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Yes, this is my new fanfic "I knew We'd Always Be Friends"

I've read stories like this one before, and I just love them. Now this is all human, so don't get confused. No vampires involved. Yet ; ) Ha ha. So I hope you enjoy it. Oh, and 1 more things. This is all in Bella's perspective.

I giggled at my Daddy's poor attempt at making jokes, as we pulled into an unknown city. It was so green, so different, I felt like a fish out of water. I had heard that expression yesterday, when my Dad used it to describe his new job. He was becoming a police officer, and I thought he'd make a very good one. He is good at taking care of people, and making sure they are always safe. He was a police man when we lived in Jacksonville, in Phoenix. He was greatly loved, and his friend Peter was sad he was leaving. I liked him a lot.

I felt my brother Jasper lightly nudge my side, as he pointed out the window. He pointed to a huge logging truck that had pulled up next to us. He loved cars and trucks. I smiled politely ,not really understanding the interest at all. But I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

My brother Jasper was eight-- He is tall, with really light brown hair. He is tall as well. He is pale like me. He was a very nice brother. He cared for me all the time, even when I'm sick. It's like he can tell when I'm sad, or happy, or excited. I love him for that, because, usually eight year old brothers don't like they're seven year old little sisters. I tried not to be too annoying, for him. I cared for him very much. We never fought, ever. I think my Daddy was thankful for that, as well.

So, my names Bella Swan. I had dark brown hair, with a bit of red in it. I'm a little bit short, but my Daddy says I'm just right. I have pale white skin, and my top lip is a little unbalanced for the bottom one. I had brown eyes, like my favourite food, chocolate. Oh, and I'm super clumsy.I didn't have many friends in Phoenix—I was alright with keeping to myself, and my brother. Jasper never had many friends either. I think they were scared of him. He was tall, and looked pretty tough. He protected me if I needed him.

My Mommy passed died when I was four. I don't really remember her very much, but Jasper does. He got his looks from her. I got mine from my Dad. She died when she took a trip to Italy—She went to a place called, Volterra, I think it was called. But she left, and didn't come back. No one knew where she went, but many other people disappeared with her. My Dad was very upset—He cried a lot, and Jasper and I hugged him till he stopped. But I knew he was even sadder than he let on, especially at the funeral. But I didn't want to think about sadness, because we were on our way to our new home; Forks, Washington.

Dad said it would be really rainy and drizzly here, so I packed nice and warm clothes. He was right, too, when I looked out my window, all I saw was grey clouds, and the wet ground. The people wore hoods, and rain coats, and ran around in the rain. It didn't seem to bother them. So I won't let it borrow me. Nuh uh.

I felt the car pull a sharp left, as we parked in the driveway to our new house. It was white, with a big tree out the front. There was a porch, a lot like our old house. It was nearly the same to me, except the house was wet—And everything was green.

Dad got out of the car, and let me out. I jumped out of the car, and slipped on the wet ground. I landed with an oof.

"Are you alright Bells? Better watch those feet." He chuckled, lifting me up by the arm. He pulled me up straight, and held on to me just in case I fell again.

"I'm fine, Daddy, thanks." I mumbled, embarrassed. I blushed a deep red. He laughed again.

I walked steadily to the trunk of our car, and Daddy took out my suitcase. I grabbed the handle, and heaved it across the grass, through the rain. Jasper appeared next to me, and took my bag for me. I smiled at him.

I walked back to the car, where Dad handed me my backpack. I swung it over my shoulder, and nearly fell over again. I grabbed onto the car for support.

"Bella...You have to be more careful, you're going to seriously hurt yourself." Jaz muttered playfully. I lightly punched him in the shoulder. He laughed.

Daddy walked over to us, where we were on the porch. He rattled the keys around in his pocket, then took them out, and unlocked the door. We stepped into our new home, and took in the new smell. It smelt of musk, and dust. It clearly hadn't been lived in for awhile.

Our whole house had been set up—Dad made sure of that. Our old pine table was set up in the living room, and everything was in the kitchen. Our couch and love seat was set up as well. Dad and I both began walking up the stairs, and he let me go first. "After you," He had said. I giggled at him.

