to that." Misato said. "Oh by the way Shinji, you should know that no one outside of the japan branch know what you really are." Shinji looked at the woman with a raised eyebrow. The Captain continued. "It's just that your a dangerous secrets, Shinji-kun. The lass people know about you the better. As fare as they know, you used Eva to kill all thous angels."

"Guess I shouldn't be surprised. Organizations like Nerv of notorious for keeping secrets." Shinji replied.

The woman looked at the boy, giggles and said. "Hehe,You make in sound Nerv some evil organizations out to rule the world. You watch too many movies, Shinji-kun." as she take anther swig of beer.

Shinji thorough on a fake smile and said. "Yeah, your probable right." he started to think. "I know Nerv and Fuyutsuki are up to something. But for some reason I can't I remember. I know what the Rei and the Evas are, but the rest is still a blur." Even though he had his mothers memory, some of them wore still out of his reach.


(The Next Day)

Shinji, Rei, and Misato wore taking a helicopter ride over the ocean with Lt. Maya Ibuki riding with them. The albino girl was waring a pink T-shirt, the front of it had red harts, yellow stars, an anime girl with a sword, and in big bright words... HONEY FLASH! She also wear blue jeans, and new shoes. All of which, hugged her body tightly and showed girl's rather mature looking figure. It was kind of uncomfortable. the only reason she was waring it in the first pace was because Captain Katsuragi picked it out for her and Shinji told her she looked nice in it, so she bared with it.

As for way Maya is with them, Ritsuko thought it would be a good idea to sand her favorite tech to make sure those navy yahoos didn't mass with Unit-02. She accepted the assignment relationally. She was still nerves around the boy. Luck for her, Rei was sitting between the two of them. But it didn't help the woman relax.

Misato looked back at the group and sew the look on the young Lieutenant face. "What's wrong Maya, scared of highs?"

"Ah...N-no... not really." she said.

Shinji smirked from the other side of the chopper. "I think it's me that's making her nerves."

"Oh? Way is that?" the captain asked.

"Could have something to do with the last time we shared a closed space together." the boy answered with his fangs showing.

Maya started to get embarrassed and panicky at what Shinji was implying. "AHHH! I swear Captain, nothing happened."

"Shinji, what did you do?" Misato asked with a concerned voice.

"I just told her a joke and I think she mint have taken me seriously." Shinji replied.

"Oh is that all?" Misato asked with a smile. Maya still embarrassed, quietly nodded at her. "Well, don't waring about it. It was just a joke, right?"

"Y-yes ma'am." Maya replied.

"So how long tell we get to this ships?" Shinji asked.

"We should be coming up on them now" Misato replied. As the clouds cleared, the Over the Rainbow naval fleet came into view.

"All that to transport an Eva, hum?" Shinji said.

"It's a Pre-Second impact naval fleet. To be honest, I'm surprised the old rust buckets are still in serves." Misato said.


As the four of them got off the helicopter, Shinji began scratching. "Mmm... Man, that was a tied fit. Though I can complain about the company." he said to Rei with a smile. "So how did you like the flied?"

Rei rubbed her shoulder as she said. "I also found it uncomfortable. But like you, I to enjoyed the company." she replied smiling back.

But before the boy could say anything else, anther sound pierced the air. "Well, hello Misato. It's been a while."

Shinji looked over to see a redheaded girl in a yellow sun dress. She ware A-10 nerve connecters on her head like they wore hear accesses. But it was the smug superior look she wore on her face that made the boy think. "Oh shit, she's going to be trouble."

"It sure has. My, you've grown." Misato said.

"Yeah, and not only have I grown teller, but my figures filled out." the girl replied.

Shinji gave the girl a look over and thought. "What figure?"

Misato introduced them. "Right. Everyone, this is the pilot of Evangelion Unit-02, the Second Child. Asuka Langley Soryu."

Asuka walked over Rei and Shinji. She looked at Rei and said. "I guess you mast be the pilot of Unit-00, Rei Ayanami, right?" She asked. The albino girl simply nodded in response. The Redhead gave the other girl a look over and said. "Hmm... I expected as much from the inferior prototype's pilot." turning her nose up to her.

Shinji turned his head to the girl with both a surprised and anger look. "Who the fuck dose this bitch think she is?" he thought.

Asuka then turned and saw Shinji "And that would you the The Famous Third Child."

Shinji quickly got he composure back and says with a smirk. "None other."

