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Bella's POV

If there was one thing I learnt in the past few years, it was that friends were everything.

Even if you make stupid mistakes, if you let them down, even if you break away and don't speak to them again. Those friends will never be forgotten, because they have already left their mark on your heart. And if they are true friends, their mark will never fade.

When Emmett McCarthy, Alice McCarthy, Rosalie Cullen, Edward Cullen, Jasper Swan and myself graduated, we all went our separate ways to college. Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper graduated before we did, but they came to our graduation, and the goodbyes were said all over again. We still had tears in our eyes, knowing we will never get to go to school together again, never get to drink underage again, never get to be kids again.

Edward and Jasper went to Harvard, Rosalie and Emmett went to Brown, Alice went to Princeton, and I went to Yale. I had always wanted to go there, and I never changed my mind. Except when Edward told me he would be going to school in Massachusetts, and I would be going in Connecticut. He told me he would visit whenever he could, but that may only be every second weekend. I cried for hours, thinking about it.

We still talked to each other on the phone. Jasper and I would never be separated, because we were siblings, but for example, Rosalie and me… we haven't talked in awhile. I missed her, but I didn't know if she missed me.

A distraction for me was always my school work – it kept me busy, in my lonely dorm who I shared with a girl named Lily from Alaska. Lily and I had become friends, but she reminded me too much of Alice and Rosalie. She was gorgeous, and an endless ball of energy. Just like my two best friends.

I was having my twenty-first birthday soon, which I wasn't looking forward to. Edward had promised he was going to come down from Boston, but I still doubted him. He was busy. I was busy. Who had time for my birthday anyway?

I missed Forks. I missed my dad and my old house. I missed the Cullen house and Carlisle and Esme. My life was so much happier back then – when I was a kid. When we all went to high school and our problems were things like were not turning in homework or not having a car to drive. Everything changed awhile ago, but I don't feel any better.

Edward's POV

I missed her.

From the moment we said goodbye on my porch steps, I knew I wasn't going to last long without her. When I say last long, I mean my peace of mind. I would always be worrying about her, always wondering how she's changed. If she has her eye on other guys. If she has new friends. If she's eating all her dinner or taking care of herself. There wouldn't be a moment when I went to Harvard that I wouldn't be thinking about her.

Leaving all my friends had been eye opening for me – the moment I pulled away from my driveway where they were gathered, I felt lonelier. Without Emmett's laugh, my sister's whining, Alice's giggles, Jasper's jokes, and of course, Bella. Always Bella. Though it was wrong, I knew I'd miss Bella more than I missed my own parents.

I shared my dorm with Jasper, which lifted my spirits. He reminded me of Bella in so many ways, it made me smile – and miss her more. We would tell each other how much we missed Alice and Bella, and we felt like girls, but we didn't care because we missed our girls way too much.

Alice and Bella didn't have anyone they knew with them. I thought I was lucky, because Jasper and I had gotten into the same school. In a way, I wanted to be alone; then no one had to witness my grief.

I visited Bella one weekend, when both of our workloads were at a minimum. We only spent a day together, but my spirits were instantly lifted – even a few hours with her would be magical. We spent the day in the park, talking and laughing about our adventures at school and even the past. The night came too quickly, and we had to say goodbye. I promised I would see her for her 21st birthday.

I hadn't realized how much I had missed her until she was gone.

Jasper's POV

School was torture.

I thought high school was bad at the time, but it has nothing on this. At high school, I had my friends and family surrounding me. It lightened the stress, and put a little fun into our crowded lives. But now, college was a whole different ball game.

I shared a dorm with Edward, which is interesting. I never thought I'd be spending all this time with my sister's boyfriend, but Edward and I have really bonded since moving in together. We understood each other, and the pain we felt over being apart from the girls we loved.


I missed her so much – her spiky hair, bouncy and happy personality. She was always there for me, not that she wasn't now, but it just seemed different. It's like she's my other half, and I'm missing a huge chunk out of myself. Hearing her voice over the phone wasn't enough. I needed to see her, feel her smooth skin, kiss her cheek… to really be with her.

When Edward went to visit Bella, I went to visit Alice. It was a trip I had said I'd do for months, but my workload had been tedious. I finally put my foot down and promised her I'd be coming – and we met in a diner Connecticut, between Massachusetts and New Jersey. It was our longest reunion we've ever had; we spent minutes just hugging each other, and not saying anything.

It was wonderful, to finally have her in my arms again. I haven't felt so good since we parted, on the Cullen's porch steps.

She told me she was planning something for next summer – she wanted all of us to meet up in Forks, and spend the whole three months together. She hasn't told anyone about it yet, because she wanted it to be a surprise.

I couldn't be happier – all of us together again. What could be better?

Alice's POV

College work was the most boring thing I have ever looked at.

I get distracted easily – I'm calling Rosalie and Bella, I'm emailing Emmett and Jasper, and Edward is texting me. So, why would I have time for assignments when I could be talking to the friends I miss so dearly?

