WARNINGS: Language and Sensuality



Dean toweled off his hair and took a deep breath, and then proceeded to get dressed and run his fingers through his hair. He was more surprised than anyone when he came out to grab his jacket and Sabrina came up to him automatically, rustling her fingers through his hair to fix it. At first he opened his mouth to tell her to get away from him and to stop touching him, but her chest was against his as she stood on the balls of her feet, and he actually wanted the closeness.

"Now you don't look like a mangy cat." Sabrina said, stepping back from him like it wa nothing, and putting her hands on her hips to admire her work before grabbing her jacket.

Dean made a face. "Oh, ha, ha."

"You guys be careful, all right? I need to have Sabs all in one piece when this is over, all right?" Josephine asked, looking up from her laptop. "Sam and I will research a little more, and if you need help, please call so Sam can bail you out of trouble."

"Oh, please—I'm good enough at what I do to protect Sabrina on my own." Dean told Josephine.

Josephine just laughed and nodded, looking back at the laptop as Sam came into the motel room. Then Josephine got up to go and take care of something in the other room, smiling at Sam and then getting a move on it. Sabrina immediately started to laugh loudly and Dean rolled his eyes as Sam turned to Sabrina and gave her a look—what in the world was so funny to her?

"Watch it, Sammy—she's got her 'rape' face on." Sabrina told him, wiggling her eyebrows and grinning.

Sam gasped at her. "She's done this before?!"

"Just be nice to her, Sammy…Dean and I will leave you alone..." Sabrina trailed off, thoroughly entertained by the look on Sam's face and smiling proudly when Dean even chuckled at her.

"You can't leave me alone with her when she's…" Sam lowered his voice and looked directly at Sabrina, "…got her 'rape' face on!"

Dean chuckled and tugged on Sabrina, easing her out the door. "It's okay, Sammy—she'll be gentle with you."

Sam gave Dean a look, but was answered by the door shutting in his face and he smiled awkwardly at Josephine when she came out with a book in her hand. Josephine smiled loudly and then she sat down and closed the laptop, looking at Sam. He was confused, but he seemed receptive enough in that moment to have a conversation with him and that was what she wanted.

"Look…I know you want Sabs and me gone." Josephine told him.

Sam felt a hitch in his chest he hadn't expected. "What? No! I don't want you and Sabs gone."

"Oh, come on, Sam—I know that you and Dean aren't keen with us. You don't have to protect us from anything." Josephine replied, waving it off. "Sabs and I already talked about it last night and we're willing to leave once this hunt is over."

Sam stared at her in total disbelief as Dean shut the trunk of the Impala and held the gun out of Sabrina's grasp. She gave him a look and reached for it, glaring at him and then making a face when Dean stepped up close to her. He leaned down, their faces close, and she had to make a face because if she didn't, she would have let on that she actually liked this—Dean was really close to her and it was taking some serious willpower for Sabrina not to look at Dean's mouth right then.

"I would appreciate it if you stayed behind me." Dean told her slowly, getting a whiff of the scent of her hair.

Sabrina nodded slowly. "So I take it you think I can't handle myself?"

"Well you never really learned how to shoot the gun properly, so I'm mostly looking out for my own life here." Dean explained with a shrug and grinned when Sabrina lost the fight with herself and glanced at his mouth. "God, you want me."

"Oh my God, you are such a pig!" Sabrina told him, blushing a little and getting out from in between him and the car and heading for the warehouse. "Follow or don't, I really don't care."

Dean laughed loudly. "Yes you do."

Sabrina let out a rather disgruntled noise and then she went into the warehouse, Dean following her so she wouldn't get herself killed. For some reason he didn't want her to die, and for some reason Sam wanted Sabrina and Josephine to stick around. It had been a few weeks, and Sam was attached—the Winchesters were simply attached. Besides, Sam was still determined to change Sabrina's and Josephine's ways and so he had to keep them close to him…even if Dena was starting to just let them do whatever.

"I want you to stay, Josie." Sam told her and Josephine's eyes lit up.

She hadn't heard Sam ever call her by a nickname before, and she couldn't help but grin, which surprisingly made Sam smile. He was kind of smitten with her already even though he knew that none of them really knew anything about each other, and suddenly Sam was kissing her. Josephine had no idea what was going on at first and just sat there, but soon she was returning the kiss and then pouting when Sam pulled back.

"Wow, I am sorry about that, Josie." Sam told her, standing up and taking a step back.

Josephine shook her head. "No! No…it was fine, really."

"Really?" Sam asked her.

Josephine nodded and then stood up as well, smiling up at Sam, standing on the balls of her feet and kissing him when he leaned back down to her. Neither of them was sure of what they were doing exactly, but they were both enjoying themselves. Maybe that was all that they needed…maybe this was exactly the influence on her that Sam needed…


"This is all your fault!" Sabrina exclaimed, taking her hand away from her side and looking at the blood on her hands. "You should have let me hold the gun!"

Dean rolled his eyes. "You're the one that rushed the demon and got clawed!"

"I wouldn't have rushed him had you been a better hunter!" Sabrina replied, and started to take off her shirt.

"What are you doing?!" Dean hissed at her as they got to the Impala.

Sabrina rolled her eyes. "I'm taking off my shirt so I can mop up the blood—I'm kind of wounded, remember?"

