Scars and Souvenirs

Alright, I'm gonna level with you, here. This story is three separate story ideas (and many mini story ideas) slightly adjusted and shoved together to make one giant mega-story.

Title from the Theory of a Deadman CD, if you were wondering.

Here's the main breakdown:

Part I, "Addiction," takes place during Season 8's "Affinity."

Part II, "Grief," takes place during Season 8's "Reckoning" parts I and II, and "Threads."


Part III, "Disease," takes place during Season 9's "Ripple Effect."

They all exist in the Alternate Universe from which Janet and Martouf came from in "Ripple Effect."

Rating: T. You won't read anything here that you wouldn't see on the show.

Primary Ship: Jack/Sam

Secondary Ship: Daniel/Janet

Other major players: Jacob, Cassie

Other minor players: Teal'c, Martouf

I promise a happy ending, so enjoy reading.