Walking with dinosaurs belongs to BBC, not to me. And as I don't have English as my native language I even appologize for the language mistakes that can be found. I'm doing my best.

Time was out, but none of them knew that it was.

The boat was under water and the water was flowing in very fast. Some of the equipment was still above the surface and they showed the Mosasaurs which was attacking the boat that was sinking into hells aquarium…

As time was out someone pushed the button, the person didn't even know that he or she had just saved their lives.

The Ancient Mariner was back where it had begun her trip. Something had caused considerable damage to her. A scientist walked over to the Mariner and noticed that water was dropping through the window…

Then they did the only thing they could do, they broke the window. Water was flowing out.

In some way they succeeded to break in, everyone in there was unconscious…

Several weeks later Nigel, Mike and the rest of the crew were at the university. In a few minutes they were about to tell the world about their trip to the past.

The 21 hours day in Ordovician, and the lack of carbon dioxide was things that they had calculated on before they went back in time. But things that they hadn't planned had happened too. Like when the Basilosaurus had stolen the speaker.

The Basilosaurus had been one favorite to many members in the crew, because of all myths. The cannibalistic Dunkleosteus too.

And just the thing to know that they had been walking over Cairo thousands of years before it had even got its pyramids was fantastic.

They had all got nightmares at their time at the hospital. They had fallen into the water and got hunted, captured or eaten of one or more than one of the creatures that they had seen during their adventures. Really Nigel was the only one who had actually been through anything like that. He had fallen into the water to the enormous prehistoric shark Megalodon, without anything protecting him…

They had hit a dead Archelon, which was mauled by some other predator before being hit by the boat which had been the beginning of this spectacular day. Some of them had swum for their lives that day, only to find themselves in the water later, at the night without being able to escape.

Fortunately, time was out.