The redhead looked the boy over and said disappointingly. "Hmm... Not mach to look at." sounding somewhat disappointed.

Shinji, still holding his smirk said. "Look you's taking."

Asuka started to get mad as she asks. "What's that suppose to mean?"

Shinji holds his hands out in front of his chest like his cupping a pair of breast and says. "Let's just say your figure needs to do a bit more filling out before you can start bragging about it."Asuka's face turned red. At first with embarrassment, and then in anger. Misato chuckled a bit, Maya became red-faced, and Rei's expression didn't change a bit till Shinji spook again. "Hell, you just bad-mouthed Rei and she has a nicer rack then you." Ayanami blushed as she looked down at he chest.

Now Asuka was even madder. "Y... you... PERVERTED JERK!" She yelled as she raised her hand to slap the boy.

As the hand flue throwers him, Shinji leaned backwards and avoided the slap. He then leaned forward up to Asuka's face and said. "Got to be quicker then that, A-cup." still smirking.

Misato decided to step up before things got out of hand. "Alright you two, settle down. Now, let's get to the barge so I can get this transfer documents to the Captain."

As they walked to the barge, the redhead looked back at Shinji and said. "This isn't over, Third Child."

"Over? I'm just getting started, Red." the Devilman replied. He then looked over to Misato and said. " 'Will get along fine' huh!" The woman just gave the boy a I'm-sorry-about-her smile.


On the barge, Misato faced an annoyed ships Captain with his first officer. Shinji, Asuka, Rei, and Maya were standing behind they're Captain Katsuragi as she and the fleet Captain had they're "desiccation." Shinji wasn't really paying attention to there back and forth. The old sea dog was pissed at the fact his navel fleet was reduced to a cargo service. He was especially pissed at the idea they mite have to use Unit-02 in the ocean. "This weapons can't be that special if they need kids to work them." was what was going thorough the old sailors head. "The ocean is our jurisdiction. You well follow our orders out here." the fleet Captain said,

"I understand. However, I should remind you that, in case of an emergency, Nerv's authority overrides yours." Misato said, feeling she made her point.

Maya blushed and said. "Wow! She reminds my of senpai."

"That's a scary thought." The boy said.

Just then, a new voice entered the room. "Well now, your as gallant as ever."

Asuka was the first to see who it was. "MR. KAJI!" she yelled like a giddy little school girl.

The man standing in the doorway was Ryoji Kaji. He had kind of long dark green shaggy hair in a pony tail, and stubby facile hair like he never shoves. He wore a look like he was "Gods gift to women."

Shinji noted this and then looked at he gardening, who didn't look to happy to see the man, and asked. "Who's this douche?"

"That douche is my ex-lover." She replied in a depressed sounding voice.


In the lobe of the ship, the group where sitting at a table. Maya was at the ship caring Unit-02, gave it a look over. Rei wasn't saying anything. Asuka was obviously still pissed at Shinji. And Kaji was striking out with Misato. "So Katsuragi, you got a boyfriend." the man asked smoothly.

"That's none of your damn business" Misato growled.

Kaji tunes his attention to Shinji. "So, I hare your living with Katsuragi."

Shinji looked at the man with a raised eyebrow. "Yeah?"

"Tell my, is she still so wild in bed?" He asked with a smirk.

"WHAT!" Asuka and Misato both yelled at the shock of what the man was implying. Rei still sat quietly.

Misato was embarrassed the most, tell Shinji replied. "Wouldn't know, we haven't gotten that fare." Shinji retaliated with his own witty retorted.

Thanks to the boy, Misato now fled less embarrassed but still mad. "THAT'S RIGHT! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TRYING TO PULL!" she yelled at the man.

"Not yet, at lest." coming for Shinji.

"WHAT!" Misato yelled at the boy. Her embarrassment back in full bloom.

Kaji's smirk never faded. "Nope, hasn't changed mach, has she Shinji?" he asked.

"I think you'd know more about that then me." the boy said. "But how do you know so mach about me?"

"You have quiet a reputation. The famous Third Child who piloted an Eva with out training. And defeated an Angel in his first battle." Kaji replied.

Asuka look at the boy with contempt in her eye. Shinji notes. "Get ready Red. Your about to get a lessen in humility." He thought. "Oh, I'm flattered that my reputation would precedes me." The Devilman said sounding like some kind of gentlemen. "Huh! gentlemen."

"You'd be surprised! You have a real talent for Eva." The man said.

