With much happiness, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the much awaited, second installment of Indecent Affairs II: Sordid Iinfatuations.

I'm not completely sold on the name yet, I'm pretty sure I made up a better one before but I can't remember it now. That was because I was in the shower when I got all my ideas for this next fic. Haha. Funny, right? Cause Bella and Edward banged in a shower in 'IA'. Yeah, I wish I had the real thing for inspiration, but Edwrad remains in fanfic and not real life...apparantly. But I have yet to gather hair samples from Robert Pattinson. Anywho, I hope you guys approve of my new story.

Bella and Edward's escapdes continue into their new life. Adult situations arise for a young Bella who is a mum-to-be. They fight and they love. And I can guaramtee you there will be more lemons in here than in an orchard. New friends are made, as well as enemies. Surprises and shocks to come, as well. The time frame for this is around two months after IA left us. However, the epilogue in IA was set almost a year after her graduation.

Enjoy! It's great to have the gang back!

Come with me, my love,

To the sea, the sea of love,

I wanna tell you,

How much...I love you...

Do you remember when we met,

Thats the day i knew you were mine

I wanna tell you,

How much...

I love you.

Sea of Love-Cat Power. (Juno soundtrack--yes, I get the irony, teenage pregnancy and all)

"I could go for a lamb kebab, a Tootsie pop...some cheese fries and...a baked potato right now," I commented, conjuring up all the images of those delectable foods in my mind.

Edward chuckled. "I don't think they have all that at the Italian restaurant." He reasoned. I shrugged and crossed my arms, turning my head to stare out the window. Seattle was a beautiful metropolis, a place of light and opportunity. A place to start off fresh with my fiancée and our impending baby.

I could already see myself strutting the streets of the crowded city, flouting around with my baby on my hip and my husband at my side. Of course, I was getting ahead of myself. I was only four months along into my pregnancy. Edward, however, acts as if I'm some ticking time bomb, ready to go off any second and drop a baby at his feet. Preferably not, in my opinion. I would rather it happen in a hospital and not over Edward's shoes. I chuckled at the thought of that happening.

"What's so funny?" he asked curiously, a hint of humour leaking into his tone. I turned to face him and grinned.

"Nothing, I was just imagining my water breaking over your shoes." He screwed his face up and laughed. I reached my hand out and squeezed his thigh. He smiled but kept his eyes on the road, no need to risk a collision. After we found out I was having a baby, Edward was euphoric, over the fucking moon.

He told me he hadn't been this happy in his entire life. The only other times matching it would be when we first kissed, our first time, and when he proposed.

And after everything that happened in Forks with the whole cult fiasco, he was so severely protective now. He would almost have an aneurysm if another man even so much as glanced at me. I thought it was cute if not unbearably annoying at times. But when I asked him about it he told me he couldn't help it.

So, I couldn't much complain over something he had no control over. Besides, I hated it when women looked at him the wrong way. He had to hold me back from beating some bitch over the head with a cinder block after she so obviously propositioned him right in front of me.

That night we fucked so hard—it was mind blowing. I was incredibly tempted to send a signed video of that night to the blonde ho. But Edward said that would be poor appearance on our part, and he said that he didn't want anything of me, naked, outside of our house. I couldn't argue with that if he wanted to keep me all to himself.

He was already talking to my stomach though, which was odd, but I welcomed it. Edward seemed so content just to press his ear against it, hoping to hear it's heartbeat, although that was highly unlikely given that I'm not far enough along yet. I had gained weight, but not much. I had just finished my first trimester, but the morning sickness had not subsided, sadly. And unbeknownst to me, morning sickness lasted all fucking day long, and possibly throughout the entire duration of the motherfucking nine months!

And the hormones! Nobody bothered to mention it to poor, naive little Bella. No, of course not. I never knew pregnant women could go from depressed to horny in three seconds flat. I found myself rifling through the fridge in the middle of the night, hungry for some comfort food.

Then in mere seconds I was running back to the bedroom to smother Edward in whipped cream and Smores then have my way with him. But then I also found that I couldn't bring out the strength to finish it and on more than one occasion I fell asleep at the wheel—and by the wheel, I mean when we were intimate.

That bruised Edward's ego just a little bit. But he knew it was only the side effects of having a human growing in my uterus. Seeing as I was tiny to start with, the weight gain was quite noticeable. But it only added to my belly, and the rest of me has stayed quite close to normal. But I still felt self-conscious.

