Chapter 1- new equipment

Charlie Pov.

The state said that this new equipment was going to make out jobs easier. I lived in Forks it's not like my job was that hard to begin with. But I did as I was told, and had the crews set the stuff up. I did not tell anyone what it was. I figured the fewer who knew about it the better. Forks was joining the world of traffic cameras and speed radars. How it worked was the cameras and other devices were set up all over town to a light pull, stop sign or tree. When someone ran a red light, stop sign or is speeding the cameras will click on and take a picture of the car and driver. This information would be sent directly to the State Trafficking Department. They would send out tickets for minor issues and in reoccurring accounts they would inform me and I would make an arrest. I did not think this would do anything, everyone obeyed the traffic laws here, but I was wrong.

Two weeks after everything was set up I got a call from the State Trafficking Department. They told me that they had an issue and that I needed to make an arrest. They informed me that this person had ran all three stop lights, two stop signs and was recorded going over 100mph. I could not believe it, who would do that? Then they sent me a license plate number and the picture. I did not even need to look it up in the computer, I knew who it was. I grabbed my jacket and left to go arrest my daughter's boyfriend…Edward Cullen.

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