"More like a talent for fighting. But still, in or out of Eva, kicking ass is what I do, and I do it well." He replied looking at Asuka.

The more the girl listened, the madder she got. "Who the hell does this 'arschloch' think he is?" Asuka thought. The girl then slams her hands on the table as she stands up quickly. Looking down at the boy and said. "That's it! Your coming with me, Third Child!"

Shinji stood up holding his smirk and said. "Okay, be shouldn't you take me out to diner first."

The girl got red faced and yelled. "LAT'S JUST GO!"

"Lead the way, Red." the boy said

All this wail Misato held her head under the table trying to convince herself it was all nightmare.


The red headed girl dragged the boy to and boat. And from there, to the ship were they have her Eva. As they come to the cargo hold, Maya was just coming out. "Oh, De... Pilot Ikari? Pilot Soryu? What are you two doing here?" She asked.

"Well, Red here wanted to show off her toy to me." Shinji said.

The redhead got mad ween he said that, but didn't say anything.

"Well, okay. I just got finished checking on it, now I'm going back to the career and give Captain Katsuragi my report." The Bridge Buddy said as she went on her way.

As Asuka walked over to pulled the tarp off. Looking at the giant four-eyed bio-mech, Shinji said. "Wow, It's red. Shocking."

"That's not the only that's defense." Asuka proudly said about her Eva. "Unit's-00 and 01 were originally the Prototype and Test Type's. The fact that Unit-01 synchronize with an inferior pilot like you is proof of that." Shinji just rolls his eyes at that. "However, My Unit-02's the first Production Model built for combat."

Shinji looked at the red four eyed machine and said. "I mite be wrong, but don't they take out all the good weapons off the Production Models?"

"WHAT!" Asuka yelled.

"Yeah, they put a lot of the good stuff on the Test Models to see if they work. But ween the Production Models are made, they don't add them. It all to cut costs." the Devilman said "So the make your Eva the cheep factory model, wouldn't it?"

"Uha...!" The girl was dumbstruck. "Why that little 'ficker'! How dare he called my Unit-02 a cheep factory model!" she thought.

But be for she could retaliate, the ship started to shack violently. Shinji simply asked. "Hay-hay-hay! Who the fucks rocking the boat!"

"It Sounded Close!" She called out.

The two of them ran outside to the upper deck and saw something huge in the water swimming away from a sinking ship. Shinji knew what it was. "Shit! An angel!" the Devilman growled.

"Angel! Like the real ones!" Asuka asked.

"No, like the California baseball team." Shinji said laying the sarcasm on really thick.

"W... why... you..." Asuka stuttered. She was getting pretty tired of the boys mouth. And so she snapped and yelled. "THAT'S IT! I've Had Enough Of You And You Bull Shit! Who Do You Think You Are Coming Here And Talking To Me Like This."

Shinji gave the girl a smile with fangs and said. "Hay, You talk big but that's all in is, Talk. Not my fault your the bitch who's all bark and no bite, Red."

"Bi... BITCH!" The boy had just worked the redheads last nerve. "I'LL SHOW YOU WHO'S ALL BARK ! AND STOP CALLING ME RED!" the girl yelled. Asuka grabbed the boy by the arm and pull him back to the Eva cage. She stepped into anther room to change into her plug suits and ween she came out she throws one of her spare suits to Shinji. "Well! Put it on!"

Shinji looked and the girls suits and said. "No-Fucken-Way!"

"Come On Already! We Don't Have Time For This!" Asuka demanded.

"Why do you want me to put this on, anyway? You got some kind of trap faddish or something?" The Devilman asked with a raised eyebrow.

"NO, DUNKOFF! We're Going To Got In My Unit-02 And Fight That Angel!" She called out as she ran to her Eva.

Shinji anther looked at the suit, and throws it away saying. "Pass!"

Asuka got mad and yelled. "PASS! WHAT DO YOU MEAN PASS!"

"Three reasons. 1) NO-FUCKEN-WAY!" he yelled as he pointed at the plug suits. "2) The plug would be a tied fit with you and your ego already taking up most of the space. And 3) I have no planes of dying for said ego. Have fun getting yourself killed." And with that, he turns and starts walking off.

"Well, I Guess We Know Whose All Bark Now, Hmm...!" Asuka said in a smug tone. But the boy just ignored her. She started to get really annoyed by the "The famous Third Child" attitude towards her, and called out. "Fain, I'll Show You Who's Boss! I'll Take On That Angel Myself! You COWERED!" And with that, She opened the entree plug and got inside.