I hadn't even gotten half-way yet and I thought I looked like Carnie Wilson. What was I going to look like when I was overdue and waiting to push the kid out? I'd be gigantic. I shuddered at the thought of looking at myself in the mirror, naked. Gross. Edward had tried to persuade me into thinking that pregnancy was beautiful and that I was beautiful, even more so everyday according to him. It comforted me slightly, but I knew he had to say that because he was the one who knocked me up.

He was a sweetheart, really, but he wasn't gaining the weight and growing a massive ass. One plus side to this whole lovely situation, was the fact that our sex life has not declined in the least. Edward told me he still found me even sexier than the day we met. It sounded like something an old couple would say to each other after they stopped having sex for three years. I hoped that wouldn't happen to us. The car pulled into the restaurant, the valet waited for Edward to step out.

He came around to my side and opened my door for me. He smiled glowingly as he took my hand in his, lifting me out of my seat.

I smoothed my hands down my knee-length tear skirt. My stomach subtly protruded from my pelvis, but my shirt made it inconspicuous and barely noticeable. Yet despite the fat taunts from my own brain, I felt the need to flaunt it whenever I could. Tonight however, I couldn't be bothered and I was going to be in a room full of college professors and their menopausal wives. I didn't want their wrinkly hands caressing my baby belly. I already had people doing that all the time.

At the gym, in the supermarkets...everywhere. Everyone approached me with quizzical eyes before they paused and stared pointedly at my stomach. I had to sigh and nod each time before they went ahead and pressed their palm to me. It was kind of weird. I also hoped they would stop once my belly button started to go all fucked up and push out from my bulge. Then they might leave me alone. One can only hope. I wasn't used to all the attention so it came as such a surprise, and to get it from strangers, mostly women. But on the odd occasion, a man would approach. I let them have their fair share of grasps, but it had to be when Edward wasn't with me.

Otherwise he would have been the protective little troll he was and carried me away.

When he was with me, he would only let women touch my belly, which I guess I understood.

Sort of. My sapphire blue, silk blouse shimmered in the glowing lights from the building. Edward tipped the valet and dragged me along behind him.

"There had better be hot rolls with butter," I warned scathingly. I tended to get a little snappy when I didn't get fed. Edward learnt from experience. We never spoke of the ice-cream incident two months ago. He always made sure the apartment was fully stocked of my favourite foods after that, but he was anal about eating right, too. I had to eat proper meals, which was fine with me, as long as I got to eat treats as well. We were greeted at the door by a young man, possibly my age.

He smiled warmly at us. "How can I help you this evening?" Edward cleared his throat.

"We are with the Volturi party tonight," he said, motioning to the huge table in the middle of the room.

I gawked. How many people actually worked with Edward? Obviously half of Seattle. This damn banquet was all Marcus's idea. Marcus was Edward's boss—the dean at Seattle Pacific University. If you asked me, I would have said the guy looked like a complete press mogul. He didn't do anything for the benefit of staff or students, only the publicity of his school and himself. He was a pretentious prick and Edward knew I hated him with a passion.

He was less than warm the first time I met him—he practically disregarded Edward's college training, saying the new age education was declining and anyone could do his job. Yeah, sure he may have been joking at the time but that didn't stop me from wanting to tear his balls off and shove them down his throat.

Tonight's meeting was to discuss new approaches to lecturing tactics. That shit would bore the crap out of me—I wish Edward hadn't brought me. But when he mentioned food, my stupid brain wouldn't work and all I could do was oblige to his whim. And within a half hour we were here, standing before the dining table that stretched a hundred yards through the building. I was so not exaggerating. Marcus waved us over. Edward squeezed my hand, his thumb grazing over my diamond ring—yes, he had to save up a lot for this baby.

I smiled tightly before following him down the end of the table.

"This had better be all you can eat, buddy. Because if it's not I'll be skippin' this shit pronto," I hissed, my eyes darting over all their faces. They watched me clutch to Edward's side. I guess i had been wrong about the professors all having wrinkly old wives.

No, I was dead wrong. Their wives must have stayed home while they took out their plastic, orange mistresses. All blonde and fake—it made me want to puke. I hope I didn't come off, looking like one of those people. We reached our seats, Edward pulled mine out for me.

