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Chapter 1: Death is only the beginning

Shinobi… and war, these two words that always go together. War for land, for food, for ethics, for righteousness, for money, for revenge, even for love, that is how war is. It always follows a cause and effect.

This was the 4th Great Ninja War, and unlike others, this was a war for peace. But this story is not about the war, this story takes place right before the war ended.

We find the hero of Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki and the avenger of Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha, facing the most dangerous shinobi the world had ever seen, Madara Uchiha, who with what remained of his power unleashed the bijuu on the world. The bijuu eventually merged with Madara allowing the madman to gain unprecedented power.

Anyone would have died, and most of the weaker did, even these two great warriors would have died, if not for the efforts of their personal medics, Sakura Haruno and Karin who both saved their lives and closed their wounds.

They were weary and exhausted, the fight had gone on for hours, and for most of it, the immortal Madara had the advantage, but in the last hour, even he showed signs of fatigue from overuse on the chakra because his body couldn't withstand the mixture of chakra.

Right now the heroes were catching their breaths and trying to figure out what their options were.

"Damn… shit… damn… doesn't this guy have any weakness?" asked the sage catching his breath.

"He does… even if he hides it… his last movements were more sluggish then before. It means that either he's underestimating us or he's damaged as well…" answered Sasuke.

"Kuuusoo… this is the hardest fight I ever fought." Returned Naruto.

"Yeah… we have to need a plan. His speed and strength, not to mention his chakra have increased a lot, and the intangibility jutsu he uses, makes any attacks that do go in, worthless. He can also put out my Amaterasu" Returned Sasuke.

"Taking on such an opponent is suicide. We should have left when we had the chance, Sasuke." Spoke Karin.

"Sooner or later, all of us would have had to face him. We have a better chance if we stick together." Returned Sakura.

"Jeez… what a pain in the ass." Returned the red haired kunoichi.

"Alright, so taijutsu and ninjutsu won't work on him, that only leaves Genjutsu." Returned Sakura.

"Yeah, but even that is almost impossible. The Sharingan can see through most genjutsu. I'd have to use Tsukiyomi on him, but I think he'll see through it." answered Sasuke.

The others signed in defeat, it really felt hopeless.

Naruto suddenly got an idea. "Wait, I think I know how to make the genjutsu stronger!" he started telling them the idea and all listened intently.

After a while, they all jumped from their hiding place and faced their foe.

"Looks like you decided to fight to the very end. Quite honorable indeed." Spoke Madara taking his stance.

He started firing fireballs at them and chakra extended hands, but the boys avoided each hit. Neither attacked with any ninjutsu, both avoided or tried some basic taijutsu attack.

Meanwhile the girls looked from the rocks.

"How much longer?!" asked Karin, impatient looking at the clone who was in a lotus position.

"Let him focus! It takes a little time. And yelling will only make it longer." Returned Sakura sharply.

In half a minute the clone's eye shot open and golden eyes pierced Karin's gaze. It popped in a cloud right after.

Naruto felt the sudden change and his eyes turned golden, he entered sage mode and approached Sasuke. "Ready!"

"Got it." Sasuke closed his eyes and in a few seconds his eyes changed into his Mangekyo Sharingan. He charged chakra and ran as fast as possible in Madara's direction.

"Charging head on?! You are underestimating me!!" screamed the man preparing a handsign. But he quickly had to avoid a punch from his teammate that appeared pretty close to him.

Jumping back 10 meters to put some distance between them, Sasuke was closing in on him.

Madara jumped up in the air and screamed "LET's SEE YOU DODGE THIS!!" he spit a huge fireball at them, and both seamed to shaken to move.

It was over, Madara won. He turned to look at took a good look around at what was to come.

"Huh, you almost had me… Sasuke. But you know I have enough experience with even the simple Sharingan to see a genjutsu." The world around him started to blur and a transparent image of Sasuke's face appeared.

"I guess you saw it coming…" returned Sasuke with his Mangekyo Sharingan visible.

"Good try, though. Right before I jumped you placed it on me… but it won't work…" returned Madara with a smirk. He looked around but the jutsu wasn't yet released, which made Madara curious. "What's going on? The genjutsu should have dropped!" asked Madara curiously.

"I guess Naruto was right. Senjutsu really does improve all jutsu." Smirked Sasuke.

"What!?" screamed Madara.

Not sooner was that said that a blur behind Sasuke started to appear. It started to clear revealing Naruto in sage mode holding his hands on either side of Sasuke's head.

"It can't be…" before his eyes widened. Naruto entered sage mode while fighting and allowed Sasuke to use Tsukiyomi on Madara while Naruto channeled and harmonized Sage chakra in Sasuke's head and eyes so as to strengthen the Genjutsu. It was a combination jutsu. But why? "…unless" it soon downed on Madara that without his concentration, he would remain solid.

Back in the rocks, another Naruto(the real one) was holding his right arm in front and left over it channeling wind chakra in it. "Alright, come on! Let's finish this!" he said as both Karin and Sakura started channeling their chakra into his arm while he was doing the same with the wind and sage chakra.

"This had better work!" sneered Karin.

By the time they were done, both girls were too tired, and Naruto held his original jutsu in hand. This was the last stand; it was all or nothing…

Madara tried and tried to release the jutsu and though he was making progress since Sasuke's right eyes started bleeding, it was slow. He fought harder and harder until finally he was free…

"AHHHHH!!!" screamed Naruto pushing the attack full on releasing it in just 7 feet away from Madara.

