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Ring – His son's laugher was like a bell's ring – brief, vibrant, and never heard outside of Jazz's company.

Hero – For all that he had sacrificed, Jazz would forever hold Prowl as his hero.

Memory – Sometimes the searing agony of Jazz's death haunted Prowl's dreams; it was on such nights that Jazz held Prowl close, reassuring his mate the only way he knew how.

Box – "Jazz, I really don't think Sentinel would appreciate a new personality chip as a creation day present, no matter how funny you think it would be."

Run – When the call came for them to retreat, they found they had nowhere to run; trapped back to back, there was nothing for them to do but keep fighting until Shockwave's forces overwhelmed them.

Hurricane – The massive storm that hit the Autobot base had human and mechs alike running for cover; Prowl just stood there, letting the rain pelt his doorwings and imagining it was Jazz's touch.

Wings – Jazz knew how sensitive Prowl's doorwings were, so when he saw Gears attempting to seduce Prowl in the Academy rec room, it took everything he had not to tear the mech off of him and spare Prowl the discomfort.

Cold – He felt the cold consume his spark as his body was ripped in half; Prowl's responding scream was just an extra layer of pain before the world went completely dark.

Red – "Ya know, Prowler – the 'Con's don't actually see red" – "Jazz, why are you wearing a 'Con visor?"

Drink – "Of course I'm gonna keep bringing ya energon; ya don't take care of yerself and it's a good excuse ta visit."

Midnight – Prowl's first midnight on Earth was spent standing guard over Jazz's lifeless body; what felt like an eternity later, he spent his first Earth midnight worshipping his living mate under the full moon.

Temptation – There was something about Jazz's sleek new alt form with his distinctive visor, and for the first few weeks Prowl could not keep his hands to himself.

View – As Prowl glared at him from his undignified heap on the floor, Jazz merely grinned and said, "Gotta love the view."

Music – Prowl never cared for music until he found himself attempting to comfort a distraught Jazz late one night and the only words that would come were the lines of Jazz's favorite song – If you need to crash then crash and burn you're not alone.

Silk – Sam noticed the strange way Prowl's fingers traced across Jazz's face plates, not like he was fine china ready to break, but rather like the smooth metal was the finest silk he had ever had the pleasure of touching.

Cover – At first Lennox wondered how they were going to bury Jazz's body (after all, it wasn't right to just sink him like they did Megatron and the others), so it came as a surprise to him when Ratchet simply covered the corpse with a tarp and began gathering materials for repairs.

Promise – A sparkling doorwinger held tightly to his smaller, blind companion, and if any of the adults got too close, his little wings would flare and his grip would tighten, a wordless oath that he would protect what was his.

Dream – Prowl screamed as he fell to his knees, spark shattering as he realized his worst nightmare had become his reality.

Candle – "Light a candle and pray over the flame, and the smoke will carry your prayer to God," Mikaela explained; Prowl studied the tiny flame a moment before whispering "Dear Primus, I want him back."

Talent – "Jazz, you have a singular talent for pissing our superiors off."

Silence – Jazz caught Prowl's optic across the meeting room and tilted his head to the side in a silent question; Prowl merely smiled at him and Jazz turned his attention back to the meeting, curiosity satisfied.

Journey – "This is one trip I don't want to take without you."

Fire – Prowl watched Sam and Mikaela cuddle beside their bonfire, Bee stretched out behind them, until Jazz's fingers brushed gently across his doorwings as he whispered in his audios, and a whole new fire erupted inside him.

Strength – Optimus wasn't sure what surprised him more: the power of Ratchet's fury or his shouted proclamation of "Prowl is Jazz's strength, you blind slagger – how long will it take for you to get that?"

Mask – During the day he hid behind strictness and rules; only at night did he feel comfortable enough to shed his mask and let Jazz take care of him.

Ice – "Water is slippery when frozen, Jazz" – "Mute it, slagger."

Fall – "Ya don't worry 'bout a thing, Prowler – I got yer back."

Forgotten – As Sam watched Prowl grieve, he wondered what it must be like to recover from a loss when time could never dull the memories.

Dance – Sometimes Optimus wondered how long Prowl and Jazz could hide the truth that he himself had known for some time: they had never danced this war for anything but each other.

Body – Jazz had never considered himself jealous, but he had to revise that opinion when he bodily drug Smokescreen from the meeting room for touching Prowl's doorwings.

Sacred – "All life is important; I just happen ta believe yers is more important than mine."

Farewell – "I never had the chance to say good-bye."

World – Prowl had to admit – Cybertron was almost boring compared to Earth.

Formal – "Wow, Prowler, ya make even stiff 'n formal look good."

Fever – "Optimus, Prowl's systems are overheating; at the rate he's going, it won't be long until he joins Jazz with Primus."

Laugh – It was so rare that Optimus had heard Prowl laugh, much less seen him doubled over laughing so hard he couldn't breathe, Jazz grinning like a fool while he stood in front of Prowl wearing a pink tutu and flanked by the Twins; the sight was so ludicrous that Prime experienced his first ever lock up.

Lies – For a long time after the move to Tyger Pax, Prime couldn't look Prowl in the optic without hearing the youngling's accusing voice, especially in the conspicuous absence of Jazz.

Forever – "I promised ya forever, Prowler, when I bonded ya – ya think somethin' like this would change that?"

Overwhelmed – Jazz glanced sideways at Ratchet before speaking softly, "Don' look so shocked, Ratch – ya shoulda known I would do anythin' fer him."

Whisper – Prowl leaned against Jazz, chassis pressing against his mate as his fingers danced across Jazz's armor, whispering in his audios of days before and days to come.

Wait – "Would it kill you just this once to take time out and heal – Prowl, Jazz has been worried sick about you; at least consider him!"

Talk – Prowl didn't want to acknowledge the depression that grew every day Jazz was unreachable on his mission; once Bluestreak pinned him down and forced out a confession, however, he realized he felt much better.

Search – Jazz knew the AllSpark had to be found, he just wished Prowl was looking for it with him rather than guarding a dying Cybertron.

Hope – As Ratchet watched Prowl and Jazz recover from their almost-fatal session with Shockwave, he could do nothing more than hope and pray they would someday have a better life than this.

Eclipse – It was at that moment when Jazz fled an important mission briefing in response to Prowl's desperate SOS that Prime finally realized – Prowl eclipsed anything that Jazz might feel for the Autobot cause.

Gravity – Jazz grinned at Prowl from the floor and quipped, "Gravity works!"

Highway – "But I like watchin' yer sexy aft drive off inta the sunset!"

Unknown – No one knew when it started, but everyone knew it was right.

Lock – Prowl glared at the door from their berth and grumbled, "The Twins need to learn what a locked door means."

Breathe – They were everything to each other, the very air they breathed, and Optimus could only wish them and their new sparkling a blessed life.