I smiled and sat down. I looked up and noticed Carmen and Kate on the opposite side. I grinned, grateful for their company, seeing as how most of these people here were men. And at least I could hold a conversation with these two—they were a house on fire, able to talk your ear off for hours. They were also closer to my age so that helped immensely. "How are you, Bella? Hope this one is treating you right." Carmen winked, jutting her chin out, indicating Edward.

He had been engaged in conversation with tweedle-dumb-fuck, so I was free to respond without looking rude.

"Oh, don't you worry about me, sweetie. He treats me just fine. Although these cravings sure can be a pain," I motioned to my stomach and started rubbing circles over it unconsciously. We laughed and joked for a good ten minutes before I could really feel the hunger setting in.

"Ugh, honey?" I asked, grasping Edward's shoulder. "Hmm?" I did Bambi eyes and stared up at him with my bottom lip pouted. His brow pulled together—man, he was easy. "Can we order now?" I pleaded. My other hand crept up his thigh which was concealed by the gauzy table cloth.

He flinched a little, his green eyes blazing before they narrowed. He sighed, his sweet breath caressing my lips and nose. I bit my lip against a guttural moan that was threatening to break free. God, I needed food or Edward. Since Edward was closer, he would need to put food in between me and him if he wanted to keep his rep with his bosses. If not, I would be throwing him down on this table and screwing him over the entrees.

"What would you like, Bella?" he spoke through his teeth, not liking the game I was playing. I grinned, triumphantly before removing my hand, it was no longer needed. He looked disappointed, so maybe he did like the game I was playing. Either way was a good. I went through the list, not holding back. I was starving.

After our lengthy meal, lengthy because I kept eating after everyone was finished—we slumped down in our chairs. Carmen and Kate came around to my side of the table, picking me up and dragging me to the bar with them. "Uh, you do know I'm pregnant, right?" I asked incredulously, eyeing the bottle of Jagermeister that the bartender had pulled out on Carmen's request. "Yes, Bella, we know that. We aren't that dense." She scoffed, downing two shots before I even had time to blink.

"Well, I should hope not. You are a college professor. I'd hate to see the students learning German curses because that's all you've bothered to look up on Google translator." Kate snorted, her drink spraying. I laughed and stepped back, away from the shower. I had already bathed in Jager once in my lifetime.

Once was enough with Edward. That afternoon at school was so fucking fun. I sighed contentedly, rubbing my belly again, letting my mind wander off onto reminiscent tangents. "What do you know about German, Bella?" Carmen asked over her glass. I raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

"Nothing. I only did Spanish in high school." I murmured, surveying the room absently. The off-white table clothes were a spectacularly poor choice in a restaurant with predominantly red sauce and wine. I mean, that's just common sense, right? "Have you thought about enrolling in college?" Kate asked curiously, cocking her head to the side.

Her question caught me off guard, my ministrations paused and I dropped my hands. "Huh. Well, I was all set to...but...things change." I said evasively. Nobody outside of Forks knew about my controversial relationship with Edward—I also wanted to keep it that way. However, we had indulged in some kinky office sex after he started working here.

"I met Edward...I got comfortable. And..." I trailed off, shrugging. "What more is there to say?" I asked. Carmen and Kate shared a measured glance before they both turned back to study me. "Honey, you should enrol. What happens when the baby is born? Are you just going to forget about your career?" I knew she didn't mean it to be offensive. She was just merely curious. I sighed, scratching my wrist. I had never thought about trying to get into college after I found out I was having this child.

I mean, I had had it planned out that I was going to enrol at Seattle Pacific—I just wasn't sure what course to do.

Then I had realised I was up the duff and that turned all my plans on their ass. Surely, I couldn't reconsider...could I...? I bit my lip and stared up at the dazzling chandeliers. "Well, you two make a valid suggestion." I sighed, smiling lazily. I was getting pretty tired. Before they could say anything, strong arms encircled my waist from behind. Edward nuzzled his face into my hair before inhaling deeply. "Hey," he sighed into my skin. I grinned and wiggled my eyebrows at the girls.

They both winked at me, squeezed my hand and strutted off with a flip of their hair. I turned around to put my hands on Edward's shoulders.

"Should I go to college?" I said out of thin air. He was taken aback. "What?" he asked, shaking his head in confusion.