(Back at the Flag Ship)

The craw were getting to there battle stations. Misato was getting in anther argument with the captain. And she wasn't in the mood sense seeing Kaji take off in a private plane as soon a the trouble started "Look Captain, There's An Angel Out There And As We Know, Only An Eva Can Beet It. So, We're Going To Deploy Unit-02. Whether You Like It, Or Not!" She declared.

"Absolutely Out Of The Question! I Well Not Allow You To Put The Rest Of My Fleet Endanger By Activating That Toy Of Yours!" The old man replied.

"Well, If You Don't Let Us Use The Eva, You Won't Have A Fleet To Command!" The woman said.

Will the Old man and young woman had they're back and forth, Maya was looking out the widow and thought. "The enemy is so close. Well Captain Katsuragi and the Old Captain are bickering will we're sitting duck out here. I wish I was back in the Geo front." She then noted Rei looking out the same widow. The girl next to her didn't look scared at all, and so she nevus said. "Hay... Uh... Rei...?" the girl tuned and looked at the woman. "Uhm... Aren't you scared?" the woman asked.

"No." Rei replied in her usual monotone voice. The Bridge Buddy got a confused look on her face. The girl continued. "I have faith in Shinji-kun."

Maya was moved by how the girl trusted the Devilman. At that point she thought. "That's so sweet. Even in the face of death she's still believe in the boy she loves."

Just then, Asuka's voice came on the intercom. ("Misato! Are You There?")

The woman get to the mic the replied. ("Asuka! Is That You? Where Are You?")

("I'm in my Unit-02, ready for launch.") The girl said.

The Fleet Captain rushed over to the woman and tried to take the mic from her yelling. "OH NO, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO USE THAT TOY OF YOURS ON MY SHIP!"

Misato tried to push him off yelling back at him. "BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS, GRAMPUS! THIS IS A NREV OPPOSITION NOW!"

Maya turned to the two and points out. "Mama, Unit-02 Is Still Equipped With The B-Type Equipment!"

Misato suddenly get a worried look on her face. "If Unit-02 falls in the water, it won't be able to work" she thought. She got back on the mic and asked. "Asuka, Is Shinji with you?"

("Oh You Mean The 'The Famous Third Child'? HA! That Chicken Ran Out Here With His Tail Between His Legs!") Asuka said with a smug tone.

("All Right, Get Unit-02 Up And Running And Do Want You Can About The Angel!") As the woman said that, She puts the mic down and started to walk to the door.

"WAIT! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING!" the old man yelled.

"I Got To Make A Call!" She said.

"WHAT! WAIT!" but before the Captain could protest any further, the woman was already out the door.

On the outside, Misato reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She pressed a button that connected her to Shinji's codec. ("Yo!") the boy said.

("Shinji! Where Are You!") Misato asked.


("Hangen.") He had his wings out and was flying over the tanker, but he was still mostly in human form.

("WHY ARE YOU NOT HELPING ASUKA!") the woman yelled.

("It's her Baptism by Fire.") The Devilman said with a smirk.

("Baptism by Fire?") she asked confusingly.

("If she want to prove she not all talk, if she wants to prove she has what it takes, then she needs to know her enemy. She has to face him on the battlefield, on her own. And through that, see what she's really made of.") Shinji replied.

("Shinji! Asuka's Eva Is Fitted With B-Type Equipment! If She Falls Overboard She's Sunk!") She said.

("Ha! So the little girl's going into the big pool without her floaters, hum? Ha-Ha! Don't worry, I'll pull her out before she gets too in over her head.") He said with a chuckled.

Misato still didn't like the idea of Asuka fighting this Angel on her own. ("Hope your right.") the woman said.


The sixth Angel Gaghiel, began to charge the tanker. But then, Eva come online and lapped out just as the ship got cut in half. The four-eyed red giant landed on one of the other ships with the tarp raped around it's body like a cape. "Ha, I'd like to see the Third Child try to pull moves like this." she thought. As the Angel started to charge the Eva again, it jumps the the next ship, discarding the tarp. Unit-2 lapped from ship to ship till it came to the aircraft carrier. "Evangelion Unit-02! Coming In For Landing!" she called out as she landed of the deck, hard.

"NOOO! NOT MY FLIGHT DECK!" cried the Old Captain as the jets wore falling into the ocean.


