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Author's Note: This... Is my first fanfiction... So please, do not leave bad R&R... Please or else I will have Crash come over to your house with a knife to cut out your internet cable.

It wasn't long since Crash had an adventure. Crash was sitting at home, just swinging on his hammock and thinking of stuff. His smile said a thousand words that no one can begin to imagine. Coco was working on a new high speed hover car and Crunch was working out as usual. Crash then saw the newspaper man and he picked it up and read the newspaper.

I wonder if Coco is finished with the psychotic, Crash thought.

Crash is the only one in his family that cannot talk. So he had to try to use his hand symbols. He went inside Coco's lab and found that the Psychotic is not completed. Crash then decided to sneak over to Cortex's Iceberg Lab and try to use that one. So he did.

Crash went inside the old Lab Cortex barely used. He then had a flashback from what happened 5 years ago...

"Hmm hmm hmmm hmm hmm..." Cortex laughed "You know Crash, for all these years, I have been wrong about you..." Crash smiled as he turned on the Psychotic and approaches the center "Your existence was a mistake, and your constant reminder was a mistake! But I learned something from all of this, is that you can't run away from your mistakes, but you CAN'T BURY THEM! I NEVER want to see your RIDICULOUS FACE AGAIN!". When this all happened, Crash then teleported away from the lab in a flash! Feeling teleportation in his bones, he was whiskered away from his dimension AND his world! Crash thought it was a new thing Cortex made... But he didn't know.

6 lightyears away... Far beyond the eyes of the solar system in the 3rd dimension, Crash approached a lushly ground and landed straight on his nose.

Ugh, Crash thought. What just happened? Was it just a dream... and where did the lab go?

Upon waking up, he found himself in a neighborhood that did not look anything like his. He appeared infront of a house that had a huge white fence and it was upon a cliff.

"My head... It hurts..." Crash then stopped and was shocked that he actually spoke "I-I can talk? Amazing!"

Crash then asked himself Maybe I should ask for directions..... So he did and he approached the gate. It was a huge wrought iron gate with the letter "P" on it. Crash didn't know what the "P" mean... Could it mean Perfect? Crash asked himself. He then opened it. It made a very creeky sound when it opened. He then approached the manor's door and knocked. It had a firm wood sound. The door opened and a woman in a french maid outfit greeted Crash. She said in a sweet Swedish voice

"Lord Daniel is busy in his laboratory."

Crash knew that he could trust her... But he just doesn't for some reason.

"Yes, I would like to see him. It is kinda urgent." Crash responded in a untrustworthy voice.

"Of course! Right this way!" Gratefully remarked the Swedish maid.

Crash didn't know what much technology was but was surrounded by it so much thanks to Cortex. As Crash went towards the laboratory, a Gothic like girl stopped him in his path.

"Excuse me." Crash politely said

"What in the name of Helios are you doing in my house?" She replied anger

"Uhh... I was just following where she was going. Seriously... Why must you try to stop me?" Crash replied as if he thought she was being rude.

"Are you serious?" The teenage woman replied "That woman is a slut! Are you sure you're going to follow her around the place?"

"... I don't trust her at all but she is leading me to this "Lord Daniel" of this "Kingdom" or something..." Crash sarcasticly remarked.

"Humph... simpletons..."

Crash knew that everything was going to be interesting...

Strangely, I knew something evil was afoot... but what can it be? Can it be Cortex? Can this "Lord Daniel" be a friend or a foe? What does that "P" mean... and what did that weird red-headed teenager tell me about that oddly nice Swedish maid? Who knows, it could be a new team mate for me... Crash thought. He knew that... He isn't in the 3rd Dimension anymore...

He is now in the 14th Dimension...

End of Chapter 1.