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Chapter 6- The End

No, there is no way Carlisle would do this to me. It was the next morning and I had been waiting on Carlisle to come and get me, but he was not coming. No apparently he got an emergency call from the hospital, some two year old got dunked into a toilet by his older brother. So instead he did not send Esme, no he sent Emmett…great.

"Heya Eddikinss."

"Emmett don't call me that and what are you doing here."

"I'm here to bail you out, o wonderful brother of mine." Plus, he added mentally, I could not pass up an opportunity to see mister goodie toes behind bars. Goodie toes? That was the best he could do. He walked up to Charlie and placed a thick envelope on the table.

"Here you are chief Swan. Hey did you take a mug shot? Can I have a copy of it?" Emmett was really starting to annoy me.

"Um sorry Emmett, but I did not take a mug shot." He said as he counted the money, and took the note from Carlisle stating that he would be responsible from making sure I showed up on my court date. He got up and walked over to my cell. "Well Edward everything appears to be in order. You are free to leave after you sign this. It just says that you will be able to keep your driver's license until the hearing unless you are pulled over for any reason. Then you will have it taken away for 6 months and have to stay in a jail cell till the court date. And you promise to appear on the court date." He said as he unlocked it.

I quickly signed the form and went to head to the door trying not to get too mad at Charlie or Emmett. Charlie was thinking about how nice it was to have me behind bars, while Emmett was singing "This is the song that never ends" over and over. I stormed out the door with Emmett on my heals.

"So Edward now that you've been arrested, what is it like? Are you going to start a life of crime now? Did you meet any people, while you were in the big house? Are they going to try and use you to escape that hard life?" That was it, we were out of site of any humans and I was going to let Emmett have it. I went to turn around only to see that Emmett was not there. Flabbergasted I turned back around and headed to the parking lot but when I got there I did not see Emmett's Jeep but a big red truck. I took off at vampire speed and was in the car before anyone knew what had happened.

"Hi love, sorry I was not there to pick you up, and that I made you faint and if you got hurt from falling." I was silenced by a warm figure on my mouth.

"Edward it's ok. I'm fine, I'm just glad that you are out of there and that we can go back to your house so we can have some Bella and Edward time."

I leaned over to kiss her. Yes, Edward and Bella time was just what we needed. I picked her up to move her to the passenger seat so that I could drive. I wanted to get home as fast as possible and her driving was just not fast enough. I wish she had brought my Volvo, it's faster.

"O and Edward?"

"Yes Love?"

"Don't speed on the way home. I don't want my dad coming and interrupting our together time because you got caught speeding again." She started to laugh. I was never going to hear the end of this.

The End