"You can't just strip whenever you feel like it!" Dean exclaimed, taking off his jacket and using it as a shield so neither anyone walking by nor he could see anything.

Sabrina laughed a little and then cringed, opening up the back door and grabbing out a washcloth from her duffle. She looked at it and frowned, looking at Dean who was swallowing, trying desperately not to look at her. Sabrina smiled a little and pressed the dry cloth to her skin since she had no water to wet it, and then she sighed and undid her belt because she wanted it to—no matter her loathing she still held for him.

"Get in the backseat, Dean." Sabrina told him with a small shrug.

Dean couldn't help it and looked at her. "Excuse me…what?"

"Do you want to get laid or not?" Sabrina asked and then laughed when Dean shot her a glare. "This is a real life offer, I promise. You have two minutes to accept and then the offer is gone forever."

"But…but…you're hurt." Dean told her, still trying to figure out if she was kidding or not.

Honestly, Dean wouldn't put it past her to trick him since she'd done it several times before, but when she unzipped her jeans, he was pretty certain that she was serious. So he swallowed and then tugged his t-shirt off with one hand, shooting Sabrina another look when she laughed and took his jacket, tossing it onto the floor of the car.

"Sabrina!" Dean chastised, standing in front of her and motioning into the car. "It's not like its pitch black or anything! People could potentially see you and arrest you for indecent exposure! Thank you, but I'm not looking forward to going to jail."

"Just get in the car." Sabrina told him, rolling her eyes. "Because honestly, I'm starting to think that this isn't going to be worth it."

Dean narrowed his eyes at her but followed her into the car, shutting the door behind him as Sam did the same. He and Josephine had been kissing each other, and feeling each other up, but Sam was not going to take advantage of her. So he'd left the bedroom and shut the door behind him, taking a deep breath and running his fingers through his hair as Josephine sighed. It was almost like he was hot and cold with her—she wouldn't have minded him continuing where she thought they had been going…why in the world had he stopped? Why had he started?

"Damn man!" Josephine cursed under her breath.

She shrugged a little and then got ready for bed, settling into the covers and then pulling out her phone to call Sabrina. She wanted to rant about how nice it had felt to actually get to kiss Sam Winchester—he'd even used his tongue! Then all of a sudden he'd mumbled something about how it couldn't go any farther and had left her there completely wondering if maybe she'd screwed something up…had she?

"Pick up, Sabs…pick up." Josephine chanted and frowned when Sabrina never picked her phone up. "Sabs, what, the Hell? Are you dead?"

Josephine sighed loudly and hung her phone up, on to try and call her sister one more time because it was so unlike her. She was with Dean, so Josephine had absolutely no idea why Sabrina would not be answering the phone. There was definitely something wrong, Josephine just didn't know what because she couldn't read Dean as well as she had wished—he was horny, he was attractive and he would let Sabrina die if it came down to it.

"SAM!" Josephine cried, ripping the door open and looking at him. "Okay, look—Sabs isn't answering and I'm worried."

Sam nodded, hanging up his cell phone. "Dean's not answering either."

"Okay, I'm worried then—where the Hell are they? I mean they have the car…they could be anywhere!" Josephine exclaimed. "What if they died?! Sam, we have to go and find them!"

"I would like to apologize now for how much noise I just made—do not cuddle me." Sabrina told Dean when he reached out to stroke her hair.

Dean sighed loudly. "I'm going to hold you to me for a little bit and you're going to like it, Sabrina—don't you dare ruin this for me. I have been celibate for longer than I would have liked and I'm getting something out of this."

"You mean something more out of it than getting laid?!" Sabrina asked him, but snuggled back into him as she took a few deep breaths.

For some reason Sabrina actually honestly liked being next to Dean…and she really didn't know why because she knew she was supposed to hate him—hate everything about him. He was cocky, he was annoying, he didn't know when to shut up, and yet for some reason he had just looked so attractive before and Sabrina had to have him—but make him think it was because he deserved it. Sabrina couldn't let Dean know she wanted it…then that would mean that she was admitting that she wanted him…but she didn't…right?

"You were…you delivered." Sabrina finally said with a shrug.

Dean chuckled and nodded. "Trust me…I know. You kind of needed that."

"Okay, just because I haven't been laid in a while, doesn't mean that I needed anything." Sabrina protested, smiling when Dean stroked her hair because her back was to him and he couldn't see her smile. "You were the one looking like you were going to blow if you didn't get laid and you were amazing and now you're being rewarded with cuddling."

"Oh so now I'm amazing?!" Dean asked and chuckled when Sabrina groaned. "Oh stop complaining! You want more and you know it."

Sabrina turned over in his arms and looked him in the eye. "If I go one more time will you please shut-up?"

Dean answered her by kissing her, and though she wanted to protest, she knew she liked this new aspect of her relationship. She had hoped to hold out a little longer, but it would never have worked for her and she knew it, so she had to accept it. She had to accept it, and she was starting to become all right with that even though she had hoped she wouldn't become attached to Dean at all. Then again, all this could mean was that now when she needed it or he needed it the two of them could just get laid…yeah…Sabrina was going to think of it that way.

Note: So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed it! There will be more Sam/Josephine in the next chapter, I promise—it's VERY centered around Sam/Josephine next chapter…I just felt bad for Dean and he needed to get some. Feedback is always appreciated!