Shinji flue up to the closer spot. Luckily, everyone on the ship was too distracted be the fight to notice him. "This should be interesting." He said with a smirk.


Unit-02 hooks up it's power cable and stood ready with her prog-knife to meet you enemy head on. "let's gut this fish." she says to herself. Gaghiel was moving like a torpedo as it sped towards the Eva. The Angel lapped out of the water and on the flight deck, pining The Eva down and knocking it's knife away. "GET OFF ME, VERDAMMT!" Asuka yelled as she struggled to push to massive whale like monster off of her. Unfortunately for her, Her ankle was on the deck elevator as it gives under the Eva's wight. With Asuka losing her footing, the angel was able to dive back in the water pulling Unit-02 down with it.

Asuka held on to the angel till she reach the end of her power cable and was forced let go with a violent jerk. "AHHH!" Asuka screamed. "Damn It, Your Not Going To Get Me That Easily." But as she tried to use the Eva's controls, the bio-mach wouldn't move. "OH SCHISS, THAT'S RIGHT! THE B-TYPE EQUIPMENT DOSN'T WORK UNDER WATER!" Just than, she notice Gaghiel coming back around for her. As the angel approached, It opened it massive mouth the revile it was full of of razor sharp teeth. Gaghiel swam up and bit down on Unit-02's wast. "AAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Asuka screamed from the pain.


Above the water, Shinji was listening to the girl through his codec. He opened two way comm link and asked. ("Need any help?") with a smirk.


("Ha, I'm not this time. I'm asking you if you need help. Oh do you enjoy feeling like a worm on a hook?") the boy said.


Shinji's smirk got wider with fangs showing as he replied. ("Oh, I have my ways.") After the transmission gets cut. Shinji folds his wing up and dives into the water.


Back on the career's barge, "I KNEW WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TRUST A CHILD TO FIGHT THIS THING!" the captain yelled at Misato.

"KEEP YOUR SHORET SHORETS ON! IT'S NOT OVER YET!." the woman yelled back.

Just then, they wore interrupted by one of the navel officers. " Ahh... Captain! I'm Picking Up A New Blip On Sonar!" he called out.

"WHAT! IS IT ANTHER ANGEL!" The captain asked.

"I Don't Know, Sir. But It's Moving Towards The Target Fast." the young man replied.

Misato, Maya, and even Rei wore looking at the smaller blip on the screen. Misato was the first to say what the other two girls wore thinking. "About time, Shinji-kun." with a smirk.


The Eva-Devilman moved like a shark towards his pray. Gaghiel saw him coming and started towards him at top speed, but was suddenly stopped by the Eva's cable. "AHHH! DAMN IT, THAT HURTS!" Asuka yelled at the sudden jerk. With the Angels cot on a line, Devilman swam up to it's mouth, put his hands and feet on the upper and lower lip and with all of his might began to pry it open. On the inside, Asuka felt the Angel's jaw being forced open. "What The...?" she said. She looked over her shoulder to see what was going on. And as the Angel's mouth opened, Asuka saw what to her looked like the Devil himself. "MEIT GOTT! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!"

Misato came on the comm and replied. ("Don't worry, Asuka. His on our side.")


("I'll explain later. Just trust me for now.") the woman said.

Devilman looked down the Angel's mouth and saw it's core at the back of it's throat. He got one of his hands free, grabbed Unit-02 by the cable, lifted her off the teeth and out under the Angel. And with Asuka out of embedded danger, Devilman jumped into Gaghiel's mouth as it snap shuts. Luckily, His tall didn't get cot between the Angel teeth. Devilman then crawled into a ball and starts building up energy in his body. Gaghiel try's to swallow him, but it was what the boy wanted. After charging up enough power, he releases it in an explosion of energy. The Angel as well as it's core wore destroyed, leaving it's body blown in half.


The Shockwave from the explosion was felt by everyone on the career. As the seas calmed, The captain called out. "STATES!"

The man on sonar checked the screen and said. "Sir! The target has been destroyed."

The old man looked at Misato, and you could tell he wasn't happy. "All Right, Katsuragi! I Want To Know What The Hell Was That Thing."

Misato looked at the old man and calmly said. "That 'thing' is what saved you and what's left rest of your fleet. And that's all you need to know." as she walked off, leaving a dumbstruck look on the captain's face.


Back it the water, Asuka watched as the bloody chuck of flesh folded down and the cloud of blood dissipated. She saw the Devilman with the Angel's blood swirling around him as if it was dancing for the demon. "Mein gott." She whispered to herself as she stared at the monstrous figure.