I walked into my new room, which was the first on the right. The walls were painted purple, and my window was open, with an icy breeze blowing in. I shivered. Even my old wolf tapestry was up by the door, and it looked different. Different on these walls, different in this house. I guess I'll have to get used to it.

I set my bag down on the floor by my bed, and dad placed my suitcase next to my back pack.

"Is everything set up right for you, Bells?" He asked, sitting beside me.

I nodded. "Thanks, eh, Dad."

He put his hand on my shoulder, before pushing himself up off the bed, and walk across the hall into Jasper's new room. He was sitting on his bed as well, and he looked a little sad. I wondered why.

I sat back on my bed, and sighed. I stared at the ceiling, wondering what to do now. Un-pack would be a good idea. But I was too tired to do it.

I heard the sound of Jasper's soft sobs from my room, and sat up on my elbows. I wondered why he was crying. Did he miss home? Did he not want to be here?

I jumped off my bed, and heard Dad walking around downstairs. I crossed the hall, and found Jasper on his bed, crying. He cheeks were tear stained, his eyes red and puffy.

"Jaz?" I asked timidly. "Are you okay?"

He looked up and saw me, and hastily wiped the tears from his cheeks and eyes. He didn't like to look weak. But I didn't mind. He always helped me when I cried.

"Oh, ugh, hey, Bella. What are you doing in here?" He asked, attempting to smile. He failed.

"I heard you crying. I want to help you through it." I said, crossing his room, and sitting on his bed next to him. He sighed. "Tell me what's wrong."

I knelt down, and pulled something from his bed side drawer. It was a faded picture, all crinkled up. He un-folded it, and I noticed it was a picture of Mom. I instantly felt sympathy for him. I missed her, too.

"You found this in here?" I asked him, grabbing onto his hand that wasn't holding the picture, and squeezing it tight. A big, fat tear rolled down his cheek.

He nodded. "Yes. Dad told me...This used to be Mom and his house in the eighties. This was their first house, before they split up. Apparently, we both lived here with them, until we were six months old. That's why I'm crying."

I felt my eyes tear up, and a tear rolled down my cheek. He put his arm around me, and set the picture aside.

"It's okay." I said, wondering why he as comforting me. I should be comforting him right now. I squeezed his hand. "Now, we have the memory of Mom not only in our hearts, but in our house, too. So don't be sad, be happy."

He looked at me, through teary eyes, and nodded. He wiped his eyes with his sleeve, and I did the same. I sniffed once, and we both stood up. Jaz hugged me close one more time, before Dad came upstairs.

"Hey, you two, we're going to go and take a look around. Let's go, unless you want to stay here..." He said, not noticing our recent emotional outburst.

"No, no. I'll come and look around. I want to see where we're going to be living for the next few years." I said, walking to the door. Jasper followed behind me, and I knew he was still sad. I flashed him a reassuring smile, before we headed downstairs, and out in to the unknown town of Forks.

I was told Jasper and I were going to go to Forks Elementary, in two days. So, not tomorrow but the next day, we were starting school. I was a little nervous. Luckily I had Jasper to start school with.

The three of us walked across our lawn, and onto the footpath. There was think forest across the road from our house—Dad said we shouldn't go in there alone, because there might be bears. I agreed quickly.

Dad took my hands, as we walked east of our house. We turned around, and onto the lawn of the house next door.

"Dad, we're are we going? We can't go on someone else's lawn!" I whispered, leaning up onto my toes so he would hear me better.

"I know these people. They're the Cullens. Calm down, Bella." Charlie laughed, as we stepped onto the porch of a big, white house. Hmm, the Cullens. Dad's never spoke of them before. I shrugged, as Dad knocked on the door. I hid a little bit behind my dad's arm. I was a little bit shy.

The door whipped open, and two people were standing there. There was a tall, and pale, blonde haired man. Next to him, was a caramel colored haired women, who was also pale. She was very pretty.

"Charlie! Hello, it's so nice to see you again!" The women said, excited.

"Good evening, Esme." He answered politely.