"I was just thinking. Maybe I shouldn't give up one my career plans before I even turn twenty one." His brow pulled together. "You don't have to go proving yourself." He murmured, tracing my bottom lip with his index finger. "I know that, Edward." I sighed. "But I feel like I've given it all up before I even tried doing it. You know?" I said, frowning. "I don't want this baby to decide everything for me. I'm still my own woman, Edward." I reminded him. He nodded. "But what about the baby?" he continued.

I waited patiently. "If you're in college and I have a full time job, who's going to look after him or her?" he challenged. That made me angry.

I dropped my hands from his shoulders and scowled into his eyes. "So is that all I am? A fucking baby maker? I procure the kids and pop 'em out, act all Susie Home Maker and you get to do the tough jobs?" My voice rose and octave and he looked embarrassed.

"What about my life, Edward? The one I had planned before you?" I was only using this angle because I had no other argument. What he was suggesting was reasonable but I wanted a life of my own too. Besides, it's not like I'd abandon the kid. He's acting as if I'm the most selfish person in the world for wanting what he already got. "Bella," he started, his tone laced with acid.

"Now is not the time and in front of my co-workers is not the place. Just...be quiet and we'll talk about this when you've calmed down." He practically hissed in my ear. I pulled back, tugging my arm away from his grasp. "You want me to make a scene? Oh, I will make a scene!" I almost yelled. He sighed, closing his eyes and rubbing his forehead. "Don't pull the poor fiancée role on me, Edward Anthony Cullen." I sneered. He opened his eyes with his eye brows raised.

I knew it was completely inappropriate of me to be doing this. Not to mention damaging, but he really pissed me off then.

The night was going fine and he just had to ruin it. "What are you scared of me banging my professor? Is that it? Cause I gotta tell you, honey. I don't have a great track record." With that last sentence, I turned on my heel and stormed out into the reception area, grabbing my coat from the front desk and sauntering outside.

I waited by the undercover driveway. The valet eyed me for a moment. I shoved my hands in the pockets of my corduroy coat, sniffling and wiping at my eyes. Stupid hormonal tears. The young man approached me with a concerned face. "Are you alright, miss?" he asked warmly, placing a hand on my shoulder.

I sniffled and nodded, trying not to make eye contact. He gently squeezed my shoulder. "I'll take it from here," Edward's gruff voice startled me. I didn't lift my head to look in his eyes or to even look at him at all. The valet carefully removed his hand—usually I would have scolded Edward for scaring the poor boy but tonight I was in no mood.

Besides, I don't think he would take too kindly to being told off, especially by me. Edward grabbed my hand tightly, walking me to my door and opening it before shutting it behind me. He stalked to his side and slid in, turning the heater on low. He started up and filed out behind a line of cars.

I sighed, leaning my head against the glass window and staring out at the night life. Wow, the hookers in Seattle looked way classier than the ones in Port Angeles. I observed everything else because the crackling tension of unspoken words was too much to even acknowledge.

So I did my best to ignore him for the next fifteen minutes. Too soon, we pulled into our parking lot under our building. We sat in silence for over three minutes, not looking at each other. Finally, he broke the silence. "I was thinking of some baby names today..." I couldn't help the smile that tugged at my lips. I hesitantly peeked up at his face. He had a look of remorse glued to his features. My heart melted and I crawled over the centre console to straddle his lap.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his face in my hair.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I didn't mean anything by what I said. If you want to go to college, we'll work something out. Just please don't be upset, love." I had my hands resting on his shoulders, I squeezed them gently before taking his face and pulling it to mine. I kissed him reverently, in awed at his beauty.

Still to this day, I bask in the glory that is my English professor--Edward Cullen. He parted my lips with his, sliding his tongue in and out of my mouth. I groaned. Shit, I was majorly horny now. He would have to finish what he started. Right now. I gasped shallow breaths, leaning back against the steering wheel before I unbuttoned his dress shirt. While I did that, he reached beside the seat to lower the back rest to give us more room.

I had never had sex with him in a car before—it sounded exhilarating.

But at that moment, I wasn't thinking about time or place. I was just thinking about having him inside me. My blouse was off my shoulders in seconds. He reached around my back to unclasp my bra, letting my breasts free. God, that felt so good.

The poor girls were cooped up in that tiny bra all day. They were a little tender.

Another little perk of pregnancy—and I mean this on a sarcastic level—my boobs were huge! But huge lead to back pain and soreness. Perfect. But I didn't think of that now. My hands and brain were pre-occupied with make-up sex. Edward moaned as I hiked my skirt up t my waist, undoing his pants along the way.