Suddenly, Devilman took off towards Unit-02. Grabbing the Eva and under doing it's power cable. He shot straight out of the water and up in the air. At the pick of he jump, The Devilman spread his wings and glided down to the carrier, holding the Eva like a bride. As they touched down on the deck, Devilman used an emergency codec frequency to auto eject the plug. "WHAT THE FUCK! WAY'S THE PLUG OPENING UP!" Asuka yelled in a panic.

As the LCL was draining from the plug, Eva-Devilman transformed to Devilman form and flue on to the open plug. He pears his head inside. "Yo, you ali...?"


Just then, Asuka's foot met Devilman's face, girl started kicking and screaming at him in panic. "AHHH! NEIN! NEIN! GET AWAY! "

"Hay, Calm Down! I'm Not Going To..." Devilman called out. Asuka wasn't listening, so he grabbed both the girls legs and yelled. "I SAID CALM THE FUCK DOWN. RED!"

"Huh? Red?" At that moment, Asuka stopped her tantrum and with wide eyes looked at the beast-like man. "T... Third Child...!" was all she got out. The Devilman smiled as if to confirm what the girl was thinking. "It can't be." the girl said in shock.

He then reached out to her. "Believe it Red, It's me. Come on Misato's waiting for us."

Asuka was still scared and confused, but it didn't seem like he wanted to hurt her. So she took he's hand and he pulled the girl out of the plug. He then picked her up into the same bridal possession in which he carried the Eva, and glided downward. As they landed, Devilman set the redhead down to her feet. She backed up and got a better look at her saver. Seeing the demon's wings folding away, Asuka thought he looked like some kind of Gothic superhero. She wasn't normally into the whole Gothic thing, but the boy pulled it off while.

But before she could awe at him further, Misato came down the stares fallowed by Maya, Rei, And a dozen of the Navy's finest with guns. "YOU! ON THE DECK! STEP AWAY FROM THE GIRL AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" said the voice of the intercom. Devilman did as the men said. The old captain was about to give his next orders as they saw the Devilman moving towards the edge of the deck. "HAY! STOP RIGHT THERE!" he yelled. Devilman turned around and faced the officers, and with a smirk on his face, he falls backwards into the ocean. By the time the sailors get to the edge, the Devilman was no ware to be seen. This left all of the sailors dumbstruck, Asuka confused, and the captain infuriated. "GOD DAMN IT!" he yelled.

Misato walked over to Asuka as the girl asked. "Misato? What the hell was that?"

The woman looked down at the redhead with and smile and said. "Think of him as owe guardian devil, Asuka my dear."


(At the Docks)

Asuka was just getting of the bout. Misato filled her in on Shinji's alter ego. The girl would still had trouble believing the whole thing, if not for the fact Shinji was no ware to be fond. Neither was Kaji, but Misato already told her that her dream man take off. Ones she's off the ship, she turned and sew The Third Child talking to the Sub-Commander Mico Mizuno and Dr. Akagi. "How the Hell did he get here so fast." she thought.

"... And the Angel?" Ritsuko asked.

"Moby Dick is nothing but chum." the boy answered.

"The navy has had some terrible loses today. But they're sacrifices ware not in vane. Excellent work, Shinji." Mico said as she put her hand on the boy's shoulder and smiled.

Asuka looked on and thought. "That Should Be Me! I Should Be Getting Praised!" As the two ladies walked off, the boy turned and walked to the redhead. The girl was still unconvinced that this puny little thing was the same creature that saved her.

"Oh welcome to Japan, Miss Soryu. Did you enjoy your trip." Shinji said with a smirk.

"Yeah, Yeah. Like you have the right to be smug. Did you think I'd buy that 'Devilboy' that bullshit Misato fed me?" She replied.

Shinji casually strutted to her chuckling. "Hehe... Actually, Red. It's not Devilboy!" And as he got up two her face, he looked at her in the eye. She watched as the boys deep blue eyes started to glow yellow, his teeth grow into fangs, and he fingernails turn into claws. "It Devilman, bitch!" he said with the some voice as the demon that saved the girl. She than looked horrified. "Oh, and don't bother screaming. No one's going to come." he said as he brings his claw up to stroke her chin. The girl wanted to scream, but was too frozen with fear.

