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AN: I am thoroughly convinced that there is a book in the works for Ryodan/Dani. I don't think KMM would have slipped in that moment in Chester's if she didn't think Dani could carry her own book. Having said that, I am aware of Dani's age in Dreamfever. So if you get even the tiniest bit squicked at the thought of reading this, then you're welcome to hit the back button.

This basically fills in the scene directly after Mac and Dani get escorted out of Ryodan's office. Nothing bad (I think). Just some Ryodan introspection (which is also probably way off, ha).

It's Danielle

The dull thump of tooth-rattling bass filtering through the walls was largely unnoticed by Ryodan. His attention was focused on the dance floor below, tracking the smaller of two figures as they ploughed their way through dancing bodies.


He'd bet his considerably old fortune that the boyish name was some butchered version of Danielle. A pity. Danielle could be drawn, growled out and savoured with his tongue pressed behind his teeth while she savoured him between hers...

The ever present heat that coiled in his belly slid lower and tightened. A step back had him sitting on the edge of his desk, one hand cupping his length through the leather.

She's thirteen.

Too young. Mac had all but said it, stiffening with an imperious little sniff at the mere mention of the girl. Perhaps in this day and age, that may be the case. But while he lived an incredibly modern life, Ryodan was simply not a part of it. The urge to take and destroy ran through his veins, just as much a part of who he was as the scar that mangled the left side of his neck.

Ancient men in modern times. It was almost laughable.

And yet, the very basic drive to fuck and fight and eat and survive remained.

Mac and Dani were barely visible, surrounded by the human wall of his men as they none too gently escorted the two out. He watched as Dani—Danielle—gestured wildly behind her, craning her head around to gaze up at the darkened walls that he stood behind. His mouth curled up on one side at what he saw.

Revenge was in her eyes. For stealing her sword and for the humiliation of being handled like her powers didn't matter. Their standoff broke as she disappeared through door. Bodies filled in the space where she had been.

Soon, he thought. Years had a habit of flowing by for him. He'd survived so far and had no issues with lack of food. Perhaps fucking could be addressed now.