he gets you you know

one day in the pieaceful Vioeolence Distrikt, the Grey Man was there! he was broed and ronley. "waat sulud i dO todaya? i arleady horrified the first guy"

he de-sided to go get some a watermelon from the bakc of his trucl. he walked for a while and said OH NO lOOK AT IT someone vandelezed his car into the bay! oh no how will i goet m y moneydollars now! '

so the Grey Man was a little ticked off but his sensei sdeicded that he needes some direction. "DOLLOW THE PUILLS" the guy said. oh well, "yeah". so he was walking and did you know it!

the pills were theree guiding and dofllowing him liek the world's biggest creepy guy. it was a sign! a pill sign! he was a little high too

"just a little" some

so after looking at it and fidroigugring out the direction fo the caompasspill he went to the stoer.

his GSP communicator let him know via (A/N; new wrodl!) his GPS communicator htath the stoer was nearby! he accidentally trippled over the hoop though. OH NO

- a flaaashhhhh-

so then he was in a boxes! where will i go now! i do know that "

tso he found a girl insode of a hoop and said 'Hey littel girl do youw ant some cadny"

the girl just ignored him a little bit. she was shchasing her soda hoop with a stick. she was pretty good at it too, the grey man suspectled. he wanted to talk tho cahse he was pretty reonly remember!

"so uhhh you dkno odfk where the pill stoer is?" the girl didn't stop or stare. she wasn't good at driving safety

the grey man didn't know wha tto do. he deicsded to give her a riddle.

the old man and the cat are walking down ocean boulevard? and the then catcatcat and the joke is Ocean Boulevard.

"a frog" she said. " a cloud of frogs"

what i don't understand!

"the laundary cave!" "listen they're in the laundary cave"

"i don't understands" saidy all theo fhte Grey Man, squizzled

t'the Gril signed and walked away. "you wouwludn't undersntad. you can't undersdtand." a dark luminous cloud ahowvered however over her the grey man felt pretty bad. "what do I do for her? it's almost chrhistmas and I can't own up to bveing her parents"

all he could do was let her be. after all, time is a glasspane. he walekd along his lonely road of broken dreams and ocean avenues, wisheing he had ahis comfy sweater. he loved it and wanted it with him because he was so hungry and derpessed! horror films don't work on his ind. His King. HIS KINDDD lol


The judge said "i obtect!" and the grey man woke up! he didn't remember anyth ing though. all he knew was this budge was stainrg at him in this face and he suddenly! got creeped out! what would could hsould he doE?



gthe grey kan heard a scream ,it was his own. he awokend to the sound of animals fighting. "what was that!" I'm still do hungry, so i left.

he felt betrre on this decembruary day and so he hummed a tune! unforutnately he killed thousands in the process though and many were temporarily confused and say eyes on their bartenders. but he was a sumo wrestlers in times pased and he knew how wasto comfrot a baby if he needed to.

so he knew his paycheck wasn't the stiffiest, but he went to go bingefood anyway! back to the piullstoer idea, because he eats pills for food. so he was still hgungry and had alittle sotmach pain ithin his warm polygonala center. he empthaized with the girl with ehe hoop, but just didn't know how to get things across to her.

"it's like she doesn't even know I exist."


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