But that, a familiar voice comes down for the ship. "Okay, Shinji-kun. I think she gets the pitcher. Now stop before she wets herself." The two looked to see Misato and the other girls.

Asuka got her senses back and quickly pushed the boy away, yelling. "I... I WASN'T SCARED OF HIM!"

Misato chuckled and said. "Hehe... Don't worry, Asuka. Shinji's harmless. Well... harmless to us."

Shinji brushed himself off and said. "You know? Somehow, I hopped you'd be nicer. Especially after I... you know... Saved You Skinny Ass!"

Asuka looked at the boy smugly and said. "Saved Me! Huh... I'll Have You Know, I Was Just About To Break Out And Kill The Angel Myself!"

"Oh-ho really? Then tell me! What was your grand plan then, Hmm? How wore you going to "Break Out And Kill The Angel Yourself?" " Shinji asked with a smirk.

"Um...mum...!" The girl stuttered, cot in her own lie.

"Hmm... Thought so." the boy replied.

"S... SHUT UP!" The girl yelled as she stormed off, her face red with anger and embarrassment.

Shinji looked over to Misato and said. "Hmm... nice girl. Was she like this ween you knew her, or is it just her time of the month?"

"Sorry about her, Shinji-kun. I didn't think she'd be this competitive." Misato replied.

At that point, Maya chipped in with her two cents. "With all due respect ma'am, I think "competitive" is putting it lightly."

"She's right. That girl's got issues, no doubt." Shinji replied. Looking at ware Asuka ran off to, the boy scratched his chin, looked back at the woman and said. "Misato, do you have access to her file?"


(Nerv HQ, Commander's office)

"Well that was some trip. Don't thing anyone expected an Angel to show up out at sea." Kaji said. He stud in front of the Commander's desk with Fuyutsuki sitting behind and the blond boy standing next to the old man, looking at a suitcase the man had just placed before them. "Could it have bin after this?" he asked with sarcasm. And with that, Fuyutsuki opens the case to revile what looked like an embryo inside. "Well now, quiet a remarkable specimen, isn't it?"

"Yes. And now we have Adam in our possession." The Commander said. He looked to the boy and asked.

"You did will Mr. Kaji." The boy said with a smirk.

The stubbly man smirked back at the at the boy and replied. "It was my pleasure, Mr. Asuka."

The boy now known as Asuka simple said. "Please, call me Ryo."

Kaji looked at both of them and asked. "So, what are you plans for Shinji?"

"For now, his fine were his is. No need to bring him in just yet. We still need him to take care of the remaining Angels. We can deal with Seele." Ryo answered.

"Good enough for me." Kaji said. "Well, if we're done with today's business, Gentlemen. I have other matters to attended to" And with that, the man tuned and waked out the door.


(Later That Night)

Shinji was lied in his bed and listening to White Zombie's Super-Charger Heaven on his music player with a disturbed expression on his face. He had just finished reading Asuka's file. "Shit! No wander she's so fucked up!" the boy thought. "Poor Asuka-chan, I'm so sorry Kyoko." as tares began to form. "HUH!" He said as he came to realize what he was thinking. He sat up, pulled the era pieces out, and started to think, "Mom! You knew Red's Mom?... You worked with her on the Eva's!... Then could that mean...!"

As the realizations came foreword, Shinji got out of bed and want for the window. But before he could escape, He herd his door opened with Misato's voice on the otherside. "Hay Shinji-kun, I was wondering if you would..." But she stopped ween she saw the boy with his foot on the windowsill.

Shinji turned to his guardian with a bit of surprise, saying. "Oh!... Huh!... Misato!... "

"... Huh!... Going somewhere?" She asked with her arms folded across her chest.

To which the boy could only reply, "Sorry, I forget about diner."

"Never mind diner, Shinji! Where were you going at this time!" The woman asked again.

The Devilman looked at the her and thought of his next words. "I was just going out and do a little demon hunting." he said.

Misato looked at the boy, but something on his bed coot her eye. It saw Asuka's file folder. It didn't take much of the woman to put two and two together. "Hmm... Be careful out there, Shinji-kun. And don't worry about diner. I'll order takeout for us." she said with a wink and a smile.

Shinji smiled back and said. "Thanks, Misato-san."

"Anytime. Kiddo. But if you run into any demons out there..." the captain stated.

"Yeah... I'll call you." the boy said as he lappet out into the night.

The woman ran to the window and saw the boy spread his wings and glided down to the first rooftop. Misato smiled and together. "Shinji-kun, please give Auska a chance."