"Hello, Charlie!" The blonde haired man said, shaking my dad's hand. They smiled at each other. "It's been way too long."

"Sure has. This is my daughter, Bella, and my son, Jasper. Jasper, Bella, this is Carlisle and Esme. They are old friends of mine. " My dad said, shaking my hand with a squeeze. I still hid behind his arm.

Esme got down on her knees, and lightly hugged my shoulders. "Hi, Bella, how are you today?"

"I'm fine." I squeaked. She smiled at me. Carlisle was meeting Jaz, and he soon came over to me, and Esme knelt in front of Jasper.

"Hiya, Bella! It's so nice to meet you." Carlisle said, shaking my hand.

"It's nice to, eh, meet you too, Carlisle." I squeaked again. Carlisle chuckled, and patted my head and he stood up.

"Sorry, she's a bit shy." I heard my Daddy say. I scowled up at him.

"Well, why don't you come in, and the kids can meet Edward and Rosalie. They'll love to meet them." Esme smiled, as she gestured us to come into their house. Dad practically pulled me up the porch, as I nearly fell over.

There house was nearly all glass—with white furniture. It was simple, yet modern and elegant. I liked it a lot.

"I'll take you up to them. I believe they are in their rooms." Esme said, leading us up the stairs at the back of the house. I liked Esme. She was really nice to my Dad and Jasper and me.

Jasper held my hand as we followed Esme down the halls.

"Edward! Rosalie! Come out here!" Esme called, smiling reassuringly at us. I heard the sounds of moving feet, and two figures appeared in front of us.

The boy, had scruffy bronze hair, and he was tall with green eyes. He was smiling a half smile at Jasper and I. Rosalie, I think her name was, had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was the same size as Edward, and pretty. She was smiling too, but she didn't look as happy to see us.

"Edward, Rosalie, these are Charlie's kids, Bella and Jasper. Now, play nice, okay? Make them feel at home. They just arrived." Esme said, looking at them sternly. They both looked really nice. Esme left us then, and walked down the stairs.

Edward stepped forward first, and held out his pale white hand. He looked a lot like Esme, I guess that;s why they were related.

"Hello, Bella. I am Edward, as my Mom said." He laughed, then looked down. He seemed embarrassed for some reason. How odd.

"Hey, Edward, I'm ugh, Bella, as your Mom said." I said, using his term. We both smiled at each other, as I shook his hand. This was only sentence today that didn't come out a squeak. "It's very nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too, Bella. Welcome to Forks. I hope you like the rain." He said politley.

"Not really," I said, blushing. "I'd rather the sun."

"Then why did you move here, silly? Don't you know Forks is the rainiest place in the USA?" He laughed, shuffling his feet. I flushed red.

"I don't know." I answered his question, which I think was supposed to be rhetorical. Oops.

"Bella, hello, I'm Rosalie. You can call me Rose, if you want too." Rosalie said, stepping in front of Edward, and hugging me lightly.

"Hi,eh, Rose." I said, my shyness coming out again. Dang.

"You look scared." Rosalie said, chuckling."There's no need."


Sorry? Did I just say that? Gosh, I must have sounded so silly. Edward was laughing to himself from behind Rosalie. I instantly felt embarrassed again.

"So, Bella, are you going to go to Forks elementary?" Edward asked, after a short silence.

"Yes, Jasper and I are starting on Monday. I'm a little nervous." I said, words spilling out like word vomit. I always babbled.

"Well, we go there too, so, you won't be alone." He said, smiling an odd half smile. "And we know some people, that I think you'll like. Two, actually. They'll love to meet you. They live just in Port Angeles."

I nodded. At least I know I won't be alone. Maybe I'll even be in one of their classes.

"So Jasper, how old are you?" I heard Rosalie ask Jasper. I heard Jasper say his answer, and Rosalie smile. "We're the same age."

I smiled at the thought that they were getting along. He'll have a friend, too. That's nice.

I looked down at my fight, and at the floor board. I shuffled my feet from side to side on the floor, careful not to fall over.