"NOOOO!!!" screamed the Uchiha, as his body was hit by the jutsu head on in the midsection.

The pulse from the attack pushed the teens back and feel over each other with Sasuke falling on Naruto. After a half a minute… it was over… no one could say anything… everyone was too shocked…

It worked… it actually worked… they………… had………… won.

"… it… worked." Blurted out Naruto. "We won…" he finished.

"… yeah." Finished Sasuke.

"YATTAAA!!!" screamed Naruto loud and happy.

Even Sasuke made couldn't hold back the smile. It worked… teamwork won.

Both boys managed to drag themselves back to the girls who were barely able to stand themselves.

"D-did it work?" Sakura forced out.

"Yeah, we blew that guy's ass to history…" smiled Naruto.

Both girl immediately felt a huge weight being lifted off their shoulders and both released themselves to the fatigue and fell on the their asses on the ground. It really didn't matter whether it was ladylike or not… they won.

"Finally… it's over." Spoke Sasuke feeling relief after a long time.

"Yeah… we rock." Finished Naruto bringing smiles out of everyone. "Let's go home…"

"… home. I think it's too late for me" returned the Uchiha reminding everyone of the reality, of how he is now a missing nin, and the other nations will want him dead.

"No way! Konoha will always be your home!" returned Naruto.

"It's too late Naruto. If I return, everyone knows that I am a missing nin, that I joined both Orochimaru and Akatsuki… even if I am forgiven, the other nations will want me dead, and Konoha will be put in danger…" returned Sasuke knowing the full implications.

Sakura felt discouraged and Karin didn't know what to feel.

"Then, when we return to Konoha, I'll become Hokage and convince everyone to forgive you." Said the blond with a smile.

"What will you say that is forgivable?" asked his best friend.

"How about the truth? I'll tell them that you are the hero that helped save the world…"

Everyone was petrified. Sakura felt a sense of happiness that felt strange to her overwhelm her. Naruto really knew how to turn everything around.

Sasuke answered with his smirk. "Huh… always with your way, Hokage this and that, going all out, even if it's impossible… that's just like you… dobe."

Naruto responded with his own smirk… "That's right… I always have my way… teme."

This brought smiles on all their faces and relief. The war was over, and they could go home.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. "…ugh… Leaving… so… soon?"

It was that voice, that powerful voice that emanated power.

I-impossible, Uchiha Madara still lived.

They turned to the massive crater and caught a glimpse of a body on the ground, or what remained of it. Half of the body was mangled and ripped apart but the eyes and face not.

"…I-impossible…" blurted out Naruto.

"What does it take to take this monster down?" asked Karin out loud.

"… You don't have to worry about that… death is near." Finished Madara coughing blood. "…Just a little while longer…"

"It's over, we won. Just give it a rest… your plan is over, your Akatsuki are gone, your power can't save you anymore… we won." Answered Sasuke.

"… yes, it has come to this… I still can't believe… that even after all this time… I still… lost… this is the destiny of shinobi…" finished Madara.

"…" the others didn't really know how to respond, they waited and listened Madara saying his last words. But Sasuke knew this wasn't just it…

"Shinobi, born in the dark, live in the dark and will eventually return to the dark… That is the ninja way… we all return to it… so...… COME WITH ME IN THE DARK!!… AMATERASU!!!" In an instant a huge mass of black fire left Madara's eyes, heading right to the tired ninjas that simply didn't have the power to fight back or avoid it.


The fires hit but nothing burned. They opened their eyes and to their astonishment, they were inside a spiritual body that protected them from the fires. Turning around they saw Sasuke forcing every bit of power he had left to hold the jutsu.

"Sasuke-kun!" screamed both Karin. "Don't! In your condition, using the jutsu could kill you."

"What!?" screamed both Naruto and Sakura.

Sasuke didn't seam to listen to them as he forced all his will power in the now bleeding eyes. "NO! It will not end here!!" He concentrated his eyes more and the flames seamed to die out. "AHHH!!" He pushed all his effort into it, feeling all his chakra leaving him.

In a last effort, the flames finally went out but as soon as they did, Sasuke feel on his back, motionless.

The others ran to him and started checking him out. Both Sakura and Karin went to work to heal his body but after a full half a minute the light started to dim out.

"…Karin… Sakura… stop. You've done enough…" he said silently.

"What the hell are you talking about!? You'll make through it!" screamed Naruto feeling the tears in his eyes gathering.

"…Yes! After all this time, we can't loose you again!!...." finished Sakura. "… we just can't."

"Like hell I'd give up!" screamed Karin.

"… we're all out of chakra… I can tell that even without the Sharingan… stop, it's over for me." Returned Sasuke.

"Sasuke, WHY!? WHY does it have to end like this!?" screamed Naruto.

"…It's okay, Naruto… I'm glad, I don't regret it. "

By this time, Karin and Sakura both were crying their eyes out; Naruto was beyond pissed and sad "DAMN IT!!! damn it! damn IT!!!" he screamed punching the ground. "I was supposed to save you, but I couldn't do even that!!"

"…Naruto, you did save me… You saved me from the darkness… You'll make a great Hokage… thank you… for everything…" finished Sasuke with a genuine smile, closing his eyes in peace.


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