The boy jumped from roof to roof to keep out of sight. As he got over the industrial area, he stopped on a roof top and started thinking of the file. "From want I read in the file, after Kyoko's soul was taken by that monster, her body was left an empty shall. And Auska was rised form the age of four the be an Eva pilot. Knowing those fuckers at Nerv and Seele, they probable made the poor girl believe she has nothing but Eva..., just like Rei." Suddenly, a scream egged in the night. "Well, the night was boring anyway." the boy said as he moved quickly to ware the scream came from. He dropped down to empty the street. There was no sign of the woman, say of a pool of blood on the ground. Shinji had just arrived, so he know the trail was fresh. All he needed to do was follow the scent, which led him into one of the condemned buildings.

As he runs into the abandon structure, he morphs into his Devilman from. He follow the smell up to the third floor and stopped. "The scent is strong up here. It mast be on this flour." he thought. Shinji walked carefully through the derelict corridors. If the monster was hold up in this place, then it could be waiting for him. "Huh!" As he pasted near one of the rooms, he heard what sounded like a little girl crying. The boy cautiously entered and saw a little girl about 4 or 5 years old, curled up by a corner with her hands covering her head and waring a blood stained jacket. Devilman carefully approached the child, at first thinking it mite be a demon trying to trick him. "Hay!" the girl looked up and reviled she had yellow cat's eyes and ears. But it was the tires in her eyes that told him what she was. "What! Your a Devilman!" the boy said in surprise.

The girl was still scared, but not of the Devilman, it was the monster hanging above him. The boy notice her look, and turned just in time to have a 500 pound cockroach fall on top of him. The monster roared and hist as it tried to claw at the young Devilman, who was pined to the ground. He placed both his feet on the roach's thorax and pushed off. The monster went up into the air and down hard. Both it and Devilman quickly got to they're feet. Shinji was able to get a good look at the beast, and it didn't look like any demon he'd ever seen. It had with one-big-disgusting-eye-ball that looked around rapidly. And aside from the obvious cockroach appearance, It looked like it had metal and hoses sticking out of it's body, like someone try to turn this monster into a weapon.

Shinji didn't know who could have cratered this monstrosity, but he did know he couldn't let it live. Devilman fired a bolt from his antennas to takeout the roach-demon's only eye. But the shot was block by a wall of energy. "An A.T. Field, huh...?." he thought with a smirk. The monster charged at him, brought it's glowing claws up, and slashed thorough the Devilman's field. The boy quickly leaped way from the claw, but not before taking cuts to the chest. "Shit! That was close!" he thought.

The beast was about to lung at him again, until the roof collapsed above the creature and something dropped on top of it. As the dust settled, the Devilman saw the roach-monster had a large spike rammed thorough it's head. The spike was attached to the arm of anther creature. It look humanoid with reddish-brown skin, two 2ft long horns, and a wight Mohawk that ran all the way down his back between two rows of spikes. The horned beast smirked and said as he stud up and retracted the large spike in his forearm. "Hum...! Ugly motherfucker. But then, the old men at Seele were never ones for style."

Shinji stud his ground, not sure if the creature was an enemy or not. "He Knows About Seele!" he thought. "Who the hell are you?" he asked.

Holding his smirk, the beast side. "Of course. Ware are my manners. You can call me Samael." as he stepped into some light.

The boy was finely able to see the creatures eyes and they told him only one thing about it. "A Devilman"

(To Be Continued)


A/N: Sorry that took so long. Let's just say I had a ruff couple of weeks, and I wanted to get this out before I start on the next one. Still, hope you enjoy the story.



The two of them ran outside to the upper deck and saw something huge in the water swimming away from a sinking ship. Shinji knew what it was. "Shit! An angel!" the Devilman growled.

"Angel! Like the real ones!" Asuka asked.

"No, like the California baseball team." Shinji said laying the sarcasm on really thick.

"W... why... you..." Asuka stuttered. She was getting pretty tired of the boys mouth. And so she snapped and yelled. "THAT'S IT! I've Had Enough Of You And You Bull Shit! Who Do You Think You Are Coming Here And Talking To Me Like This."

The boy looked at Asuka and with an annoyed tone of voice said. "What are you, Dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I'm the Goddamn Devilman!"

The girl just looked back at Shinji with a raised eyebrow and said. "An 'All-Star Batman and Robin' joke? Really?"

The boy hanged his head in sham."Sorry."