A/N: When I wasn't thinking to clearly, I signed up for The Twilight Twenty-Five, found at thetwilight25(dot)livejournal(dot)com.

The idea is to interpret twenty-five one word prompts to write either a one-shot, or a 100 word drabble, all to be completed by December 1.

I began with the drabbles, and have some one-shots planned as well. The pairings vary, and some are moments from already established stories. Ratings will also vary.

These are completely unbeta'd, all mistakes are mine. Also, huge thanks to Dannie and Christie for their help. *HUGS*

The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt: Stagnant
Pen name: Touchstone67
Pairing: Jasper/Alice
Rating: T


Glancing up quickly when she walked into the room, I caught her amber eyes surrounded by stillness.

A vision.

"Alice?" I waited, and she shook her head clear. With a fake smile, she said down next to me and placed a hand on my chest, over my still heart.

"Jasper, does your heart still race when you see me?"

"Darlin' my heart hasn't raced in over a hundred years."

Gently, she laid her head where her hand had been, listening intently for something that she had never heard.

She had lost her bounce, and I had lost my racing heart.


Thanks for reading….more to come!