I kept a picture of all of us, from the day we went to Doomsville Theme Park. We were posing in front of a huge billboard, each of our face twisted into hilarious grimaces. Jasper had his arms around me, Emmett was carrying Rosalie, and Bella was on Edward's back. It was one of my favorite pictures of us – and I never let it out my sight.

I missed high school – well, I didn't miss Forks High in particular. I just miss all the memories we've had together there. Sitting at our cafeteria table together, joking with each other and receiving odd stares from the rest of the student body. Our random sleepovers on school nights. Blowing off our homework to climb the tree outside. It was all over – and I desperately wished it wasn't. They were the best times of my life.

If all my friends had of come to Princeton with me, it would be different. We would all be messing around together, playing pranks and blowing off our assignments. Though I knew it wasn't good for our education, to be honest, I didn't really care. College was never high on my list, and I had no idea why I was here.

My roommate was a girl named Lucy. She had long black hair and brown eyes, just like Bella's. She reminded me a lot of her, actually – she always blushed and tripped over her own feet. Whenever I saw her blush, it reminded me of Bella; and I felt sad without my best friend. I wished she was here.

I didn't tell anyone but Jasper, but I'm planning a summer full of fun for all of us. We were all going to meet in Forks, but I didn't tell anyone of them why. I'm going to invite each of them individually, saying I am just meeting them and them alone. Carlisle and Esme agreed to let us all stay, so they are in on the plan.

I couldn't wait to see my friends again – this was going to be the best summer ever!

Emmett's POV

Brown sucked.

Firstly, I am not allowed in the girl's dorm. I got banned after sneaking into Rose's room at two in the morning, and somebody dobbed me in. Secondly, the workload is huge. And I thought Forks High dished itself out a fair amount of homework. And thirdly… I missed our gang.

I missed Bella, and the cute way she used to blush. I missed Jasper and Edward, my best friends who knew almost everything about me. I missed my sister, the bouncy little ball of energy. Together, we got into all sorts of trouble – but it was all worth it, because it was nothing but fun.

College was all serious – everyone was worried about this, and that. They were never happy with what they had. I guess I shouldn't talk – I hated this stupid school. Remind me again why I came here? Oh yeah, because I'm stupid.

I had seen the gang once since I came here – but even then, Bella wasn't there. She was too busy, claiming she had over five assignments due in one week. But that was months ago – surely, she'd be willing to do something now. I know Edward missed her, from what I heard. Jasper, too. We had little gossiping sessions all the time.

I joked, asking them if they're feeling sexually deprived from their girlfriends. They retorted with, "At least we weren't stupid enough to get band from our girlfriend's dorm." They had me there, but at least I got to see Rose during class and in between. They saw Bella and Alice maybe, once a month.

I felt bad for them – they were strong for going to different colleges. At least they're not alone, like Bella and Alice. I texted them all the time, and they always told me how they missed Edward and Jasper. I couldn't provide much sympathy, one, because I'm a guy, and two, because I didn't know how they felt. I had Rose with me all the time.

I was thinking about arranging a get together. We could all meet somewhere, and spend some time together. We all missed each other, and it would be great to catch up.

I even missed ol' Carlisle and Esme. Was I being a pussy, or what?

Rosalie's POV

Oh Emmett, getting himself banned from my dorm. Stupid, stupid boy.

Now I have to deal with even more problems – the last one only being second to the intense loss I feel, because of the absence of my friends.

I thought from the very beginning it was a stupid idea to split up for college. When we were younger, we used to say we would all go to the same college. Or, if failing that, the girls would go to one, and the boys would go to another. But we had to see each other every weekend.

We were so naïve.

None of that has happened. We've met up once – one time – that's all. At first, I thought it was because none of them even wanted to see each other. It annoyed me, but Emmett told me we were all very busy. "That doesn't mean we don't have time for each other." I argued with him, but he convinced me otherwise. That night, I called everyone, and they all told me it was because they were busy. Emmett was right, and I was wrong.

That doesn't happen very often.

The six of us together had all sorts of fun. Now, my life was lacking that. Going to the same college as Emmett reminded me of the past, but it wasn't anything like high school. High school was fun. This… this was not.

The girl I shared my room with was a bitch. I never talked to her, because she never talked to me. Her name was Summer, or something. I didn't pay any attention to her, because I knew she would try to be my friend. I didn't want any more friends. I had my little group, and that's all I needed.

We hated each other – never spoke. Never shared anything. I didn't care. She had terrible clothes and cheap make up. Call me spoiled, but the girl needed a makeover. If Alice was here, we would go to work on this poor girl.

Whenever I spoke to Edward, Jasper, Bella or Alice, none of them sounded very happy. We spend hours on the phone talking, moaning and groaning about everything in general. Alice missed Jasper. Bella missed Edward. We all missed each other.

I told Emmett I didn't miss my brother – when really, I did. A lot.

During lectures, I was constantly texting. Usually, everyone at the same time. Even Emmett, who was usually sitting beside me or in another class room. I was still worried we would lose touch – from the moment I stepped off my porch, I was afraid. Not because of going back to college, not because of being away from home.

I would never say it out loud.

But I was afraid of losing my friends.

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