"Oh, god, Edward, I need you." I groaned, raking my nails down his chest as he cupped my breasts tenderly. He sat up, his fingers grazing across my inner thigh. I shivered and tugged at his hair. "Ah, fuck!" he whispered. I let my head fall back in anticipation, waiting for what I knew would come next. Torn lace panties.

I heard the tear and felt the freedom. I also felt Edward's throbbing erection waiting at my core. I bit my lip as he lifted me up then down on top of him. He fell back onto the seat as I started moving. Slowly. His hand gripped my hips, pushing me up and down and back and forth. I started playing with my own breasts as he worked me, closing my eyes and biting my lip with each groan and motion. "Oh, god, Bella. Fuck." He said, watching me touch myself.

"Oh, fuck that's hot." He groaned, moving me faster. "Mmm," I hummed in satisfaction.

The humidity in the car was building up and the windows were beginning to fog up. I was panting and gasping, begging Edward to go faster. He drove his thumb into my clit and started massaging with total abandon—using the slickness that was already built up from his mere touch.

He leant forward, taking my nipple in his mouth and licking around it. He placed open mouthed kisses across my breasts and down my stomach. One hand gripped my ass, the other worked harder on my sensitive mound. I growled, my eyes rolling back in my head with the spike of pleasure.

"Argh, Edward!" I gasped breathlessly. The space around us heated and ignited with invisible sparks, the way it always did when we made love.

The electricity surrounded us—my head grew clouded. "Bella. Bella. Bella." He whispered. I felt so emotional. Just hearing him murmur my name in a moment like this made me want to cry. I sped up my rocking against his shaft. He jerked and groaned at the movement. "Fuck, Bella! I can't hold on much longer," he begged. "Please come for me." Just hearing Edward talk like that was enough to push me off the edge of pleasure town. I gasped, gripping his hair tighter and pulling his face to my chest as I rode out the exhaustingly bone crippling orgasm. He growled, gripping my hips tighter as he emptied inside of me. I sniffled, letting my hair fall in my face to hide my tear streaked cheeks. Edward's hands moved up to my face, his eyes frantic. "What did I do? Was it too fast?" he asked anxiously, rubbing his thumbs under my eyes. I groaned and shook my head.

"No, retard. It's my hormones. You said my name and it just made me so happy..y...y..eeeee." I sobbed. His eyebrows furrowed and he stared at me helplessly before smiling and pulling my face to the crook of his neck. "You're welcome." He whispered, kissing me tenderly on the cheek.

I gripped his shoulders as he retrieved my bra and helped me put it back on.

Followed by my silk blouse, he kissed each shoulder before buttoning it back up. He pulled me off of him, hissing at the feeling of it and the loss of contact. He sat me back in the passenger seat and I proceeded to pull my skirt down from under my boobs.

He buttoned his pants back up and his shirt. He checked everything, giving the interior a once over before opening his door. I got out before he got to my side which he frowned at. But before he could complain, I swung my handbag at him and batted him across the ass. He laced our fingers together and we walked towards the elevator. The parking lot was practically empty, spare for a few cars here and there. Our building wasn't spectacular, but it felt like home to us.

There was no doorman to greet us at the elevator, although there was a security camera. I blushed at the thought of the maintenance guys seeing our vehicle escapades. We rode the elevator in comfortable, post-orgasmic silence. We were both pretty pleased so we just stared, doe-eyed at the reflective, silver doors. Edward made a grand gesture of sweeping me up in his arms, bridle style to carry me through the threshold. "You know, soon I'm going to be too heavy for that." I warned with an edge of resignation.

"You'll be beautiful," he murmured seriously. I rolled my eyes. "You know, I've never met anyone more stubborn or pig headed..." he trailed off, narrowing his eyes at me as he walked through to the bedroom, kicking the door shut. I wrapped my arm around his shoulder and placed my other palm over his chest.

"I have," I interjected. "He's stubborn, he's got an ego the size of barn, a potty mouth during sex, he makes the cutest noises while he snores—" His mouth popped open and he scoffed. "I do not snore!" he whinged. I looked at him with wide, innocent eyes. "Whoever said I was talking about you, Edward?" I goaded subtly. He glared and dropped me on the bed before crawling over my body, hovering. I giggled and squealed as he tried poking his fingers in my sides.