"Hey, I know what we can do! Let's play hide and seek! Our house has great places to hide." Edward said, smiling. I nodded, as let go of Jaz's hand. He smiled at me reassuringly, and we began walking down the hall. I tripped over something I couldn't even see, and felt some strong arms catch me. It was Jasper.

"Thanks, Jazzy."

"No worries, Bell."

"Edward, you're counting. Bella, Jasper and I will hide." Rosalie said, as she sprinted down the hall. I ran after her, tripping a few times on my way. The bottoms of my hands hurt from the impact. Stupid clumsy- ness.

I ran into a room with a golden couch and heaps of CDs, and hid behind a big stereo there. I tried to muffle my breathing, so Edward wouldn't find me. I had no idea where the others went, but I didn't care.

"99, 100! Ready or not, here I come!" I heard Edward shriek, and I heard him walking steadily down the halls. I heard him step into the room I was in, wherever I was, and I could hear him breathing. I muffled a giggle. I closed myself closer together as I pressed my back against the cold glass. I couldn't see anything but this fancy stereo.

"Oh Bella...I know you're in here." He almost cooed. How did he know?! He was so good at this game. "But where could you be? Under the bed...No. Behind the door? No... What about behind this stereo?"

My breath hitched, and came out as nearly a gasp. He peered over the top, and looked over me. He smiled his strange half smile, as I giggled and pushed myself against the glass to help me up. He held my hand as I got my balance, and I smiled at how he already knew how clumsy I was. Like he'd known me my whole life...

"You're too easy, Bella." He chuckled, as we walked out of his room. "You could have at least tried."

I knew he was teasing, but I playfully slapped him anyway. His laughed, and looked over at me. I realised, his eyes were the color of emeralds. They were very pretty.

"Will you help me find Rosalie? I think I already know where Jasper is." He said, looking over at a cupboard, which was hanging open, to reveal Jasper hidden in there, not knowing we'd seen him. I giggled, as Edward and I began to laugh together.

"Rosalie? Where are you?" I yelled, splitting up from Edward he went to get Jasper out of his silly hiding spot, and I heard then laughing together. I heard a little snicker, and spun around to where it came from.

I creeped into what seemed like Rosalie's room. It was pink, with teddy bears and pictures of princesses and dolls scattered around the big room. I saw a little foot sticking out from under the bed. I walked over to it, giggling like crazy. I yanked it, to reveal a giggling-like-crazy Rose. I pulled her up off the floor, as we met the boys again.

"Okay Bella, you were the first to be found, you have to be counter now." Edward said, smiling at me again. His hair looked like he'd slept on it funny. But I liked it.

I sighed. I hated this part of the game. I stalked over to stairs, and counted there.

1, 2, 3, 4,5...

I wonder if Edward and Rosalie have any other friends beside those two people he was talking about. What if they didn't like us any more, and left us for there other friends? That wouldn't be very nice. I wouldn't like that, and I don't think Jasper would either.

58, 59, 60, 61, 62...

So Jasper had found out Daddy and Mommy lived here before. They must have gotten married, then moved into the house we live in now. Jasper and me lived there till I was six months old, then they decided to move to Phoenix so they could have more windows for work, they'd said. I sighed. I missed Phoenix. The heat, the cacti , the desert...

96, 97 ,98, 99... 100! "Ready or not, here I come!"

I crept through the house again, and found them all very fast. Edward was in Rosalie's room with Jasper, so I found them at the same time. Rosalie was in Esme and Carlisle's room, and said that was the best room for hiding. I didn't agree. I thought Edward's room was pretty good as well.

We then decided to go downstairs and have some dinner. Carlisle invited us over for dinner, saying we'd probably have no food in the cupboards yet. I think he was right.

Esme made us the most delicious Mushroom Ravioli I have ever had—It was so creamy and yummy. I didn't want it to end. Jasper didn't like Mushrooms, but even he enjoyed this. That's how good it was. I sat next to Edward and Jasper, and we talked endlessly, while Charlie chatted with Esme and Carlisle. Sometimes I'd talk to Carlisle or Daddy, but mostly I talked to Edward.

This has been the best evening ever.

I loved writing that—I love doing human stories. They're so much fun to write : )

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