"'Whoever said I was talking about you, Edward?' Pfft, you little tease." He said, mimicking my earlier words with a nasally imitation of my voice. "That is not how I sound!" I squealed incredulously as he continued with the tickling.

Suddenly, out of no-where, I felt an odd, fluttering sensation in my stomach. I tensed and Edward stopped immediately. I frowned and my palm went straight to my slight bump. I breathed deeply and waited for it to happen again.

"No," I whispered to myself. "It just...it moved!" I gasped, staring wide-eyed at Edward's face above me. "It did?" he choked out. I grabbed his hand and held it over my stomach, where I felt it happen before. "It's really light...but it was there." I murmured, impatient for it to do it again.

He put both hands over my belly and leant further down to press his ear against it. I gasped—it did it again! I made an incomprehensibly squeak. Edward's eyes brightened infinitely and went all glassy. His mouth was hanging open and he was speechless. I laughed out loud.

"And I thought it was the woman who got all emotional," He didn't reply he just crawled closer to my face and kissed me on the lips. "I love you, Bella." He whispered before going back to caressing my baby bump. I sighed—I was hoping for some more nookie.

Who would have thought? Being cock-blocked by your unborn kid. I smiled and giggled as Edward smiled and 'oohed' at every flutter. But after about ten minutes it came to a stop. He looked disappointed. I chuckled. "Don't be upset. She'll probably start up again tomorrow.

I got some killer heart burn, though." I said, gritting my teeth and rubbing my chest. Edward kissed my forehead before standing up. "I'll get you something for that," he called over his shoulder. I stared blankly up at the ceiling with a euphoric smile on my mouth.

A beautiful Italian dinner with car sex afterwards, what a night, I was exhausted. I slowly sat up then walked over to the closet to get my pyjamas out. I bit my lip and shifted my weight as I surveyed all my clothes. I huffed and turned to Edward's clothes, grabbing one of his old t-shirts.

I stripped at the foot of the bed and pulled the t-shirt over my head, crawling under the covers and waiting for my fiancée to join me. He came back in just then, flipping the lights off as he went and bringing a glass of water to my side of the bed, along with a Mylanta tablet. He straightened and pulled his shirt off along with his pants. I grinned over the glass as I watched him—he smirked back at me. I smiled and he kissed the tip of my nose before climbing over me to his side of the bed. I downed the pill and the water before rolling over and snuggling into Edward's chest. I had dozed off for around fifteen minutes before the phone rang.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me," I muttered into Edward. He groaned. I sighed and rolled over to the cordless phone that rested on the cherry wood nightstand.

"Hello?" I said before yawning into the receiver. Nothing but crickets. I sighed. "Is anyone there?" I said dully.

I wasn't in the mood for prank calls. "Ugh, come on!" I complained, blinking my eyes. There was a dull thumping in the background.

I rolled my eyes. "Get a life, whoever you are." I chastised, hanging up. I put the phone back and not two seconds later it was ringing again. I was growling now. "Make them go away!" Edward whined, his hand resting on the small of my back as I reached for the fucking phone again. "What?" I said sharply. "Oh, Bella, I'm sorry." Carmen's voice was nervous. I sighed. "No, I'm sorry. I get a little snappy when I get interrupted by calls thats all." She laughed.

"I just wanted to check on you guys. I saw how you two left and I wanted to make sure you were alright." She said kindly. I clucked my tongue. "That's sweet, Carmen but everything is fine." I assured her. "Edward learnt his lesson." He chuckled sleepily at my comment. I smiled.

"I'll talk to you later and Edward will see you at work tomorrow." I said, trying to get out of the conversation in a nice manner. If Edward managed to teach me anything as my teacher, other than that having sex in a classroom was unbearably hot—it was that politeness went a long way. "Okay, B. I'll see you soon then. We'll have coffee. I mean, well, I'll have coffee and you have herbal tea." I made a disgusted noise in the back of my throat before chuckling. "Will do. Bye." I hung up and scooted back to my position.

"I hate phones." I said, yawning again. Edward's hand ran up and down my spine. "Yes, but without phones, how could you order Chinese food?" I hummed. "Hmm...we have a conundrum." He laughed, the sound vibrating through his chest and into my ear. I tapped my fingers on his chest and snuggled into his warmth.

I dreamt of beaches, sunlight, Edward and silent phone calls.

And they're back!! Car sex and all.

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